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aaliyah🧸 bellionish

man like me don’t need a montronome, metro-what? metro-what mate? metro whaaattt? fookin clicka?

RT @mxryaaaam: us Londoners defo don’t have an accent🤫

2019-03-20 04:27

NELSON B djnelsonbizzle

Radio Host Tv Presenter Club DJ Booking Email DjNelsonBizzle@Yahoo.Co.Uk or Call 07870663528 FaceBook Nelson Bizzle

2019-03-20 04:27

Polskey polskey

I shoot people for a living. SOAS and LCC alumni. All round badass. Visit my IG: @polskey for professional stuff - mainly here for news and banter.

@mrnickharvey May it be by Enya.

2019-03-20 04:27

Craig Kettlewell KettlewellCraig

RT @mrjamesob: Every time you think their base hypocrisy has reached rock bottom...
Every single time.

2019-03-20 04:27

KS #ABTV #PutItToThePeople #FBPE ks_1968

Political,love old/new movies,music (fave=Bowie)&books of all types. Secretly plotting in plain sight to #stopbrexit #finalsay #tacticalvoting

RT @IanDunt: I suspect May will have two more chances to get her deal through. Next week, using A50 extension offer as proof deal has chang…

2019-03-20 04:27

Amazonian Cosplay ︽✵︽ amazoniancos

Beth ✨ London UK she/her
Making people, "especially men" upset and angry since 1996

@xlaurenx @JdbCosplay Can I join the "not smol and cute" club

2019-03-20 04:27

العنود. iilfu

الحياة لم تعد حياة منذ أن رحل أبي.

RT @inmoood: متباعدان خارجياً ، متقاربان في العمّق ..

2019-03-20 04:27

lau harryvrose

You're gonna hear electric music, solid walls of sound

Ash dei Pokémon

2019-03-20 04:27

mike warburton. warbeym1

Human Caring. likes REAL People, fairplay, Spain and Foreign Parts. Detests those who Lie to Us. Proud Grandad.
Patriot. no lists!

RT @TheaDickinson: In response to the New Zealand mosque attacks, Islamists have burned down a Christian church in Pakistan.

Why is this n…

2019-03-20 04:27

Jacqueline Riding JacRiding

#Jacobites & #Peterloo out NOW! #Hogarth biog on way; Adviser on Mr. Turner, Peterloo, #Colette; Trustee @TurnersHouse Fellow @Birkbeck_arts @SocAntScot

@KclSoriano @PaulMellonCentr @FoundlingMuseum @Tate @JDB1745 @FunkyPlaid @NatGalleriesSco @YaleBritishArt…

2019-03-20 04:27

Leonie Tanczer leotanczt

Lecturer @UCLSTEaPP & @PETRASiot | Interested in *Cyber*security, #Hacking/#Hacktivism, #gender & #IoT | PRVSLY @hiig_berlin, @QueensUBelfast & @univienna

An exciting role at @safelives is open: Digital Strategy Analyst
#vawg #techabuse #GIoT

2019-03-20 04:27

mia ann miaannx

no it’s not okay ;)

@meliajenkins99 8:30 your time not uk hahah

2019-03-20 04:27

#90sBabyShow 90sBabyShow

Podcasters | Presenters | YouTubers @Fr3dSantana @temiAlchemy

The 90s Room | Taking Care Of Family Ft. Yungen

2019-03-20 04:27

Danny Beard 🐝 thedannybeard

Award Winning Cabaret Artist • Singer • Actor • BGT SFinalist • Scouse • Dog Dad • Cartoon Clown • Or 4 Actory Things @AdvocateAgency

@DonnaTrumpUK Theatre show is magical when all the elements tie together beautifully, set, costume, makeup, sound,…

2019-03-20 04:27

Bernard Aryeetey BernieAryeetey

Dad, Director of Govt Affairs, HIV - EMEA @gileadsciences, fan of #LFC & student. Alumnus @savechildrenuk @shelter @malarianomoreuk. These tweets are my fault.

@dhnnjyn @oxfamgb @Alexandracfox This sounds like a brilliant scheme! Hopefully more like it will follow in the sector.

