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Marilyn Steer Mabs0101

mom, wife, loves my family & live for football.

@sskroughriders Can't believe it. You were such a huge impact to our team and I will truly miss you

2018-08-13 00:41

taylor marie lupien Tay_lupien

@mandaarmstrong_ @samantha_brice

2018-08-12 23:41

Carla Lafontaine CarlaLafontaine

Wife, mother and animal lover. Livin the dream so don't wake me up!!

@Trappchuk @trapper_jay

2018-08-12 10:35

taylor marie lupien Tay_lupien

@taylor_dain I vouche for this, puppies make everything 10x better!!

2018-08-11 15:32

Dean Pringle DeanPringleSPA

President of the Saskatoon Police Association, Vice President (North) of the Saskatchewan Federation of Police Officers

Thinking of the brave fallen officers in Fredricton and our hearts go out to their families and their…

2018-08-11 02:21

Melfort Comets MelfortComets

#OurStory 1976, 1999, 2012, & 2014 9-Man Provincial Champions

Player-Coach-Alumni Mattland Will be leading runs at 445 today! #DoWork #MelfortFootball #SeasonIsComing

2018-08-10 06:27

Denae Beuker denaebeuker

University student who loves music, travelling, and bacon :)

Sitting down on our standup paddle board because no one can tell us how to live our lives.

2018-08-09 02:49

Dwayne Keir Keir_Now

Saskalgarian interested in Geography, Hydrology, Community Planning, Municipal Development, Infrastructure, Hockey, Consciousness, Music, and Photography

Happy Birthday Dad, we love you & miss you every day! Fare Thee Well

2018-08-08 22:34

Melfort Comets MelfortComets

#OurStory 1976, 1999, 2012, & 2014 9-Man Provincial Champions

Another 🏃 in the books! #KeepUpWithCoach #CometFootball #SeasonIsComing

2018-08-08 09:08

Ian McArthur Ianmcarthur

Lives in Regina. Works at Innovation. Dedicated to Credit Union Success. Married to Donna. Hayley & Sara's Daddy. Cheers for Oilers & Riders. Tweets are own.

@jennsmithnelson Yes it is — and it ruins everything!

2018-08-08 00:19

J(anelle) tuckergirl

- everyday is a great day for hockey -

@WayneKosior You can’t be serious. You’ve been arrested and do the words peace bond mean anything to you? Victims d…

2018-08-07 02:39

Curtis Kimpton CurtisKimpton

Financial Planner, kinsmen member, Member of the lakeview community association, Past National President of Kin Canada mainly just loves our community

@BradWall306 How does energy east look now. Maybe hold off till fuel reached 2.00. Funny how life comes around

2018-08-07 01:50

Lorie W...ow L_InHiHeels

Connector, advocate, mom, friend. Lover of stilettos & americano. I've been inside a rainbow! #truestory

#bushpiesforsupper @ Candle Lake, Saskatchewan

2018-08-06 09:08

ProSharpPrinceAlbert ProsharpPA

ProSharp Professional Skate Profiling and Sharpening Services

Great to see another client have success. Good luck in the upcoming season.

2018-08-05 14:22