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ilayda ilaydaucarx

RT @ab247_: Those who know won’t speak, those who speak don’t know

2018-05-25 04:35

Bee BeeBusyLiving

Sorry if I don't respond, I'm busy living and having fun. Leave a tweet 💋

@ChartUpdate ‘Where. The. Fuck. Are. You?’

2018-05-25 04:35

Sophie H sophable

expert loving, bleeding heart liberal, metropolitan elite; immigrant chapter. paid up snowflake. hard remainer. I love point break.

@DavidDavisMP You. Are. An. Idiot.

2018-05-25 04:35

Felicity Lowde 🌺 flutterbyfjl

Love painting, creative writing, exceptional quality art and history research, human rights. Justice is coming. 🦋🌥️💌

Another big update today on the Dublin/Michael Collins part of Kelly's Library/Secret Courier Service post.. ( scro…

2018-05-25 04:35

Knyvet Smith KoolarSmith

Postmodernist/Neo Marxist are the problem. Classic liberals & Conservatives stand together to defend our civilization. #FreedomOfSpeech & #Individualism

RT @T_W_U_: Once again the scaremongering @jeremycorbyn or Mr Liar in some circles has been proven wrong

A total off 297 people were refu…

2018-05-25 04:35

Annie Streater streatstyle

Writin' & fightin' the good fight

@StarlingBank Is there a way of exporting my spending data, like in a CSV? I'd love to nerd out crunching the numbers (yes, really 🤓)

2018-05-25 04:35

Alison alisun89

Where did you get your suit from?

RT @Jaynesharp: I like my men like I like my GDPR emails. In my box 48 times a day and sad to see me leave.

2018-05-25 04:35

Joss jolegrec

né 2 jours après la disparition de Coco Chanel, né pour l'ouvrir, né pour jouter, né pour faire l'amour, né pour comprendre, let's go funk...

RT @streetartmagic: By Bane artworks in Cyprus

2018-05-25 04:35

Michelle Robinson OLY Tallmiche

Olympian, wife, mother of 3, coach and mentor. My vision is to empower, engage and rejuvenate lives, and at the same time live this one life to the max!!!

@hennigoya @SurreyStorm @SkySports @WomenSportTrust Where are you @hennigoya?

2018-05-25 04:35

rajs glowjndallas

I remember the makeup running on your face

this made me cry, it’s so beautiful

2018-05-25 04:35

Angela M Sturniolo MVautrin

Never let go of your dreams. Mum and administrator in my daughter's business. Passion: acting

RT @EastLondonLoz: @Tesco Are Tesco not at all concerned that their potential customers are being robbed right on their doorstep? The machi…

2018-05-25 04:35

Regulus Jr.{Pueblito perdido} xRAB_

{22} Blαcк Jύиισя.Σχ-Slчтнεяιи. ƒεεlιиg αиχισυѕ. Hιjσ dε υи lεσ́и. Яσѕε. Ðανιѕ. Cιαяα. Lιlσ. P, R,A. #Pottercharms .

2018-05-25 04:35

Museum Detox MuseumDetox

Network for BAME museum professionals. Follow our discussions & stories with roving Detox tweeters. RTs not endorsements. Enquries:

RT @NatHistGirl: Calling all parents, teachers and kids, new app Dippy's #Naturenauts is here! I had a quick look - great you can add your…

2018-05-25 04:35

molly svviftrobbie

they're burning all the witches even if you aren't one ✨🔥

Imagine,,,having fun

2018-05-25 04:35

🕶Vin Vin_NYC

Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States of America. American Nationalism defeated Progressive Globalism. Trump is Making America Great Again!

RT @PrisonPlanet: BREAKING: Noted racist Donald Trump grants posthumous pardon to Jack Johnson, boxing's first black heavyweight champion.

2018-05-25 04:35

RobertJoyceTraining Robertjoyce1

Personal trainer/writer

Give this a sign if you’re a live music fan. Only takes 2 seconds x

2018-05-25 04:35

Ships and Champagne 🥂 flaviagray

Love Life, Family, Animals, Travel, Fun and Singing. Luxury Cruise and Lifestyle Mummy Blogger, Uneducated Mensa Member.

