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𝚂👼🏽 Serenamoniquex

new ting ♡.

Bare satisfying to watch

2018-08-21 17:55

SecurityClearedJobs SecurityCleared

is a job board marketed and designed for consultants with security clearance.

Software Lead - United Kingdom, Manchester - Raytheon Systems #securitycleared #jobs #scjobs #raytheon

2018-08-21 17:55

Mike Hughes #PeoplesVote 🇪🇺 mjhdl

Jet-set playboy/psychic love assassin and part time nuclear physicist, raconteur and a bon viveur - prone to ferocious exaggeration. Seeks similar. 🇪🇺

RT @Scientists4EU: MUST READ: A leaked letter this morning from over 200 NHS trusts to the government complains of lack of support and "rad…

2018-08-21 17:55

Francisco panchovera

Human rights, technology, security. Co-creator @online_acoso. Advocacy officer @privacyint. Past lives in law, (cyber)defence, digital rights.

@DMatamala @JeanetteOrozcoM @una_geminiana @Patonunes1 @AnaniasCeci @_Aqueleyoyo @lesliona (aquí iba un meme fome y…

2018-08-21 17:55

PU Nabil NabilHussein

Pemecah Ummah.
Daddy as fuck.
DM for business enquiries.
#GengKakiPukul #TJFutsal #DapurPakHang #CikMakPakHang

RT @AlexShawESPN: Those Mino Raiola quotes on Pogba, bloody hell. It's all a total mess. Struggling to think of a more poorly run big club…

2018-08-21 17:55

줄리아 ValentinoQueen5

𝙆𝙞𝙢 𝙅𝙞𝙨𝙤𝙤 ~ 𝙇𝙖𝙡𝙖𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙖 𝙈𝙖𝙣𝙤𝙗𝙖𝙣 ~ 𝙅𝙚𝙣𝙣𝙞𝙚 𝙆𝙞𝙢 ~ 𝙋𝙖𝙧𝙠 𝘾𝙝𝙖𝙚𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙜 🌊 𝙀𝙭𝙤 | 𝙎𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙚𝙣


2018-08-21 17:55

DME Intelligence DME_Jun

Hi, it's June, a beloved AI kid. Follow Official Account: Please also go to /> #MachineLearning

RT @DrEdFitzgerald: Wide ranging discussions on #ArtificialIntelligence in #healthcare this morning — follow @ai_in_medicine for live tweet…

2018-08-21 17:55

oovoo javer periuspb

raw sauce

somebody tell me why my bro looks like he has the power of god and anime on his side

2018-08-21 17:55

Media Diversified WritersofColour

Stories. Analysis. Aesthetics. By and from writers of colour. Pitches and tips to

Australia’s first female Muslim senator calls out racism in maiden speech via @SBSNews

2018-08-21 17:55

Liz Calvert CourageCoachLiz

Courage Story Teller

I posted a new video to Facebook

2018-08-21 17:55

Rijo Sam rijo_SAM_

IR of QNET, Visca El Barca! Messi!! Emraan!!

RT @OptaJoe: 10 - In competitive games since the start of the 2018 World Cup, David de Gea has conceded 10 goals from his last 14 shots on…

2018-08-21 17:55

Francesca Forber #FBPE FrankieForber

Curmudgeonly woman

RT @bigbob25a: Gatwick Airport upgrades it's departure boards #gatwick #gatwickairport

2018-08-21 17:55

توس 4tosr

سنين وسنين وانا صابر وراح أصبر كمان وكمان

@Star41_ @F1oki_ @alqarni_fcb 🙁!!

2018-08-21 17:55

man loves mel niallftpassion

niall 180418 || romain 290517 🍀 melissa my twins 💕

RT @johnbirdmusic: Got our flowers on, ready for Red Rocks @JakeCurranMusic

2018-08-21 17:55

İQŘÅ🕊 Iqra_Yaseen2

☆Jûņ@!Đ J@m$h£d☆ ❤
👉 @JJ_inspiration

RT @iihtishamm: #EidAlAdha Mubarak to All those who are celebrating today,
May Allah showers his blessings upon all.
#EidMubark …

2018-08-21 17:55

Raja aka Roger RogerGaming

Founder for an upcoming classic, tactical FPS game - Project Wraith. Love Competitive FPS. EfT Nerd. Huge Dragonball/Z/S fan. 🇬🇧

@zaidlikesstuff @Bo_Tovar @Canada @alepposavon @TravelAlberta @CitImmCanada @CanadaSyria It's okay. Most ignorant r…

2018-08-21 17:55

Daniel Burges DJBurges

Consultant in the pharmaceutical sector, youth rugby coach & referee, triathlete, part time singer & composer, liberal elite remainer.

