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Anjali Ewing AnjaliEwing

Founder YogaSuperheroes, Founder The Fairness & Justice Group @fairnessthe, 11+ Tutor, Journalist. I'm Livin' the Vida Yoga!

@NickBoles Oh shut up Nick. You don’t have the leverage you think you have. Vote or don’t. Who the bloody hell cares.

2019-10-21 19:04

bando babyyy. TheOriginalLV

i was told spirits dont fly, unless they're free! || @Rellevents Director || co-host for #LockerRoomPolitics on @gfmradio_ || #LongLiveNRG 💗

@OgaSamuel STOP.

2019-10-21 19:04

Daniel Pashley eurodan

Conference interpreter (FR, DE, NL, SV to EN) and @cityjournalism graduate. Interested in UK/European politics, language and culture. Own views.

Insert Brexit joke here...

2019-10-21 19:04

Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard Kurrild

Professor of Political Science, newspaper columnist & wanna-be Prince of Darkness

RT @GoodwinMJ: This is significant for Boris Johnson

Of those who have heard about his #BrexitDeal

90% of Conservative voters support it…

2019-10-21 19:04

Creepo creepoh


RT @socialistdogma: Deplatforming works. You love to see it

2019-10-21 19:04

🃏 __iamsimo

pнιlanтнropιѕт вy day, vιgιlanтe вy nιgнт ➳ | #mufc ⚽️

RT @LYRACYST: Urdu kisi ko nahi aati

2019-10-21 19:04

마리암 maryamsahar_

🇬🇧x🇦🇫 - if you don’t like coffee, stop looking at my page.

RT @an1sha_hh: When the homeless guy finally gets off the train

2019-10-21 19:04

Sam💀 NSFW kinxydxm

FavouriteWorstNightmare 🌹16 M NSFW

@romanoop03 @pjmsga 16 He/Him Dom

2019-10-21 19:04

A Petrov a_s_petrov

Macro and policy analyst based in London. Views my own

Jimmy Lai - Wikipedia

2019-10-21 19:04

my sexuality is dan levy's eyebrows but spooky 👻 SaimaFerdows

Comedy Producer & Director | Comedy Award Nominated Live Director: @sophiedukebox Venus | #BroadcastHotShot 2018 | (she/her) 🇧🇩

RT @SaimaFerdows: Me flirting with boys is me constantly stopping myself from asking them if we're flirting or is this just regs bants.

2019-10-21 19:04

marià ma_joicereyes

19 n numb

RT @nxzoo: when u’re sad but don’t wanna ruin anyone else’s mood by telling them

2019-10-21 19:04

리카르도 브로스키 Ricardo_Broschi

뮤지컬 파리넬리(2016) 리카르도 브로스키 자동봇. 맞춤법, 오탈자 지적이나 추가 문의는 DM 주시면 확인합니다. 사랑하는 내 동생, 나의 뮤즈 @Carlo_Broschi

되돌려야 해, 예전으로!

2019-10-21 19:04

The Thin Wall TheThinWall

#electronic & #alternative #online #radio station Playing #synthpop, #eighties, #industrial #newwave, & #electro #80s #thethinwall #uk #electropop #london

#NowPlaying Systemagic - Goldfrapp - Listen to it now at #synthpop #80s #radio #electropop #ebm

2019-10-21 19:04

Julie🇬🇧 chosies

RT @GerardBattenUK: Today, 21st Oct, is the 214th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar.

Admiral Lord Nelson & the brave men under his c…

2019-10-21 19:04

J Green s0f0nisba

Ex primary teacher. Not passionate - just angry. They may be my own views - who would know? #saxophonist #bassist #art #science #animals #environment #amwriting

RT @davidschneider: Government, last week:
“It was vital we shut down Parliament for a Queen’s Speech then debate it”

“Who gives a…

2019-10-21 19:04

카를로 브로스키 Carlo_Broschi

뮤지컬 파리넬리(2016) 파리넬리/카를로 브로스키 자동봇. 맞춤법, 오탈자 지적이나 추가 문의는 DM 주시면 확인합니다. 솔님(@Sol23_S)께서 사진 사용을 허락해주셨습니다. 감사합니다! / 형, 나 오늘 어땠어? @Ricardo_Broschi

형의 음악은 날 비참하게 해!