@NatBillington3 @MSC_Cruises_UK That's a really cool idea, well done @MSC_Cruises_UK

2018-05-25 04:35

Jackie Sullivan jackie_RLME

Managing Director (Royal London & Mile End Hospitals), Barts Health NHS Trust

RT @TowerHamletsCCG: Getting ready for the #bankholiday weekend? Be sure to pick up your repeat prescription as some pharmacies will be clo…

2018-05-25 04:35

Dawn fr0styfr0sty

Theatre lover, big big foodie, wine sampler, classic car lover and world wide traveller (sometimes)

RT @TobaccoDockLon: #ThirstyThursday? Love your gin? Retweet and follow to #win a pair of tickets to a session of your choice at the sublim…

2018-05-25 04:35

Dog Holliday Cristia06729925

RT @BBCWorld: Morgan Freeman apologises after sex harassment claims

2018-05-25 04:35

s. LY: 💧 istanemall

희망이 있는 곳엔 반드시 시련이 있네 ~ Sea
🎧 all 7 or 0 ☝
/> #ENDviolence #BTSLoveMyself

RT @btsfanchants: Airplane pt.2 timed lyrics and fanchant for the comeback stage ✅

2018-05-25 04:35

brain drain festerbrain

Don’t let perfection be the enemy of good....

@FurnessGirl In case you haven’t seen it.

2018-05-25 04:35

Tony Tselepis tony_tselepis

peace love Cyprus Greece arsenal souvlakia 🇬🇷 🇨🇾 🇪🇺

@JimCognito2016 @OwenPaterson @ShankerASingham @reactionlife @iealondon @Econs4FreeTrade The world is laughing at him #pillock

2018-05-25 04:35

Rumiiiii MizareenJ

Too smart to be stupid, too stupid to be smart!🍑

RT @Trvptically: The older I get the more I realize how much I love being to myself and being at home just relaxing.

2018-05-25 04:35

lorna diana fairytalefemal1

@GlowstoneKatie But after 32 years ...,really ??? I think we're going to hear lots more of this - housing crisis g…

2018-05-25 04:35

sfugliataeil misses ten💕 panicattheputh

| #방탄소년단 | #엑소 | #데이식스 | #더로즈 | #엔플라잉 | #엔시티
♡ ♡ ♡
-ραиις! αт тнє ∂ιѕςσ

-ςнαяℓιє ρυтн

RT @MaricucciaPaf: Namjoon mi attacchi in tutti i modi possibili ed immaginabili.

2018-05-25 04:35

Čhrïߊåīńt Dūńæmïß©️ G0ldenSun


@JustStillness Actually, I take back my last tweet. I could not fully comprehend with this line of the tweet respon…

2018-05-25 04:35

Kelly Jeffs thejeffs

Chief Executive Light House... The Jeffs 'original and best'

RT @Jaynesharp: I like my men like I like my GDPR emails. In my box 48 times a day and sad to see me leave.

2018-05-25 04:35

molly svviftrobbie

they're burning all the witches even if you aren't one ✨🔥

She has a face like a slapped arse

2018-05-25 04:35

Tracy King tkingdot

Writer, columnist, debunker, science animation producer, occasional wit. Work inc Tim Minchin's Storm, Chris Hadfield's It's Not Rocket Science.

@jamesrbuk @lecanardnoir Me too and I will probably never sleep well again

2018-05-25 04:35

Enzo Dr1bl0

RT @RundiKhan: My ambition in life

2018-05-25 04:35

sailor venus. indielovesnewt

19✷ ✧ wanheda y roleplayer ✵ ✹ Steele de Perse. Aramis. Minewt queen. Haley's girlfriend. Paper Girl. Ailurofílica.

RT @Nwith_aR: #BoogieDown MJ smooth criminal lean

2018-05-25 04:35

Owen Knight owen_knight

Lawyer, but wannabe socialite/food critic; ESTJ Instagram: owen_knight

@JPLongland @OnTheLatch

2018-05-25 04:35

Fi Li Pe fil_ip_popo

Chercheur en humour incompris. #TeamRDN / Moi j'aime bien @MajidOukacha @lea_patriote @DANNYLYNDON @AldoSterone111 Par contre @BreakingThor est une sous merde.

RT @AldoSterone111: Racisme anti-blanc ordinaire en UK. Des gamines (6 & 14 ans) qu'on menace de viol, auxquelles on dit "les blancs sont d…

2018-05-25 04:35

10thStreetMiscellany 10thStreetTweet

Undergraduate literary journal produced by Chadron State College.

RT @Regina_Kenney: Until an hour before the Devil fell, God thought him beautiful in Heaven.

