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carlymcgill carlymcgillx

RT @cerysshughess: The lack of respect lads can have towards girls these days is unbelievable

2019-07-23 19:14

Soph K SophKWrites

Words words words #amwriting #amreading - literary fic, historical fiction, lost in myths and legends. Need all of the books. Also tea. Would rather be in Paris

@ConstructGlue Being as I’m nosy about process, can I ask why?

2019-07-23 19:14

Lisa Thomas lisahthomas69

@lizaadamczewski We have one that's self seeded at the end of our garden. I can't bring myself to cut it down even…

2019-07-23 19:14

Jan Brad getaf1x

Please see my food blog: Love cycling, love vegetarian food, love coffee, love birdwatching and love DIY.

@CirioUK #tomatotuesday

2019-07-23 19:14

Moana*´ㅅ`)゙♥ WhatdaDoll

hey there satans , yo boy is here B-)

RT @fatz_s: Meaningful friendships with other women are so vital in your personal growth pls don’t miss out on them bc you think girls are…

2019-07-23 19:14

Dr Alicia Stark stark_contrast

PhD in Gender, Ethnicity, and Identity in Virtual Bands and Vocaloid. Canadian born, Atlanta raised, Cardiff based. 'Nevertheless, she persisted.' Views my own.

RT @tenovuscancer: 👀 Our Research & Support admin team are looking for someone to help out in the office

If you're organised, have a good…

2019-07-23 19:14

stephen molyneux stephenmolyneu1

@hectorsgrescue @27reasonstorock @Nightowl400 @briancoxlive i tried nobody answerd the phone regards stephen

2019-07-23 19:14

#BritsOnBoard britsonboard

From the popular @BritsAbroadWISE and #BritsAbroad we've set sail with @BritsOnBoard and #BritsOnBoard to inspire more Brits onto ships.

#cruises #rivercruises

RT @reasonstocruise: I love this sort of tech!

2019-07-23 19:14

alysson alyssonzamora_


@xvict0ria__ if u no u no

2019-07-23 19:13

Pumpkin Princess Leia 🎃🎃🎃🎃🦄 leia2187

runner, mom, wife, skeptic, and secular humanist

SnapChat: leia2186

RT @MindShift2018: Christians:

“Thank you, Jesus, for that sweet parking spot at the mall!”

“Thank you, Jesus, for giving my dad cancer.…

2019-07-23 19:13

David DaveJ1991

Tweet about travel, tv series, football and dogs! #thinkpositivebepositive

Domino relaxing 🐶#DogsofTwittter #dogs #animals #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation

2019-07-23 19:13

Laughing Devil LaughingDevil1

Fighting Antisemitism. Tweets on politics & random Dad stuff. Check out the Labour AS map />

Institutional racism isn't about the % of members of an org that are racist.
It's about the leadership, the power s…

2019-07-23 19:13

Anna McMorrin MP 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇪🇺 AnnaMcMorrin

Welsh Labour MP for Cardiff North, Environmental Audit Select Cttee, vice chair APPG Climate Change, People’s Vote campaign

This is a shocking figure. If we are serious about tackling the #climateemergency we must stop investing in fossil…

2019-07-23 19:13

DeadKeenFamilyHistory dead_keen

We're family history enthusiasts and love to help people connect with their dead kin, and ours. We share our nuggets of researching gold on our YouTube channel.

Before Ellis Island, there was Castle Garden: America's first official immigration center. Did your #ancestors pass…

2019-07-23 19:13

Paul Alexander mulleralexander

I really hate rats

@BBCSport Olympics need to introduce darts, snooker and 6 pints of Stella in under an hour challenge

2019-07-23 19:13

Kimmo Kannala KimmoKannala

Engineer - interested in crash investigations.
SW, telecom, physics, missile and 3D understanding.
Commonsense - not everything is like it seems.
AntiTroll ;-)

RT @KyleJGlen: Found this video on reddit of alleged triad members being directed by police where to attack pro democracy protesters in #Yu…

2019-07-23 19:13

Bitgeiniog (Welsh for Bitcoin) bitgeiniog

Breuddwydiwr. Dreamer. Best outcome of today’s chaos is a free Wales with sound money. Bitcoin, liquid democracy, natural resources and 3 million of us.✊

@SimonDixonTwitt @CryptoN_T Any Isle of Man banks?

