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Radus Pocus | VIP GOT7! ahgaseung

𝘼𝙝𝙜𝙖𝙨𝙚𝙨, 𝙡𝙚𝙩’𝙨 𝙗𝙚 𝙩𝙤𝙜𝙚𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙧 𝙛𝙤𝙧𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧! 𝘋𝘰 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘸 𝘙𝘦𝘥𝘝𝘦𝘭𝘷𝘦𝘵 ? 𝘒𝘰𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘯 𝘚𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘦r


2019-09-21 22:10

Alessandro Riolo aledeniz

@via_portami @lofioramonti @repubblica Sì, bisognerebbe investire per prolungare l'AV a FCO e MXP, e farla penetrar…

2019-09-21 22:10

Richard Gibbons RichardG1022

Production Editor, print & digital. Wigtownshire lad, Stranraer FC. London based.

@Only9built In typical fashion Arthur Brown turned up to the gig.

2019-09-21 22:10

SoulCentral Magazine Soulcentralmag

Welcome to Soul Central Magazine, (Go Global or Stay Local) For Feature`s or to Advertise Contact @Soulcentraltv / @MarkRoweSCM

#NowPlaying Summer IS Back [KpF] - GYPTIAN On Go Global Radio For AirPlay email: for more info

2019-09-21 22:10

_rixia rixia__


RT @ommanyte: I realised why Midoriya is such a good character, he has the perfect balance between being nice and going apeshit

2019-09-21 22:10

Graham watkins Grahamwatkins68

RT @EmmaKennedy: It’s amazing to me that at a time of national crisis, the Momentum wing of the Labour party have decided to fight their ow…

2019-09-21 22:10

Paul Ridd PaulRidd

Acquisitions Manager at Picturehouse Entertainment (UK). International Consultant at KVIFF. BFI London Film Festival 'Dare' Advisor. Opinions my own.

@GuyLodge ♥

2019-09-21 22:10

Lawrence Mealing LawrenceMealing

25. Tottenham. Recruitment. Useless US Equities Trader.

Those plastic fucking clappers have got to go

2019-09-21 22:10

miguel official miguelofficia12

Look am the best welcome to my world 🙏🎥

RT @DarnellMpele: I think about this video a lot

2019-09-21 22:10

Completely Hydraulic comphydraulic

Completely #Hydraulic provide hydraulic & #pneumatic services and products in #Essex, #London #Kent & #Heathrow call us today ! 08007076556 👷🚧🏗️

Hydraulic System Experts

#Hydraulic #Hydraulics 😄

2019-09-21 22:10

Beth Granter bethgranter

Socialist feminist queer woman. Like animals, biology, data, and female fronted punk rock. Digital & campaigning freelancer. #VoteLabour. She/her/comrade.

@reubenturner He's a libertarian. Says it all.

2019-09-21 22:10

Jessica Bristol DiaperMakeOvers

Baby Shower Headquarters ... Find the Perfect Gift or Decorations for your next Baby Shower

RT @DutchPalomita: Good morning all. I love these unusual sea pottery necklaces which feature pretty green maker’s marks. A lovely gift for…

2019-09-21 22:10

Rob Wilkins RobWilkins1


RT @mrjamesob: How, by all that is holy, can you look at the state of the country, the government, the Tory party & the Brexit ‘negotiation…

2019-09-21 22:10

د. من الزمن الجميل DIPLOMAT_90

سُمعتنا كدولةٍ ديمقراطية .. فالكويت رأسُمالها الديمقراطية والحرية .. أما النفط فهو ناضب .. نعم في بداية كل معركة تتقاتل الشعوب .. وفي نهاية الحرب تتصافح الملوك.

@AbdulhadiAfrah شنو المادة الاساسية اللي ادرسينها بنيتي للاطفال

2019-09-21 22:10

BOOKBOOT bookbootdotcom

is a peer to peer donation system that allow users to donate or request for used books.
Recycle your used books with us now.

RT @Best_Gapp: An attractive, light and spacious mews house with excellent accommodation arranged over three floors, available to rent in t…

2019-09-21 22:10

Jadie 🇩🇲🇯🇲 JadeBenji

'My hands are trained for war & my fingers are skilled for battle' ❤ Living a life of favour #LFC #YNWA #HallowHim2016 #HallowHim2017 #HallowHim #HH18 @WGMiGod

Yes 😂

2019-09-21 22:10

NZ nicole_zhanae

RT @iamodeal: If you have a good girl right now that’s down for you and you only, you’re lucky, pls don’t fumble.

