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Robin Davis TXWoodsCFC

RRT, Chelsea Football Supporter

RT @ChelseaFCW: We had a surprise for @Mdawg1Bright at lunch today! 🎂🎶

Have a great day, Millie!

2019-08-22 03:00


Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.

RT @KayBurley: Goodness, who was in it before? Burglars????

2019-08-22 03:00

Hillingdon MPS MPSHillingdon

Updates from Hillingdon Borough Police. Do not report crime on Twitter. Call 101 or 999 in emergency. This site is not staffed 24 hours a day


Can you help locate Damien Sumer, 34

He is #Wanted as he has been recalled back to prison
Know w…

2019-08-22 03:00

sakis kaliakoudas skaliakoudas

Android Lead @BabylonHealth

Disasterpiece Theater: Slack’s process for approachable Chaos Engineering

2019-08-22 03:00

Jasbinder Bilan jasinbath

MG Himalayan adventure Asha And The Spirit Bird (Chickenhouse 2019)- winner of Times/Chickenhouse Prize. @Guardianbooks list - best books of 2019 so far.

RT @mkhanauthor: Can’t wait to hear @tomhpollock talk about his brilliant new book #Heartstream on Friday at the International Edinburgh Li…

2019-08-22 03:00

OlD Sport ugly_yorubadude


RT @YOSHEROSE: It’s Stormzy and Maya Jama’s split that’s making you give up on love? Everyday, y’all come on this app and embarrass yoursel…

2019-08-22 03:00

Hillingdon MPS MPSHillingdon

Updates from Hillingdon Borough Police. Do not report crime on Twitter. Call 101 or 999 in emergency. This site is not staffed 24 hours a day


Can you help locate Damien Sumer, 34

He is #Wanted as he has been recalled back to prison
Know w…

2019-08-22 03:00

Ealing MPS ealingMPS

Official Twitter page of Ealing Police Do not report crime etc here. In emergency always call 999. Non emergency call 101 or tweet enquires to @MetCC 8am - 10pm


Can you help locate Damien Sumer, 34

He is #Wanted as he has been recalled back to prison
Know w…

2019-08-22 03:00

pavlova&cream pavlovaandcream

London based photographer specialising in food imagery & Digital Marketing. Founder @LDNkitchensoc @MCRKitchenSoc @CulinaSocialis & hostess of #LKSLIVE events.

@Adonakis83 @VacherinLondon Gorgeous colours Don.

2019-08-22 03:00

V domalip


@OrcaCrypto 1st name on the team sheet for me! 📋

2019-08-22 03:00


he/him (hetero) love #RWBY #Toonami & #Anime in general, ally to any/all LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈 BELIEVE #MeToo SURVIVORS, #Bumbleby #PrismaticPonytails #NutsAndDolts

RT @MCMComicCon: Trading Beacon Academy for MCM London Comic Con, our next special guest joining us this October is the one and only @Kara4…

2019-08-22 03:00

Martins.🔰 martins_Ma7

Realist #MUFC 🔴⚪️⚫️ | #LUHG🔰

@CstManutd De Ligt and De jong - brain beyond their years idc what ppl say I rate them highly especially De jong I…

2019-08-22 03:00

Fraze CalzyTweets


@laylamae00 Unfollow me then, why u wasting ur fingers typing loool. I dont get it 🤣🤣🤣😂

2019-08-22 03:00

K.C. ❄️⚜️🇳🇬 KCNwosu_

Just a Utd fan in the Europa League 🤷🏿‍♂️| Aspiring Accountant 📈📊

RT @YOSHEROSE: It’s Stormzy and Maya Jama’s split that’s making you give up on love? Everyday, y’all come on this app and embarrass yoursel…

2019-08-22 03:00

talal 234Abobander

RT @Adhwan: ماهي المتعة في السياحة إلى تركيا رغم التحذيرات. سائحة سعودية اختطفت بعد اقتراب رجل معه "بخاخ" قام برشه على وجهها حسب كاميرات ال…

2019-08-22 03:00

vanika vanikapatel

LFC♥️✨ IG: @vanikapatel

RT @mdaixo__: Do you know how it feels to apply 20 jobs everyday and GET REJECTED LOOOOL. It’s builds character

2019-08-22 03:00

henryread2003 HenryRead11

RT @SkySportsPL: ⚽️ Douglas Luiz
🔴 Sadio Mane
🐺 Ruben Neves

Which was your favourite Premier League goal of the week?

