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Mr Moaz ElTag MoazElTag

2018-05-22 23:16

Engine|ServiceDesign hereatEngine

Engine is a Service Design consultancy based in London & Dubai. We improve and innovate services & customer experiences. #CX

Businesses face a challenge of understanding the skills required to drive #customercentric #culturechange and…

2018-05-22 23:16

Boo_Boo27 Mgck1025

I’m just a simple girl in a high tech digital world. Graphic Designer & Illustrator. Rest in Peace Joseph Hernandez. Graphic Design Acct: @evesgraphic

RT @victoriabeckham: Thank you so much #FloraStarkey and #ScottsRestaurant - it’s been a pleasure collaborating with you both. My summer te…

2018-05-22 23:16

FIRE Project Firetrench

FIRE Project delivers news & information free 2 readers. We RT tweets relating 2 our news portals' topics & Like tweets important to read, spectrum of views

RT @RHChelsea: If you are lucky enough to be visiting the #ChelseaFlowerShow today please drop by our wonderful Royal Hospital Chelsea shop…

2018-05-22 23:16

IBTimes UK IBTimesUK

International Business Times UK: Keeping your world connected so you know what’s next.

Why too many monolinguals will hurt British businesses post-Brexit

2018-05-22 23:16

Calltracks Calltracks

Visitor level call tracking software that identifies keywords generating calls to your business, and automatically links to your CRM to track through to sale.

The boss grabs a photo call with Lucky from @LookersGroup at #CDX18

2018-05-22 23:16

SportingXcellence SportXcellence

Be the best. Be Xcellent. The centre of sporting xcellence

@NatashaSHenry So sorry to hear of this.

2018-05-22 23:16

J.M. Ligan joshuamligan

🇵🇭🇬🇧🇪🇸🇪🇺🏳️‍🌈 Ugly. Tornatrás. Diabetic. Episcopalian (Anglican). Me gustan piallas y té.

RT @ftworldnews: Zimbabwe applies to rejoin Commonwealth 15 years after it left

2018-05-22 23:16

Duck (Liam) OldMacDuck

Let's see. I like books, movies, really anything that tells a story. Ummm, Idk, I play classical guitar. I'm an avid cyclist. God's my homie. Oh and Twitch 👍

RT @MrBoak: Seriously any other kids attending this fancy dress competition have no idea how badly they’re about to get owned👌🏻🤖 …

2018-05-22 23:16

Joselito López Toalà JoselitoLpezToa

Te estoy amando, solo las olas del mar saben con qué fuerza...

RT @bbcmundo: 5 libros importantes para entender a la Centroamérica de hoy

2018-05-22 23:16

TimWestwoodTV TimWestwood

snapchat - TimWestwoodTV
/> />

@JuicyJaiix 👀 

2018-05-22 23:16

Killa Kam Kamari_Danae

Chemical Engineer. Crate digger. I love music, TV shows and math. Applied Biosciences & Biotechnology postgrad student at Imperial College. Fave - @hmmmmkay

RT @Unkle_K: LMAOOOOOOO calling up the bank to say the ATM withdrawal wasn’t you

2018-05-22 23:16

'Mantha bitter_mara

Definitely NOT the bomb. com

RT @kelechnekoff: Always forcing the oppressed to be the “bigger person”


If you go low, I will to lower.

It’s petty limbo up in th…

2018-05-22 23:16

Well-spent be_wellspent

A directory of sustainable brands to help you spend well and reduce your impact on the world 🌿

RT @PebbleMagazine: Purchase with purpose: 11 #ethical homewares stores where you'll want to buy everything

2018-05-22 23:16

rae 🐝 glitteringrae

blinded by your grace

RT @SkyNews: Choir sings 'Over The Rainbow' at a service of remembrance for the 22 victims killed in last year's attack in Manchester https…

2018-05-22 23:16

Wazoku WazokuHq

Fostering #Creativity, Powering Collaborative #Innovation. Idea management software provider. LinkedIn:

Is #innovation something that occurs every day? Well, that depends on how you see it. Book a demo today to see how…