2019-09-21 22:10

James Lazarus JustSayNope

Interested in politics, art, science. Voted remain. Still a proud European citizen. Stop the Brexit madness - fight ignorance & xenophobia.

RT @mrjamesob: How, by all that is holy, can you look at the state of the country, the government, the Tory party & the Brexit ‘negotiation…

2019-09-21 22:10

carol cpenguina

Conservative. Classic Liberal. Post feminist. Family, Education, Psychology, Free Speech, Health,Environment, Italy, Theatre and the Arts 🇬🇧

RT @stephenkb: The well-briefed line is that without Corbyn's knowledge, his chief of staff, the three Corbynite trades unions and the nine…

2019-09-21 22:10

Pauline Nasri poulonas

Saved by GRACE//Syrian, Armenian//Journalism student// Living by hope//Professional swimmer to be//Violinist.

RT @BBCArabic: مظاهرات في مصر تطالب برحيل #السيسي

2019-09-21 22:10

Hiba Ahmad itmeansagift

I read poetry at 4 AM...

RT @BBCWorld: "These protesters have been chanting and calling on President Sisi to go and leave power"

The BBC's Sally Nabil says tear ga…

2019-09-21 22:10

CP Mitcham HC CatsSouthLondon

Tweets from the Cats Protection Homing Centre in Mitcham, South London. Follow us for tweets about #cats and our work in South London.

We’ve got 16 cats at the centre looking for their forever homes. We’re open today until 5pm and tomorrow 11am-4pm.…

2019-09-21 22:10

dominic llewelyn DominicLlewelyn

Dominic is a China boffin, has expertise in Latin America, media junkie. I adore investigative journalism. I love CNN and I represent Amnesty international.

RT @Independent: British rapper goes viral after performing live with Boris Johnson's 'decapitated head'

2019-09-21 22:10


Sky Sports Premier League presenter: MNF, Super Sunday. Instagram: DavidBGJones

Such is the nature of football that many fans will disagree ... but that just feels wrong. #VAR

2019-09-21 22:10

Théroigne Russell velvetsilk

Organic & wild Foodie, Aries, bisexual European, low carber, cholesterol denier. Member and Friend @NewEuropeans Supporter @the3million Member @ALDEParty

RT @JolyonMaugham: I earn nothing from the work done by the Good Law Project, not one penny. Indeed, since it started, in addition to the b…

2019-09-21 22:10

Sue K #BritishIndependence SueKeen1

RT @TiceRichard: 15 minutes to go before our seventh regional conference. Join us live from Newport, Wales at 2pm.

Help us ensure democra…

2019-09-21 22:10

diva divaxblink

love the pinks more than rosé loves food, ot4

literally getting emotional with all this bp content, my period is messing with me

2019-09-21 22:10

jhus held my hand Periscilla99

priscilla m x kcl x 1999 x london/birms x 🇿🇲 x 🇩🇪 x

RT @FEMMEC0LLECTIVE: You’re too busy to text your significant others back but you’re on twitter everyday writing dissertations. God help yo…

2019-09-21 22:10

💛 koreikoekai

love his mamepoko smile

RT @peachybabyx: อ้วนนนน แกน่ารักจัง T-T

2019-09-21 22:10

shit... MOHDSter

इमान तिरंगा है
मेरे जान तिरंगा है
मेरा शान तिरंगा है।।।
we shall overcome one day..
Not a student of entire political science.

RT @snapnchat: Hey @AUThackeray any comments on this?


2019-09-21 22:10

Kevin M banham 1kevbanham

fitness 💪 / Gym /sport / Papa of 4 👨‍👦/ Leeds rhinos fan 🦏 / comper 🤞/ One Account And Honest❤️/ life is what you make of it 🌟#MentalHealthAwareness

RT @MichaelBensonn: 👑 Tyson Fury showing off his belt collection following the win over Otto Wallin.

[📸 @Tyson_Fury]

2019-09-21 22:10

Ammara madamle_strange

I’m a mom. You don’t wanna follow a mom.

