Tweets at Arnøyhamn, Skjervøy, Troms around 30km

It searches the Pokestop Tweets of Twitter around Arnøyhamn, Skjervøy, Troms 30km.

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Inge Richardsen IngeRichardsen


2018-02-19 15:45

Håvar Henriksen havarhen

Straight edge, white hat hacker, software developer, mozillian, GNU/Linux user, christian, and bicyclist.

@lulu_cheng That's why I use #Firefox. Tab scrolling!

2018-02-18 21:55

Marmot 📚📻⛺🏏 marmottwo

Rejecting phone calls since 1975. Dont call me, I won't call you. Answers on a postcard. If I 'like' something I don't mean it. 20p coins are stupid.

Northern Lights about 2100- not bright enough to photograph.

2018-02-18 05:40

Janine Lazarus CPRP JanineLazarus

Straight shooting Media Trainer/Consultant. Ex news hound. Undomesticated wife. Voracious thriller reader. Feline slave.

@DerLydia @anti_ANC Makes me sick to my stomach and so deeply sad

2018-02-18 04:37

Katherine Royse KatherineRoyse

Science Director @BritGeoSurvey Trustee & Secretary Professional Matters @geolsoc Member @NERCscience Innovation Advisory Board. Hon Professor @UniofNottingham

At around 70 degrees north have managed to get my first sight of the Northern Lights .... thanks to @wendywalker74…

2018-02-15 07:05