2018-05-22 23:16

Dais daisybs_

my surname doesn't stand for bullshit but yours may as well do by what comes out your mouth

#aschemistry honestly me after working out how much toothpaste it would take to kill a person much bigger than me

2018-05-22 23:16

Laura Snoad laurasnoad

Freelance arts journalist. Contributing editor @iconeye. Words for @_ZETTELER_ @lectureinprog @itsnicethat @guardian @_wrap @theQuietus. Mentor @Refugee_Support

@jakeoneuk @RetailUnit28 @Harmergeddon @RadioDEBONAIR @fliesandflies Yeah, I'm on holiday. Poor choice

2018-05-22 23:16

- parachute - rxndxz_

: my busan boy : wannaone : TFBOYS : Qianxi

RT @impeachii: I just cannot deal with stupid impractical wedding norms. Seriously. Who again is getting married? 🙄

2018-05-22 23:16

Kaspa Kaspa1066

RT @Frankhaviland: The government & the BBC ought to be leading the tributes to this splendid young #patriot, but they won’t be: he’s the w…

2018-05-22 23:16

Eleanor Wainwright EWainwright23

RT @AndrewWright5: Caught up on there wedding today. Glorious. Most moving moment was seeing her mum, got me thinking just how precious a m…

2018-05-22 23:16

Bad News Brown elisdaddy0415

I'm a happy married man and father of 2. I love the Colts,Pacers, WWE, and all sports in general. Im a student at Ivy Tech

RT @historylvrsclub: The stars who are gone too soon

2018-05-22 23:16

Gooner Michael MichaelMarta99

Welcome to the Official Twitter page of Michael Marta and a Arsenal fan since 2004. I am a anime fan, comic book fan and build computers.

@LeeGunner82 Good luck in the Championship Graham hope you get back into the Premier League.

2018-05-22 23:16

Alexis Iván alexisivanrd

Retuiteador amateur

RT @Mena__: Se puede ser de izquierda y criticar a Maduro. No pasa nada, se los juro.

2018-05-22 23:16


The leading news and information service for the global business products, stationery and office supplies industry

#tesa has acquired UK-based FormFormForm in a bid to boost its online footprint.

2018-05-22 23:16

Mr.Fallback Supreme_Lo


RT @MrBoak: Seriously any other kids attending this fancy dress competition have no idea how badly they’re about to get owned👌🏻🤖 …

2018-05-22 23:16

Thandie Thandieslife

Well, my name is Thandeka. I can't describe myself under 150 characters, so my do. LightsCamera Action ❤ 900+ Candies 🍭

Here's a golden ticket to skip the queue for Monzo!

2018-05-22 23:16

estefi selftitledsteph


2018-05-22 23:16

Ashvinder Singh AshvinderSingh

MY🇲🇾 - @UoNmalaysia @LSEnews alumni - @ManUtd @McLarenF1 @Springboks fan - nerd - bookworm - big ideas/policy/news geek - amateur historian - economist

RT @TheEconomist: In 2017 more than 46% of very rich Chinese were thinking of emigrating

2018-05-22 23:16

Alexandre K Howard alexxhoward

Tech and what not #javascript #developer #coding

Certainly there’s always room for improvement. And there is always more to explore. Always. Always is the problem.…

2018-05-22 23:16

Clayda Aly ❤😌 ClaydaAly

You're beautiful

RT @carlaprataoff: As energias negativas que carregas vão refletir em tudo que fizeres

2018-05-22 23:16

Barry J Sullivan BarryJSullivan

America, we can do better.