RT @omarel_: i don’t know about you but I love my pools clear where you can actually see the water, this looks dirty and irritating. https:…

2019-09-21 22:10

Zigzagwanderer #BritishIndependence Zigzagwanderer3

Was the future once. A lifetime in Whitehall. Now a moany old cunt. And grandfather. Ales, golf, cricket, rugby, Man City fan of 50+ years. #BritishIndependence

@BrexitBetrayed But tears Labour apart at the best possible time.

2019-09-21 22:10

MarkP Mark____P

RT @AlexShawESPN: This is what football has become. It's abysmal.

2019-09-21 22:10

Ayo elprincetee

very cool, calm and calculated

RT @SpursOfficial: 79 - Our second switch.

🔵 #LCFC 1-1 #THFC ⚪

2019-09-21 22:10

J.I ChelseaUrdu

RT @jakeheasman: “Clear and obvious”.

2019-09-21 22:10

Mr. Edward Gent syahminazarudin

@aqiem_amany I feel u bro

2019-09-21 22:10

Hannah Roberts HannahRobzz

@mileycyrus 👼 🖤👼🖤👼🖤👼🖤👼🖤

RT @fatherwhitehall: That Friday feeling...

2019-09-21 22:10

Chris PochOnPoint


@markgoldbridge He’d start for you tbf

2019-09-21 22:10

Bibss😝 biaa_silva00

ig: biaa_silva000
💙🐲• Pai💙🌟

RT @joyceemanee: Até quando o ser humano vai ser ignorante ao pensar que uma vagina “alargada“ tem haver com o número de pessoas com quem j…

2019-09-21 22:10

THAIER_BOKHARI roribokhari

Prove yourself to yourself not others

RT @inmoood: "تأكد بأنك عندما تعمل خيرًا، وتُلقيه بحرًا، ستجرفه الأمواج إلى شاطئك مجددًا ولو بعد حين، فافعل الخير وليقع حيث يقع، فإن وقع في…

2019-09-21 22:10

Adam Lloyd AdamLloyd87

Lover of the outdoors and people who can Photoshop my face into human form. Younger than I seem. Violin/viola player. Views are mine, ALL MINE!

RT @PetrocTrelawny: Pretty important letter @thetimes #music #ClassicalMusic #future #education

2019-09-21 22:10

트위터에게 버림받았습니다 titanium_fever

와꾸 콜렉터 | 고통받는 칰팬 | 🇩🇪

RT @SpursOfficial: 79 - Our second switch.

🔵 #LCFC 1-1 #THFC ⚪

2019-09-21 22:10

mckenzie ryan kenzieryan23


2019-09-21 22:10

Gail Esq #fbpe #peoplesvote #EU🇬🇧🇪🇺 #fsfa thenorth4theeu

Interested in many things but for the time being runs this account as an anti Brexit account. Saboteur and deeply unhelpful. GMB member

RT @IanDunt: Terrible. Unjustifiable.

2019-09-21 22:10

H.A. hxrmsss


RT @_Nicksy: When someone starts impacting my emotions I want to run away from them

2019-09-21 22:10

RoodyTootyShotgunPeaShooty ShotgonRain

You know, life is good and all.... But have you ever played a video game or read a book that just sucks you in and before you know it you have an addiction?

RT @MrDalekJD: Look at today's date.

You're welcome.

2019-09-21 22:10

Missslothy missslothy

Family and writing - my two favourite things. Longtime Hawaii Five 0 #H50 fan girl. Other current tv obsessions - Lucifer, MotoGP, Moonlight, Alex O'Loughlin

@racoon_sa We missed it 🥺

2019-09-21 22:10

Graham Sutton grahamjsutton

Scientist/audiologist PhD. Formerly UK newborn hearing screening prog. Ex Lancs, Cantab. Non-tribal politics. Adore cats.

RT @PickardJE: Quote of the day from a Labour Remain activist:

“Jeremy is not the Queen or a constitutional monarch. He’s a politician, he…

2019-09-21 22:10

eijun 🥀 k_illua

OLLY | they/them leo princess | lesbian artist | 📖: Alice Walker - in search of our mothers’ gardens

tik tok > vine! let vine go. just let it go

2019-09-21 22:10

EdwinAngelDeLaTorre miundyinglove

Pura raza sabrosura.

RT @wbshopUK: To celebrate the Dark Knight's 80th anniversary, RT & Follow to be in with the chance to #Win this Bat Bundle of goodies. #Ba…

2019-09-21 22:10

A guy who’s name is brexit brexit37580201

Thatcherite brexiteer. ‘We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We will never surrender’. I don’t follow back.