2019-03-20 04:27

Kirstein Rummery KirsteinRummery

Professor of Social Policy, FAcSS, feminist, disability activist, mum, technophobe, mindfulness, founder member @wep_uk Tweets mine RTs cos bored #wiasn

RT @SophieRunning: I invite public figures not to accept invitations from @GMB. In my experience they do not look after their guests, espec…

2019-03-20 04:27

combyne-laurence combyne

Hi, I am Laurence - successful NM/MLM entrepreneur, facilitator, speaker & leader

RT @AFCWimbledon: We've now sold out of all tickets for #AFCW fans for the Gillingham match:

2019-03-20 04:27

ahmadfahim_18 _ahmdfahim18

doughnut is food...🍩

RT @rupinjapan: Trying to get your drunk friend into an Uber

2019-03-20 04:27

Amanda Cooper a_coops1

Freelance markets journo geek (formerly! Reuters) Domestic dictator & wrangler of spaniels 👦👧🐕🐕🐕
*I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food*

@Julia_AC_Payne @aussietorres Beats me!! *Boak* 🤮

2019-03-20 04:27


NOOOO #Hollyoaks

2019-03-20 04:27

ZIENAB. Yourfavzuz

learn how to survive alone ♡
Alahly , Chelsea , Madrid❤
Ashour , Hazard
faculty of pharmacy mu .💅

@omar__Ashraf_ @ahmedmady100 @MohamedAbuAlel1 فاتتك انت فقرة الالش دي😂😂😂

2019-03-20 04:27

Gary Outram KentRangerGaz

I ride a bike a bit. Cycle commuter, occasional quaxer, Sustrans Volunteer Ranger. Views my own. Retweets not endorsements. Hand wash only.

RT @EnergySvgTrust: NEWS: @transportgovuk's eCargo Bike Grant Fund, delivered by @EnergySvgTrust, will provide up to 20% of the cost of a n…

2019-03-20 04:27

Milk Media milkmedianewyor

Filmakers Max & Robbie who runs this account.
YouTube Channel

Arsenal & Chesham fans.

@ValerieNew8 Be careful as @LaughingDevil1 pointed out it's going to be bitter.

2019-03-20 04:27

Miley Team fuckingsmilers9

RT @grimmers: my love for @MileyCyrus grows daily

2019-03-20 04:27

dacnmnlamb dacnmnlamb

Fan account and not a bot. Forgot my pw to my old account so I created a new one. You’ll see mostly RTs and Likes. 🥑🍌🥑🍌🥑🍌

RT @Hannah_Furness: 3) The Duke and Duchess of Sussex tell New Zealanders 'we are with you' as they sign condolence book

2019-03-20 04:27

Linda Scott lindas1954

Socialist, Labour Party Member, Corbyn supporter. Wavertree CLP. Support for the NHS, support for Palestine. #JC4PM2019 #GetTheToriesOut #NoPVYesGE

RT @gaurangmorjaria: I voted leave & without the current Speaker, most conventions would’ve been abused by the Tory govt!

Best Speaker to…

2019-03-20 04:27

Jacob DC Wilson JacobDCwilson

Florida Boy

RT @NFLUK: Find us a Quarterback currently playing who scrambles better than the @Seahawks' @DangeRussWilson!

We'll wait...

(Spoiler Ale…

2019-03-20 04:27

Savoy Theatre SavoyTheatreLdn

News and stories from The Savoy Theatre in the heart of London's West End. Currently home to 9 to 5 - The Musical

RT @FTWingsLDN: 🤩 @9to5MusicalUK NEWS 🤩

🤩 The production @SavoyTheatreLdn announced limited number of day seats for Monday to Friday perfo…

2019-03-20 04:27

JamesⓋ SteamboatJimmy

Autistic. Vegan. Atheist. Scientist.

RT @mrjamesob: Perhaps the only certainty now is that the people who led us into this mess will blame the mess on the people who warned tha…

2019-03-20 04:27

Tatianna Wanyanga TatiannaWanyan1


RT @dlgriffiths: “He wakes me up every morning meowing to death because he wants to go out, and then when I open the door he stays put, und…

2019-03-20 04:27

SwaleGreens SwaleGreens

Swale Green Party is the local party group covering Faversham, Sittingbourne, the Isle of Sheppey and their surrounding villages.

