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A openshadowlight

RT @D_Raval: “Another nothing has changed moment from this shambles government..”
Very apt summary from Jeremy on May’s useless #Brexit st…

2018-10-16 08:25

Gary Cartmell garycartmell

MD of Precise Advice, author of Making Money for Other People, award winning PR, Public Affairs, Marketing consultancy former CEO of PLC Property Business.

@TheAgencyGlobal @PRCA_UK @prcacreative @prweekuknews I learnt a new word thanks #mentee - shame really its only wo…

2018-10-16 08:25

Adriano Mazzola AdrianoMazzola

What We Post In CyberSpace Echoes In Eternity - Truth lover and heart motivator, broadcasting from our devinely engineered flat motionless plane

@NeilTheMason @KSigMason It's flat face it we know

2018-10-16 08:25

Eva Solange Bortalis Evaasioon

frenchie in london - vavavoom - Alais in LIW Frankfurt - @rentatthemill - represented by @agencyirvingst - @themtaonline class of 2018 | @ctaperforming

@theMTAonline I know

2018-10-16 08:25

WmC montygoes

@Roisinconaty Just great...

2018-10-16 08:25

Tosin Shodeyi Tosin_sho

18 | University of Manchester

@txznim Then I’d be perpetuation the stereotype that black people are aggressive/violent. I have to hot him up with words

2018-10-16 08:25

R JR rjr2381

RT @keanothedog: @MichaelAvenatti #Basta

2018-10-16 08:25

김유라 btsna55

" love myself , love yourself , thank you billboard "-RM 2017

RT @NME: .@BTS_twt make history in New York with a dazzling and inclusive stadium spectacular

2018-10-16 08:25

Dezza Outchearian

@MostlyLit host | SAFE editor | Podcast producer | Writer | Mentor | Human |

(I am large, I contain multitudes.)

RT @theslumflower: The Queen of Peckham for @adidasUK.

Catch my face all over the city!

2018-10-16 08:25

Na ernaliyyana

life is short.
be happy

RT @croissantbaee: GUYS when I tell you Ayatul Kursi is one of the best du’as and so powerful, I mean it. Read that du’a after every salah…

2018-10-16 08:25

Feisty B MariaCbsHoyos

IG : mariajose_cbs

Always surround yourself with people that motivate you

2018-10-16 08:25

neLLa montana nellazkilam

hannah montana fan account

it's 2018 and i'm down for zayn to get a face tattoo YES QUEEN his head tat is so pretty love a man

2018-10-16 08:25

Bright Nomad ✈ BrightNomad

Solo female #travelblogger at sharing destination guides, travel planning tips and advice for digital nomads. Love #photography and #vegan food.

RT @theboutiqueadv: Exmouth Boat Trip & Other Great Exmouth Things to do for Adults

2018-10-16 08:25

Monachopsis 🇬🇩 Isa_redz

Grenada my Isle my home ❤️💚💛 🇬🇩
Small girl with big dreams 🌙

RT @__clvralaw: there’s no woman on earth I will find more sexually attractive than Rihanna, that’s all.

2018-10-16 08:25

Machine Learning machinelearn_d

Machine Learning Digest. Powered by

RT @IainLJBrown: Novel machine learning based framework could lead to breakthroughs in material design

Read more here:

2018-10-16 08:25

Derek Vigeant thegeekpotato

Writer for /> Podcaster on @GeekdomFancast
100% Fanboy.

RT @totalcultzone: />
It's another @burningheartsfe show folks! free violence!

#wrestling #womenswrestling #evolutio…

2018-10-16 08:25

Tyk tyk_io

Tyk Open Source API gateway & API management platform. We're on a mission to connect every system in the world.

It's been 1 year since we started our free API Surgeries & in that time we've hosted 10 events & helped 120+ tech a…

2018-10-16 08:25

theMagicSnorkel theMagicSnorkel

the MagicSnorkel the original Eco-friendly lifestyle website. Raising awareness to protect the Ocean. Get involved!

