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Tom Teodorczuk TomTeodorczuk

Life is too short and my name is too long. Back in London after over a decade NYC. Cover hedge funds for @FinancialNews

Main takeaway from Noel Gallagher’s call to 5 Live: ‘Come on Tottenham!’

2019-05-27 18:11

Oliver ojl2283

The musings of an English Literature graduate. MA Comparative Literature at KCL. Political fury and whimsical panic.

@6nickstxr ‘Wealthy Victorian ghost’ 💀💀still very confused how you can burn anything in a drain seen as it’s a drain full of liquid?

2019-05-27 18:11

Fiona Knight fmknightuk

RT @f_grovewhite: Hello @BBCPolitics you might want to update your lead story on the EP elections to reflect the fact that more than 42% of…

2019-05-27 18:11

chauffeurUK chauffeurUK1

We offer safe, highly dependable and quality transport at very resonable rates through our own fleet of luxury cars for individuals, corporations and business

Tourcaddyex Hi there! It's £4 for up to 10 minutes when using our Express Set Down. You can find the relevant infor…

2019-05-27 18:11

Jo Monroe writer_uk

Ghostwriter. If I'm not at my desk, you'll find me on the dance floor. My agent is the mighty @mushenska.

Assuming these figures are accurate, it highlights how seismic an electoral pact between centrist, liberal and gree…

2019-05-27 18:11

zabuel zabuel_

18 | nerd | retweet merchant 🤒

@itsnotsimma mine is so childish

2019-05-27 18:11

Graham Lovelace glovelace

Event Producer #DTGSummit #OTB18 #skytech2018 #Refocus18. Journalist, Media Consultant. Tweets on tech and the future of TV. And politics.

@lewis_goodall Great work on @SkyNews last night and here on Twitter. You need your own show!

2019-05-27 18:11

Tabitha Elliott 🔶 TweetzofTrouble

Waiting for impeachment. Unlike Godot, it WILL come. UK-US. Nice that ONE country stayed sane... Oh wait.

RT @jamesrbuk: John Curtice says *overall* populist parties have done roughly as well as they did in 2014. No Europe-wide surges here, desp…

2019-05-27 18:11

siân hopkins hoppykins99


RT @davidschneider: Secret to Brexit Party success:
Publish no manifesto
Reveal no policies
Allow shady funding
Allow dodgy candidates

2019-05-27 18:11

kiwibrett 🐝 kiwibrett


RT @paulmasonnews: Here is the link to our petition calling for Labour to let its members decide our strategy on Brexit. We can't go into a…

2019-05-27 18:11

kat 🌻 katytozer14

20 | history @ plym

RT @Evecornwell: sigh. it’s happening. people actually voted for the Brexit party

we lost the EU to petty nationalism, misguided manipula…

2019-05-27 18:11

Trendy Home Hacks TrendyHomeHacks

Home Decor, Design & DIY Tips. Home & Garden inspirations, curated home & gift ideas.

RT @decoist: 25 Tiny Apartment Dining Rooms that Save Space and Multitask

2019-05-27 18:11

Lyndon Bowes🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Lyndon11

Rangers Chelsea. Anti Antifa and Islam. Atheist. In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act. #Brexit 🐉 🔥

RT @MartinDaubney: A reminder that in Ann Soubry's Broxtowe seat – where my family live – last night the winners were the @brexitparty_uk L…

2019-05-27 18:11

Leo Harrison Leo_Harrison1

Co-Founder @Squawka. My opinions are just opinions.

@jeremycorbyn @BarryGardiner Why is anyone remotely critical off Corbyn dismisses by his cult as a Blairite? Maybe…

2019-05-27 18:11

Adele nothefamousone

Aspiring Theatre Person 🌻

MA Theatre Practice '18 UCD/GSA 🌻

One step at a time (she/her)

RT @royalcourt: Arvon are offering two FREE places on this 5-day Playwriting Tutored Retreat in September for writers aged 18-29 on low-inc…

2019-05-27 18:11

Jabal Sheikh Al-Jabal 🇮🇶 Ghirq1

‘no love for the other side or anyone who ever wants smoke’

RT @WhyPreeLdn: Some of you are a bunch of fragile pricks man.