RT @brianklaas: If you think a “Constitutional Crisis” will announce itself with a marching band & parade, you’re wrong—we’re already in th…

2018-05-22 23:16

Karls🦋 kingkarleighxo

beer and bad bitches

RT @ukthinoodles: Broke niggas always have the most to say

2018-05-22 23:16

jenhan jenhan

Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics & Bruins — but love living by the ocean in LA

RT @TheEconomist: In 2017 more than 46% of very rich Chinese were thinking of emigrating

2018-05-22 23:16

محمد بن سعد ms4441

انسان مسلم محب لدينة مدافع عن وطنة مخلص لمليكة لا اغرد كثيراً ولكني متابع جيد بما يدور من حولي مهتم بالسياسة

RT @alkhames: الكاتب الاسرائيلي شيمون شيفر في يديعوت أحرنوت: "يجب أن لا نُغلق الباب تماما ضد تركيا، فهناك فوائد لإسرائيل منهم، زودونا خلال…

2018-05-22 23:16

Edinson Pita edinson_pita8

Fútbol Internacional

RT @OfficialAFC_ES: Somos EL Arsenal. Nuestro nuevo home kit de @PUMAFootball para 2018/19 ha sido lanzado hoy #NewLevels

2018-05-22 23:16

:) chloculmer_

RT @AhSonglark: is this kid my long-lost sibling because we have the same face

2018-05-22 23:16

Dr. CM Wong koshime

Founder Opus Artz Concept Art Studio | Digital Artist and Esoteric Art Enthusiast | Follow @opusartz

@dan_mitre As Vue Leceister square is showing back to back dead pool 2 at screen 7. Probably a quieter location lik…

2018-05-22 23:16

SoBeCruzGirl SoBeCruzGirl

Patriotic Constitutional American, Ted Cruz Supporter, Hotelier, Wife of Marine Corps Officer, Very sad native New Orleanian, #CruzCrew #KeepTexasRed

RT @PrisonPlanet: Islamic terrorists have massacred at least 41 people and injured 102 in the first four days alone of Ramadan, the holiest…

2018-05-22 23:16

Greenwich Diary GreenwichDiary

Daily ideas on things to do in West & Central #Greenwich, occasional #GreenwichGiveaway plus free weekly newsletter:

Who would like a waffle #Greenwich???

2018-05-22 23:16

Nick NPLayton

@sainsburys hi, I have sent a complaint to your online services and have yet to of had a response. Can you please look into it.

2018-05-22 23:16

Tracy Lyn Farley Farfam4

RT @michael_chessum: The Left needs to wake up. There is only one Brexit reality and it is a Tory one.

That goes just as much for the peop…

2018-05-22 23:16

Moriarty planetobrien_

221B Bakerstreet

RT @Sherlockology: Happy International #Sherlock Holmes Day! Anyone fancy raising a glass?

2018-05-22 23:16

Rabiul Alam ra_robin21

RT @FT: Sony to buy majority stake in EMI Music Publishing for $2.3bn

2018-05-22 23:16

r/gunners rslashgunners

Official twitter account for the largest online Arsenal supporters group.

Join our Discord!

Unai Emery "Shkodran here is a 12 hour USB stick of your individual mistakes" Mustafi "Ahhhh I heard that story bos…

2018-05-22 23:16

Liz💫🦄 Heythisisliza

🏳️‍🌈 🌶| tu mérites d'être aimé | @DUALIPA

RT @DUALIPA: Lil radio show in Vegas 💎 // shot by Pixie Levinson

2018-05-22 23:16

The Eternal Son ☭ _shyextrovert

kill your masters 🌹

RT @Oniropolis: Fascinated by S. A. Andrée's doomed Arctic balloon expedition of 1897. These photos were found 33 years later with their bo…

2018-05-22 23:16

A Carter aacartercarter

Designer | Photographer

RT @trailertrack: FYI - this is fake. Can easily spot the photoshop #Aquaman

2018-05-22 23:16

MBendless mbendless9397

#MarkBam #mbendless #คุณชายมบ #ไร่ชามบ

RT @_RealSeal: Don't let me go, Steve.

2018-05-22 23:16

p admirelauregui

você é a razão da minha felicidade [lj] ♡

RT @DUALIPA: Lil radio show in Vegas 💎 // shot by Pixie Levinson

2018-05-22 23:16

Dee deedle_d

Cakes, generalised dissatisfaction, & too much politics...just a description of my diet tbh. Trying to be a happy, decent human. Views my own.