― Arthur Miller, 'The Crucible'

#Theatre htt…

2018-05-25 04:35

DJ LINK djlinkd

Club DJ | Radio Presenter | @vibessession Every Thursday 7-9PM GMT | @pulse88radio | The Record Breaker! Industry Interview's |

#NP ♫: DJ Ecool Ft. Davido - ADA

2018-05-25 04:35

Dr Ian McDonald imcdnzl

A Kiwi living in London. CTO in residence at @Microsoft for Startups (@msft4startups). Formerly @SwiftKey. #ActuallyAutistic All opinions are my own...

RT @RachMS: Thank you @CindyRose @warwick_hill for joining the @Callsign company all hands today. Sharing industry thoughts on cybersecurit…

2018-05-25 04:35

Freya freyamaeve


RT @Syed_style: I was like to my mum ‘you need a sugar daddy’ and she was like ‘your dad already has diabetes’ I am fully dead

2018-05-25 04:35

fknemc fknemc

RT @fairfairisles: Yesterday in the park I saw a toddler screaming “BAD DOG” at a goose & I can’t stop thinking about it

2018-05-25 04:35

Ashley🌸💕 || 112 days ashrose02

NDF' 20

RT @niallerdiaries: 📲UPDATE II “Is this for a tattoo I don’t do tattoos anymore, oh it’s not? Well I’ll write it shit anyway incase it is.…

2018-05-25 04:35

laura (0-1) sccplaura

pelo corinthians, com muito amor, até o fim! @nyknicks @mogibasqueteof

RT @avengeiro: senhor estarque me dá dinheiro pra mim ir ver o meu amor #SebastianStanNaCCXP

2018-05-25 04:35

QMP News QuackMooPowNews

Get the latest news from across the globe. With QuackMooPow News, you are one step away from the latest story

"André Leon Talley’s Next Act" by VANESSA FRIEDMAN via NYT

2018-05-25 04:35

lauren schaefer saharasplash

🥀Lifestyle and Parenting Blogger 💅🏻 The best nails around 🍰 Gluten free and proud of it 🕶 Obsessed with anything sassy 🌎 London and East Anglia

@mariajblogs @MariaParasPhoto Me either I need such an email cull from all the ones I’m subscribed to but never open

2018-05-25 04:35



RT @ExpressiveAFC: Leno And Söyüncü are getting worked on very hard, hearing it seems to be progressing and is now in advanced talks. #AFC

2018-05-25 04:35

Chris Jacksön jacmeister

Up for Tech and F1 Lifelong Gööner

@benwood @TicWatches @George_CCS @Qualcomm @PankajKedia @WearOSbyGoogle @wareable Actually looks quite good. Have…

2018-05-25 04:35

Jest fbjest

🃏 Painless JavaScript Testing.

Finally, all the (breaking) changes, features, bug fixes and improvements can be found in the changelog:…

2018-05-25 04:35

currently being colonised olabodedemilola

20, 🏳️‍🌈, in an abusive relationship with Nigeria 🇳🇬 . @mhoodartist ♥️

RT @sodieevolved: can’t wait for niggas to frame this an agenda against “our legends”

2018-05-25 04:35

Datana TheSaucr

🇨🇾 - fly with me

Grow up

2018-05-25 04:35

Ignasi Marcos ignasimarcos

24h Motociclistes Montmeló 2018
Patrocinadores personales:
/> /> /> Silvia&Max Ludmia

RT @matoxley: #TBT Team Bike after an all-night session at 1984 Montjuic 24 hours. We crashed out at 2am, so walked up the road to the Ramb…

2018-05-25 04:35

Cagey kevinjgibbs

RT @MrRyanJDalton: I don’t know what’s more annoying.

A) occasionally receiving a text/email from a company I used once.


B) receiving…

2018-05-25 04:35

Kathrin Thalhammer puzzledpeaces

Geek, feminist, perpetually confuzzled person. Won't bite (probably). Baking problem. Snark in English, German and Gibberish.

RT @mutablejoe: do the germans have a word for when people ask if there is a single german word that encompasses a complex scenario

2018-05-25 04:35

Ashley Pemberton pemberton18

Break news and make brews. Journalist @GooleTimesNews. @SWhitaker_7 ❤️

RT @pressgazette: Katie Hopkins has won an IPSO complaint against the Mirror after it wrongly claimed she had been detained in South Africa…

2018-05-25 04:35

aliyyah Countessa_A

20 I think

RT @DaysofPalestine: Why would Israel shoot a 17yr-old boy in both his eyes? How do we classify this evil crime.. if not state terrorism ht…

2018-05-25 04:35

peter nunn nunnp1

im a normal bloke who loves our country, born and bred man utd.