2019-10-21 19:04

м mll_xix

مَلّكْ 🦋

RT @14_HK_: Physically, Mentally, spiritually, everythingly drained bruv

2019-10-21 19:04

MF ✊🏽🤙🏽🇨🇴 Ceron_CH_

UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL// Beauty fish //Quinzel//L6E//Contigo todo lo que con nadie nunca//DC// A.N⚽️//💚// ☀️🌑

RT @MileySmilerNews: Miley went on Instagram live and sang overboard after 9 years

2019-10-21 19:04

Chance Heston mzw007

Disaster Relief Ministry | Forensic Investigation |@mzw007Archives | | | Victims‘ Advocacy

RT @Independent: Millions of apples left to rot in UK as Brexit uncertainty worsens EU fruit picker shortage

2019-10-21 19:04

Ben Glassberg glassyben

Principal Conductor @Glyndebourne Tour | Chef Invité Associé @auditorium_ONL | Represented by @KeynoteAM | Married to @dramateacher3

4 more shows at @glyndebourne and then catch us on tour around the country. I can guarantee it'll brighten up your…

2019-10-21 19:04

real_slow EN2_9AP


RT @SpursOfficial: Time for training at Hotspur Way.


2019-10-21 19:04


I Had A Dream That I Made It... @TheLockerRoomTV

RT @PacmanTV: When you’re a shy guy and she’s the confident one 🤦🏾‍♂️🤓

2019-10-21 19:04

sue wom nosugarpop

Well travelled divorcee, painter and mother of one adult son and daughter

RT @thecarolemalone: Why has it become an accepted thing that the Speaker of the H of C will abuse his position and facilitate those who wa…

2019-10-21 19:04

Omran Jaf jaf_omran

Get with it

@hadooshhhh Big words hadoosh

2019-10-21 19:04

The Devine Horror 👻 darylthedevine

Scottish writer and #sexysocialist

RT @mr_aly: Tory MP speaks for 90 minutes to stop carers getting free hospital parking

(They're such lovely people, aren't they?)


2019-10-21 19:04

Gráinne Hallahan heymrshallahan

Senior content writer at the Times Educational Supplement • #teamenglish • all views my own

@mrrattle @ITTteamenglish Yes! They’re a funny measurement of ability. You’d be better off filming a normal lesson…

2019-10-21 19:04

olivera kovacevic milaniolivera

RT @BBCNews: Six teenagers arrested over Camberwell fatal stabbing

2019-10-21 19:04

Viktor Viktor14809327

RT @official_ckm: Airdrop Alert!
🚀 Cryptoknowmics Airdrop (CKM)
🎁 Reward: $5-25000
👥 Referral: 100 Points
💰 Join now:

2019-10-21 19:04

Rachel Craggs rpcraggs

RT @mermhart: It would have been so easy for The Duchess at the end of this to stay strong publicly, brush it aside, pretend she was ok rea…

2019-10-21 19:04

Gerdi Runte #FBPE🇪🇺🇬🇧🇩🇪🇦🇺 GerdiRunte

retired charity worker, UK citizen, German-born, passionate European and traveller - Life is short, take all it’s worth!

RT @emmyzen: The official figure of protesters at the #PeoplesVoteMarch is:


Each brought the good will and good wishes of do…

2019-10-21 19:04

Erin ErinRoriee

Capricorn ♑️

RT @Sneakbo: You have to fuck up a few times before you get it right...

2019-10-21 19:04

Mika mmika_sweet

💗Harry, Louis and Niall is all u need💗

RT @UpdatesHL: Mañana una cierta cantidad de fans escucharán “We Made It” por primera vez y antes que el resto del fandom🥺

2019-10-21 19:04

Forlan JDinero12

In all our deeds, the proper value and respect for time determines success or failure - Malcolm X

RT @afcSharky: Just bumped into this fan.. he said he didn’t have his phone on him so we took the pic on my phone.. I forgot to take your s…

2019-10-21 19:04

Taha Malik PTI TahaMal07180667

freelance journalist uk...PATWARI JIYALE OR MIRZAI FOLLOW NA KAREN. ....