When you start eating your lunch at 1pm and you are still trying to eat it at 3pm because it’s been that kind of day 😒

2018-05-22 23:16

zenaidedalbufera zenaidedalbu

@MagLesauvage @Quotidiendelart @AlisonMossF @RoxanaAzimi @MarineVazzoler @EmmaLequeux @shugounenq @eleonorethery…

2018-05-22 23:16

October Films OctoberFilms

October Films is a prestigious and innovative independent production company based in London and New York. | Find us on Facebook:

Peek behind the scenes of the European Parliament #Carry On Brussels starts tomorrow night 10pm C4 featuring…

2018-05-22 23:16

burgundy🌘— ameveeyq

I’m just always confused.

RT @Lalieye: อย่าเอาเราไปเหมารวมกับคนประเภทคุณ

2018-05-22 23:16

Thomas Cook Cares ThomasCookCares

This is the official Thomas Cook UK Customer Care Page. We are here seven days a week, 6am-Midnight.

@q32fenjz We lease two aircraft from AirTanker, the flight will be operated by Thomas Cook crew 😊 ^Nadine

2018-05-22 23:16

Thala Ajith ❤ Rinesh 🤘 Rineshraja

Thala Ajith Fan from Madurai 😎

Blood Group - O+ve

RT @BBCWorld: Nine die as Tuticorin sterlite copper protest turns violent

2018-05-22 23:16

Agnès Muller AgnesMullerSage

#EnterpriseManagement (formerly #SageX3) Expert at Sage #womenintech #ethics #hiking RT not endorsement

RT @cameronjohn74: Making tax digital is a key foundation to Digital Britain- @SKellyCEO presenting to our forum on #MTD at the @HouseofCom…

2018-05-22 23:16

Wayne Boucaud Boucaud1

The Wayne Boucaud Radio Show,Blackin3D [UK]

2018-05-22 23:16

Hugo Souza hlwsouza

RT @MaajidNawaz: The Palestinian camp of Yarmouk, utterly destroyed by Israe... Oh sorry, utterly destroyed by Syrian and Iranian forces, n…

2018-05-22 23:16

لينا • pinned velvetkorns

great, we’re all bloody inspired

RT @THEHUNNABAND: #ArtistsForPalestine

2018-05-22 23:16

Islam And Life IslamAndLifeOFC

Offering salvation through the authentic Qur'an and Sunnah..

RT @IslamAndLifeOFC: 15 Amazing Health Benefits of Dates! #Ramadan #Fasting

2018-05-22 23:16

sugoi (DitF is shit) Nambona890


RT @PrisonPlanet: Sweden.

Police tell women 'not to go out late' to avoid being raped, then withdraw comments after they cause controversy…

2018-05-22 23:16

Labour Spin Room LabourPR

Labour (parody) Spin Room

We are much tougher on attacks on Corbynites like Emily Thornberry than we are on anti-semitism

2018-05-22 23:16

KMC agencies KMCAgencies

KMC agencies supply performers to the entertainment industry. From the stage to the big and little screen, KMC agencies clients can be seen globally!

RT @vickiandpat: 2 WEEKS TODAY we open at @TheatreN16 BABES!
Pat’s got her factor 50, Vicki’s got 15 swimsuits. BUCKLE UP!
Tix here: https:…

2018-05-22 23:16

🕺🍕🎨📱💻 iliastweeting

me talk pretty one day | content

RT @dandad: .@debbiemillman may just be one of our favourite people on Earth. Want to watch Debbie's full #DANDAD18 talk, 'Why Design Matte…

2018-05-22 23:16

Suheyla Topuz SuheylaTopuz

Vengeance is mine and I do repay. RTs are most usually endorsements.

RT @OwenJones84: Tony Blair: that eternal reminder you can help invade a country, with hundreds of thousands of deaths, millions of displac…

2018-05-22 23:16

Kris Hallenga KrisPoB

Founder @coppafeelpeople / @bbcthree film/ LIVING WITH stage 4 breast cancer since '09 / speaker / columnist / baker 💁🏼

RT @CourtneyWestern: The awesome @KrisPoB tells @CLIC_Sargent staff across the country what it was like to be diagnosed with cancer at 23 a…

2018-05-22 23:16

Anisya Purnamasari anisya__

i am MD now, and then what?