RT @RichardWellings: Brexit betrayal: Theresa May to ask the EU for a second transition period to run until 2023, including 'regulatory ali…

2018-05-25 04:35

Michelle Mitchell MMitchMS

Chief Executive of @mssocietyuk. Views my own.

RT @profchrisham: we need a govt with vision, courage and ambition to bring NHS and social care together. My views in @guardiannews @TheKin…

2018-05-25 04:35

Jaronn Dhuga JaronnDhuga

RT @Unkle_K: My colleague just squeezed my bicep without consent, I’m coming into work with a neck brace tomorrow, see you in court Lisa

2018-05-25 04:35

Amy Longman AmyJLongman

Senior Project Manager | Change Management Specialist | Cross-country runner | Gin fan | In 2018 I’ll mostly be marathon training and eating pie 🥧

By the way, you’re an onion!

2018-05-25 04:35

Schmidt CNaemiS

RT @lovelondontea: The #LondonTea #brew crew gift tin is the ultimate #pressie for any #tea lover!
@Amazon https:/…

2018-05-25 04:35

Barefoot Lady BarefootLady

Feminismo, ciclismo y rock n' roll! Uruguayan Springsteen fan, #bloodycyclist, leftie, loves La Celeste. CNdeF, Chelsea. I post in English and in Spanish.

@rorypasteura Idem!

2018-05-25 04:35

galar galar

Programer. Ekonomski migrant. Vernik v logiko. Popravil bi družbo, a nimam izvorne kode. Stalno krneki duhovičim.

Malo dvomim, da se @strankaSDS zna it demokracijo: pravila igre so, da me prepričate, da imate prav, ne da me blokirate.

2018-05-25 04:35

PureRally™ purerally


Pure Rally Monaco Rally

24-27th of August 2018

Back for our 3rd Monaco rally in 3 years


2018-05-25 04:35

Brown Sauce Dan DodgyBaldyDanGB

58 years old got no birth certificate and i dont care, taken the wife on numerous holidays down the stairs, love pints, scraping and the queen

@DerekEdwardsGB go down the local and shag a cheap whore mate

2018-05-25 04:35

UKEdChat ukedchat

#UKEdChat is a not for profit crowd-funded [ community of teachers | Resources | Pedagogy | Teaching | Updates:

RT @ChalkandTalks: @LukeRicha @ukedchat A2: Being physically healthy at work is a challenge because of the competing expectations beyond th…

2018-05-25 04:35

👻 x IG: lasimelane Nqo0008

RT @MelsWardrobe: I’m so driven, I have great work ethic and I’m hard worker but I am sooooo lazy and just wana sleep for 24 hrs like why d…

2018-05-25 04:35

Mohsin Mohsin_Z7

Law-Politics-Sports | Former UK Parliamentary Assistant | Researcher on Cinema Released Docufilm | 'part-time poet' | Arsenal |🇬🇧🇵🇰

@AK10official lool

If anything, that just shows how invaluable and of a low standard American sports are...

2018-05-25 04:35

Together as One pennycotton0

Mum and grandmother, obsessed Saints supporter and season ticket holder, living on the Isle of Wight.

RT @speedomick: After a traumatic operation Lewis had to go back to @Alderhey and he is doing great , he is so resilient and so #Brave. #T…

2018-05-25 04:35

Isabella Cedeño🌹 isabellacedeno_

Made In Venezuela.
Lost in my youth.

RT @ReportingMendes: 📹 Shawn on @spotify’s Instagram story

2018-05-25 04:35

Nick iven_ho

My parents live in VA. I live in

RT @__NasirK: When you open the exam paper and none of the topics you revised come up

2018-05-25 04:35

AlexBrugman LiveonGallifrey

5'3. Handy for low shelves. Aspiring healer of animals. Everyone’s favourite mess.