Watch the best st…

2019-08-22 03:00

BaxterB BBFunk01

Family isn't always blood....

RT @PlanetPonzi: Bundesbank Bails Out 30-Year Negative Yeilding #Bond Failed Auction. #German #Bund Spells Serious Trouble Ahead. What Coul…

2019-08-22 03:00

Linda Linda36758099

Banking, PA, Author, Metabolic Advisor, Share Dealing, love life, adore travel, surfing, skiing, ice skating. Be truthful and always caring. Views are my own

RT @UxbEconomist07: “Shippers r already switching from the Dover Calais bottleneck to other container routes Closer to UK’s industrial hear…

2019-08-22 03:00

Oupkar Kaur Ghatore. OupkarKaur

| Dolce far niente |

#writer #digitalmarketing

Like how is it beneficial for you to get Gurbani from the internet just to try and prove a point to someone, who no…

2019-08-22 03:00

Talia Mar TaliaMar

#BETTER is OUT NOW - available for download and stream everywhere!


New merch out now 💕💕

2019-08-22 03:00

Neal Houston, PhD 🇺🇸 DrNealHouston

RETIRED • TRUMP 2020 • KAG 🇺🇸 Unapologetic • MAGA #USArmyVet #Sociologist #Researcher • Q/Harvard/Canterbury/Penn State/91B
#PoliticalCommentator • ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

RT @martingeddes: Being understood is not a luxury that #DigitalSoldiers can afford to wait for before taking action. Our task is the destr…

2019-08-22 03:00

votre ibérique pinto3511


RT @piscesxperfect: 🥰

2019-08-22 03:00

Talia Martins TaliaMartinsPro

Battle Pro Women's Champion
Portuguese Pro Wrestler living in London
Cute but will fight you 💪
Vegan 🥑

RT @BattleProW: Limited tickets remain for #AfterHours2! Already confirmed:

Main Event Deathmatch
- Connor Mills v David Francisco


2019-08-22 03:00

rocinante Rocinante_797

RT @ahmedhankir: My first full time job was stacking shelves in the food department in Marks & Spencer

I was 17 yrs old & had just left my…

2019-08-22 03:00

Clever Marketing CleverMarketg

We teach you to work SMART, earn more whilst working less by leveraging online systems and funnels for maximum conversions, secrets at

Make a uninterrupted prospect routine model applying this excellent option revealed on the post

2019-08-22 03:00

Follow\o/EPL news EPLNewsSoccer

A sports fanatic, Investigator, Social Media Strategist and Reporter. Up to speed with football results from around the world. Keep posted

RT @ChelseaFC: .@DZappacosta has extended his contract with the Blues and has completed a loan move in Italy until the end of January...…

2019-08-22 03:00

Mervelee Myers rattynem

Not afraid to speak my mind about any subject of interests. However I am careful not to knowingly offend anyone in the process. Mindful of the power of words.


2019-08-22 03:00

James James82224273

Ret. Detective,decorated twice, lost granddaughter 2018 can’t stand SNP, want them out power, football fan Rangers, Scotland remains U.K.

RT @DefenceHQ: Did you know? Around £35 billion will be contributed to the UK economy through the F-35 programme, with around 25,000 Britis…

2019-08-22 03:00

Mr. Morningstar owenkulit

RT @xanamarlenex: Blocking/ removing is not childish, if you not contributing to my happiness and are disturbing my peace, I’ll happily do…

2019-08-22 03:00

meow hanım amanebileyimben

mutsuz bir profil

@rbgdyxx lsşxödöfmlflc

2019-08-22 03:00

Mark Leech Len_Scap

Winner, Barclays Photographer of Premier League first 20 seasons.
She took us on a carousel, she made us smile and oh, how we laughed

@NorthBankMarG And haven’t taken a better frame since.