I liked a @YouTube video Akala: Why I’m Not Playlisted On Radio | @AmaruDonTV

2018-10-16 08:25

Mikey Cuddihy MikeyCuddihy1

I'm an artist - a writer with a stammer who loves words; & I like playing the guitar. My memoir A Conversation About Happiness published by @AtlanticBooks

RT @Art360Fdn: Excited to announce that David Bickerstaff's amazing film of Art360 artist Edward Woodman has been nominated for an AHRC Res…

2018-10-16 08:25

Dr Beale Dr_Beale_

Eclectic tweeter: science (autophagy, immunology, flu) medicine (kidneys), early music, food. Funded by @the_MRC, moving to @TheCrick in January. Own views etc.


2018-10-16 08:25

Daily Star Daily_Star

Your Official Daily Star Twitter Page!

British Army veteran, 29, raped repeatedly at knifepoint by jealous ex in nine-hour ordeal

2018-10-16 08:25

Sulayman A. Bah sulayman_a

@Ykinteh Good reminder

2018-10-16 08:25

Circus Records circus_records

Est. 2009 | Home to @doctorpcircus,
@Fluxpavilion, @FuntCaseUK, @CookieMonstaDUB, @DISKORDuk & more

Head over to @beatport to check out @Conrank's chart!

2018-10-16 08:25

Wilks WilksOcker

Chelsea FC

RT @UberCheIseaFC: The Greatest Night in Chelsea Football Club’s history...

Absolute goosebumps every time I watch this, the way Lamps run…

2018-10-16 08:25

Sani Yusuf saniyusuf

🇳🇬🇬🇧 Web @googledevexpert, @Lynda/@LinkedIN Author. Founder @haibridco. Conf Speaker/Trainer On @ionicframework. Org @ionicuk Im Not The Man Of Your Dreams

Most people dont know Paul Allen but he made our today possible with his contributions to windows. God bless you Pa…

2018-10-16 08:25

melina🇬🇧| Bitch im a cow ChuuBangtan

status: dead inside #BTS #RedVelvet #GIDLE

@trividescence If anything bts got overworked because of north america, jimin neck pains probably because of their north america leg

2018-10-16 08:25

奉仕 ItstheRoc112

Walking Ticking Time Bomb

RT @ComicBooksTalk: Ezra Miller cast as The Flash in 2014. First standalone movie... 2021?

2018-10-16 08:25

FALA COM QUEM PRESTA😌💅#EternoJuninho 😇😭 Gleyce1365988

06/06/2018.Quando me tornei a mulher mas feliz desse mundo 💙 mamãe do Jhoão Lucas 💙👫#SOLTEIRA 💋

Vou barga

2018-10-16 08:25

A ⭐️⭐️ Assa_Tou

IG : assa9494 || Snap : asssssatou [5s] || @Jul & @PNLMusic ❤️

RT @Yanoou_: Et Carla ose mentir. Elle ose être énervée contre Julien ? Jsuis morte alors qu’elle va se faire soulever la nuit par Kevin. C…

2018-10-16 08:25

KHCounselling MBACP CounsellingKH

Counsellor for appointment see website.Kindred spirit. Artist. Boxing enthusiast. Mindfulness. Meditation

@owengiggityclay Congratulations incredible achievement

2018-10-16 08:24

Xalwa 🍫 somaslibb


RT @Ruweidaah: Bad lil' vibe, she been on my mind 🍭

2018-10-16 08:24

💚🇵🇰Riz🏆2017 CHAMP🏏🇵🇰💚 riz007_007

#TeamPakistan🇵🇰 #CT17 #Champions🇵🇰 @staniarmy. Graduate BSC @Arsenal #PakistanZindabad #PMIK #Muslim #Hajj2018🕋 #Alhamdulillah 🇵🇸
RIP Cousin 12/09/17🙏

RT @SkyNews: Major life-threatening cyber attack on UK 'in little doubt' in near future, warns security chief

2018-10-16 08:24

Baron 395 ن EgoAnglus

Proud English Nationalist. Supporter of UK, USA & Israel. IslamoRealist. Defensor Genus. Deus Vult. Believer in THE ANGLOSPHERE. NO LISTS. NO WORDS OF WISDOM.

RT @Lava_Louisa: Something very dark & evil is settling over the UK because of immigration. We cannot say we are not happy with certain pra…

2018-10-16 08:24

Demi, Hold on Tight StayStrong561

Be Kind.

RT @StigAbell: @piersmorgan I wear one for my 13-week-old baby; and I am a big, hairy male. You seem nervous about masculinity for some unk…

2018-10-16 08:24

Will Pickens wtpickens1

Living on a little blue island in a sea of red.