2019-07-23 19:13

Sam Jordison samjordison

Mad as hell. Not going to take it any more. Journalist. Galley Beggar. Author: Enemies Of The People.


2019-07-23 19:13

Lesley Smith doveworkshop

Joint Co-ordinator of DOVE Workshop, lifelong learner and community activist.

Congratulations to Gemma, our nursery manager on her graduation today. Gemma studied the BA Humanities part time pr…

2019-07-23 19:13

Ignacio Lopez comedylopez

Spain's Best Export. The UK's Favourite Import (citation needed). Stand Up Comedian. 🇪🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇪🇺 Booking enquiries:

RT @comedylopez: EDINBURGH FRINGE POSTER ALERT! I’m doing a LIMITED RUN in a HUGE venue & I have ZERO advertising budget. It’s some of the…

2019-07-23 19:13

Jan Brad getaf1x

Please see my food blog: Love cycling, love vegetarian food, love coffee, love birdwatching and love DIY.

@NisaLocally Rose please

2019-07-23 19:13

Juneroberts2 Juneroberts21

Welshwoman, careworker, Partner of an on-call firefighter, 2 pets. Opinions are my own

RT @WelshHearts: Do you know where your nearest defibrillator is? Make your community heart safe by applying for one today ❤️

Apply for a…

2019-07-23 19:13

Cameron Grundy CameronGrundy19

19| “Only weight I care about is the weight of the cheques, and my cheques are Super Heavyweight”

Girls are strange, they’ll talk mad about the same girl and what she wears but still like her insta’s and shit, weird

2019-07-23 19:13

Ali 🐕🦔🦉🐈🐓 J_Ali8991

Wife Mum Nanna. Animals are nicer than some humans Atheist. Humour please. I don't care who unfollows me or blocks me, I have a real life.➡️ NO DMS⬅️

@LouBeardsley Happy Birthday, have a great day 😃🥂🎂xxx

2019-07-23 19:13

Charlie Brigden moviedrone

I write about films and film music. 'Redoubtable film music tweeter' - BBC Radio 3. I named my cat after Yaphet Kotto in ALIEN. He/Him/His.

@RaquelStecher they never are

2019-07-23 19:13

WeMakeGoodHappen WeMakeGoodHappn

“Sparking the Joy of Human #Kindness “ We Make Good Happen #WeMakeGoodHappen #Tenner4Good #1MActsOfGOOD #MakeGOODHappen @Matt_4_Good ▪️

RT @BigIssueCymru: How one goal inspired Michael Sheen to bring the Homeless World Cup to Wales

2019-07-23 19:13

Castell Apothecary CastellUK

Beautifully hand crafted & engaging home fragrances. #PalmFree Natural Soaps.
Made in Wales inspired by the world

/> etsy

RT @WalesOnline: It's sunny now but thunderstorms are on the way 🌩

Met Office warns thunderstorms will hit most of Wales tonight

2019-07-23 19:13



RT @tyhafan: With the Christmas special rehearsals underway, the #GavinandStacey cast spared a moment to send a special video to @izzywiths…

2019-07-23 19:13

S ❤ cherrylips Cherrywetlips

💋❤👸All pics are me..TURNON NOTIFICATIONS.. GOODGIRL releasing my naughty side... come see what I get up on my only fans 👇

Its definitely a dress day today ☀️🌡

2019-07-23 19:13

Rhian Davies Rhian3Davies

Wannabe tea (read gin) connoisseur and crazy dog lady. Views are my own, but mainly retweets of someone cleverer.


2019-07-23 19:13



RT @FtblCB: How the world sees Gareth Bale vs how Zinedine Zidane sees Gareth Bale

2019-07-23 19:13

rhyannon gallant🦋 rhygallantx

Snapchat & insta - rhygallantx

RT @cerysshughess: The lack of respect lads can have towards girls these days is unbelievable

2019-07-23 19:13

Bushy MBushwacker77

My life ain't no holiday


2019-07-23 19:13

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿john hopkins🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 johnhopkinsgoon

arsenal mad since 88. stereophonics, muse, placebo, empire of the sun. Love the great outdoors and camping.