RT @BIUK: All the highlights from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding

2018-05-22 23:16

使い捨てピクミン @アプリコット🍑 madsmeron

無言フォローごめんなさい。成人です。ブラックな大学で勉強してる。 1月生まれ😯無言フォローはフォロバしないようにしてます😥ナポ男はいいぞ

RT @221B: It’s #SherlockHolmesDay!

Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat have a special message for the Sherlock fandom. Come at once if convenie…

2018-05-22 23:16

V. Shivaramakrishnan v_srk

Kolkata Born Kaan-phused Madrasi Malayali :O

RT @DapperHistorian: In 1866 Liechtenstein's last military engagement sent 80 men to war. 81 returned, as they had made a friend. …

2018-05-22 23:16

Isabel IsabelEsparza17

rest easy Julie, I love you baby❤️

RT @MrBoak: Seriously any other kids attending this fancy dress competition have no idea how badly they’re about to get owned👌🏻🤖 …

2018-05-22 23:16

Michael Russo mikeossur

I am a working class minion.

RT @PrisonPlanet: This is completely unconstitutional and incredibly stupid.

2018-05-22 23:16

the gentleman gamer scubsy_

@wag1kyle @sorrymistress im gonna kick her in the ribs

2018-05-22 23:16

British GQ BritishGQ

The men's magazine with an IQ. Subscribe:

Is the @BMWPGA the best British golf event? Here’s why we think it might be… #BMWPGA

2018-05-22 23:16

Rsky MyNamesRsky

16 x Rsky. x @BuzzKill_ES 💛

@Bahzrk Wake up next week 😂

2018-05-22 23:16

Ellie Ellie51536517


RT @plutostheory: King & Queen will return next week.

#SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer

2018-05-22 23:16

Siobhán Norton siobhanbnorton

Assistant Editor @theipaper. Mindless drivel is my own.

@HealthJourno You SHOULD! Worked for @BarackObama

2018-05-22 23:16

Sky SkyUK

All the latest from Sky TV. For customer assistance, tweet @SkyHelpTeam

@RickParkin Let's make the impossible, possible! I will send you the following link to contact us if you are ever…

2018-05-22 23:16

New Dorp NewDorpMusic

New Dorp records

Antique California - Puke Of The Tale
Title: Puke Of The Tale
Artist: Antique California
Authors: W. Filippi - P. S…

2018-05-22 23:16

☆Tetchan- generalsinano

RT @MrBoak: Seriously any other kids attending this fancy dress competition have no idea how badly they’re about to get owned👌🏻🤖 …

2018-05-22 23:16

💛💙LegoLASS💚🏳️‍🌈 MouseTr1

Bi. Have PRIDE 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈LOVE Lego! it's amazing! Sorry, NO chat up DMs! I try and only follow REAL Peeps! ❤️❤️ I post bargains and the odd photo! 🏳️‍🌈

Check out this album #4: Vivaldi: Sacred Works for Soprano and Concertos

2018-05-22 23:16

HexagonMI HexagonMI

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence | Shaping smart change in manufacturing | Quality Drives Productivity | Part of @HexagonAB

The Sky is the Limit. At HxGN LIVE, you can seek out the new and become the disruptive change maker you’re meant to…

2018-05-22 23:16

ismael ismaellakers

I Love Kobe Bryant 💜💛

@ElijahSalinas17 Marvin’s room on the speakers 😫 lmao headphones better 🔥

2018-05-22 23:16

LucieNorrisYoga lucie_yoga

Yoga teacher & Sup Yoga (paddleboard) based in London. Loves to freedive, swim and chill 💙🧘‍♀️

Yoga on the water.... say whatttttt?????
Join me…

2018-05-22 23:16

Human Trafficking in India TraffickingIn

RT @mrtrix: I don’t quite think she knows what she’s getting herself into. #royalwedding #meghanmarkle #princeharry #illuminati #allseeinge…