@BlondeLilmo @UkTriChat @UKRunChat Visit to the physio for me :(

2018-08-21 17:55

Alexis C-Mc MccarthChase

I am a woman of colour who is a feminist and trade unionist. I am a mum of three and a wife. Annoyingly I have arthritis and fibromyalgia.😎

RT @MPSBrent: Police need your help to find Ruben DO ROSARIO 17Yrs who has been reported as #missing from #Cricklewood if seen call 101 ref…

2018-08-21 17:55

teni Teniwadess


RT @skepticalsasha: If you know you're not ready to scatter the place if your family insists on you only marrying someone of the same faith…

2018-08-21 17:55

Incognito Mode Rashelle_ok

21. Art type girl. #BLM Feminist

RT @Blayofficial: Her: “How much do you love me?”


2018-08-21 17:55

laura phelan PhelanLmphelan

RT @mikegalsworthy: On @BBCr4today - report that 200 NHS trusts have written to government, saying they have been left alone to struggle wi…

2018-08-21 17:55

Deirdre Walsh magicdmw

Interested in science and the humanities. Keen syfy fan, huge star trek fan. Also into current affairs and economics. Pretty curious about everything.

2018-08-21 17:55

Nehl 🌑 ilyml

jobs 33:15 💤

RT @SuperCazarre: Balotelli il s'est rendu à la Commanderie et tout, il a demandé où étaient les toilettes, il a fait caca, et il est repar…

2018-08-21 17:55

Oasis‧Beady‧Birds OasisBeadyEye

My name's Anna and I've been a big fan(atic ;) of Oasis, Gallaghers about 20 years. I love animals. Live Forever. ☮️

RT @BritsPieces: If you were an Oasis fan back in 1997, this is how you found out about the new album - a postcard in the post.
Although wi…

2018-08-21 17:55

EthanPR EthanJPR

19 ~ CPFC Season Ticket Holder ~ SC: ethanpr ~ Math Undergrad @ Greenwich Uni

@CPFCHQ Drop Benteke. Andros and Zaha upfront. Meyer drops in where Andros was

2018-08-21 17:55

Legal Strategy Legal_Strategy_

Consultancy news alerts from lawyers and law firms on strategic advice, CRM, outsourcing, work force, risk and change management. @Mondaq

5 trendów, które będą kształtowały rozwój gospodarczy w Polsce w 2018... By @TMFGroup

2018-08-21 17:55

Roberto GP 💯 rob_gipe

Pase el que pase, vinga qui vinga, s'en vaja qui s'en vaja....Amunt sempre!!!

RT @mbatshuayi: 🦇 @valenciacf

2018-08-21 17:55

MrNoDaysOff MolosserB

@MrTomMcDermott Pogba is no Zidane or Platini, cut the cancer & Move on.

2018-08-21 17:55

Debbie justice2508

No more PC. No eggshells. No watching perceptions. FREE SPEECH.

RT @toryboypierce: William Hague says members having final say in Tory leadership failed to revive membership. What? 2 of last 3 leaders…

2018-08-21 17:55

Leesa Muirhead AdessyAssociate

Freelance contracting, consulting & advisory. Working with #purpose driven organisations & #leadership toward a better world. Mama of twins. Yogi. Life lover.