Good morning, its already hot out there today 🌞🌞

2019-07-23 19:13

Shaun Gustard CustardCreamie

love life, live it to the full. And love all things rugby, both codes!

@SkyNews It’s not exactly a cliff, they drop about 6ft!!!

2019-07-23 19:13

simon hicks simonseren

Marketing/design/publicity at Seren

RT @poetrywales: LOOK OUT! Our new top 5 poem freesheet is here. Find it included with every copy of our summer issue. Subscribe to PW now…

2019-07-23 19:13

John Anthony Miller authorjamiller

Author of #histfic, #thriller, #mystery Characters who cope and combat, overcoming their own weaknesses as well as catastrophes spawned by tumultuous times.

RT @JudithArnopp: ONLY £1.99!!

'Readers of historical fiction, romance and just a damn fine book will love this.'

2019-07-23 19:13

Gemz AHScrackers

love my ratties. Love all animals. Vegan. never afraid to speak my mind.
F1?? love it 😁
Fave drivers, Vet, Ham, Ver, Ric, Rai and Alo

@JodieMarsh Need more jvegan. Are you working on any new flavours for that range jodie?? Xx

2019-07-23 19:13

Cerys Ward CerysWard1

Anne Marie inspires me to be perfect to me 🤗

@AnneMarieBrasil I could riff since I was 9 but I was taught too in a music club in Sunday school

2019-07-23 19:13

aniallate niallsimonds123

@WW1GameSeries Thanks 😊

2019-07-23 19:13 4barsrest

Brass band news, articles, reviews and opinions (on all sorts of things)

Wessex hits gold with new commission: A new work from composer Paul Saggers will help the Wessex Brass Band Summer…

2019-07-23 19:13

Pant Derwen Apiary WelshHoneyCo

#Beefarmers at Pant Derwen Apiary, located in the County Borough of #Bridgend, South Wales, UK 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

@sharlstonbees We usually do here in wales but that's where things went wrong 😂😂😂

2019-07-23 19:13

JoBeeDazzled❄️ Greengrumbler

Honey Bees, honey, beekeeping, nature, follow our beekeeping adventures on facebook @BeeDazzledCymru no need to follow me back if I follow you

@ShootTheDrummer @shitbarrister @TheMrsSB That's almost certainly a marketing trick to make people think its fresh,…

2019-07-23 19:13

#spaceman spaceman_jamie

Amature photographer Labour member on the spectrum..

@danny_pearce01 @jeremycorbyn Why YC?

2019-07-23 19:13

Wales International Football [] dragonsoccer58

Daily updates Neil Roberts: C Licence coach. Website for Welsh International Football. Online presence since 1999.

Young Guns blog will be back for the new season in a couple of weeks.

2019-07-23 19:13

Radnor Hills Spring Water & Soft Drinks Radnorhills

💧Radnor Hills Spring Water 💧Radnor Fizz & Fruits 💧Radnor Splash 💧Radnor Juice 💧Radnor+ Energy @RadnorPlus 💧Heartsease Farm @Heartseasefm

💦 Stay hydrated and eat your 5️⃣ a day with Hughes fresh fruit @theroyalwelsh show ♻️ 🍓🍒🍎🥝🍉#stayhydrated…

2019-07-23 19:13

Who’s Molly? whosmolly

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 • NEW MUSIC 14.06.19 // Music on @AmMadeMovie @UFC @mercedes @btsport • • 📧

@SyncrMusic I think our song Fire In My Soul might be perfect for the sport one - what’s the best way to get it to…

2019-07-23 19:12

holly _hhhhholly

@joeshort_ ❤️

Acquiring knowledge is more than just memorization. You need t... More for Aquarius

2019-07-23 19:12

Hussain Ali Khan Hussain32738093

Music R&B YouTube Football

@SF_Wales hi there, just a quick question. I am just wondering what happens if I transfer to different course in Se…

2019-07-23 19:12

Ellie Whittaker Ellie_Whittaker

Florence Elizabeth 🎀

RT @Steffi__95: #loveisland
Obsessed with the friendship between Ovie and Amber 😍
Their humour has me laughing all the time 😂😂

Ovie: to…

2019-07-23 19:12

Abby Forbes AbbyDForbes1

Affiliate & part-time uni student. You get one life, so love life while you live it with a laughing smile :)

Perfect read! Become your own master! Better than #TheSecretBookSeries with a practical approach.