@rana_irfan_nawb @Shafaqa28978095 @peaceforchange @GulBukhari @AWGoraya Ek bachpan men bare larkon ke sath PAKRA JA…

2019-10-21 19:04

minato bitlyyutax

— 1st @arfxdoyoung ♡ @the1975 / / ᴋᴀɪɴɢᴋᴏᴏ ᴄʜᴀᴄʜᴜ ᴅᴏᴍɪɴɪᴄ sᴀᴍʀᴏʏ ғʀᴀɴᴢɪᴀ ᴊᴜᴘʟɪᴀɴɢ ᴄʜᴀɢᴏɴ ᴋᴇɴᴅʀɪᴄᴋ ᴊᴏᴅ ᴡᴏᴡʏᴇᴀʜ ♡ ♡ \ \

RT @meafternoeys: มาพบว่ารีบอร์นภาคอนาคต10ปี ฮิบาริใช้แหวนแบบเปลืองมาก ใช้แล้วทิ้ง ถามว่าพี่ไม่เสียดายหรอคะ

ฮิบาริ เคียวยะ:

2019-10-21 19:04

SamaEl Sxma__El

24 | My boy reads my dms

@txsneemo Naa I'm going sleep that made me sick 🤣

2019-10-21 19:04

🎃🍁Hannah🍁🎃 HannahVCW

I have a gorgeous Husband and two beautiful little girls #Perfect 💞 also love to tweet along to programmes so sorry in advance 🤣

RT @BouxAvenue: Round off your weekend with the chance to win a mini bundle of 1 of our seductive, sweet new scents!

For your chance to wi…

2019-10-21 19:04

RAYAN Rayanhal25

Leo ♌️

RT @K49HAS_: "discuss your ideas with the person next to you"


2019-10-21 19:04

SaMpLe€AtL🐘🦏🦁🐯🦛🦒🐆🦓 SampleATL

Slower traffic keep right! Find something you love & do it! Give to your favorite charity, your time, knowledge or money. Be kind to animals. Chronic Retweeter.

RT @savetherhino: The Nepal Army has tightened security along the Chitwan National Park area bearing in mind a high possibility of poaching…

2019-10-21 19:04

эмси быдло киберцундере ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) fucker_kun

life is a tough bitch but so am i. || трудно быть скромной, когда вся сияешь. || меч или копьё могут подвести. щит - никогда. || ты всегда дерёшься так плохо?

RT @AlaQueenofmemes: секс? и что, приятно? другое дело отмененные пары

2019-10-21 19:04

josh🦋. PacyHector

i’m hilarious fb ft• @PureAubameyang • @AfcSxm • @Vieirology • @ModernWrighty • @BrillBellerin • @TheArsenalMatt


2019-10-21 19:04

Mayor of London MayorofLondon

This is the official Twitter account for the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. Tweets before 9 May 2016 are from the previous Mayor

There’s no denying the mounting evidence of the impact of air pollution on our health and its link to cardiac arres…

2019-10-21 19:04

Larriyo Larriyo1

Wizkid Fc

RT @Dirujan: #StarBoyFest was a vibe! @wizkidayo @iamSMADE

2019-10-21 19:04

Lynne Frame murtleturtle37

Singer in a band fuelled by energy drinks. Pillion riding Psychiatric Nurse. Love cats, squirrels, ducks, penguins, music, climbing hills & Robert Smith 😁

RT @changed_gear: Dear @BBCNews. It seems to me that your continuing insistence that we guage the mood of the nation on Brexit by talking t…

2019-10-21 19:04

Catherine Monahan CatMonahan

CEO/Founder: Gigglewater Productions; Founder: Ayam Wellness. Nom three times by IWSC 4 Outstanding Achievement in Global Wine Ind.

RT @BritishVogue: No visit to the British capital is complete without whiling away a few hours over a tray of fancies.

2019-10-21 19:04

JAMA WA JAH🙏🇷🇼🇷🇼 shemakenneth


Ndi w' i Rwanda💪

RT @OptaJoe: 2 - Ole Gunnar Solskjær is the only manager Jürgen Klopp has faced more than once in the Premier League and failed to beat (P2…

2019-10-21 19:04

Ishfaq Ahmad IshfaqA43790022


RT @KensingtonRoyal: 🇬🇧🇵🇰Thank you Pakistan! // شکریہ پاکستان

@UKinPakistan #RoyalVisitPakistan

2019-10-21 19:04


Freedom is not free #followbackhongkong

RT @Independent: Hong Kong activist stabbed as thousands of protesters clash with police officers during chaotic march

2019-10-21 19:04

FlytrixYT FlytrixGaming

16yo , rl editor for team flickout,
youtube link below!

scope logo for my self, my best logo so far.
Good job @TeamScope1, keep up the good work and keep grinding 💪💪


2019-10-21 19:04

Bufahad 555 Bufahad98240529


اول الناس انتي 
واخر اللي عيوني 
ولو تحبيني 
هذا يكفيني
يا قمرهم

2019-10-21 19:04

Mr. Todd Bonzalez yasserarafat187

Arsenal. Sports. Being Nice.