2019-08-22 03:00

Dr Alix Weasel AlixWzl

Gay, agender (they/them), transmasc, furry. 2 Masters & 1 PhD (evolutionary genetics in bats). IT consultant & OCR runner. Icon by @Ritz_Tweeting

To be clear - not saying the current amount of fire is nothing to worry about! Just that when some amount of a phen…

2019-08-22 03:00

Penny Flynn Lopedeloslobos

Worried. If I retweet or like something it does not mean I agree with everything that tweeter says on Twitter. Rarely check bios.

RT @Tingaling007: #r4today missed this story completely, the @BBCNews is broken.

2019-08-22 03:00

Gabriel GabriellPC

RT @Mello_R6: New Video!
Credits to @chxrzy <3

2019-08-22 03:00

Ozymandias somaligucci

Socialist, historian, scumbag 🇸🇴

Two man of the match performances in a row, I got East African football on strings 🙈

2019-08-22 03:00

what was the reason¿ _deborah_a

19 | London | LSE | Insta: @_deborah_a

Is this the season of breaking up???

2019-08-22 03:00

Patch 🐾🚛 cabmutt

Hard working International Trucking Pup, campaigner for truckers rights, into motor sport, logistics & support MUFC

RT @RHANews: Thanks for the picture @NoelRHartley. We'll add it to our #LoveTheLorry collection. And with over 3 weeks to go until the off…

2019-08-22 03:00

237lailamzib🏅🥉✈️ kclailam

RT @OkyereBaffour4: ✔Hey who is ready for gains? 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️


🔯 Retweet and like thi…

2019-08-22 03:00

Installments FC 👑 MrKGyamfi

British-born Ghanaian King 🤙🏾 // God First! Jeremiah 29:11 // Arsenal ❤️😪 // Food Enthusiast ❤️

@DeeWain33 Drip King 👑

2019-08-22 03:00

gustmar helmy NiceGust

fat enough and yelling

RT @DoggoDating:

2019-08-22 03:00

Senator Bigman IamBigman69

Spirit of Victory //// chess player

RT @ChelseaFC: A massive thank you to all those who attended today's training session at Stamford Bridge! 👏💙

2019-08-22 03:00

MAGA Don⭐⭐⭐ Don_Rivers1

Ret chemist; Army vet; #MAGA #KAG Life Member VFW & Benefactor Life Member NRA. Oathkeeper. List = Block! 《I prefer my whisky without the e.》

RT @PrisonPlanet: *NEW VIDEO*

Greta is just a human shield for the real agenda of the people who pull her strings.

Neo-feudalism disguise…

2019-08-22 03:00

Ndombele Mrundervalued

Success and knowledge

@ChrismanSpurs What is he then. And take bias aside kane isnt top 5

2019-08-22 03:00

Reason Now #PeoplesVote ReasonCoffeeShp

Reason Now, because we need #reason, #science, #evidence, #skepticism & #humanism to get through this sh#t
#Dislexia prone posts.
Reason says #StopBrexit. #FBR

Brexit Lexit Hard Soft We now know there isn't any #Brexit that doesn't make us poorer! Here's an idea!…

2019-08-22 03:00

Stevie B djstevieb

🇬🇧 DJ / Producer @SnazzyTrax (Artist) & Founder of @SnazzyTraxx & @PiffTraxx (Labels) #GarageHouse #DeepHouse #UKGarage

Favorited "90s REVIVAL 009 Mixed By Lombard Street" by LOMBARD STREET

2019-08-22 03:00

Viraj Patel VPatelFX

FX & Global Macro Strategist at Arkera by day | 90s R&B & Hip-Hop DJ by night | Views here are my own | For Media Enquiries: | @ArkeraAI


Get them into the White House


2019-08-22 03:00

UK Time Check SpeakingCIock

Hourly UK timecheck #UKTime

2019-08-22 03:00

UruVision IBM3081D

Favourite writers :
F. Scott Fitzgerald and
Edgar Allan Poe

RT @MrNishKumar: This is worse than Brexit

2019-08-22 03:00

Bahujan Vikas Foundation (NGO) bahujanvikas007

President. Bahujan Vikas Foundation/and Editor Of Crime Free Mumbai News Paper

RT @BBCHindi: बिहार के पूर्व मुख्यमंत्री जगन्नाथ मिश्र के सम्मान में 21 बंदूकों की सलामी दी जा रही थी, लेकिन एक भी बंदूक नहीं चल सकी.