2019-05-27 18:11

chauffeurUK chauffeurUK1

We offer safe, highly dependable and quality transport at very resonable rates through our own fleet of luxury cars for individuals, corporations and business

silvana_mengoni Hi Silvana, apologies for the late reply! Our feed is not monitored 24/7. We're sorry to hear of th…

2019-05-27 18:11

Alex Mead LordAlexMead

Lord of Hougun Manor. BA (Hons) Public Service. Brexiteer. All tweets my own views. RTs are not endorsements.

Before the result is implemented, there must be no agenda or attempt to overturn the democratic will of the people.

2019-05-27 18:11

Chris Rabban RabbsPhiz

MSK Physio. Sports & fitness fan. Wishful triathlete. Coffee snob. Most importantly Dad!

RT @Telegraph: Nigel Farage's #BrexitParty enjoyed runaway success but was collectively outperformed by anti-Brexit parties #EuropeanElecti…

2019-05-27 18:11

Mahmood Malik peaclov


RT @bilalmahmooduk: May Allah enable all of us to always keep this pledge revived in our hearts that we did with Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahma…

2019-05-27 18:11

Etcetera Morris Men ETCMorris

Cotswold Morris in Enfield. New members are always welcome. See website for more details, or to join or book us!

Day two of @Leeds_Morris #lmmdalestour 2019 gets underway in #Kettlewell with The Rose, in memory of those who have…

2019-05-27 18:11

Jo Haigh fripfoll

Has the dishevelled 'air of a creative.

RT @TheWhiskyWire: WIN a bottle of the dramspankingly new Writers' Tears Double Oak. RT & Follow @TheWhiskyWire and @WalshWhiskey for your…

2019-05-27 18:11

Abbycake Abbycake

RT @Czaroline: All I want is for Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jnr to make a podcast about their 17 year long marriage

2019-05-27 18:11

Seamus Nicolson #FBPE NicolsonSeamus

Photographic artist and Educator. Based in Frome, Somerset. Remainer and Europhile.

RT @mikegalsworthy: Seumas Milne,

You are Labour Director of Comms & Strategy.

You screwed up royally.

You lost Labour top MEPs like Da…

2019-05-27 18:11

Marguerite Anne Robinson MargueriteAnn10

Retired lover of family, civics, crime fiction and cricket.

RT @paulmasonnews: Labour needs a change of strategy on Brexit. Fence-sitting looks like it cost us seats and votes. I've signed @left2030…

2019-05-27 18:11

Jotcd jotcd

RT @WinstonsBack: #Remain parties take the biggest share of the vote 🗳 in #EUElections says @BBCNews

#EuropeanElection2019 #StopBrexitSav…

2019-05-27 18:11

Conchita Navarro cnavarroUK

🇪🇺🇬🇧🇮🇪🇪🇸🇩🇪🏳️‍🌈 Proud mum

@SwanwatchUk @thameswater @LDNWaterkeeper @Britnatureguide @Natures_Voice @HelenJMacdonald @Kaulofthewilduk Super i…

2019-05-27 18:11

MrSaladin 🇲🇾 ! ibnumuminin

• joho •

RT @Mr_Meowwwgi: Typical insurance scam.

2019-05-27 18:11

Tony Hayden #PeoplesVote #StopBrexit hayden_tony

cyclist, skier, software developer, and Lib Dem. Crypto coin miner (beginner) will follow back anyone pro EU #FBPE

RT @BBCPolitics: "We are the comeback kids" - Layla Moran of the Liberal Democrats hails "great day" for the party #EP2019

2019-05-27 18:11

Robert Schopen Schopen

Comments on life - not work related. Former journalist, son of a ‘queue jumping’ immigrant, proud traitor and saboteur. Pissed off with Brexit if you missed it.