RT @mikewhoatv: I don’t even follow NFL games but this use of Skycam is a thing of incredible jaw dropping beauty.

2019-10-21 19:04

Karl Sokalski JumpingBud

Engineer, linguist.

RT @Billbrowder: No need to ask Tulsi Gabbard about how she feels about the Magnitsky Act because we have her voting record. In December 20…

2019-10-21 19:04

Emil Kot EmilKot

First Team Head Coach at @bedfontfeltham / Founder of @tytezmaszszanse / Co-founder of @coursesfootball / Founder of @bedfontcasuals / UEFA B / ⚽️24h

@tomflakowski @2Noznej @MNieporet @KTS_Weszlo @AksZly @Chroberz To nawet na @pfcvictoria mieliśmy raz ponad setkę n…

2019-10-21 19:04

Jon Burgoyne jon_burgoyne

Interests: #mentalhealthhousing, qualitative research, homelessness, #ukhousing supported/extra care housing, and politics. LFC. Views - my own.

RT @NEF: Countries that work fewer hours are more productive and have generally stronger economies @Aidan_Harper_ tells @BBCRadioWales ⏰💪📈…

2019-10-21 19:04

Avery Hill AveryHillPubl

Avery Hill helps aspiring creators reach their potential and is a home for those geniuses the mainstream has yet to recognise. Tweets generally by Ricky.

A great review of Walking Distance by @lizzystewart!
"Win’s Christmas Gift Recommendation: Heartwarming and Thought…

2019-10-21 19:04

NunNy mxiqwz


RT @impeachii: ความจริงที่ว่ายิ่งรวยก็ยิ่งอยู่สบาย ทุกที่แหละ เป็นธรรมดา ที่อังกฤษเวลาไปกับพวกระดับบน ชนชั้นนำก็รวยตาแตกจริง


2019-10-21 19:04

T Thee Stallion 👅 TallTT_

Men lie unprovoked sis.

RT @Oloni: raaaaiiise and shiiiiinee. watch my new show x

2019-10-21 19:04

Barnsey2K7 avengerinacape

just here to share my views on the world! engage in debate on most subjects and troll the trolls who just want to pick fights! #Anti-EU
psn: Barnsey2007

@siriusminerals what is your advice to shareholders? Are we staying, are well selling? What to do

2019-10-21 19:04

ahead of my time iamodeal

Artist | |

Imagine you buy a doughnut and there’s egg inside, I’ll move mad like them girls in the hair shop

2019-10-21 19:04

Tiger Itasca tiger_itasca


Just want to say how brilliant @julietmusical was, especially @cassidyjanson who was perfect as Anne Hathaway!

2019-10-21 19:04

نوال 💕 PrincessNawie


RT @JaydePierce: I love my girls so so much.

2019-10-21 19:04

Louise Foster SfpLouise

Marxist Child of the 60’s, humanist, remainer. Passionate about politics, human rights, better funding for education, nature conservation & climate change 🇪🇺

RT @davidallengreen: Number 10 had a problem when the Letwin Amendment passed

Under the Benn Act there was an inescapable duty for an exte…

2019-10-21 19:04

Travis Richards EgoDominum

Fitness | Awareness | Lifestyle

RT @hfour5: If that baby cried like that during 1940’s people would run to their bunkers

2019-10-21 19:04

yarah 🎃 sonia stan acc _yazzoo

𝐭𝐨𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐫𝐨𝐰 𝐢𝐬𝐧’𝐭 𝐠𝐮𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐞𝐝, 𝐬𝐨 𝐥𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐭𝐨𝐝𝐚𝐲!

RT @partygirlu2: "the internet loves you, we love you!"
*keanu reeves shyly looks down and starts straightening his tie*: "that's kind, I l…

2019-10-21 19:04

Trowbridge LGBT Community page TrowLGBT

Here to Promote Trowbridge and surrounding Towns, LGBT Venues and events. Occasionally political in the Pursuit of equality.

RT @OwenJones84: Media outlets are playing the same hateful songs about trans people as they've always played about gay people - and it's c…

2019-10-21 19:04

Biochemical Society BiochemSoc

We help to share scientific expertise and research, raising awareness of the importance of molecular bioscience in addressing societal grand challenges.