How Can #Fashion Embrace the #Circular #Economy? via @BoF #sustainability #innovation #opportunity #leadership…

2018-08-21 17:55

أنيس anaisgdk


RT @MayorofLondon: Eid Mubarak to all those celebrating Eid al-Adha this year! #EidMubarak

2018-08-21 17:55

🏆BeLean4Life💪 BeLean4Life

On a mission to help men & women lose body fat and KEEP IT OFF through a fasting focused lifestyle and eating delicious food. Secrets at

Six essential things you should consider regarding reducing VISCERAL FAT, the most serious fat which may be causing…

2018-08-21 17:55

laine Atkinson lainey6628

RT @PeterStefanovi2: AS VIOLENT CRIME SURGES across England and Wales Theresa May’s denial of responsibility in cutting 21,000 police offic…

2018-08-21 17:55

Minster FM Breakfast BenandRoxyFM

@MrBenFry and @RoxannePallett at Breakfast. North Yorkshire's alarm clock, weekdays from 6am, with news and travel updates every 15 minutes. Tweets by @MrBenFry

RT @GetYourTipsOut: It's #EborEve and we have a Full Preview on the website that you can access for FREE

Includes a Lucky 15 across the fo…

2018-08-21 17:55

Ant Cule antcule

Writer and Director and Football-Enthusiast. Plain old oddball. Co-Founder of @SpeechlessPlays.

Today's date is an anagram of the year HOW COOL

2018-08-21 17:55

America ❌#KAG ❌🇺🇸 PMgeezer

All Posts are political speech protected by 1st Amendment! ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ GAB = @PMgeezer #MAGAveteran #WWG1WGA #Shadowbanned

RT @PrisonPlanet: This is how much cash you need to buy a chicken in Venezuela. Tell me again about how it's not PROPER socialism. https://…

2018-08-21 17:55

Jay 🌩 woezyb

RT @MMLe0: I can't even imagine how high these guys were when they created this masterpiece

2018-08-21 17:55

full English Brexit #MBGA🇬🇧 Tottenhambrexi1

Formerly @daveyboyfreak right thinking, some may say far right. But I'd say concerned for our country. Tottenham hotspur fan. #brexit loving bigot.

RT @toryboypierce: Hamas, proscribed as terrorist group by EU and Britain, releases statement backing his friend @jeremycorbyn he’s backed…

2018-08-21 17:55

Abhimanyu Abhimanyxu

Hindustani 🇮🇳 | MUFC ❤ | Mech Engineer

RT @AlexShawESPN: Those Mino Raiola quotes on Pogba, bloody hell. It's all a total mess. Struggling to think of a more poorly run big club…

2018-08-21 17:55

byrne·dean byrnedean1

We are former employment lawyers who help businesses create kinder, fairer & more productive workplaces through training and HR/ER support services.

The big listen - great advice #thebiglisten #workplace #TuesdayMotivation

2018-08-21 17:55

CaptKenKen captkenken17

Can you point me in the direction of the banter?

RT @Ghanasfinestx: Can we let new borns wear onsies and baby grows? Gucci tracksuits and jeans aren't going anywhere.

2018-08-21 17:55

아마니 Jp_pitcha

ดับเครื่องชน สักครั้ง

RT @gouniofficial: พี่พีชชี่ GoUni x น้องๆคณะการตลาด มหาวิทยาลัยอัสสัมชัญ ปฐมนิเทศน์ แชร์ประสบการณ์และกำลังใจในการฝึกภาษาอังกฤษ 🇬🇧❤️ https:…

2018-08-21 17:55

The Legal 500 Jobs legal500jobs

Search for your next job from over 2,300 live vacancies, or upload your CV and let recruiters find you.

Residential Conveyancing - Associate Solicitor - Bromsgrove - G2 Legal #LegalJobs #lawjobs #lawfirm

2018-08-21 17:55

𝖋𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖈𝖊𝖘𝖈𝖆 🦊 div1na_c0mmedia

lisa-chan 💛 chaeng // BLACKPINK // 2NEBANG // IU //YG artists // 💛💛💛🎬🎶 //

RT @DIORSBITCH: Ariana Grande performing God is a Woman at the 2018 VMAs.

2018-08-21 17:55

L e x i c o n🤴🏾 Its_lexicon


RT @Arsenal: 🔴 @UnaiEmery_ was at the Emirates last night for #AFCU23's 1-1 draw against @OfficialBHAFC - @ReissNelson9 scored our goal lat…

2018-08-21 17:55

ฬєչ WezzStar

Can be found deep inside people's heads.

