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¿ notseannnn

95% of my tweets are correct | Messi Pogba Kyrie Odell Propaganda

RT @Oloni: 💔💔💔💔💔

2019-03-26 02:56

✨Nyght ✨ RequiemNyght

Twitch streamer | ♥️ @teh_anno | Lover of Pets | Gaming | Travel | and Pizza |

RT @DoggoDating: New Pixar intro.

2019-03-26 02:56

Militant Bob rob_rambo692009

Skeptic 🧠Can't read or write proper but couldn't give a hootie toot , happy and knows it .. hates the hypocrites and fake press. Old School hooligan loves life


2019-03-26 02:56

Giorgio Gilestro 🇪🇺 giorgiogilestro

Neurobiologist at Imperial College London. Gadfly. @flyjedi

@RevolutApp @Apple

2019-03-26 02:56

Rachael rachiedally

Registered RGN . Great Thinker .
Promotes Healthy Eating Lifestyle & Fitness on instagram

@Nigel_Farage #Leave #Brexit

2019-03-26 02:56

Saint Alfredson SirALfredson

The Cosa Nostra Creed I Live»»»Love Your God,Wife,Mother,Kids & Country•

RT @historylvrsclub: Japanese Warship Yamato - over 200,000 Lego bricks in 6 years 4 months. Scale 1:40, weighs over 150 kg, measures 6.6 m…

2019-03-26 02:56

🇫🇷CROC❤️BLANC🇫🇷 loupcruel

Le monde ne sera pas détruit par ceux qui font le mal, mais par ceux qui les regardent sans rien faire. [Albert Einstein]

RT @GentlemaN_1340: Pour Schiappa, «contester la parole du chef de l’État», c’est «un pas vers le terrorisme»: via…

2019-03-26 02:56

Mixat News MixatNews2

أمطار الرياض اليوم الاثنين، وهل سيتم تعليق الدراسة

2019-03-26 02:56

AlanLB 🦋 ⚖ 🦋 AlanLB

There is more to life than Donoghue v. Stevenson [1932] All ER Rep 1; [1932] AC 562 🙂 RTs ≠ endorsements ‼️

RT @FullFact: Many readers asked us to check the claim that 1 million people attended the People's Vote march on Saturday.

Almost certainl…

2019-03-26 02:56

JP thesplatt

I seldom end up where I wanted to go, but almost always end up where I need to be

RT @BBCVickiYoung: I have no idea what Theresa May’s #brexit strategy is.

2019-03-26 02:56

Playmaker FC Playmaker_FC

Away Days, Reactions, After90, FanTV, Docs & more.
The freshest, funniest & most fearless content by the next generation of football content creators!


Southgate has brought the feel-good factor back to supporting #England.

Happy fans, loud fans... to…

2019-03-26 02:56

Jolly Rebellion jollyrebellion

Creative collective

Yes @emmavogelmann !!

2019-03-26 02:56

Frances Sampayo FSampers

Deputy Director (Visitor Experience) at Chelsea Physic Garden 🌿 & Co-Chair of @SEEMP part of the Emerging Museum Professionals Network.

Can’t wait to listen! 🎧

2019-03-26 02:56

¥ENz YosanaEritrea


RT @Santandave1: Twitter is so elite

2019-03-26 02:56

Miño TuteKun

Just me... Just Miño.

RT @Cute_N_Squish: Hamsters doing important hamster things.

2019-03-26 02:56

Mixat News MixatNews2

“تابعوا الآن” أسعار الذهب في مصر اليوم الأثنين 25/3/2019 في السوق المصرية و محلات الصاغة|تعرف على أسعار الذهب اليوم…

2019-03-26 02:56

Virginia Roberts askvirginia

PM @Microsoft ☁️ but tweets are about politics, @AppCamp4Girls, parenting, intersectional feminism, UX, tech, #BlackLivesMatter, linguistics, and games. She/her

@nicksoman Men just never have to think about escape routes in the same way, ya know? 🤦🏼‍♀️

2019-03-26 02:56

Marc Willers QC mwillersqc

Human Rights Barrister and joint head of chambers @gardencourtlaw. Fighting to protect the environment and the rights of Gypsies, Travellers and Roma.

