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i'm Upset✠ 15zMVP

Veni. Vidi. Amavi. 👹☘️💸

Amor é um vício

2019-03-20 16:20

Simon Buchanan simon12498

Father of 3. Married to Vanessa. Work as an estate agent - Rosedale Property Agents, Market Deeping. Blue Brazil fan. Look out for my quote & jokes of the day

Lesson of the day for all men

Never ask a woman how she is if she is eating ice cream direct from the tub #jokeoftheday

2019-03-20 16:20

Dodgebois🇬🇧 plasticfan65

I'm not interested in your shit replies.
Love Brexit, feel sorry for snowflakes.
Bore off with your negative pathetic lives you namby pamby twats.

@jameelajamil You seem like a nice person.

2019-03-20 16:16

Kelly Kelly_22_10

Just trying to be me 🌈 ♀️ ❤️
Cycling addict & proud 🚴

@galacticxtears @galacticxtearss You are NOT hated
You ARE wanted
You ARE loveable
You ARE worthy
You are NOT worth…

2019-03-20 16:14