RT @olivercoppard: Cannot stand this ‘but Labour will lose votes if it backs a second referendum/backs Brexit’ line of argument.
*The point…

2019-05-27 18:11

WeThePeople #ForTheMany #DangerousHero #JC4PM2019 gaurangmorjaria

Hi I am ‘G’ - run Maths & English Tutoring Biz- Corbynite - Economics, Politics, Photography, Poetry, Cricket, Music - Believe in Krshna & Making a Difference

@johnmcdonnellMP What better a public vote than a General Election!!

Time for another radical Manifesto to kick the Tories out for sure!

2019-05-27 18:11

Stuart Leonard StuartLeonard7

RT @MartinDaubney: On @SkyNews Alistair Campbell is going into full-on flat earth mode. He's actually saying last night was "a victory for…

2019-05-27 18:11

Fran Treml TremlFran

Gay out proud and never going back to the closet..

RT @PeterTatchell: .#EuropeanElectionResults: voters desert #Labour over its negotiation with the Tories to facilitate #Brexit & its failur…

2019-05-27 18:11

Kal Singh ; Dhindsa 👀 KhalSir

A Derby Man #Author #Writer @PearTreeDerby #Poet | | | #MentalHealth 🍐🌳🐏

RT @PickardJE: fact of the day:

the Lib Dems beat the Tories in Maidenhead (May’s constituency)

and the Lib Dems beat Labour in Islingto…

2019-05-27 18:11

💐jmlh jmlhjml__


RT @whoisjoshva: What kinda jobless behaviour is this

2019-05-27 18:11

Outward Voyage OutwardVoyage

Outward Voyage is an online directory network targeted at the LGBTQ+ community, which matches travellers in need of gay friendly accommodation and travel tips.


2019-05-27 18:11

Orbital Decay Vish Vishyyy

Co-founder of Orbital Decay Records & The Audio Rambling Podcast. Bassist, write songs, do music production things, audio engineer. Coffee fiend!

RT @mrchrisaddison: Usual bullshit Brexit spin about a rebranded UKIP doing well and Britain “unambiguously wanting Brexit.” Meanwhile, in…

2019-05-27 18:11

@alexc17 alexc175

RT @SkyNewsBreak: Prime Minister Theresa May is to make a statement in Downing Street after meeting with 1922 Committee chairman Sir Graham…

2019-05-27 18:11

Daniel Randall therubykid

work: underground | rep: @RMTLondon | member-in-exile: @UKLabour | supporter: @workersliberty | co-host: @Labour_Days | former rapper | tweets: own opinions

There’s no path to realising whatever remains of the potential of this political moment that doesn’t involve sacking Seumas Milne.

2019-05-27 18:11

Paul Anders 🇬🇧🇪🇺 EmpManPaul

Not one of the people.

RT @SadiqKhan: This was an extremely disappointing EU election result for Labour.

With the Prime Minister having resigned & Parliament in…

2019-05-27 18:11

Ezio Savva eziosavva

Achieved MBA, Doing MA #Interpreting at Uni of Wolverhampton. #Deaf #Translator #signlanguage. Teach #BSL 1-6, #Reiki Master & Healer. All views are my own.

RT @JuliaHB1: Leave wins 52% in the EU referendum in 2016. Remoaners: but not by enough.
Leave wins 80%+ the 2017 general election. Remoane…

2019-05-27 18:11

Jessica jessicaajjoseph

UofG || 🐶🐾

RT @Bigh1__: What my parents expected of me:


What i am today:


2019-05-27 18:11

Anne Sweeney Ap17sweeneyAnne

RT @EmmaKennedy: Here’s another stat for you.

How popular are the Brexit Party? Really?