2019-07-23 19:12

The Walrus #RevokeA50 #FBPE RebetikoWalrus

Brexit is not in the interests of our country. Computer nerd, and lover of strange music. #FollowBackProEU #FBPE #IAmEuropean

RT @ukskies: Carole, I'm going to make a habit of retweeting anything you have to say about Banks, because as far as I'm concerned, any man…

2019-07-23 19:12

FAT PATRICIA!* jessicaellenxx

Eighteen & counting..

Expenses seem to be popping up everywhere you look today. Alth... More for Cancer

2019-07-23 19:12

yaboisansundertale yaboisansunder1

ok basically i draw,write and play music sometimes im also into: DBH,UNDERTALE, deltarune,mlp,Harry potter,DDLC AND a bit of hamilton

@_chief_hazel @s8n OMG IT IS HOW DID I NOT NOTICE!!!

2019-07-23 19:12

Todd Clardy, Ph.D. ToddClardy

Research scientist at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals @KFUPM studying zooplankton and ichthyoplankton.

RT @coastwellbeing: Don't miss the 6th International Marine Congress in Kiel next year @IMCC2020 @PlymouthMarine

2019-07-23 19:12

Gareth Joy lookoutwales2

Non-alcoholic radio producer/presenter, journalist and writer of North Wales.

RT @BBCSportWales: Stage 16 of the #TDF2019 gets underway today, defending champion Geraint Thomas has urged the need for unity amongst Tea…

2019-07-23 19:12

Sats Stacker 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 satsstacker

Bitcoin. @cardiffuni

@bitgeiniog I've never had a problem with Santander but I've also used Revulot for reocurring purchases with @GetBittr

2019-07-23 19:12

BBC Wales News BBCWalesNews

Breaking news, features & analysis. Instagram: • Politics: @WalesPolitics • Sport: @BBCSportWales

Most parts of Wales could experience thunderstorms today, says @metoffice
Read more:

2019-07-23 19:12

dee💋 denisek1978

Good day

2019-07-23 19:12

flypaper celticman4567

Unpaid Volunteer for Drug Abuse Charity, keep fit with weights, music nut + mad about new tech

@tictoc Prime minister Khan, must be thinking. Listen to what you're saying you fool. Boasting about murdering 10 m…

2019-07-23 19:12

Poetry Wales poetrywales

International contemporary poetry. Published in Wales.
Triannual magazine. Founded in 1965.

LOOK OUT! Our new top 5 poem freesheet is here. Find it included with every copy of our summer issue. Subscribe to…

2019-07-23 19:12

Paul Driscoll #FBPE pdrisc

An Irishman living in Wales for longer than I lived in Ireland! Working for GD. Opinions are mine alone. #FBPE

@ChrisKorkey I know a few people who voted leave. Rational sensible people. And yet they still ignore the facts and…

2019-07-23 19:12

ukagri ukagri

Supporting people and organisations who work the land and seas in the United Kingdom

{editor} 2019 Farmers Weekly Awards: Pig Farmer of the Year finalists

2019-07-23 19:12

patricia patriciaoolala

Producer, enjoys Life in all its weird & wonderful variety !

RT @NWPRuralCrime: DON'T DO IT.......

With the anticipated very hot weather not leave your dog in your car.

Even with car win…

2019-07-23 19:12

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Dr Nicko 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 nickovdw

Comedy writer, Sherlock Holmes, Bad Film Club, Sherlock Holmes, screenwriter, Sherlock Holmes, Dr Watson. my voice. my opinions, don't take too seriously :)

@shymootle Thanks for the support :)

2019-07-23 19:12

marina owen busymam2

Married mum of 2. Love shopping, cycling, watching football especially Wales and Swansea FC, Tia Maria and chocolate!!