2019-08-22 03:00

daisy ‎ barnesftrogerz

dude, no chick flick moments.

changed my layout pls don’t unfollow me :(

2019-08-22 03:00

Alana Irwin Alana_IrwinX

PR lead @virginholidays ✈️🌎 | Ex @disney | Token Scot | London living | Rubbish at Twitter

Been waiting 48hr now for an email response. Given that I’m on holiday, not the best use of my time? @expedia would…

2019-08-22 03:00

AndyYoung YoungOneUK

RT @AllianceBE: Multi billion pound software testing and quality assurance specialist Qualitest have chosen a city for their new HQ.


2019-08-22 03:00

David RoseyintheSouth

Public servant (comms+engagement, marketing). Policy/delivery not politicking/slogans. Miss being more interesting @roseynorth &league cricket. Always learning.

RT @StGeorgesTrust: Visit us on 11 September to find out more about a #nursing career here at St George's!

We're recruiting Band 5 nurses…

2019-08-22 03:00

Stoke-on-Trent CoP SoTCoP

A community of practice seeking to understand how high level policy initiatives can be made to work locally. Grass roots practices delivering tangible change

RT @the_gbird: Does the DWP have a mechanism in place to ensure big back payments are not detrimental to somebody's health and wellbeing?…

2019-08-22 03:00

YT: Ms Gigi Rae 🍬 msgigirae

so im on this youtube thing

RT @Oloni: Unmarried but i’ve just had a whole TV show picked up with me fronting it.

What was your mum doing at 29? Suffering with your…

2019-08-22 03:00

Zelo thinkzelo

Looking to get more out of your day? Welcome to Zelo. Get Your Zelo Journal on Amazon (EU), Ebay & Etsy (Worldwide). Featured in @Forbes

The Zelo Pack provides a flexible base for you to become productive. We’re all human after all, not robots. Oh, and…

2019-08-22 03:00

EUnity Is Strength #RevokeA50 🇪🇺 Stefing

Retired geek now living in Europe

RT @PeterTatchell: Labour splits widen as Diane Abbott, John McDonnell & Emily Thornberry vow to support Remain, not @jeremycorbyn's Brexit…

2019-08-22 03:00

Chilean Swede ¦Chiligom¦ TheCrownSmith

Time zone: CEST/GMT+2 ¦
Curiouscat: /> Other account: @The_Red_Crown


2019-08-22 03:00 🎙️❤️ ASMR_HD

We Love ASMR 😍 Best ASMR HD videos of all time on 🎙️🍭❤️🧡

★ASMR★ Milchreis mit Zuckerherzen 💗 Essen aus der Kindheit | Dream Play ASMR -

2019-08-22 03:00

Em Kolltveit EmilyAOvenden

Silver-haired seeker of truth. Rev to be. Composer, Musician, Preacher. Dedicated to social justice & equality. Owner of Chandos Arms Pub. Dog Lover & Gardener.

Really pleased that I can offset my carbon load with relative ease. It's about 70 quid to offset 10 tones. Our retu…

2019-08-22 03:00

ok princessgloria_

a moody cow

RT @Unkle_K: Stormzy HNDRXX

2019-08-22 03:00

Dominic Lindley DominicLindley

Financial services, consumer and conduct risk specialist. Ex-leader of Which? Financial Services policy team.

RT @DebtCamel: new post - today's @financialombuds statistics show that most guarantor loan complaints are now being won:

2019-08-22 03:00

Queen Theresa.🇯🇲🖤💍 Treezahh_

Co-Founder of @Poetic_impact

I was like who? 😂

2019-08-22 03:00

❌Sandra Levett❌ ❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇺🇸🌎 jigglett

I❤️ALL Lives. Save👶from predators.👁#DeepState #Globalists. Research #QAnon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening .Eph 6:12 God bless-Jesus saves. I’m Not perfect. 🚫Lists

via @MailOnline.