RT @jon_bartley: HS2 would make the north-south divide even worse. Time to abandon trickle-down transport policy, upgrade the existing netw…

2019-03-20 04:27

jade JTWJade


RT @JTWJade: running on empty♥️

2019-03-20 04:27

Simon_Long Simon_Long


RT @Independent: EU chief Michel Barnier gives UK ultimatum – 'If you want to delay Brexit, you need a new plan'

2019-03-20 04:27

Lee Forum leeforum

Lee Forum is a group of local people in Lee, South East London, wishing to improve the area by producing a Neighbourhood Plan.

For those who live in, work in, or visit the Greenwich part of the Lee Forum area:

2019-03-20 04:27

Sue Perrin SthSue

Regional Fundraiser (South) JDRF, the world's leading type 1 diabetes research charity. All views are my own.

RT @JDRFUK: There's still time to book your seat at the @JDRFUK #type1 Technology Discovery Day in #Norwich this Saturday at @Assembly_Hous…

2019-03-20 04:27

Daphne daphhnicole

Rhs ‘20

RT @SamraIcanovic: Keep going. That’s it. The world don’t stop. The job don’t stop. Money don’t stop. Haters don’t stop. The internet don’t…

2019-03-20 04:27

#1 TyWIlliams_1

Snapchat : Tyrone1443

RT @Evra: I love this game, and more importantly , I love EVERYONE. A quick message here to clear up any confusion! ❤️ #ILTG #positive4evra…

2019-03-20 04:27

Des R.E.O. desrdotedoto

The more you drive, the less intelligent you are.

@thehill Glenn Beck's gravy game is on point.

2019-03-20 04:27

BBC News Mundo bbcmundo

Twitter oficial de BBC News Mundo. Aquí encuentran una selección de lo mejor de nuestro contenido y los invitamos a una conversación global. ¿Se animan?

La historia de las víctimas de Daryll Rowe, el primer británico condenado por transmitir el virus deliberadamente

2019-03-20 04:27

はなちゃん hana_cyan99

恋愛相談からえっちなお話、まじめな話題までなんでもござれ。えろ4段免許皆伝の腕前。えろはエロではない。ひらがなのこだわり。ぽっちゃり好きのおっぱい星人 LOVE BBW 時たま詩人。常に魔法使い。♂なのでお間違いなく。

RT @2m4h8: なんつー忘れ物してるんだ。見たこっちがとても悲しい気持ちになる。

2019-03-20 04:27

Paul Unwin 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿EU UnwinPaul

Writer, director in film, tv and theatre. NHS obsessive. Oscar nom’d, Co-creator of Casualty,Breathless, Truth. BBC, C4, Old Vic etc..

March on the 23rd

2019-03-20 04:27

Damian damianh9

fan of #mufc England's most successful football club of all time.. #greenandgolduntiltheclubissold

RT @matthew_elliott: @SkyNewsBreak - Carfmance 247 Ltd: 65,000 texts resulting in nearly 1,000 spam reports (a rate of 1.54%)
- STS Ltd: 27…

2019-03-20 04:27

Mike Lee-Graham mikeleegraham

Illustrator and Comic Artist. Co-creator of horror comic Our Final Halloween.

little piece to end the work day!

2019-03-20 04:27

SlimDadaBoi EOluwaweezy

Born without STOP button.
IG: seun_slim


RT @gimbakakanda: Dear Arewa sisters, tone down this stereotype. There are over 100 ethnic groups in Northern Nigeria, and they approach th…

2019-03-20 04:27

S🦅 squeeze4__

18 | IG: s.squeeze | 🇬🇭

RT @jaaymuni7: @squeeze4__ @jbandzinoo very loud, wowu.