They got 11.7% of the available national vote.

2019-05-27 18:11

Peter Gowers peteginessex

IT manager, amateur positive psychologist and friendly atheist. Love England cricket which twitter was invented for Opinions are my own. Utter despair at Brexit

RT @Jason_Arthur: It’s been the reality for a while @OwenJones84, you’ve just been unwilling to engage with it.

There isn’t a deal that s…

2019-05-27 18:11

アミちゃん fappai

Studying Japanese at uni・MCM London Comic-Con ❤️日本語を大学で勉強しています。#AbortionIsAWomansRight #DownWithTheTories

RT @MCMComicCon: MCM London Comic Con, that's a wrap! Thank you for making this place feel like home. We'll see you again in October 🌟 http…

2019-05-27 18:11

MB markbishopuk

@DevenneySDP It's doublethink, straight out of 1984

2019-05-27 18:11

Tim Dawson Tim_R_Dawson

Writer/journalist | Written some sitcoms & some radio | Words for @telegraph, @theipaper, @spikedonline, @conhome, amongst others | also comms, @blueskypolcomms

RT @JuliaHB1: “Two European election candidates in the South East with the same name have been elected as MEPs. There will now be more MEPs…

2019-05-27 18:11

Daniel Randall therubykid

work: underground | rep: @RMTLondon | member-in-exile: @UKLabour | supporter: @workersliberty | co-host: @Labour_Days | former rapper | tweets: own opinions

And yeah, it’s a problem that the Labour Party’s most senior political adviser is someone who believes Putin and As…

2019-05-27 18:11

Marcus Bernard 🇯🇲 🇮🇳 🇬🇧 marcus_bernard

Playwright. @sohotheatre Writers Lab 2018/19. @LandUTheatre Associate Artist. @MortifiedLDN Story Producer. @TUpsetters AD. 👊🏾 Pizzaiolo🍕 Socialist #JC4PM🌹


2019-05-27 18:11

lulea chapman luleaurbanature

Lover of nature. Artisan jewllery designer. lover of good music and mother to an amazing daughter @thisisminarose

@thameswater no water wickham road, brockley, london #SE4. What is happening? How long will repairs take. Highly fr…

2019-05-27 18:11

Bon Dia BonDia47940204

RT @Drackoon: Se van a sumar 28 años seguidos de gobierno del PP en Madrid. ¿Allí también hay clientelismo y cortijo o eso solo lo dejamos…

2019-05-27 18:11

Scratch Comics PercySmells

Adding static to a noisy station. Easily shocked & amused by many & intrigued by others. All thoughts are my own except those borrowed from others. Sleep well.

@ayeshahazarika I thought is was largely #LEAVE the #UK
Seems we all have different interpretations, depending on w…

2019-05-27 18:11

seán irratianal

americas next top

@numbronearies you topping its so funny to me

2019-05-27 18:11

Now celebsnow

For all the latest celebrity gossip - go to or Snapchat: nowmag

Perrie Edwards makes shock ‘kiss’ confession about Little Mix bandmate Jesy Nelson

2019-05-27 18:11

輿水 いのり🦉♨️禁煙しろ k_qoy

*宮城県に潜むやかましい人🗣🙉 *ps4のR6Sやってるよ〜 My hair is bad

@sicocellia_ ついに俺もうぉつかになっちまうのか

2019-05-27 18:11

Dave Briggs xtaldave

Macromolecular Cartographer.

Loud Music 🤘 Dogs 🐶 SciFi 🖖 Peakie🦉 Pubs 🍻 Remain AF.

My tweets represent your employer's opinions.

RT @BBCPolitics: There are "two forces, roughly equal in size," for both Leave and Remain, says polling expert Prof Sir John Curtice – Labo…

2019-05-27 18:11

Amanda Wright, crone AmandaGillender

RT @EmmaKennedy: Never mind the threat to the Tories from UKIP.