2018-05-22 23:16

Kiss the Moon kissthemoonxx

Award-winning beauty & wellness products to help you sleep beautifully & wake up looking gorgeous. 100% natural. Cruelty Free. Made in the UK. #sleepbeautifully

RT @HealthistaTV: Tired all the time? These 11 energy foods will help #nutrition #health #tiredness #energy #Health…

2018-05-22 23:16

. txx_v

اللهم إني أعوذ بك من عذاب القبر ومن عذاب جهنم ومن فتنة المحيا والممات ومن شر فتنة المسيح الدجال

2018-05-22 23:16

Aᴅᴀᴍ Mᴏʀʟᴇʏ 🦈 AdamMorley12

MCFC Season Ticket holder.
Instagram - adammorley_

RT @mutablejoe: He's making a list
He's checking it twice
He's gonna find out who's naughty or nice
Santa Claus is in contravention of arti…

2018-05-22 23:16

c_and_t carnold34475894

I’m just a hubby trying to bring my shy sexy wife out of her out of her shell. let her know what you think. DM’s are open but be nice or get blocked.

RT @TheCartwells: When you realise they have forgotten you are even in the room! 😳
#hotwife #sharedwife

2018-05-22 23:16

Robert D Turvil RobertTurvil

#Author of stories with cross-genre appeal and twists in the tale, including: thrillers, fantasy & crime.

RT @DonnaSiggers1: Who can you trust? #Broken #Author #readers #BookBoost #AuthorUproar #IndieBooksPromo #IndieBook…

2018-05-22 23:16

Ness Chapman nessynoo71

Music, travel, friends, family, furbabies, history, this amazing world, kindness & peace.... treasure it all

RT @BBCBreaking: UK holds a minute's silence to remember the victims of the #ManchesterArena attack one year on


2018-05-22 23:16

Amandamegs Amandamegs1974

Hello welcome to my twitter you can find me on FB at amanda Jane .I am mum of four lovely kids and work as carer .love world of comping and helping other people

@studio_co_uk Exciting what amazing prize to offer my partner absolutely love this game I love to surprise him on P…

2018-05-22 23:16

History Lovers Club historylvrsclub

Rare historical photos. All copyrights belong to their respective owners. Business, removal requests and questions:

Turkish aviator Sabiha G k en in the plane that she used to become the first female fighter pilot in 1937.

2018-05-22 23:16

g wvvoman

RT @grimmers: Remembering the Manchester attack and sending love to their families. I think today it’s important to remember the power of t…

2018-05-22 23:16

f f2loud


Im 5’4 and I just don’t think I’ll grow anymore 😭😭😭 I would do anything to be 5’7

2018-05-22 23:16

Jo Webb jwebbery

CILIP Trustee, National Teaching Fellow, Visiting Fellow @UEL_News, HE interim & library consultant, LIS author. FCLIP FRSA. School governor. Aka @highfieldsjo

RT @SamiraAhmedUK: Am embarking on some interesting journalistic research. Looking forward to talking to librarians/archivists about what…

2018-05-22 23:16

Vick V.Vee Alexander VVeeB

International bestselling,award-winning author. I create spaces where none exist and live outside boxes Screenwriter+Dad Veteran+Black+Queer+Trans He/Him SINGLE

RT @historylvrsclub: Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley together at the Wonder Dream Benefit Concert in Kingston Jamaica 1975

2018-05-22 23:16

Real Life p1laya

Junior M.A.F.I.A. ft. Biggie Smalls - Player's Anthem via @YouTube...Leave it

2018-05-22 23:16

Mohammad Ahmad Mohammadahmadmm

Dhondoge Agar Mulko Mulko.

Milne K Nahi NaayaaB H Ham.

RT @Isaima_: कुछ 👇समझ में आया कि क्यों पढ़ाई लिखाई की जगह पकौड़े और पान की दुकान पर मोदी सरकार का जोर है...??
क्योंकि संघ और शाखा के इशारों…

2018-05-22 23:16

Charlie Lewis 💤 ceklewis

DIY – Design, Illustration, YouTube

There's nothing more satisfying than the sound of an AirPods case closing with a *click!*

2018-05-22 23:16