RT @CeeMacBee: Humphrys:'the results of the referendum flummoxed the BBC. “Leave had won, and this was not what the BBC had expected. Nor w…

2019-09-21 22:10

Abdul-Rehman AbdulRBax

RT @ChelseaFC: Seven years of waiting, and then this! 🤩

On this day in 2013, @Mikel_John_Obi scored his first @PremierLeague goal! https:/…

2019-09-21 22:10

Bobby Webb xDeadWebb

My name is Bobby Webb. I love all things video game/movie related, oh and let’s not forget llamas! Aspiring streamer on Mixer.

Links Awakening Livestream #Sponsoredbypepsi

2019-09-21 22:10

𝖪𝖺𝗍𝗂𝗇𝖺. [San Mungo] katinadiatlova

O sea, resumiendo, estoy jodida y radiante. Quizá más lo primero que lo segundo y también viceversa.

@HvitserkHaralds » aquello, pero no sabía cómo explicarles que para ella era imposible comer cuando el hambre no ap…

2019-09-21 22:10

Alolan Ace alolan_ace

Talks about Games/Anime/News | Pokémon Fan | Ultimate Memelord | Shitposter | Experience with Photoshop | I retweet a lot.

RT @tiktok_uk: Today is the day we rescue Neil


2019-09-21 22:10

mel brasil_melll

22 | R❣️| r.i.p kyle 👼🏻

RT @MasryLando: No better feeling than seeing your hard work pay off

2019-09-21 22:10

yoloyolo platuna4

RT @jshield: 2018 | 2019

2019-09-21 22:10

will247x/iscrxb will247x

23. | 🚫🐍 | editor #SIKNATION #ATWW #OFTF #realonesonly #whynot #Rattpack #teamhenniwave #yonasnation #keepit💯 (Don't take me tweets too serious)

@arley_cone @chelseacutler no ones ever seen me dance on here so how tf would you know this?

2019-09-21 22:10

د. مشعل المطيري🇸🇦 almutayri986

‏‏‏‏☆باحث في الجماعات الإسلامية ☆

كل مااقوله رأيي الشخصي @والرتويت لايعني التبني

@yons251080 @jaberalharmi انت من تكلم معك لكن سبحان الله
اللي في......تنغزه تعرف الكلام موجه لك لذلك بدأت تنبح مثل…

2019-09-21 22:10

Smart okoye smartocm

RT @SpursOfficial: 📰 Hugo Lloris misses today's game due to his wife giving birth.


2019-09-21 22:10

eijun 🥀 k_illua

OLLY | they/them leo princess | lesbian artist | 📖: Alice Walker - in search of our mothers’ gardens

remember when I said this and u all slewed me

2019-09-21 22:10

Paul Whateley #FBPE paulwhateley

No-one is an island. Pro EU. Work together we’ll solve any problem...incl climate change. Divided, we won’t. Comp educated, BSc, ACA (chartered accountant), MBA

RT @BestForBritain: This is an excellent point.

If we start listening to experts and scientists, we can avert disasters: on Brexit and on…

2019-09-21 22:10

Primrose Primros90006843

give them the old razzle dazzle flim flam flummox them

RT @OwenJones84: @JolyonMaugham @chakrabortty This is disgraceful and must be fought, solidarity.

2019-09-21 22:10

sonexol 율빠(성덕) Sonexol_0805

소녀시대&엑소 데뷔팬, 전 계정 잠김 솟페스 #GG4EVA #소원2기/ ㅌㅇㅇㅅ, ㅂㅌ 한남극혐🖕/ 25살 레즈 퀴어🏳️‍🌈, 여자❤

RT @LEAFilmFest: Smash-hit action-comedy EXIT (dir. Lee Sang Geun) stars Jo Jung Suk (HIT-AND-RUN SQUAD) and Girls' Generation's Yoona (CON…

2019-09-21 22:10

quoth quoth

Music/Football Junkie/Programming/酒/菓子/似非京都弁/Liverpool FC/Atletico Madrid

RT @AlexShawESPN: This is what football has become. It's abysmal.