They’re being threatened by the Lib Dems by a greater factor.

2019-05-27 18:11

Julien David j_david75

Consultant #Innovation & #Entrepreneuriat // Université Paris-Saclay // Alumnus @EDHEC_BSchool & @nyuniversity (Social Entrepreneurship) // RT ≠ endorsement

RT @OlivierRoland: Retrouvez comment avoir l’état d’esprit d’un #entrepreneur, ce qu’il peut vous apporter pour #réussir.

2019-05-27 18:11

Daniel Randall therubykid

work: underground | rep: @RMTLondon | member-in-exile: @UKLabour | supporter: @workersliberty | co-host: @Labour_Days | former rapper | tweets: own opinions

You don’t have to go along with reds-under-the-bed tabloid conspiracies to think that having Labour’s political dir…

2019-05-27 18:11

Abby Bulmer abbyryder

Freelance cartoonist, 2000AD colourist. Read my all-ages webcomic at

RT @jamesrbuk: John Curtice says *overall* populist parties have done roughly as well as they did in 2014. No Europe-wide surges here, desp…

2019-05-27 18:11

Shansolos🎮 shansolos

That lil cockney bird! I like playing & reviewing RPG action adventure games. 100% achievement Hunter🎮💕 youtube/twitch streamer.

The chai milk with honey! 💕

2019-05-27 18:11

drh soon👩🏻‍⚕️ aypradnyani

your future vet and wife👩🏻‍⚕️🤱🏻

RT @Mr_Meowwwgi: Typical insurance scam.

2019-05-27 18:11

RMBreen (Screenwriter) RMBreen

Screenwriter of Feature Film #LifeToLife and Short Film #TheBrokenJournalist which i’ll Fund, Produce and Co-Direct later in 2019 (might even act in it too)

RT @lizfarahadi: @BradWallActor Good morning lovely!!! 🌈🦋💖

2019-05-27 18:11

mansoor ditta mansoorditta

if the Libdems didn’t exist today the Tories would invent them to keep opposition to themselves perennially split.

RT @DeborahJaneOrr: Oh my God. How are people finding consolation in the fact that a bunch of pro-Remain parties that couldn't even work to…

2019-05-27 18:11

Mari marieldn2

🇻🇨🇸🇴 Winterfell📍

Fear factor was the best

2019-05-27 18:11

Love London StaySafeLondon

What has happened to the London I once knew? Daily stabbings are acceptable to our useless Mayor apparently. 😔

Another #Uber minicab driving dangerously 🤔 Surely not. 🙄

2019-05-27 18:11

Marta M Gonzalez 🔶 #FPHD Jimena_1976

Essentially, a bookworm with a long life love affair with cinema. Oh, yeah, I work in Hotels too.🇪🇺🇪🇸🇬🇧🇵🇱#FBHP #FBPE #FBR

RT @IanDunt: One of the things I find most remarkable about politics atm is the resilience and determination of Remainers.

2019-05-27 18:11

Ollie Harbury thatsyourplot

thatsyourplot is an experimental gardening project. Using the internet to give hints, tips and advice on gardening.

@macieg Defiantly looks like Garlic

2019-05-27 18:11

ตึงยูนนี่คนคูล meenna1596

รักยูนนี่ millionsway❣️

RT @Q_cupid: พี่ชายอยู่ญี่ปุ่นละส่งมาถามว่าเอามั้ย แม่งใครจะกินลงวะถามจริงๆ มันน่ารักเกินไป5555555

2019-05-27 18:11

Karen Adams KarenAd89081735

Probably autistic awaiting assessment. Interested in mental health due to own history. Trying to make twitter a less stressful place for me.

@TenaciousRk I don't understand what building resilience is? I guess it is not within my personal experience. 😎

2019-05-27 18:11

Jimbo Armando jimboarmando

Advertise here.