@HeartBingo Sunglasses

2019-07-23 19:12

Christine Morgan 🌹👋 magmogz135

Middle-aged woman. S'all you need to know.

@Axolotl51 @Fionna6669 You mean, a coalition of all the vested interests @jeremycorbyn Is fighting so hard against, for us?! That one?! 🤔🌹✊

2019-07-23 19:12

AurablueYT👌👌👌 aurablue_gaming

I'm some kid who's a furry and has a lucario problem. Bisexual... Also an apparent racist cause I use 👌 in my name.

YouTube: Aurablue
Twitch: Aurabluefan

@EnPitSu_HotS @LAValiant @DallasFuel

2019-07-23 19:12

ukagri ukagri

Supporting people and organisations who work the land and seas in the United Kingdom

{editor} Increasing bioethanol in fuel mix crucial to achieve net zero goals

2019-07-23 19:12

Elise Davison EliseDavison

Mum of 3, studying BSL L6, Artistic Director @takingflightco, currently working on ‘I said I love you’ ‘peeling’ ‘You’ve got dragons’

RT @NTWtweets: Peidiwich â cholli ein Hyfforddiant Ymwybyddiaeth o fyddardod AM DDIM, gydag @elisedavison a @stephback, @haverhub! Cael gwy…

2019-07-23 19:12

ukagri ukagri

Supporting people and organisations who work the land and seas in the United Kingdom

{editor} Levy bodies’ £2m campaign boosts positive messaging on meat

2019-07-23 19:12

Alan Charles AlanFCharles

Alan Charles, Derbyshire’s first Labour Police & Crime Commissioner from 2012-2016. Now enjoying being retired!

2019-07-23 19:12

HCC HybuCigCymru

HCC is responsible for the development, promotion and marketing of Welsh red meat - @WelshLamb_PGI, @PGIWelshBeef, @Porc_Wales.

RT @RMDPcymru: Today @HybuCigCymru we are discussing the Hill Ram Scheme RMDP Project

2019-07-23 19:12

GammonySnicket🥓 GammonySnicket

Husband, Father, Grandfather, Woke to UK Politics, Unashamedly Centre Right, Atheist, Craft/Real Ale Enthusiast, All opinions my own...

@CruellaDeBrexit @TommyRommel92 Yes i know i was wondering why, very much liked her no nonsense straight talking...

2019-07-23 19:11

The Big Issue Cymru BigIssueCymru

The Big Issue is a weekly current affairs and entertainment magazine sold by homeless or vulnerably housed people. They buy copies for £1.25 and sell for £2.50

How one goal inspired Michael Sheen to bring the Homeless World Cup to Wales

2019-07-23 19:11

Tracey Cooper tcooper321

Tweeting in a personal capacity about public health, improving health and wellbeing, #pinksocks, Wales, rugby....

RT @PublicHealthW: High temperatures are forecast across #Wales this week. Follow our hot weather advice to protect yourself and others dur…

2019-07-23 19:11

Glenn Ibbitson Brushsmoke

Artist and thoughtcriminal

@speedymc67 @Ms_Revisionista @gallinini1 @shirvani_rose @dadsports123 @Jason_Mason123 @TheRealYoG @CassidyTiffani…

2019-07-23 19:11

Polly girls_rocky24

@mtattie @MrsRachieA @Gabriel_Pogrund @Anna_Soubry We did not have the benefits system to support us
We did not ex…

2019-07-23 19:11

kevin jazdolly761

up for a laugh and happy in a dms please

@LouBeardsley 😳its 11 o'clock and you hav,nt had breakfast..that should have been done for you as a little birthday gesture 😔

2019-07-23 19:11

Bɾιռꝯ oռ ꞇɦє Bєєɾ bringonthebeer

I'm Michael, a shamateur cyclothymic beer w*nker on an adventure thru the myriad world of beer, cider & the rest. Tweets, Untappd, vids. Enjoy responsibly.