RT @brianklaas: After 13 days of flat denials. If this is the new denial, why would anyone take this new excuse seriously?

2018-10-16 08:24

Bouff daddy 🌹 shadlu

Nigeria's finest, minerals, diamonds
The earth is cursed but I survive many climates
#mufc #funaab #musicEnthusiast #wizkidFc #burna

RT @IslamAndLifeOFC: “Great reward comes with great trials. When Allah loves a people, He tests them, and whoever accepts it attains His pl…

2018-10-16 08:24

Михаил Михаил Pn5Q95PiSyJ1LIj

#followback #взаимночитаю , #bitcoin . #криптовалюта .

RT @chain_izi: 💰💰💰 YOUTUBE CONTEST is ongoing with total prize money up to $50,000.
🔜🔜🔜 Join now for the chance to own this extremely valua…

2018-10-16 08:24

BrownSugar. Lisa_Hoopz

Instagram: lisa_patz_

Want to win some free makeup? Just RT this tweet (and make sure you’re following me). That’s all! Feel free t…

2018-10-16 08:24

SFM CanetheSutter

Brexit (bad crap) and Corbyn's Labour (good stuff). Always, ALWAYS punch nazis (and obnoxious tories) and fight their shit claims in social media

RT @holland_tom: "Although quiet and reclusive by nature, kererū have earned a reputation as the drunkest bird in New Zealand."


2018-10-16 08:24

S🌻 cle_eaux

22 - MH student and advocate 🧠🕊

@HabibaDaGold selective memory kmt

2018-10-16 08:24

Luiza 🌍🌻 luizap1

Despise Corruption and Lies. Basic Income for all YESTERDAY. Green energy makes sense. There is only one race, the human race. I block liars

RT @shahmiruk: The UK police are incapable of holding criminals like Vote Leave accountable - it’s out of their power. There is no authorit…

2018-10-16 08:24

Laura Ashworth Solidmoonlight

Passionate about Classic Movies, @NBCTimeless, the #DuchessofCambridge and the #DuchessofSussex. Member of the @MeghansMirror team.

RT @RE_DailyMail: Harry and Meghan have been give a kangaroo and its Joey. Our first baby gift! Exclaims Meghan.

2018-10-16 08:24

OPensador89 OPensador89

Reflexões sobre o mundo que nos cerca.

RT @PrisonPlanet: Judge dismisses Stormy Daniels defamation suit. Another bad day for libs.

2018-10-16 08:24

Florecita🌸🇲🇽 _fruitima_


RT @imteddybless: when women talk about street harassment men always chime in with “just kick him in the nuts!” “slap them!” and it’s like.…

2018-10-16 08:24

Tony Read TonyRead94

Age 23 Arsenal fan ⚽️ Sanfransico Giants ⚾️ Traveling Boxing 🥊MMA video games 🎮Photogaphy 🎥📸Family and Friends Kelly ❤️

Watching Ross kemp on gangs

2018-10-16 08:24

LavyLav ✨ Qweeniey

Young Christian Woman with high aspirations. Though I fall short, listen to the message & not the messenger | 24

RT @ImaniDH: People give so many excuses not to pay tithe/offering & its funny. God didn’t have to wake you up this morning but youre doing…

2018-10-16 08:24

Marcy Thompson 1texanMarcy

Married, mother, private pilot, gulf coast angler, water skier, snow skier, love dogs

RT @brianklaas: Democrats should make expanding voting rights a cornerstone of the party’s agenda: turn Election Day into a national holida…

2018-10-16 08:24

Joka 5ingh joka5ingh

Yas, this von is berry narce...

London 23rd.2 seated @u2tickets.
I'm not a tout! Prefect view of the Cage. Relatively inexpensive considering. BELO…

2018-10-16 08:24

Andreas Baader Pravda_Crvena

RT @aveirjapan:

2018-10-16 08:24

S a m a r _4usmr

@iisalma15 ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه…

2018-10-16 08:24

euthanasia ErzebetK

PATRIOT, back after my account is not accessible, love to all, Erika


2018-10-16 08:24

LP ✈️ Verttonghen

- Tottenham Hotspur

@lfcDoyen I can easily unfollow.