2019-03-20 04:27

Tristan 1089Tristan


RT @youneshh: After how CFC Fan TV have been treating Chelsea fans on twitter, calling some "mugs" and "berks". This tells us one thing. Yo…

2019-03-20 04:27

Pola polamaedc

vivrò per te. i ❤ GOD

Wala na bang pag-ibig sa puso mo? #JayaNights

2019-03-20 04:27

DIALLO SYNO synothropus


RT @ChelseaFC: Before Lionel Messi, there was Frank Lampard! 😉

2019-03-20 04:27

vaughan williams WilliamsVaughan

@Cruithintuait @JuliaHB1 @KhanUR1983 Blame the terrorist and the extreme white supremacist ideology ? .... fine by…

2019-03-20 04:27

Celeste celeste_debra


RT @rupinjapan: Trying to get your drunk friend into an Uber

2019-03-20 04:27

Honeyscotch🍯 mamah_kabeer

Allah first😍
sabr ❤
future farmer ❤🙌

@atiku_sulaiman I've watched both.
I think the conjuring was based on a true event koh

2019-03-20 04:27

Ulysses Alvarez Laviada madhatterbinary

Application Developer-Philosopher-Writer-Artist

If there is one thing I learned from Heidegger, which left a lasting impression on me about the role of philosophy,…

2019-03-20 04:27

Shep Michaels Can’t Dance ShepMichaels

Former cop, former firefighter, former US Army MP, current nobody. I’m still a bigger Trekkie than you. My mediocrity is self-inflicted. Testiculi ad Brexitam.

@california6182 @LBC @Nigel_Farage Why are you in California and dictating what either the UK or EU should do?

2019-03-20 04:27

Mauro Domingos 🍃 maurinhu4

Sou um ser em construção, em constante evolução... Poeta ✍, Sonhador 💭, Amante de Desportos ⚽️🏀 e Engenheiro 🎓 nas horas vagas...

RT @ChelseaFC: Before Lionel Messi, there was Frank Lampard! 😉

2019-03-20 04:27

ASone NASS_ASone

New online platform bringing young people with axial spondyloarthritis and ankylosing spondylitis together | Part of NASS |

RT @rivett_ali: Congratulations to @NASSchiefexec @NASSexercise on setting up this new #APPG! @RheumatologyUK will publish data on diagnosi…

2019-03-20 04:27

mike ritter mwritter

Faith does not determine truth, in fact, it is the worst way; reasoning is the only way to determine truth. I was religious until I reached the age of reason.

RT @FT: Many societies favour taxing the rich more, OECD survey finds

2019-03-20 04:27

Marggie Drivas B. MarggieDB

RT @TheEconomist: A lower court declared 11 of Virginia's districts to be unconstitutional. Now the Supreme Court will have the final say h…

2019-03-20 04:27

Thomas Culpepper ThomasC35813096

Ex Army. Supports Independence of nation states, voted Leave wants #Brexit . EU remainers are blocked

RT @MelanieLatest: Civil servant at heart of Brexit process: ‘Far from “No-Deal” being a disaster or “cliff-edge”, a deal based on WTO rule…

2019-03-20 04:27

Pauloo PaulFanzouze


RT @SuperCazarre: Mise à jour ♻️

2019-03-20 04:27

☆ 𝐋𝐚𝐝𝐲𝐂𝐫𝐨𝐟𝐭𝟖𝟗 ☆ #EGX2019 LadyCroft89

⭐️Lara Croft fan since 1996⭐️Horror fan⭐️Disney fan⭐️Animal lover⭐️💙I am a Mother to a perfect baby boy in Heaven💙👼🏻 2019 GOAL: Lose 65LBS! 🌈

@Xbox #BumblebeeSweepstakes ❤️🙏🏻❤️

2019-03-20 04:27

Steven Brown stevenbrownsix

traveling is part of my life

Whenever you see a successful person you only see the public glories, never the private sacrifices to reach them

2019-03-20 04:27

Nemezia NemeziaKnits

HANDMADE KNITWEAR & CLOTHING #ecofashion #bohemian #sustainablefashion #handmade #smallbusiness #shopsmall #crochet #knitting #natural

RT @_houseandgarden: Architect Craig Hamilton's Welsh farmhouse is a fine example of his trademark modern classic style.