RT @lordnickbourne: Thank you to everyone who took part in our GRT Liaison Group today and provided valuable feedback on different parts of…

2019-03-26 02:56

im engayged TheOpossumWitch

anthropologist | cheese monger | chef | engaged with the best person I've ever known | 24 | she/her |

RT @AyoCaesar: Trump is primed for a 2 term presidency. And Mueller has proved - decisively - that there will be no defeat of Trump by non…

2019-03-26 02:56

Made-up Universe MMadeupuniverse

👋Hi, I’m Mike! 📽I’m a YouTuber
| Star Wars | Marvel | Toys | Nerdy Entertainment |

People somehow love to believe in fairy tales 😁 I mean, end of the day they are comic book fans and are quite keen…

2019-03-26 02:56

Arjun 🦖 arjunchana

20 | Writer

@char_hamm milk that 9+ grand for all its worth

2019-03-26 02:56

Bishan Virdee BishanVirdee

AFC 🔴⚪️

@DanETee80 @JacobJakeman @ArsenalUltra @christatum49 @KaseManny @Pantastic1761 @OzilThings He’s changed the way we…

2019-03-26 02:56

زعفرانه basu1926

ألفاظنا ثياب أفكارنا فلنتأنق

@sa3408 ماقصرت اخذتوا اجره الله يثبته لكم .. ويصبر قليبك وقليب عيالك على فرقاه

2019-03-26 02:56

Argon 18 Love nashtheslash

RT @ChelseaFC: Finally, the @PremierLeague is back this week! 🙌


2019-03-26 02:56

Miguel Otero miotei

Senior Analyst, International Political Economy, Elcano Royal Institute. Also at IE University & ESSCA School of Management

RT @FT: US-China trade deal: the enforcement hurdle

2019-03-26 02:56

PYT MissAbss

marry me white now or am die. @WCANetwork, @SheCanPodcast | Host / Presenter 🎤| part time comedian x

When is insecure coming back

2019-03-26 02:56

EC ECrann

Thirsty but classically trained. 📷& 👻@ecrann

Not getting what I want is really not ideal for me.

2019-03-26 02:56

Becca W Bex52296

22 | 5”2 | Maker of content. Viewer of musicals. Hufflepuff | Film Account: @RWinklerFilms

WE DID IT! 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

2019-03-26 02:56

DJ Rob Wegner djrobwegner

Music Producer - DJ

RT @JoeHunter_: You know one thing I've noticed about the march, people involved have been positive, friendly, decent. And in virtually eve…

2019-03-26 02:56

xo _woobieee

most likely out of town, state or country

RT @JattDiProtein: Please share this one so that it could reach to the deaf ears of Pakistani govt

2019-03-26 02:56

Jacky 💌 jaackkyx

seventeen ✨. it’s just twitter, don’t take it personal 😽

RT @SamraIcanovic: Forgive them.
Focus on your shit.
Forget them.

2019-03-26 02:56

robert crilly CrillyBobc

RT @peterjukes: It’s not a hoax. Mueller has found dozens of instances of Russian interference. The FBI is prosecuting Butina for exactly t…

2019-03-26 02:56

bharat bbbfeb75

i try to understand my self ...

RT @BBCHindi: कांग्रेस अध्यक्ष राहुल गांधी ने भारत के पांच करोड़ बेहद ग़रीब परिवारों को हर साल 72,000 रुपये देने का ऐलान किया है. क्या कां…

2019-03-26 02:56

Don't Blame Me I Voted for Vermin Supreme turnageb

I sell guillotines and guillotine accessories.

RT @RachaelKrishna: I, and I hope everyone else, will now start saying "I'm no Willem Dafoe" when removing clothes.