2018-10-16 08:24

#HDO ZinoYh

What a wonderful day to be lightskin

RT @samsmith: CONGRATULATIONS TO @Santandave1 ON YOUR NUMBER ONE!! I love you to bits. Watching you shine and take over is so special. One…

2018-10-16 08:24

Mar chillousurfista

ig: @mariamlbarradas ✨🌊

RT @inesrebelop: Eu chego à internet e descubro que saí do armário.

2018-10-16 08:24

Pʀᴏɴɢs JamesPontas

• Eᴜ sᴏᴜ ᴠᴇʟʜᴏ, só ғɪɴᴊᴏ ϙᴜᴇ ɴãᴏ!! • 🦌| I solemnly swear I am up to no good | ••• [Fan Account] •••

@Marlene_Mcki VAI ME AJUDAR??

2018-10-16 08:24

Luke SnakeeCOD

|@GrayVixen 😍|🐐| Call Of Duty player for @OBNeSports

We regain and go again tomorrow

2018-10-16 08:24

جنات 🌺 JameeRohim


RT @rvheem: I don’t know how some people aren’t close to their siblings. My brother has gone holiday yesterday and I lowkey miss the wastem…

2018-10-16 08:24

Hamad Hamadalhajri73

الله ، الوطن ، الأمير

RT @osgaweesh: MBS
Mister Bone Saw

محمد بن سلمان هو السيد منشار العظم في إشارة للطريقة البشعة التي قتل بها #جمال_خاشقجي

2018-10-16 08:24

colette colettefrida

high functioning cheese addict

midnight existential crisis

2018-10-16 08:24

keke🧚🏻‍♂️✨🍯 peachykeeks


I do this too😭😭😭😭

2018-10-16 08:24

miranda 38 tylersfallaway

+ redemption's not that far

RT @tylersneoncity: @tylerrjoseph @tylerrjoseph but first of all we need a video of Jenna’s reaction to smithereens

2018-10-16 08:24


RT @WILZERP: @ecojuanfe @marlinramos13 @CaracolRadio @TimoFARC Si eso fuera verdad de lo que dice el guerrillero de mierda en @CaracolRadio…

2018-10-16 08:24


Natural Health Practitioner, Writer, Artist. Growing greener & more spiritual...Trying to be a better me...Love nature...gentle souls, human kindness...


2018-10-16 08:24

sanai ssaannaaii18

RT @lioness_km: We need to build a wall around black twitter, seriously

2018-10-16 08:24

Audrey Fenwick audinarygirl

Ex Labour supporter; Love Europe - loathe the undemocratic dictatorial EU; #MayMustGoNow #SwitchOffMSMFakeNews #StandUpForBrexit 🇬🇧#ProjectPositive 🇬🇧

RT @alexwickham: Fresh out of tonight’s pizza club... sounds like Brexiteer ministers are (all too predictably) expected to fold and fall i…

2018-10-16 08:24

سفيان بن مولود Sofiane Belmiloud SofianeBelmilo1

International Strategy and Diplomacy at the London School of Economics.

The democratic peace theory is over. From now on the US-led liberal international order should content itself with…

2018-10-16 08:24

kazuya Mayz_Brinzou

shit series soon... 🎶👨🏾‍🍳 / †. Cσmme Uη Cяéαteuя .†

RT @RaheemSterlings: Seule chose à retenir de #Ninho!! Fait ce que tu veux de ta vie intime fait juste attention avec qui tu le fais lol ht…

2018-10-16 08:24

We Want Ish! Trade Reggie Jackson WeWantIsh

Sportswriter. Analyst. Single Father.
God. Family. Country.

RT @PrisonPlanet: Judge dismisses Stormy Daniels defamation suit. Another bad day for libs.

2018-10-16 08:24

Elisa Hills elisa_hills


RT @Sophieg0ld_: Women urged to carry keys between fingers. Women urged to cover their drinks at all times. Women urged to not get drunk ar…

2018-10-16 08:24

César Ballena Vargas MeAnScHaTz

No MATTER where you came from, just where you PLAN to go. Peruvian Shoot for life 📷

RT @bbcmundo: Facebook dijo que hay unos 30 millones de personas afectadas

2018-10-16 08:24

InfoWarsArmy337 infowarsarmy337

Vinyl Graphics

RT @PrisonPlanet: Judge dismisses Stormy Daniels defamation suit. Another bad day for libs.

