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Arwed Kubisch ArwedK

Since 1979 - Per aspera ad astra / Very interested in sectors like space flight, Blockchain, AI, VR and AR + member of the Planetary Society + Startup investor.

Yesterday on my northern #Norway🇳🇴 trip near the island of #Skjervøya, I saw a clan of #Orcas(lat. #Orcinus orca) s…

2018-12-11 12:48

Ess - Erik - Ordinary EssOrdinary

Changing one life at time!... always make sure to treat others the way you wanna be treated always be supportive and help each other out.

@DarklegendsBE See u there bud

2018-12-10 01:21

Alexander Kerste AlexKerste

Studierter Biologe. Amateurastronom. Nordlichtjäger. Schreibt Bücher und verkauft manchmal sogar welche.

Skjervøy ohne Polarlicht, aber mit ein paar Sternen. Auch was seltenes.

2018-12-07 06:48