2019-03-20 04:27

Tamas Noll NollTamas

@wiltfongjr @WCGridiron Houston is a kind of guy what u need if u all in for a SB run. He would elevate this alread…

2019-03-20 04:27

DvNag sdvnagsha

"There is chaos to confront, truth to discover & articulate and order to revivify". WRITER, SCREEN-WRITER, Libertarian wing.,🇮🇳

RT @PrisonPlanet: Beto O'Rourke supports aborting babies right up until the point of birth. This is de facto infanticide. Normally, such wa…

2019-03-20 04:27

TAAAYREN S_reneren

hello, hi...Up North.

RT @RiAngelica_: If someone on the tl started a wax business I’m not using them. One disagreement and booooom an uncensored fanny pic on th…

2019-03-20 04:27

picolin picolin1

おおむねいい加減でどちらかというと邪悪。English Account: @picolin_2


2019-03-20 04:27

Olagamal Olagama74343289

RT @elhawaryMohamm1: جمهور نادي تشيلسي الإنجليزي يحطمون مقهى رجل عربي ويقومون بإذلاله بطريقة عنصرية ويتهمونه بـ "الإرهاب" .. والسبب لأنه عر…

2019-03-20 04:27

Deslie Thomas DeslieT

Saved by Grace ✨🙌🏾 Lord Use Me Somehow 🙏🏾#ChangedinFirstLoveChurch 👆❤️💒 #BishopDagMyHero ❤️

RT @FirstLoveUK: Be blessed by these encouraging words from the book ‘Formula For Humility’ by Dag Heward-Mills.


2019-03-20 04:27

Ngumbi robert_vanes

Believes in equal opportunities and fairness for all

RT @blackyellowbrd: This is Ayelet Shaked, Israel's justice minister.
Does Tom Watson approve?

2019-03-20 04:27

Back in my Head ButIwillStray

I’m not unfaithful, but I’ll stray (when I get a little scared).

RT @K_IngalaSmith: Women victim-survivorsof men’s violence who want to access support and advocacy services in women-only spaces -and from…

2019-03-20 04:27


─ stream oph pt. iv ◦ sᴛᴇғғɪ

RT @kattparry: hey. in case you need to hear it today. you matter. the people around you care about you because they want to. your feelings…

2019-03-20 04:27

Carina M. Gsottbauer CarinaDSLR

Wanderer | #biologist | #reader | #Austrian | Ex #Whale watching #guide | Ex dogsled guide | Now: exploring Latin America | Sony Alpha68 | Views=my own

RT @royalsociety: This is incredible.
Jocelyn Bell Burnell FRS has donated her Breakthrough Prize to establish the #BellBurnellFund with @P…

2019-03-20 04:27

phil harrison philsquidgharri

RT @TheaDickinson: If we go for this deal, we do not then take back control of our laws, our trade policy, & even our immigration policy wi…

2019-03-20 04:27

blueface baby Baddokae

RT @TiaToldYouSo: I didn’t even know how she was gonna top the first girl then she came with that straight fire I’m dead

2019-03-20 04:27

The Evil Mekon UnwinStanley

The battleline between good and evil runs through the heart of every man.

RT @theJeremyVine: Question. You're the EU. You get the phone call from Theresa May asking for an extension to the March 29th deadline. You…

2019-03-20 04:27

Jeremy Barraud JeremyBarraud

Deputy Director, Research Management and Administration, @UAL (world #2 in art and design - QS). Formerly @CityUniLondon @DaiwaFoundation @SOAS. Own views.

Marie Genevieve Cyr: recycling billboards as fashion pieces

2019-03-20 04:27

UNIQUE MissAyobo

Hi LOL!! Life is tooooo Short!!☺#Standoutforgreatness. Honour God In Everything You Do And Be Blessed

@no_one_like_glo Thanks Sis. ☺️

2019-03-20 04:27

Alison Bender alibendertv

Freelance Football TV presenter/ reporter/ events host/blogger/ mum of 2. Real Madrid, Chelsea etc.

@lynseyhipgrave1 Thanks hun. I’m being a big wimp over this one. Every joint aches 😓

2019-03-20 04:27

Radio-Québec™ Alexis_Cossette

Compte d'Alexis Cossette-Trudel/ Dir. de Radio-Québec. Ph.D, M.A. Analyse des médias, politique, culture, philo, lien social.