2018-10-16 08:24

Fatima Parker ParkerFatima

I am an Inspirational Public Speaker,Broadcaster,Counselor.Author,, regular guest speaker on self esteem, healthy living and Size Diversity on Radio,TV & Online

Beauty Diversity.

2018-10-16 08:24

BossLady Trill Mis_Damptey

CEO (StyleXclusive)/ Choreographer/model/ Artiste Manager/ Event Manager(organiser) enquiries:

@Akua_B_Tinted Yah
How are you though?

2018-10-16 08:24

Kem Kem 💎 SpontaneousKemi

Single Mum of a Charming Prince,
Future Billionaire💰,
Photographer 📷,
Graphics Designer,

RT @KensingtonRoyal: Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Sussex is expec…

2018-10-16 08:24

Rafael Perez RafaelP02108195

hola como están soy de RD

RT @bbcmundo: "El club republicano": quién es quién en el polémico cuadro de Trump junto a otros presidentes que decora la Casa Blanca http…

2018-10-16 08:24

Edgy vegas870

Not all retweets are endorsements

RT @GerardBattenMEP: Shouldn’t these soldiers be disciplined for having their photo taken with someone who undermines the basis of our demo…

2018-10-16 08:24

Ja?k ❄ Paradox__Jack

대체 나는 무엇을 위해서 숨을 쉬는 거지. / 헤더는 프리소스.

@Lilykatiara .... 하려고?

2018-10-16 08:24

Caesar Cxesar_

Caesar (Titan City) | Bookings & Enquiries - @TitanCityMusic • CEO • Founder • Artist | Insta: Cxesar_

RT @RealistJon: RT’s aren’t a sign of agreement btw sometimes I’m just lobbing some stupidity to the TL so we can all laugh in unison

2018-10-16 08:24

Tina D shishnfips

If I can contribute to putting an end to the abhorrent #DogMeatTrade before I take my last breath I will die a Happy person



RT @shishnfips: PRINT ADS-#NAMIKIM #SUCCESSSTORIES! Please donate what you can

2018-10-16 08:24

Sir Patrick SirPatrickRed

Conservador. Si es zurdo, progresista, gay, pro aborto, animalista, feminista, o marihuanero no me siga.

#TodosSomosKrassnoff un héroe de guerra contra el comunismo. 🇨🇱

2018-10-16 08:24

Josh Butler joshbutlermusic

Bookings: North & South America Bookings:

RT @UpFrontBeats: @joshbutlermusic and @kellerkindmusik are set to release a monstrous remix package of Junior Jack and Tube & Berger’s col…

2018-10-16 08:24

Dehsverre dehsverre

Be who you are and say what you feel - Because those that matter, don't mind - And those that mind, don't matter.

RT @PrisonPlanet: Judge dismisses Stormy Daniels defamation suit. Another bad day for libs.

2018-10-16 08:24

Marie Macfarlane #JC4PM Cybrarian64

Blacklisted Librarian. East End Glaswegian. Socialist. #JC4PM #ForTheMany #MOATS #MOATSExtra #ActuallyAutistic #savelibraries #FreePalestine #EndKoreanWar

RT @JoeWyle: Today I’m doing a #female activist special of #SocialistSunday please follow and support these wonderful women:


2018-10-16 08:24

Daniel Margrain hairymarx1

Democratic socialist who detests this rotten Tory government to its core. Mainly write for @Renegade_Inc

It seems odd to me that somebody as incorruptible as Corbyn would apparently feel it's less effective to piss from…

2018-10-16 08:24

KirstyS kirsty_psych

Trainee Clinical Psych @UniofHerts. Obsessive volunteer & International Director @CauseCorps. Committee @BPSCommPsy. 💌Art, community action & social justice🤗

RT @trustforlondon: #LDNChallengePovertyWeek is not just about highlighting poverty in London, but finding solutions for it.

58% of London…

2018-10-16 08:24

Backyardigan Nsikak_Ud

Automobile /Mechanical Engineer; Aspiring Digital Marketer

Visit: to chat with “Micar”, an AI chatbot.


RT @SkySportsStatto: England become the first visiting side to win a competitive international against Spain since Greece in June 2003 - Sp…

2018-10-16 08:24

an jikookvlive

long live the gays

RT @Vevo_UK: 🖤 @the1975's video for "Love It If We Made It" is here and it's an emotional, chaotic painting of the world we're in.

