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Lady o' the Hill IreneHutchison

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2018-08-18 16:17

Sam Fraser samwessexgirl

Itinerant humorist. Blog: Presenter BBC South. My show, ‘Stand Up, Weather Girl!’ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ at Ed Fringe 2018

Your @edfringe weather today: cloudy and damp this morning with light rain & brisk SW winds; becoming drier this af…

2018-08-18 16:17

Andy Eunson 🤪 andreweunson12

hertz as fuck

Aberdeen and Dundee United isn’t even a derby 😂😂

2018-08-18 16:16

Glenn Robinson glenn_robinson

Philosophy, literature, rock music, singer songwriters, long walks, fresh air and the sea.

What are we doing about this? @DUPleader @MaryLouMcDonald @RobinSwannUUP @columeastwood @naomi_long @GreenPartyNI @OfficialPUP

2018-08-18 16:16

Dale Myers _dalemyers

Software Engineer working on @Outlook for iOS

@nimro George Square

2018-08-18 16:16

Monica Azzolini ProfM_Azzolini

Historian of early modern science, medicine, & the environment. Moderate Leonardo fan. Author of The Duke and the Stars (@Harvard_Press). A/Prof. U. of Bologna.

Heck no...the staff who tweeted that should go on a serious unconscious bias course #class #snobbery #privilege…

2018-08-18 16:15

Christopher Goulding GouldingChris

Eng. Lit. PhD; Academic & Author (website links to my pages on Amazon, IMDb, Google Scholar, & Youtube); Trustee of @peoplestheatre ; Tweets on #HiddenNewcastle

@Lev_D_Bronstein @astroehlein Hey - leave Wile E. Coyote out of this.
He was a greatly underrated folk artist, reno…

2018-08-18 16:14

Cllr Scott Arthur ProfScottThinks

Me - Edinburgh Councillor, Academic, Father, Brother, Cyborg, CoS Elder, Runner, Cyclist, Son, Civil Engineer, Trade Unionist, Scottish, British & Fifer!

@bellshillbaker I own my home and don’t sit on the housing committee. If you are looking for conflicts, I suggest y…

2018-08-18 16:14

Keith adsley Keithybabey

comedy and chillis and veg wizard

There is some thought provoking stuff on @Summerhallery this year

2018-08-18 16:14

Hertz ❤️✋🏻⚔️🛡🇬🇧 hertz77

Will I be getting cunted today?

2018-08-18 16:13

gavsuave🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 gavsuave

supporter of scotlands independence. Independence first, other aspirations will follow! Hibs supporter.

Hey @SkySports is it possible to get a subscription to watch your sports coverage, but not pay for the over-rated,…

2018-08-18 16:13

FierceMamas hotbrownhoney

An explosion of Colour, Culture & Controversy. Fighting the Power Never Tasted So Sweet! #HotBrownHoney #MakeNoise #HiveCityLegacy #DecoloniseAndMoisturise

#HBHPlaylist #JanetJackson #MadeForNow #LetsDance #AlwaysJanetEverythingJanet

2018-08-18 16:13

Harp HarpSilver

T/blog content at times 18+ Tgeek🤓 (Android/Chrome) Colorist, Wiccan, coffee fiend, fountain pen addict. Few kinks writes articles H Meanderings

@MassageEdin A strawberry fancy they make me feel kind of unwell yes I'm a oddbod

2018-08-18 16:13

Trevor Jones trevorjonesart

Artist playing with paint and technology. #augmentedreality & #crypto. Canadian in Scotland. 'Art is either revolution or plagiarism' - Paul Guaguin

@brockpierce @AriannaSimpson @brian_armstrong @cz_binance @IOHK_Charles @SatoshiLite @ChrisDunnTV Cheers, Brock!

2018-08-18 16:12

Stuart Fergusson sj_fergusson

General Surgery registrar, West of Scotland; Clinical Leadership Fellow @rcpsglasgow 2016-17, #globalhealth advocate, Co-author:

Congratulations to all successful grant applicants for @ScotGovID #Malawi funding over the next 5 years! Particular…

2018-08-18 16:11

Graham Henderson-King gkse16

Living in Scotland with my husband @hender1968...surprisingly shy until you get to know me. Or I get a drink in me.

Told a younger member of my staff that I’m away to #ManchesterPride next week. She said, ‘Ooh! My friend works in M…

2018-08-18 16:10

Adrian Stott TaritTweets

I Run,I Become.Help organise a few events and a few runners now and again,work in a running shop.Every moment is go and do something!

