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Nigel Kenny HaylingHoff

Freelance Photographer. Photography ain't just walking the dog!

Little whisky tour? Don't mind if I do! #whisky #dalwhinnie #scotlandhighlands @ Dalwhinnie

2018-10-21 21:44

Eddie Craig rock_steddie10

The Dalwhinnie Ducks saying 'hi' on our trip back to Glasgow. I never can get over the dog masks that ducks wear. O…

2018-10-19 18:35

Angus Munday londongus

@DunkTheMonkfish Blimey how marvellous

2018-10-17 18:56

Angus Munday londongus

@SimonFraser00 @mrjamesob @andreajenkyns Early onset dementia

2018-10-17 16:02

Angus Munday londongus

@Andrew_Adonis As soon as she says “I am clear” you know she is anything but

2018-10-16 01:10

Angus Munday londongus

@campbellclaret Aye both

2018-10-14 21:19

Angus Munday londongus

@tom_watson @AlbumDayUK Hotel California-Eagles exquisitely crafted songs spoke to my inner Hippy and wonderful gui…

2018-10-13 22:00

Angus Munday londongus

@jonworth @mrjamesob You couldn’t make it up

2018-10-13 01:02

Angus Munday londongus

@ruskin147 Then neither are MPs

2018-10-13 01:00

Silversurfer silversurf4

World Traveler w/insatiable wanderlust. Reformed Surf Rat, still paddling the lunatic fringe, studying to be Zen master - well, not master, but Zen-ish.

Whiskey tasting #scotland #highlands #whiskey @ Dalwhinnie Whiskey Dist.

2018-10-12 05:56