2019-09-21 22:10

Mark Webster ItsMarkWebster

Broadcaster/writer/programme maker. @talksport2 for all your sporting needs. @bbc5live for tunes on a Saturday night

Agreed, although the game would still have had to have been held up. My main problem on offsides with VAR is that t…

2019-09-21 22:10

JackyFrancis JackyHats

Perinatal MH Team Manager, passionate about health of the mind and body, mother of girls, lover of music and books, sometime runner, All views my own

RT @godfrey_isaacs: Join us @maternaljrnl for our first Facebook Live 1st Oct, 11am - 1pm.

Running a Maternal Journal group, interested in…

2019-09-21 22:10

Ginger 63_susan

Animal welfarist, atheist & feminist. Gender is not an innate feeling but a tool of oppression used against both female & male.

RT @JessDeWahls: A horrifying false statement by a medical professional. How did we get here ?? How did this religion wash into the mainstr…

2019-09-21 22:10

bonnie-jas | spooky szn 🎃 nightslxyerr

24 | third year forensic science student

i think this is my sixth (?) starbucks this week... this obsession is getting out of hand

2019-09-21 22:10

It's me RuckerG317

Ja'Myla V. Keller 4-15-13

RT @DIORSBITCH: JLo wearing the infamous Versace Jungle Dress at Versace SS20 in Milan today. One of the most high-profile dresses ever cre…

2019-09-21 22:10

Susan Cerrone sjcerrone

retired Art teacher

RT @BBCWorld: Millions of people around the world have taken part in what activist Greta Thunberg has described as "the biggest climate str…

2019-09-21 22:10

Dy♥️ crzy_sauce

:) CHF 2k20 / Fire Cadet 🔥 / mariah was here🤪

RT @DIORSBITCH: JLo wearing the infamous Versace Jungle Dress at Versace SS20 in Milan today. One of the most high-profile dresses ever cre…

2019-09-21 22:10

🇳🇬 Amotekun: The Vanguard adebowalesonubi

Rich Pitch: /> Others: #richcard #richmusic #richfashion

New Music Out/Link Below

RT @EnemyOfFutbol: Now the Spurs fans are complaining about VAR but when it went for them by margins twice against Man City they loved it.…

2019-09-21 22:10

YT: Niah Selway niahselway

Lifestyle & Beauty YouTuber. Living with a rare allergy to water 💧

RT @eatwitharli: People really don’t communicate with their partners every day? Not even a small “how was work?” message? No one’s too busy…

2019-09-21 22:10


Poverty Charity Human Rights Environment Nature Climate change Go Clean Go Green Sustainability is life on Earth

RT @Unique46777111: @1_Up_2 @qoi7BaD3ngFFVhQ #Thanks

2019-09-21 22:10

🌰𝓐𝓼𝓱𝓪🐿 SherA_Ethereal

Asha(아샤) 본진:셜록🗝/가끔 그림그리고 항상 소비합니다✨베니 출현작 모두 보고 있는 중🙈❤️/드림러💘 [ @Sherlock_for_AL ]

@deeperthanbe4 오비츠 드레스 검색하시면 아마 계정 주르륵 뜰거예요! 장르 옷(예를들면 해리포Eㅓ) 도 만들어 파시구 하더라구요 신기해요🤭 15cm인형이면 아마 옷 더 비쌀 것 같네요..! 11c…

2019-09-21 22:10

Shay’Butter’Bee🐝 ShayTailored_xo

Edgy & Opinionated✋🏾, Cats🐱, Surveying/Construction👷🏾‍♀️, UKCW Role Model🏗, Biophiliac🌿, Boo To Being Normal✌🏾️Tweets Are Mine Only💭💡

RT @FLOTUK: It’s #applicationszn!

Join me next week where I’ll be delivering an employability workshop with @frshlysqueezd
This event wi…

2019-09-21 22:10

Miguel Delaney MiguelDelaney

Chief football writer at @independent. Irish-Spanish. DMs open.

@Seananigen @TheNoveltyAct You realise I talk to them about this?

2019-09-21 22:10

Paul Ridd PaulRidd

Acquisitions Manager at Picturehouse Entertainment (UK). International Consultant at KVIFF. BFI London Film Festival 'Dare' Advisor. Opinions my own.