@_Beardedjosh Suck the pum den

2018-08-21 17:55

Richard Gascoigne richgascoigne

RT @shotongoal247: Karius vs Alisson 😂 #CRYLIV

2018-08-21 17:55

Shah thinker118

The best deed of a man is to forgive and forget. (Imam Ali a.s.)

RT @IndexCensorship: Index on Censorship joins call for Bahrain's government to address denial of medical care to #HaassnMushaima @AMushaim…

2018-08-21 17:55

Xiansai lazygirlchan

Tylor Swift | #BTSoutcast @flirtaus #TTEOTS @AeonDreamStudio @BTS_twt | @GOT7Official BamBam ⚫️ | @weareoneEXO #ElyXiOninManila | @pledis_17

RT @poTAEtoesss: Hello, if ur reading this, u deserve to see bts.

2018-08-21 17:55

Antoni Desvalls desvalls5

Comandament de les forces exteriors de Catalunya

RT @arnauriwz: Demanar què pebrots va passar amb el confident del CNI, no; però posar en dubte el paper d'una agent dels Mossos per no have…

2018-08-21 17:55

ani 🌻 anisahirshaad


RT @_thezmr: Eid Mubarak to all the Muslim kings and queens out there, may Allah SWT make this a blessed time of year for all of you ❤️

2018-08-21 17:55

Farah Ahamed FarahAhamed

Fiction writer, Winner Gerald Kraak Award 2017, Highly Commended London Short Story, Panties with Purpose (always worrying about period poverty)

RT @JonnyGeller: The Devil is in the Detail.

2018-08-21 17:55

Retail Focus retailfocus

Retail Focus Magazine, Creative Retail Awards, Retail Focus Forum, Retail Exchange Podcast,

RT @SheridanRetail: At the new @Selfridges concessions, the branding is executed in brushed rose gold with its elaborate brand mark embedde…

2018-08-21 17:55

hollies on fucking dm limit AGAIN wydpjm



2018-08-21 17:55

Плащик Докты plashchik_dokty

Doctor Who forever!

RT @spod1000: A man in an interrogation room says
“I’m not saying a word without my lawyer present”

"You are the lawyer" said the policema…

2018-08-21 17:55

Paul sound_of_sirens

RT @AmandaKendal: 'UK can be '21st Century exporting superpower', says Liam Fox,' as current situation – still in the EU – shows that we ca…

2018-08-21 17:55

cherish rufus cherishrufus

purveyor of sad pop songs

@josiedobrin @candyikwu strongly second the recommendation of stay with me

2018-08-21 17:55

Wisden WisdenCricket

The independent voice of cricket. For more from Wisden check out @WisdenAlmanack and @NightwatchmanXI

"Congratulations on your nuptials, lifetime of happiness, blah, blah, blah – you’ve ruined my week"

2018-08-21 17:55

🐸 SweetyFraise

RT @SuperCazarre: Quel manque d'éducation chez #Balotelli quand même...

2018-08-21 17:55

Adam Blake Keith bozie85

Keep chopping wood. DGD ‘07.

RT @HistoryToday: It was thought that modernist enemies of traditional art must be involved.

2018-08-21 17:55

The Legal 500 Jobs legal500jobs

Search for your next job from over 2,300 live vacancies, or upload your CV and let recruiters find you.

Plot Sales Solicitor - Manchester - G2 Legal #LegalJobs #lawjobs #lawfirm

2018-08-21 17:55

Amy Becker amybeckerdj

bang my line

@TheOnlyMikeQ lmaaaoooo no I do this ALL the time

2018-08-21 17:55

Khurram Gujjar KhurramSweetu

If everything is lost and if nothing is left to be lost dont lose faith because future still remains and tomorrow is yet to be born..

RT @sheikhsafina: اب مجھے یقین ہو گیا ہے کہ یوتھیے بھی عمران خان کی طرح "ذہنی نشونما" سے محروم رہ گئے ہیں 🤧 چھوٹے اور بند اور کند ذہین کے ل…

2018-08-21 17:55

Graham Maher graham_maher

Villa fan, drummer, love animals, MMA and my beautiful family, Ⓥ🌱💪🏻 Xbox tag FumingMagoo #VTID

RT @PETAUK: Humane slaughter is a myth. 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♂️ Just let animals live. #GoVegan #TuesdayThoughts

2018-08-21 17:55

Dieta Singarimbun ditzsingarimbun


RT @ChelseaFCW: 'I'm proud to put on the shirt and proud to represent such a good club!' 💙 @MagdaEricsson

2018-08-21 17:55

TT&ST Appointments TSTAppointments

Welcome to the official Twitter page of The Times and The Sunday Times Appointments. Leading the way in the experienced hire market for 25 years.