RT @PrisonPlanet: *NEW VIDEO*

In Nigeria, 120+ Christians have been gunned down or killed with machetes over the past 3 weeks by Islamic j…

2019-03-20 04:27

Dom Teagle DominicTeagle

I take photographs

London sketches

2019-03-20 04:27

Niko💰 NikoKartali

📈Social Media Marketing 🏘Real Estate Investor

My line of work Pays dividend to understand a consumer's mindset !

2019-03-20 04:27

Nicola nikkihack

Retweets are just that. Labour supporter, Labour voter, Labour member. #SocialistSunday is the best political day of the week! #Socialism

RT @JackDunc1: "Employment is at its highest since 1975"

- Sure, If you classify anyone who works 1h/per week as "employed"

- Jobs alone…

2019-03-20 04:27

Victor Hugo Victor_Hdq

Vim do nada pra me tornar o impossível.

RT @oldholmes: gente vcs viram como é épica a cena do thor chegando em wakanda dublado em japonês?

2019-03-20 04:27

Adam Dechanel AdamDechanel

Award-winning writer, artist & producer. #Superman writer for SHP. Loves #comics #film #animation #theatre & dog Barkley. Creator of @cavaliercomic


Wanna level up? Work with industry professionals AND the chance to perform on stage at Empire Bar!…

2019-03-20 04:27

oui Mathcdfgfbgf

Paris SG

RT @SuperCazarre: Mise à jour ♻️

2019-03-20 04:27

Emily Collins Emily1Collins

Fucking up is a creative act. And deserves a soundtrack.

RT @VeroVero777: Anyone else find it a bit rich to hear No.10 whinging about how unfair it is for Bercow to invoke a 400yr old Parliamentar…

2019-03-20 04:27

The Bad Man Tipster TheBadManTips

Matty the 'Bad Man Tipster'! Let’s win some money! Followers must be 18+. Please gamble responsibly.

RT @TheBadManTips: Let’s smash through the £250k mark tonight by landing another Daily Double Up! 😏

Get yourself set up with a BetBull acc…

2019-03-20 04:27


Centre for Supporters of Human Rights

reported confrontation tonight between security forces and people celebrating Chaharshanbe Suri in town of the Diva…

2019-03-20 04:27

Tiger Tigerthecat1102

I am a 12 year old tuxedo. I like naps, & eating. I have girlfriend named Tiggy.💖 #ambassacat for the Commonwealth of Kentucky 🇺🇸 #WalkAway

RT @RSPCAWimbledon: Meet Carmen. She's a very cuddley girl who was found after her owners moved abroad and left her behind. She was fending…

2019-03-20 04:27


|SAVE THE RHINOS🦏| Click the link


2019-03-20 04:27

derfelowen derfelowen

Director of Academic Services, University College London. Generally opinionated about politics and HE. Welsh. Love dogs :)

@HMatthews67 Just get a derogation

2019-03-20 04:27

Lynn 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☮ limpet67

When you're dead, you don't know you're dead. It's difficult only for others. It's the same when you're stupid!

RT @politicshome: Number 10 admits UK 'in crisis' amid major Brexit bust-up with Speaker John Bercow

2019-03-20 04:27

Living Water livingwateruk

Living Water is a husband and wife duo, Marsha & Nathaniel.
Band name is from John 7:38. Jesus says, “… out of your belly shall flow rivers of Living water”

Devout Catholic 'who used wrong pronoun to describe transgender girl' to be interviewed by police …

2019-03-20 04:27

Indy robot_and_i_ltd

IT consultancy, creating voice driven apps for social betterment
With a focus on #education and #Healthcare.
#voiceapps #amazonalexa #amazonecho #python

Javascript - Lesson 17 - Exception Handling

The basics of exception handling. Throws and try/catches to handle un…

2019-03-20 04:27

Dr Nick NichSmith

Hi everybody! Medical Doctor/MSc student, Oxford/UCL grad, currently at KCL; From Durham. Geeky. One of those gays. Views own. Swear often

@DoorPodcast I know it's actually Aemond I'm mad at, but Vhagar earns my atipathy by association for his role in killing Rhaenys and Meleys

2019-03-20 04:27