2019-08-22 03:00

Dan ‘Bones’ McCoy UncleMcCoy

Spending money on @grammavedetta and Aliceissleeping. Making money as a Software and Data Engineer. I suck at Twitter.

@TSB Tuesday. Gonna pop into the branch tomorrow to see what's going on but I feel I've already wasted enough time…

2019-08-22 03:00

Kel Curtis 🐼 kelcurtis4

RT @KeepCalmBargain: ★ RT & you could win a £100 Amazon Voucher ★

We currently have 750 plays on Spotify of the New Single Still Standing…

2019-08-22 03:00

Alok Anand chittuanand

Use multiple programming languages & software technologies
I Will Fight
I Will Learn
I Will Turn The Fate
I Will Die
I Will Melt
One Day I Will Be Great

RT @ahmedhankir: My first full time job was stacking shelves in the food department in Marks & Spencer

I was 17 yrs old & had just left my…

2019-08-22 03:00

şeyma. hedasofnight

buraya ne yazıyoduk mk.


2019-08-22 03:00

Aziraphale {𝐻𝓊𝓂𝒶𝓃} OGBookCollector

Please stop trying to tell me what eternity it's with a little bird analogy, I don't understand it. And now, I suppose, I don’t need to. {RP/Fake/Gay}

Well, yes. But I suppose not in this sense... Is it a person?

2019-08-22 03:00

🐺 eddieAttu

by hook or crook, 🌍💨🔥💧

RT @streetartmagic: Musical street art

2019-08-22 03:00

✰kia busancry

#⃞지민: stan loona twice and dean

the way i really love this girl @hobinist 😭

2019-08-22 03:00

London Sparrow LondonSparrow1

@BillGates Good job. Congratulations ladies, keep fighting the good fight.

2019-08-22 03:00

Ife Liz_Galore

23. Rebranding. | #CFC | Matthew 7:7-8

Never been the type to bad mouth someone, just not my style.

2019-08-22 03:00

m Mookwspk_

twenty/eight ♡

RT @Q_cupid: กูอะเบื่อตรงที่พอเป็นผู้หญิงกับผู้หญิงคบกันแล้วจะต้องโดนคำพูดแบบ “โอย เดี๋ยวก็เลิก ผู้หญิงยังไงก็ชอบผู้ชาย คบกันวันนี้เดี๋ยวต่…

2019-08-22 03:00

Raul Queiroz raul_raqpoinhas

RT @10DowningStreet: We’re making sure that the country is ready for Brexit on 31 October.

Today we’ve allocated an extra £9m for councils…

2019-08-22 03:00

The Talent Manager tvtalentmanager

The Talent Manager is the key talent management tool for broadcasters and indies working in TV, film and digital production. Part of @dvtalent

Edit Producer wanted in London.

2019-08-22 03:00

r0000za| 4raQ2xNmGQ1ERkA

sudanise girl♥️ engle of mercy👼🏻 17/8/2000

RT @aawsat_News: تبرئة امرأة من تهمة قتل جنينها بعد «ولادة بالمرحاض»

2019-08-22 03:00

Rob RobEdward90

Pupil Barrister. Law, current affairs, food - cooking and eating, third-wave coffee, craft beer.

RT @benmrowe: And yet you utter morons won’t impeach this criminally deluded man? I mean, glass houses and all that, but what on earth is g…

2019-08-22 03:00

oscar eaton oscareaton3

@readingfc | 16

RT @SkySportsPL: Chelsea's Mason Mount and Leicester's James Maddison are both in line for call-ups to Gareth Southgate's England squad nex…

2019-08-22 03:00

Brecht The Marxman Hart🖐✊🤟🌹 Wi11TheBear


Theatrical nonsense purveyor. '...somewhere there's injustice, and somewhere else the tea's getting cold. Come on, Ace. We've got work to do.'

RT @Thogden: Hard to watch this. 70 year old football fan who pops into the club shop everyday asking whether the club will survive because…

2019-08-22 03:00

GrumpyByName #3828 on the list LessGrumpy

Sweary. Scottish. Don’t be a cunt. Usual shit re retweets. Swearing only offends when aimed at a person.