▶︎ http…

2018-10-16 08:24

Lawrence Ennis larryennis18466

RT @KensingtonRoyal: Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Sussex is expec…

2018-10-16 08:24

Ⓖⓐⓣⓢ🅱️ⓨ 🇮🇪 🎃 GatsbyReturned

Ba thú mo thua catha, mo arm cogaidh.
Is leatsa a threascair mé na náisiúin,
a leag mé na ríochtaí. ✝️

Nah... I'm a white guy.

RT @holland_tom: A church in Montenegro has a fresco showing Karl Marx in hell. He is flanked on either side by Marshal Tito & Engels. http…

2018-10-16 08:24

RE🇹🇿 KvaSantiago1

➿🖤❣️ rebada$$💛😘 M O S T H A T E D 😈💔🆙|LLTC💙💛|2️⃣0️⃣

RT @1Hakz_: Tbh i’m so unappreciated & that’s fine, imma keep being the genuine person i am.

2018-10-16 08:24

Nava Rodrigues, D daninava

Pathologist, Researcher & Leftist. Brazilian settled in the UK. Tweets in English/Português. Personal account. Views my own.

@DestinoBR800 @CapivaraMa a=ha

2018-10-16 08:24

Tahri Noureddine TahriNoureddin3

RT @AlarabyTV: #عاجل | سي،إن،إن: السعودية تستعد للاعتراف بأن #خاشقجي قتل نتيجة استجواب خاطئ

2018-10-16 08:24

❤️😡 minjae_1115

김민재 선수 정승현 선수 위주로 국대 다 파요 🤗🤩

RT @nike_07080828: 4. 성용이보다 민재가 더 크다? (키?덩치?)

5. 덩치 제일 큰사람 민재

6. 승우 실제로 보면 정말 작다 눈대중으로 168~170 정도

7. 그만큼 얼굴도 작아서 세상에서 가장 쪼그만 사람....


2018-10-16 08:24

Dan Abramov dan_abramov

Working on @reactjs. Co-author of Redux and Create React App. Building tools for humans.

@nnajiabraham @TheLarkInn I don't personally provide support for webpack, I thought you meant you were using CRA

2018-10-16 08:24

Sarah ScouseGirlMedia

Politics, music, footy. Digital stuff. Labour. Sickened by Tory treatment of vulnerable. #LFC #JFT96 #DontBuyTheSun #FansSupportingFoodbanks #LiverpoolLeft

RT @lilyallen: No I didn’t, why you lying for ?

2018-10-16 08:24

spooky 👻 Rick C137 UK_Daniel_Card

Robot overlord @Xservus. creator of @threatweek May have access to infinity stones! Blogs @itsm_tools. Skulks on HTB and @TheManyHatsClub studying for #oscp

@drjessicabarker shared :) #SharingIsCaring

2018-10-16 08:24


DJ &/or Playlist music 4 Lock Tavern, Shacklewell Arms, Defectors Weld, 3 Crowns, George IV, Flat Iron, North West Brewery Co. Geronimo Pubs, 5 Hertford St etc.

New minister for suicide prevention consistently votes for cuts in welfare for societies most vulnerable

2018-10-16 08:24

andrew bennett andyben123

please note, any opinions i express are my own, and not those of my employer!

RT @HousingFirstUK: @SocialistVoice @PeterStefanovi2 @streetskitchen @IscaSaboteur @mikecoulson48 @andy4wm @AndyBurnhamGM @SloughOutreach @…

2018-10-16 08:24

Dave dhodges399

lifelong queen fan. also marx brothers fan.steptoe&son.agro puppet the fast show.arse. two much love will kill you in the end. work for mission speakers.

@BritishComedy @MrsBrownsBoys I've just watched it.What a disaster!!

2018-10-16 08:24

🎊 Ho (ppy New) Yee 🎊 feline_dacat

Labs Innovation Programme manager @imaginationlabs. I have a lot of hobbies, don't judge me. Splatting fools in #spla4nament for Shrimp Bizkit

RT @jdportes: "I was happy enough when the public blamed immigrants instead of austerity for NHS and education cuts. But then it derailed…

2018-10-16 08:24