RT @PPPublishing: At an @alpsp meeting recently, our colleague shared her 10 principles for transitioning to #OpenAccess publishing. Follow…

2019-10-21 19:04

Laboratorio Escapes laboescapes

Aderenti esterni a Escapes - Laboratorio di studi critici sulle migrazioni forzate in UNIMI RTs&follow ≠ endorsement

RT @hannahmank: There are just 3 DAYS LEFT before the first @TORCHOxford Theatres Seed Fund application deadline! @UniofOxford researchers…

2019-10-21 19:04

YT: Okorodudu Ope✨ catfromthesouth

Natural hair Enthusiast 💆🏽‍♀️ I make weekly hairstyle videos❤

RT @Oluwaseun_Ak: When you send her a risky text and she replies with “Since when did that one start”

2019-10-21 19:04

Liam Hejsak LiamHejsak

Fleabag fourth-wall breaks but it’s Klopp whenever he talks about “not too good in this moment” / Freelance Cinematographer

@FalseFMatt Yeah I was shouting.

2019-10-21 19:04

lexi shaniafaye_

not ur babygurl

RT @nxzoo: when u’re sad but don’t wanna ruin anyone else’s mood by telling them

2019-10-21 19:04

idkwtfisgoingon prohoetrash

✨I’m a bad bitch you can’t kill me✨

RT @K49HAS_: "discuss your ideas with the person next to you"


2019-10-21 19:04

ragab😊 elsanhoury🇪🇬 ragab_sun

‏اللهم لك الحمد كما ينبغي لجلال وجهك وعظيم سلطانك ❤

RT @ashraaf_alsaad: شاهد #اردوغان فى إسرائيل وهو يوقع على اتفاق مع رئيس إسرائيل على تكوين شرق اوسط جديد ليس فيه قوة الا تركيا واسرائيل وانه…

2019-10-21 19:04

#FreeAssange⏳ Millenial1706

''A nation can't solve what the press won't let it perceive.'' - @JulianAssange | @wikileaks | @WikiLeaksShop | @WLArtForce | @CourageFound

RT @CompassnInCare: Here at court today in support of #freespeech

2019-10-21 19:04

Nigeria Newspapers NigNewspapers

Trying to keep up with current edition of all Nigeria daillies? 'Nigeria Newspapers Online' is a repository of all leading Nigeria newspapers.

Live Updates: Firms Partner on Low-Cost Co-Working Space #Nigeria #NigeriaNews

2019-10-21 19:04

ڈار OoyeDaar

‏‏‏‏‏‏سر دوستاں سلامت، کہ تو خنجر آزمائی

میڈیکو💉💉💊💊(مستقبل کا قصائی،پکوڑہ فروش)

RT @Hani_deya: @OoyeDaar Yup😍

2019-10-21 19:04

🦁 Armstrong 🦁 herbeeyurdhun

I burn my chills when I burn my trees 🔞 more life to my enemies 😎 Man Utd ❤

RT @KelechiAFC: Wizkid’s concert was too lit abeg. MADDD FAM 🙌🏾

It was a link up galore backstage at Wizkid’s concert with my bro Wizkid,…

2019-10-21 19:04

umEMA umema_1d5sos

ℭ𝔞𝔯𝔯𝔶 𝔬𝔫, 𝔩𝔢𝔱 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔤𝔬𝔬𝔡 𝔱𝔦𝔪𝔢𝔰 𝔯𝔬𝔩𝔩 - 𝕱𝖔𝖗 𝖞𝖔𝖚𝖗 𝖊𝖞𝖊𝖘 𝖔𝖓𝖑𝖞 𝕴’𝖉 𝖘𝖍𝖔𝖜 𝖞𝖔𝖚 𝖒𝖞 𝖍𝖊𝖆𝖗𝖙 #Directioner #5SOSFam


2019-10-21 19:04

Mr Helsby MrHelsbyMaths

Secondary Head of Maths and Computer Science, SLE & PDlead. Here for rich mathematical ideas&discussion. Unashamedly for mixed attainment. All opinions my own!