@succubusginn I know that feeling. Do you have somewhere at your mum’s that you can have me time? Can you disappea…

2019-08-22 03:00

Chiko thisischikowade

The miseducation of Chiko Wade.

@ChukaUmunna @joswinson @LibDems @DominicRaab @foreignoffice 🤦🏽‍♂️

2019-08-22 03:00

hennessy hennessyxu_

RT @neliasancaa: Que nojo

2019-08-22 03:00

IoT Now IoTNow_

Daily #IoT, #IIoT, #AI & #M2M news, expert opinions, white papers, product reviews and a bi-monthly magazine

How can #network #operators benefit from #eUICC SIMs and Remote SIM Provisioning technology?…

2019-08-22 03:00

Code : Dibby7 DIBBY7FN


COME WATCH MY BOI @ItsWickesy RIGHT NOW, POPPING OFF IN THE SOLO CASH CUP (currently top 20 on leaderboards)

2019-08-22 03:00

Kathrine Krogulec krog007

RT @Sriracha_FG: It’s #WinitWednesday…

And we have a selection of our #Sriracha up for grabs!

FOLLOW & RT to enter our #Competition for y…

2019-08-22 03:00

ernaax🇨🇲 ernababyxo

i’m so confused

2019-08-22 03:00

nina _glawrance

RT @fionaradio: Very good.

2019-08-22 03:00

Elliottwave Forecast ElliottForecast

Accurate & timely Elliott Wave Forecasts of 78 instruments. Webinars, Chat Room, Trading Signals & more. Free 14 Day Trial

$SPX Still 2942-3015 area still can be seen and sellers in 3 waves back minimum should be happening, we would like…

2019-08-22 03:00

Rina_Y. Rina_Y95

RT @UE: In 2017, indigenous Karipuna people in Rondônia state told us they fear for their lives as the forest around them is burned to make…

2019-08-22 03:00

Chelsea's Finest 🕊🇳🇬 ChelseaBlue_FC

Chelsea Football Club Worldwide

RT @Evra: So much respect for you @TheRealAC3! We never defended the same goal but after spending two weeks together on our coaching badges…

2019-08-22 03:00

Alan Spacexecadet

I run the Booksill in Lympstone. I would only trade our Devon lifestyle for a palazzo in Venice.

RT @davidallengreen: Pretty much

2019-08-22 03:00

Veronica Landetta VLandetta

Periodista de profesiòn. Más de 25 años en medios. Anchor y Jefe de Informaciòn Canal Uno. RR.PP Free lance

RT @bbcmundo: Marvel vendió en 2007 los derechos de Spider-Man a Sony Pictures y los de X-Men a 21st Century Fox. #SaveSpiderMan

2019-08-22 03:00

martin_p sadino22

Was ich mag: ehrliche, aufrichtige Menschen, Tiere, bes. Katzen, Humor, Comics, Erotik, Kunst,
Was ich NICHT mag: Rassismus, Hass, Arroganz, Dummheit

RT @aveirjapan:

2019-08-22 03:00

Jude Cosgrove JudeCosgrove

Sleep deprived socialist. Angry dad.

RT @ChrisBrosnahan: Trump is tweeting about people calling him the King of Israel and the second coming of God. Just after he tried to buy…

2019-08-22 03:00

Paddy SlideAway_92

Here for the doggos


2019-08-22 03:00

Alexandra G Alexandra_DiTaS

Mamá, educadora, emprendedora que sueña con un país mejor 😄

RT @bbcmundo: Los incendios en la selva amazónica han aumentado más del 80% en un solo año. Combinado con condiciones meteorológicas advers…

2019-08-22 03:00

ADR Trading Group ADRTrading

Asset | Direction | Range - Financial Markets Traders. #futures #cryptocurrency #forex #indices #commodities #stocks #shares | feat @eToro @TheMotleyFoolUK

“It’s like having thousands of traders, all working for you! ” - Trading on Autopilot | #fx…

2019-08-22 03:00

#BeLouder #WeKickAS JazzHandJones

Highlighting Corbyn’s antisemitism. Pass it on.

It's 7:00PM on Wednesday, the 21st of August 2019 in the UK. And Jeremy Corbyn is still an antisemite. Pass it on.

2019-08-22 03:00