RT @DaniS1006: I made friends at the boarding gate. Not one of us knew each other. #hometovote #london #ireland @LdnIrishARC

2018-05-25 04:35

Sophie Adarov. Fcrlessbcauty

²8 ¤ Ex- Ravenclaw. { Es mejor ser temido que ser amado. } 《 Licantropa》☆ A million Dreams are keeping me awake ☆ [ Fake ] #LAW

@iwasbcrnsick En ese caso cuando tengas un hueco te reto a meterte a una de las librerías y encontrarme , no te dir…

2018-05-25 04:35

~ F A K E L O V E 💎| SOTTO UN TRENO PER JEON MaricucciaPaf


Teamwork, makes the dreams work 🔝

@Alba_ninja Honey purtroppo mi è capitato troppe volte di essere etichettata,ma per quanto riguarda jungkook non lo…

2018-05-25 04:35

Nathan Nath_Howard

It's not how good you are; it's how good you want to be. Be better than you we're yesterday!

RT @TomDown3: Just imagine if Pellegrini turns Jordan Hugill into a 30+ goal a season striker 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

2018-05-25 04:35

stef(ph) petiteclochard

idk im bored 24/7

@ShawnMendes Describe the new album with one adjective #ShawnMendesTheAlbum

2018-05-25 04:35

Patricia Efero efero_patricia

Ex. Pat. ex NGO. Humanitarian, loves animals. Life is too short to drink bad wine. Foodie. Loves most of the Arts. Hates bullies and cruelty to animals.

RT @BBCWorld: Morgan Freeman apologises after sex harassment claims

2018-05-25 04:35

๓คงiş ozleminadi

ɳҽ ʂҽɳԃҽɳ ɾüƙυ αɾƚıƙ ɳҽԃҽ Ⴆҽɳԃҽɳ ƙıყαɱ.Ⴆυɳԃαɳ ʂσɳɾα ʂҽʅαɱυɳ αʅҽყƙüɱ αʅҽყƙüɱ ʂҽʅαɱ.şiຖé #önceinsan

RT @F_ISBASARAN1: .Bu yavşAKlar gazeteci falan değil, halk düşmanları. @vekilince bunları susuz götürür susuz getirir.

180 Gazeteci tutuk…

2018-05-25 04:35

Sehar SeharSattar

RT @BibiRahima81: 'Your first bath was done by someone and your last bath will be done by someone, so where are you going with your pride a…

2018-05-25 04:35

For Niall FlickerAway_

(fan acc) I believe Niall Horan is taking great strides in music and coming into his own,deserves all the fame & glory in the world.This will further that cause

RT @dark_lordofall: @NiallOfficial please use your platform to encourage people in ireland to make the right decision to vote yes and repea…

2018-05-25 04:35

Leicester Sq Theatre lsqtheatre

All the news from this magnificently restored theatre in the heart of the West End. Ticketing queries: or 020 7734 2222

Join us on the 3rd of July for @yorkfringe Festival Launch! We'll be celebrating all things #York with a jam packed…

2018-05-25 04:35

lil ari ✨ _ariyonnnn

19 || nigerian || orl, fl

RT @phalindapplebum: Sending “you will get the job you applied for” energy out to you all.

2018-05-25 04:35

adrian thatsoadrian

slumdog millionaire

RT @hakkireis_: My car is manual. We’re doing 60 in 2nd gear. I need to shift up the engine is screaming. Insurance is in my mums name. Pls…

2018-05-25 04:35

Anton Volkov antovolk

Serial trailer maniac. Opinions own. http://[insertwebsitehere]/antovolk | Behind @TrailerTrack | President @UCLFilmSociety | antovolk(at)gmail(dot)com

it’s *the* best way to differentiate the franchise between the main episodes and the A Star Wars Story films. The w…

2018-05-25 04:35

هـَنَا✨ hana_hosny21

وَ لنَا فى الخَيَالْ حَيَاة 💫

RT @kj__95: He is fasting on the biggest day in his footballing career and some of y’all can’t fast cos of exams lmao 😂

2018-05-25 04:35

Persia BabayanTaylor PersiaBabayanT

☆Actor - Musician trained at @The_GSA☆
▪ Playing Sybil Burlington in Daisy Pulls It Off at the Charing Cross Theatre, London ▪19th-30th June! ▪

RT @LOVEtheatrecom: 📸 SNEAK PEEK 📸

@The_GSA 's riotous and affectionate DAISY PULLS IT OFF is ready to delight West End audiences! See it…

2018-05-25 04:35

Vada stardate1234567

Resistance is futile

RT @lovelettersbya: Baby pink room decor, Blush pink home decor, Large letter H, Blush wedding sign, Blush wedding letter, Gift for best fr…

2018-05-25 04:35

Miran Pankhania otorhinosaurus

ENT Surgical Trainee. 2016-17 Treasurer of @SocialMediaAOT. Timeline not representative of my employer etc. Majority stakeholder @alexandra_nidd

RT @DrRanj: Today is #Dentistry24... celebrating the good work of the work of the dental profession worldwide.