OMG seems @J0hnCassidy still inspired after joining @Therunningdan for a few miles on weds on his #JOGLE record att…

2018-08-18 16:10

Alice Strang AliceStrang

Senior Curator, National Galleries of Scotland, a Saltire Society Outstanding Woman of Scotland, photo by Jessie Maucor

Back to @edbookfest today for Alan Taylor's Loitering with Muriel Spark ( so here is a deta…

2018-08-18 16:09

Roo ✌ RooTacata

''Pensar es el mayor error que un bailarín puede cometer. No hay que pensar, hay que sentir.''

Day 21
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean

2018-08-18 16:08

daniellegraham dannygeexxx


@AshleyBurrt_ Sending you so much love❤️❤️

2018-08-18 16:07

Catherine Owen catherinepowen

Occasionally witty. More often retweeting wit of others. Head of Venue Sales & Marketing @10_11CHT 🇨🇦 Canadian. Blonde going back to Romford. Views my own.

First #Edinburgh evening, smashed through 4 shows with @gardnercl Pretty good attempt I’d say, now on to day two. P…

2018-08-18 16:06

Peter Michael Marino blackoutpete

Comedy & Theatre producer at PM2 Entertainment. Performing “Show Up” and “Show Up, Kids!” at #EdFringe. Mental health advocate. Celiac. Scorpio. Optimist.

The #kids are in charge of the plot, characters, set, props, & music at this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ improvised solo show. See ya…

2018-08-18 16:05

JC Evatt jaynechallenger

Likes travel, fizz & an odd glass of red 🍾🍷😉😎😊

@luisaomielan I brought 6 of my family to see you last night, (2nd row) we all absolutely loved it, bloody hilariou…

2018-08-18 16:05

Mari Asher Fubar321

Music, music, music what's the point in life without it?!

@meyertwins I genuinely think his voice in the piano acoustic is maybe the best it’s sounded. Emotion you can eh! 💗☺️

2018-08-18 16:04

Dave McK 🏆🔴⚪️🏆 DaveMcKFlit

#TwitterBlades #sufc Season Ticket Holder. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing!! Golf Nut ⛳️ 🏌️‍♀️

Sunshine on Leith 😊

A morning when you fully understand the meaning of the word Dreich!!

2018-08-18 16:04

Elisa VoiceoverElisa

International Voiceover Artist... Adventurer!

@edfringe recommendation number 1 from day 1...@grigdencomedian. But warning! Strategically choosing row 2 may back…

2018-08-18 16:03

Jonathan Meres JonathanMeres

Mid-table children’s author. Very little clout.

Another weird anxiety dream, about standing onstage & not having the faintest idea what to say. Which reminds me. M…

2018-08-18 16:03

Adrian Stott TaritTweets

I Run,I Become.Help organise a few events and a few runners now and again,work in a running shop.Every moment is go and do something!

@J0hnCassidy @Therunningdan Seems like that wee trundle with @Therunningdan on Wednesday is keeping you inspired 👍👍

2018-08-18 16:02

Hannah Beddie HannahBeddie

Me being the tour guide around Edinburgh this weekend 👸🏽

2018-08-18 16:02

Stuart Farquhar StuartSFarquhar

Back in the country of my birth. University lecturer in Economics, Finance & Corporate Governance. Researching board of directors. Independence for Scotland

2018-08-18 16:01

Upstart Scotland UpstartScot

A campaign to introduce a kindergarten stage for children aged 3-7. Education/care at this stage should be rights-focused, relationship-centred and play-based.

More tickets now available on Eventbrite for this event with Dr Nadine Burke Harris, Sir Harry Burns and Tina Hendr…

2018-08-18 16:01

OLD ACCOUNT bank0le_

not in use

Distractions can lead you off track in more ways than one toda... More for Cancer

2018-08-18 16:01

Maddy Mikinski memekinski

“enjoyably lurid”, capital “R” Romantic, coming to a haunted mansion near you

@austinmecum Guilty as charged

2018-08-18 16:01

Josephine Sillars JosephineHere

alien music maker of Josephine Sillars + The Manic Pixie Dreams.

@msjlindsay omg I love/hate your cat

2018-08-18 16:00

Andy Nisbet rubstar999

Specialist Paramedic Urgent & Emergency Care and 3RU Cardiac Arrest Team. Work in Primary Care & Ambulance Land. Own views etc @scotambservice

@KeithB_Golf @LukeDonald

2018-08-18 15:59

Janet Awe AwesomeComms

Londoner | Scripted #Comedy Development is my thing | Advocate for love, compassion & equality| Believe that laughter & music are medicine for the soul

@funnywomen @AssemblyFest Of course! Have already bought a ticket for Tuesday. Looking forward to it! Jx

2018-08-18 15:59

Helen C Hubbard Meatballs2

Food for work and pleasure.

2018-08-18 15:58