RT @alexbellos: Pencils at the ready! A very nice problem accessible to all

2019-10-21 19:04

rosé solo manobanspony

Hope not enthusiast

RT @itssscobby: It took me 9 months to see my own mum, yet you wanna see her in the first 5

2019-10-21 19:04

Nicolai Baldin npbaldin

Entrepreneur (@SynthesizedIO) Seedcamp-backed company. Statistician (PhD in #machinelearning @Cambridge_Uni)

@ShamKakade6 Vvv V

2019-10-21 19:04

the entire circus. ˎ˗ galacticxroni

— 𝐎𝐂 𝐄𝐍𝐓𝐇𝐔𝐒𝐈𝐀𝐒𝐓.❜ ㅤ◟ ᴛʜᴇʏ/ᴛʜᴇᴍ◞ㅤㅤgundham tanaka ain't straight ㅤㅤㅤ🌻ㅤ@transxielian'𝗌 𝖽𝗎𝗆𝖻 𝖻𝖺𝗀𝗎𝖾𝗍𝗍𝖾

RT @MunroeBergdorf: As a binary trans person, I want to thank the non binary community for opening my mind to how the construct of gender l…

2019-10-21 19:04

Sunshine Faith 🌞 FSinaaaag

RT @nxzoo: when u’re sad but don’t wanna ruin anyone else’s mood by telling them

2019-10-21 19:04

𝕒𝕒𝕒𝕒𝕒𝕒𝕒 queensthetics

RT @K49HAS_: "discuss your ideas with the person next to you"


2019-10-21 19:04

tasha Ayres TSollis

RT @EllaEyre: OMW to steal ur snacks

2019-10-21 19:04

LOU DENIM loudenim

PHOTOGRAPHER Beauty, Celebrity portraits and Commercial - Represented by @SixtyOneLondon #photography #commercial #socialmedia #contentcreator

Photographing Jackson Hole Wildlife With the Sony a7R IV and 200-600mm

2019-10-21 19:04

Atkswz praifa_atikom

หลงใหลในความสงบของทะเล และความอบอุ่นของคริสต์มาส

RT @impeachii: ความจริงที่ว่ายิ่งรวยก็ยิ่งอยู่สบาย ทุกที่แหละ เป็นธรรมดา ที่อังกฤษเวลาไปกับพวกระดับบน ชนชั้นนำก็รวยตาแตกจริง


2019-10-21 19:04

kamal amirouche AmiroucheKamal

RT @mohamedzitout: جزء من "الشرذمة" حسب وصب خائن البلاد

وشعارات مدوية من بينها "الجنرالات الي المزبلة والجزائر تأخذ الاستقلال"
Généraux à…

2019-10-21 19:04

Argus Collingwood 🌊 ArgusC

Argus-eyed = carefully observant or attentive; on the lookout for possible danger #DutyToWarn I am a woman #TeamPelosi

RT @SalesmanWestEnd: “Seventy years after the play first appeared, Death of a Salesman remains a crushing critique of American capitalism.…

2019-10-21 19:04

FB fraserb

Another rich guy married to landed gentry who doesn’t even live in the UK anymore tells us not to worry Brexit’ll b…

2019-10-21 19:04

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RT @twyse_116: How to propose to Nigerian Girls😊💍. Don’t judge me 😩🤦🏽‍♂️ #TwyseAndFamily 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

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I-am That I -am,I am A #TRUEBLUE #CFC 🔵🙈

RT @BBCPolitics: "The only people who can really decide what Brexit is, and whether they want to go ahead with it, are the British people"…

2019-10-21 19:04

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💚 💭❤️ “dhulku ha kula go’o”

RT @imaybebored: Me and my 2 followers who always like each other’s tweets

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RT @tonysxgod: สงสารน้องอ่ะ น้องโดนดึ๊ยๆ ใส่ 555555555555 เป็นกูนะตะปปคว่ำแระ

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RT @davidallengreen: A thread on Johnson's request for an extension under the Benn Act


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Firm believer in Democracy. Brexiteer. Really do not like the vile tweets some people receive - whichever side of the spectrum they are on.

RT @Khyberman: About those worker's rights...

UK Stat. Sick Pay: 28 weeks
EU: None set

UK paid holiday: 5.6 weeks
EU: 4 weeks

UK Mater…

2019-10-21 19:04

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I’m sorry to inform you that I’m not Moussa Sissoko. Tottenham Hotspur Football Club 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


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RT @WelcomePresents: @VeganNigerian will be joining the #climate panel for our 29 October event, alongside Maya Chowdhry of @VirtualMigrant…

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RT @jakz__v4: Did someone really just refer to Mourinho as this 😭

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