Heja Sverige! 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

2019-07-23 19:11

Charlotte Davies 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Charlotte_Cymru

#SocialJustice #Equality #Fundraiser 🏳️‍🌈@CWVYS #Trustee #YouthWork #ProjectManager #Freelancer❤️#Counsellor She/Her ⚽️🐝🐶🌱

RT @sfootballwales: This inspirational week-long tournament brings together more than 450 players representing 40+ countries around the wor…

2019-07-23 19:11


idk man

RT @gngdemi: give the woman what she wants you coward @scooterbraun

2019-07-23 19:11

shannon shanreedz

22 South Wales

Dreading wearing my uniform in this heat today 😭😭

2019-07-23 19:11

Joseph _JoeLFC_

let’s talk about 6 baby🔴 @Trentaa98

@morganwills17 Who?

2019-07-23 19:11

Twice The Slice #i65 TwiceTheSlice

What's better than one slice of pizza? Two of course! We are Paul and Laura. Husband and Wife. 2 Gaming streamers in 1 channel playing co-op games.

@WrightyGaming Followed my friend. Love a good variety streamer!

2019-07-23 19:11

nia ryefovvs

𝐢 𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐥 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮’𝐫𝐞 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐦𝐞 ☾

11:11 andy x

2019-07-23 19:11

Rhys 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 RuhBuhJuh

“Never thought the day would come where you’d talk sense” - @ReviewsHughes, 2019. I write for @JUMPCUT_ONLINE which is pretty top. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 #ChiefsKingdom

@deerfearer Wedding of the year

2019-07-23 19:11

Peter 🌹#JC4PM2019 #COYS ⚽️ PetersWooll

No FBPE followers please. Fairness for all. Socialism. Jeremy Corbyn. Register to vote here

RT @helenmallam: @GaryLineker @joswinson Maybe, if you are more concerned with the politically homeless than the actual homeless (also load…

2019-07-23 19:11

Rob Guy SportsLeadersRG

Wales West Mids South West & Overseas Manager - Sports Leaders (SLQ) Working with Sport Wales to provide Leadership pathways for Young People

RT @rachelgwenllian: Da iawn pawb!

#HealthierWales #Active #Leadership @SportsLeaders @SportsLeadersRG

2019-07-23 19:11

Timothy White Timothy62334603

@silk_milky Wow what yummy tits 😍

2019-07-23 19:11

Ruby xox rubin_lea

how am I meant to afford a uni course when I can just about pay my gym membership #gofundme

RT @SophieRoberts02: Need a month away in the sun and100k in the bank ... not asking for much

2019-07-23 19:11

Hannah ☯️ || inactive not dead yellhoe_mp3

hannah || non binary || pansexual || they/them || i have a meme collection || i stan alternative music and the cc

RT @NevilleSouthall: Good morning
You are
Kind hearted…

2019-07-23 19:11

beki bekijames95

Your typical circuit of movement is spreading. The concept of ... More for Libra

2019-07-23 19:11

Dani Schlick DaniSchlick1

RT @learncymraeg: Eisiau magu hyder i ddefnyddio’r Gymraeg yn eich cymuned? Want to use more #Welsh in your community? Start learning soon…

2019-07-23 19:11

sara binkihucabuck

RT @RefillMumbles: @Recycle4Wales @royalwelshshow This is a better map to show the location of all the Refill Stations, and they're all on…

2019-07-23 19:11

Gzillion GzillionTF2

that's just how it is on this bitch of an earth

RT @TF2SolarLight: 0KV-1KJ-XWG

2019-07-23 19:11

Glenn Ibbitson Brushsmoke

Artist and thoughtcriminal

@speedymc67 @Ms_Revisionista @gallinini1 @shirvani_rose @dadsports123 @Jason_Mason123 @TheRealYoG @CassidyTiffani…

2019-07-23 19:11

Stew Pritchard PritchardStew

Sometimes I just want to give it all up and become a handsome billionaire. Member of lonely Goat Running Club 🐐I have friends in spite of myself.

@tom_watson @MattHancock

2019-07-23 19:11

Iwan Rogers IwanR98

@A_Baileyyy Not true, adapted my game now I’m getting older👨🏻‍🦳

2019-07-23 19:11

The Bluebirds United bluebirds_the

Cardiff City,Currently studying sports journalism

@TheNinianStand @WalesOnline When did he say you that?

2019-07-23 19:10