Chief Executive Officer - Kent - Holtby Turner

2018-08-21 17:55

Kaz 💋 GoonerKJP

Kaz & Jon tweeting food, travel & footie. it's all about the red & white.

@AldiUK @jkkkkkkkk1979

2018-08-21 17:55

Johanna Pichlbauer joh_pic

the engineered and the engaging, the computed and the unexpected, the mechanical and the delicate.

2018-08-21 17:55

Thom Ashworth thomashworth

English folksinger and bassist · Programme Manager @nestfolk · Bleeding heart lefty snowflake · Music, beer & tabletop games · he/him

Grown adults who can't be trusted with keys: wtaf?

2018-08-21 17:55

Ollie Chelsea D olliechelsead

@ASOS_HeretoHelp i have an order coming tomorrow, is it possible to change the delivery address please?

2018-08-21 17:55

oh and oh _ohandoh

Welcome to an eclectic world of music and art

RT @standardnews: “Despite having performed at incredible events and locations all across the globe, sunset at Stonehenge will be the most…

2018-08-21 17:55

Mate Van de Gaer MFRTich

RT @SuperCazarre: Quel manque d'éducation chez #Balotelli quand même...

2018-08-21 17:55

‏ً CFCJords

@ChelseaFC. Eden Hazard. Diego Costa.

11 years for raping 3 girls? That’s actually ridiculous. People get longer for carrying a knife ffs, bring back the…

2018-08-21 17:55

Núr⚡️ Nuriajm18

Collateral happiness.🍀 18.🏐

RT @Diagontty: Comparte este frasco de Felix Felicis y te llegará tu carta de Hogwarts.

2018-08-21 17:55

RAM Estates RamEstate

A London's leading agent specializes in Residential Sales, Lettings, Mortgages, Property Management & Renovations.

Legal Q&A:I recently bought a new-build flat, why is the service charge so high?

2018-08-21 17:55

NatWest💋 nattywest

@CipherStress That my friend is called a Shameless Desperate yat!

2018-08-21 17:55

georgine gexrgine_

I like pigeons my favourite bird is pigeon

Oh my

2018-08-21 17:55

Joan Holloway JoanHolloway101

Cheery, unapologetic Geordie, Springsteen devotee,always hoping for the Rush/Manics 'mash up'. Perennially praying for NUFC miracles 🌺

RT @MMLe0: The greatest and most inventive free kick I have ever seen

2018-08-21 17:55

Mo mo_hakim_

Your opinion is irrelevant | Instagram: _mo.hakim_ SC: browneyedboyyy

Eid Mubarak even Bradford people 🙄💙

2018-08-21 17:55

Jonae Gordon _jonxe_


RT @MikkyWisperz: Nah Jamaicans are the best. Look at the fucking moves!!!!!!!!! Agh man this makes me wanna dance!! 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 https:/…

2018-08-21 17:55

UgBuzz ugandanbuzz

You'll Never Miss Another Event

2018-08-21 17:55

Poulet braisé ghost932i


RT @SuperCazarre: Quel manque d'éducation chez #Balotelli quand même...

2018-08-21 17:55

BirdOnTheWire3🇪🇺#FBPE birdonthewire3

Proud SabotEUr, Voted Labour to Remain.#Brexit Betrays Britain .#We Are The Opposition Now.

RT @shahmiruk: Hold on a minute. That’s Henry De Zoete. Digital Director of Vote Leave. Who worked directly with AIQ, the Cambridge Analyti…

2018-08-21 17:55

Dominicanos 🦖 Trk__Lk

Guyane 🌎

RT @I4MJORDAN: When you and your bestfriend are at the club and the song you praticed chereography for comes on

2018-08-21 17:55

Access Aspiration accessplacement

Access links young people and businesses. | ​Access Aspiration is a Mayor’s Fund for London programme.