Looking after your kids’ te…

2018-05-25 04:35

Sam Forrester SamAFCB

Vamos Campeon 🔴⚫️ Insta: samforrester03

RT @MirrorFootball: Barcelona legend Ronaldinho 'to marry two women at the same' time after living with pair since December

2018-05-25 04:35

Den Patrick Den_Patrick

Author. Published by Harper Voyager, Gollancz, NewCon Press and Fox Spirit. Witchsign out May 24th 2018. Represented by Julie Crisp.

@JonCG Thanks. Will always remember our chat in Waterstones Piccadilly when you encouraged me to try writing some…

2018-05-25 04:35

Connor Masters Connor__Masters

Sherlock OC, a teenage orphan that lives with Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Is gay and a sub. FC: Ty Simpkins.

@HisPurpleShirt He finished brushing his teeth before answering "yes please! How do you work the shower?" He asked…

2018-05-25 04:35

sxp byasrwe

WoC. Grey-Ace Demisexual. 24 years of vegetarianism. I(N/S)FJ. Highly Sensitive Person. Empath. Love yourself first.

RT @DanielleDASH: thandie newton told me she didn’t say it. i’m inclined to believe her as her mother, nyasha, is a dark skinned zimbabwean…

2018-05-25 04:35

H Hevvic

Engineer. if I were elderly I'd be writing letters to the council. instead I tweet them a lot.

RT @BLMedieval: #Medieval maps showing the world as round. More at /> Harley MS 2772, f. 70v
Royal MS 14 C IX, ff. 1v-…

2018-05-25 04:35

Idler idler

Home of the Idler magazine and Academy. We tweet very rarely. For regular news, reflection, discount codes etc join our mailing list

RT @drmatthewgreen: Just announced & back by popular demand: my History of London in 7 Drinks Tour. The 4-hour event explores how modern Lo…

2018-05-25 04:35

Rosie Roselady64

#spoonie surviving 1 day at a time #No2IndyRef Adore Europe but #No2EU #SupportOurForces #AdoptAFurbabySaveALife

RT @homeditcom: 50 Tips and Ideas For a Successful Man Cave Decor

2018-05-25 04:35

reese. reeseyy_

RT @GoonerMind: I could listen to Unai Emery pronouncing "explain" all day long

2018-05-25 04:35

Aimee aimeetdanso

🇳🇬🇬🇭 ISFP

I HATEEEE When people leave rice crispy dust at the bottom of the box, I’m not tryna eat rice crispy soup

2018-05-25 04:35

mikky. yeahitsmikaela

pretty in punk | radical liberal

RT @YourFavvBaddie: Everybody tries to act heartless but be sensitive and vulnerable af. It’s ok to care, just know what and who to care ab…

2018-05-25 04:35

💘ECalienni💘 ECalienni

She/Her. 24. Bi. Artist. Painter, storyboard artist, illustrator. My email is

RT @Lady_Redhaired: A friend asked me how I draw feet/shoes so I made this quick thing for them on how I breakdown feet when drawing. Thoug…

2018-05-25 04:35

Alexis Coram AlexisCoram

Photographer, traveller, and coffee junkie. 📷☕️

@jk_rowling Show me a flaw, any flaw 😌

2018-05-25 04:35

Alex Dunigan AlexDunigan3

Drinker, gambler, bon vivant, RFC

@MacTomas67 @se104an @D4MO_FR13L @VanguardBears Can’t wait to see the Krankie in charge. Beautiful, intelligent lad…

2018-05-25 04:35

Manatea-bags thewalljanitor

Hi! I make art and stuff. Memes too, I guess. ALSO MY GIRLFRIEND IS AMAZING! And I love her very much!

RT @bampshi: I also have a Kofi account if you feel like offering some tips! Thank you for your support 💞

2018-05-25 04:35

Becs Lewis becslewis

Does anyone actually read this bit?

RT @jennirsl: This is so shocking. Irish law forced this mother to the edge of death before doctors could assist her iafter a miscarriage #…

2018-05-25 04:35