RT @mr_workman: This epitomised the spirit of today’s game. This Young lad congratulated the victorious Charlton fans as they made their wa…

2019-05-27 18:11

Y'know we can just stop this? 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇪🇺 StephenSharp92

Growing old dis-bassfully,
sadly, all comments are my own.

RT @spink_jonathan: .@theSNP @AlynSmith doesn't mince his words on the eve of being reelected to the European Parliament, calling the Brexi…

2019-05-27 18:11

Mark Pearson ffandfu

RT @toryboypierce: Scale of the earthquake? @Nigel_Farage @brexitparty_uk is now joint largest party in European parliament with Angela Mer…

2019-05-27 18:11

cupoftea36 cupoftea36

Save the UK.
Revoke A50 or hold a People's Vote

RT @WinstonsBack: #Remain parties take the biggest share of the vote 🗳 in #EUElections says @BBCNews

#EuropeanElection2019 #StopBrexitSav…

2019-05-27 18:11

Sophie Mackenzie SophleMackenzie

irreparably mundane

RT @MrNishKumar: So glad that Farage can continue his protest against the EU by continuing to take a salary from the EU.

2019-05-27 18:11

loco coco 🤺 cremedelacoco

Tottenham Hotspur | Boxing | 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇦🇷

RT @JuliaHB1: Leave wins 52% in the EU referendum in 2016. Remoaners: but not by enough.
Leave wins 80%+ the 2017 general election. Remoane…

2019-05-27 18:11

Mo ⚫⚪🔴 DucaaleWeyne

Optimist||Progressive||Democrat||Half Socialist||Half Capitalist||Advocate of Equality|| Welfare of Animals
@ManUtd #SortOutBrexit

@DonahueRogers @paulmasonnews Adaptability is an important aspect in politics. They should've realized that the Bre…

2019-05-27 18:11

GiveMeSport Athletics GMS_Athletics

Breaking athletics news, features and live coverage from @GiveMeSport. Posts by @KobeTongYJA

The action is underway 🙌

Will @Mo_Farah retain his title or will @andybutchart91 and Nick Goolab upset the Olympic…

2019-05-27 18:11

DAMO-XXIX🌟 Damo_McGregor

Spotify: damovillemusic
#SecureTheBag💰 #WelcomeToDamoVille🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

RT @Daily_Star: BREAKING: #Lyon 'nail bomber' arrested after three day manhunt for terrorist who injured 13

2019-05-27 18:11

🏗️ DuncanStott

Former director, @pricedoutuk | geeky liberal | YIMBY | Brit living in America

RT @IanDunt: Labour Brexiters are suffocating their own party to death. If it doesn't stand up for Remain now, it will wither away.

2019-05-27 18:11

Viviane Schwarz vivschwarz

Author, artist, maker of books and interactive things. Hopes you are mostly happy.
My tweets are NOT vetted for kids researching picture book authors, sorry.

@luchie_hm Aw peanut

2019-05-27 18:11

The Bollo House TheBolloHouse

A stones throw from Chiswick High Road and Chiswick Park on the sleepy Bollo Lane, The Bollo is a community centred gastro pub in W4.

Quizzing every Tuesday night @TheBolloHouse in #Chiswick! Lots of fun and plenty of prizes up for grabs! #PubQuiz

2019-05-27 18:11

Myricae seradeimiracoli

ça sera le petit rayon de soleil du mois

RT @ventodigrecale: @sanachan91 @seradeimiracoli Sicuramente c'è chi poteva e non lo ha fatto, ma non penso proprio siano la maggioranza. D…

2019-05-27 18:11

Average Academic averageacademic

Various academic rubbish.

If you are trying to influence policy- best not to go full on Marxist out of the gate...

2019-05-27 18:11

Philippe Baumann2 PhBaumann

the World is my country.

RT @ThatTimWalker: Please retweet if you believe we now need a real Opposition, which means @jeremycorbyn needs to resign and immediately.

2019-05-27 18:11