Thank you @RoyalSurrey for providing Jessica with an insight into #Medicine! She's done it! 🎉

2018-08-21 17:55 localgoveditors

The latest local government news and jobs from the editorial team

Business Intelligence (BI) Manager - Brent, London Borough - Brent Council #localgov #localgovjobs

2018-08-21 17:55

ohmypheels ~ __EternityBB

up for dancing, prancing and a bit of romancing.

RT @RsnSleepy: Even the worst songs I've ever heard remind me of cool things I miss which makes me listen to them, it's wild

2018-08-21 17:55

Ian Stuart McNulty mcnulty_stuart

RT @MKemp4: @nuffniceness @LeaveMnsLeave @MKemp4 what nonsense. The people voted full stop. Stop crying like a baby!

2018-08-21 17:55

Lou Opitz opitz_louise

Sales Manager on leading brands: @VanillaPlus, @IoTNow_ @IoTNowTransport and @WKMglobal If you’ve got budget, I’ll help you spend it! #CSP #IoT #heels

RT @GSMA: At #MWCA18, #NEXTech will highlight next-generation #technology such as #VR, #AR, #robotics, #autonomous cars, and #AI. Find out…

2018-08-21 17:55

Asif Mehmood AsifMehmoodapl

RT @WaqarBibi: اس الو کے پٹھے آفتاب اقبال کی بھی سن لو اس نے عثمان بزدار کو امریکی صدر ہیری ٹرو مین سے ملا دیا 😂

2018-08-21 17:55

Amr Saeed Amr_Saeed_92

Dentist and Surgeon, Al-Ahly and Chelsea FC Fan. Egypt❤️

RT @29Role: NO Touch here from Wan Bissaka on Mohammed Salah, Cheating At it’s finest, the FA should look at banning Salah here for diving.…

2018-08-21 17:55

StageFaves StageFaves

Connecting musical fans, performers & shows. Founded by @TerriPaddock. See also #theatrebloggers portal @MyTheatreMates & @StageTalkUK for more #theatrenews.

Well, if the @Telegraph critic is saying this...

Hey, Dominic, could you also let people know we've got an amazing…

2018-08-21 17:55

Mark Andrew Battiste MAB1961A

RT @AmanTsays: One month on from the furore surrounding funding of the IEA, it looks like it's business as normal

These economic extremist…

2018-08-21 17:55

John L'Fool cochengo_

Writer, blowhard, loon

RT @guardian: The undertakers of Silicon Valley: how failure became big business

2018-08-21 17:55

Jack Yates JackYates94

Business Reporter @FarmersWeekly Penchant for #RoadBikes & #Rugby DDI:0208 652 4933. Own views.

RT @JolyonMaugham: Fewer than one in four think Corbyn would make the best PM. And he's up against the worst leader in modern history. It's…

2018-08-21 17:55

skin out szn 💫 Woah_mona_lisa

Darbi | 🇯🇲/🇬🇧 | 3rd year Chemistry at Warwick

RT @luch_1ma: Uni rave promoters rest man cha.

2018-08-21 17:55

Tate Collective TateCollective

Connecting young people to art @Tate | 16-25? Join our community for access to £5 tickets, unmissable free events & opportunities in our galleries and online ✨

RT @kvl7hvm: A common ground
@RamadanTent @SomethingandSon @Tate #OpenIftarAtTate

2018-08-21 17:55

Viviane Schwarz vivschwarz

Author, artist, maker of books, games and whatever else is needed to encourage creativity and thought. Hopes you are mostly happy.

I got mine yesterday, it's got nine stamps, and I found another paper one with two... Happy days

2018-08-21 17:55

Edna wellthorpe WellthorpeEdna

The way of the transgresor is fucking hard.

RT @stevemaythe1st: @barneyfarmer From the cunt who punched somebody because he didn't get the right dinner...

2018-08-21 17:55

Neck of the Woods NeckofLeWoods

T-Shirt Designer and Illustrator.
Follow us, add comments and help us reach our goal of eating all the bread crumbs and never finding our way home again.

RT @roscobrittin: Cut the prices of ALL my Digital prints at Rise Art. Follow this link if your interested in being blown out of your socks…

2018-08-21 17:55