RT @GuyLodge: I enjoy Eva Green's freakiness as much as anyone, but it's lovely to see her playing an actual human, and a heroine who's all…

2019-09-21 22:10

Abdul Hai AbdulHai23

Proud to be British and proud to be an alumni @LondonMetUni

RT @faith2faithless: Tonight on HBO @billmaher @RealTimers interviews
@SarahTheHaider @ExmuslimsOrg

'As more #Muslims than ever reject fa…

2019-09-21 22:10

James😛 Prime_RLC

UEFA Z license

@ChelsFinest I’m so confused wtf

2019-09-21 22:10

•°• IⓋY •°• #Animalrights🌱🐽🌹 Ivy_Middleton

I believe in freedom, respect and love, protect ALL animals, nature, humanity without harming, my body is not a graveyard.


@nightmareyacht @sarahmldnenbr @_AnimalAdvocate @Protect_Wldlife @PeterEgan6 @ChrisGPackham @BellaLack…

2019-09-21 22:10

. teamfo567

RT @TranSPURS: Hugo Lloris is absent from today’s squad due to the birth of his new child!

Congratulations Hugo!


#THFC #COYS https:/…

2019-09-21 22:10

piper x_xpiper

👻 piperleahy insta : x.xpiper

@gwsmabel @thegreatkhalid thank you 😭😭

2019-09-21 22:10

Baedan🖤 baedan1223

RT @Salooma_Khalifa: My mother, she has dementia only speaks Arabic has been missing from Sudbury Hill area from around 6/7 pm, could be be…

2019-09-21 22:10

orchidsonmybudget orchidsbudget


RT @Scientits: As a microbiologist, I cannot say this strongly enough:


2019-09-21 22:10

MIRAA 👑 Mernahisham20

Dental Student | HUE 🏛
و في السماء رزقكم و ما توعدون..💖

RT @waiel65: نور الفجر جاي بدري بيخبط يا مصر
أبوس ترابك ما تقفليش في وشه الباب
صحي الولاد للعيد وهاتي الثورة م الأول

2019-09-21 22:10

ertuğrul eriş ErisErtugrul

bu dünyadan değil

RT @aidbrom: #gündem #haber #HarbiyeliAnneleri @akpartiistanbul İl binasına gidemeden parktan kovuldular. Harbiyeli öğrencilerin velileri h…

2019-09-21 22:10

Rusty W 595, BSc 󾓪 Rusty595

23♂ | Videogames Programmer | Twitter Bot Propagator | Teletext Artist | Discord: rusty595#0595 | Views Are Not Representative Of Any Company

RT @BBCArchive: #OnThisDay 1971: "It does all sound as phoney as an Italian spaghetti harvest."

Nationwide featured the latest harvest of…

2019-09-21 22:10

Jay👻 JayMazyopa

@michalkrchlik With those metrics... Sure every goal will be offside at this rate

2019-09-21 22:10

LIVE NOW🖤Polar Bear 🖤#itsgoodtotalk🎗️ PolarBearTwitch

@twitch & @discordapp Partner Mgr in @lastritesgaming #LRFAM Self professed #gambit addict #charity Email:

@Benjjjyy ...

2019-09-21 22:10

Martin Hawros

@Pro_Jones_ Thanks. The scene did all the work.

2019-09-21 22:10

Ulsterman Linfield1641

RT @YardleyShooting: THE BBC IS NOW TOXIC: AN ENEMY TO TRADITIONAL BRITAIN. John Humphreys speaks out today on the 'Kremlin' like leftist B…

2019-09-21 22:10

🦋 carolannn_

RT @DIORSBITCH: JLo wearing the infamous Versace Jungle Dress at Versace SS20 in Milan today. One of the most high-profile dresses ever cre…

2019-09-21 22:10

Quique 🐝 BegheratInsaan

Highly opinionated about sport, you're bound to get triggered
#watfordfc #pakcricket

A weird team but definitely a defensively compact one, should keep it tight and hopefully limit city. 10 man defenc…

2019-09-21 22:10

Lolitta LolittaCarlos

Ghana Girl | @goodvibes_tm @ThePlayhousePR

RT @MxssEmily: This isn’t a black girl thing. This is your own personal problem pls and thank you.

2019-09-21 22:10

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We should return Thomas Cook to state ownership

2019-09-21 22:10

yesi sgtyeezy


RT @Mr_Meowwwgi: He don't protecc
He don't atacc
But most importantly, he gently pat pat pat the chimken snacc

2019-09-21 22:10

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RT @Mr_Meowwwgi: He don't protecc
He don't atacc
But most importantly, he gently pat pat pat the chimken snacc

2019-09-21 22:10