2019-03-26 02:56

SusansusyB (PA to Amber) susansusyb

bluenose;loves Amber (tabby/white), likes all other cats too; cricket; jazz; rock; contemporary literature; osprey obsessive & other birds; history fiend. KRO

RT @chrisinsilico: Whatever this report says, here’s what I know: when I was at Cambridge Analytica, the company hired known Russian agents…

2019-03-26 02:56

Mark Cox MrMJCox

Played Tam Mullen(Deceased),in BBC1 sitcom "Still Game". All views are my own, apart from the ones I steal. They’re yours.

Can’t wait to start on
“Boogie Nights” the musical.


2019-03-26 02:56

punkrockcfc fathercomedy

@CampoCFC Mine too. I was giddy at the win. If only I knew what was to come.......(and revenge over Boro was sweet.…

2019-03-26 02:56

Hilary hmitchell0

Liverpool FC fan and Springer Spaniel owner

RT @markantro: Has there ever been a more disliked leader and leader of the opposition?

Choosing between May and Corbyn is like asking whi…

2019-03-26 02:56

Mark-0 007 MarkHolt08

Hello to you :-)

@layselections they might offer you a job

2019-03-26 02:56

J.R. Nelson JR1Nelson

1/2 of @Chicago_Reader's Gossip Wolf. Myopic Books manager. Ex-book columnist @thep4kreview + Hit It Or Quit It. Quiet Storm. Mea unius sententia est.

RT @sendvictorious: Sadly coincidental Scott Walker and Mark Hollis should pass within weeks of one another; two figures who travelled from…

2019-03-26 02:56

J A D E ✨ bellaa_inizio

Over-sharer ☾ Over-spender ☾ Over-eater ✧ ☼ LATEST POST ⇣

Instagram vs. Reality ✌🏼life is like the highlight reel that is insta. We want everyone to see the best versions of…

2019-03-26 02:56

Pete Ransom PeteRansom

Sport, equality, tech and centre left politics. Salesforce Consultant and football manager of @londonfalcons. Resident of Colliers Wood ⚽️🏳️‍🌈

@cliodiaspora @KateHoeyMP I feel so sorry for @VauxhallLabour but so relieved I don't live in that constituency any…

2019-03-26 02:56

David Pointer 🌹🇬🇧🇮🇹 eadpp01

BSc Environmental Studies “The problem is not that we can’t feed the needy. It is that we can’t satisfy the greedy”

RT @BrunoAm05317727: If the Conservative Mps vote for Theresa May Deal . Do you will vote Conservative next General election? Vote and retw…

2019-03-26 02:56

🌟Cheryl🌟 CherylJoycee

💝🌟Mom to six cats and especially Pepe who rules the house ~ but still manage to have my own busy little life🌟💝

@MrRAnderson78 O s**t 😂

2019-03-26 02:56

Trey Williams Trey_williamz


RT @PrisonPlanet: This is why no one trusts the media.

2019-03-26 02:56

jess jessicaxpurseyx

saved account - other account is locked (jessicaxpursey)🙄

@ollyofficial wish i was this funny

2019-03-26 02:56

Remy Moynes RemyMoynes


THREAD 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

2019-03-26 02:56

Roli Roberts #FBPE RoliRoberts

Senior Editor at PLOS Biology; Scientist, Humanist, Optimist and Recovering Academic. All opinions my own.

RT @campbellclaret: 17 Million Signatures

2019-03-26 02:56

lz. lizzyadekoyaa

do what i wannaaa

RT @racheyade: “I’m doing ..... rn so my replies might take time” A MAN

2019-03-26 02:56

A1 Audz1st

Balance, find your balance #COYG


2019-03-26 02:56

Toha Oseni tohadidas

A true Nigerian breed who is 4eva young tho grew to become a Medical Doctor. Sure from my header you can tell the Red and Black runs in my veins.

RT @MsBanks94: Inspired many and still inspiring us now x

2019-03-26 02:56

AMP International 🎥 Film_AMP

AMP helps get films made. From financing+packaging to marketing & selling.

Totally agree. Can't wait for you to see him in @LaLondeJeremy's #JamesVSHisFutureSelf⚡️ “Calls for a Daniel Stern…

2019-03-26 02:56

Chloe ChelseaSmileLDN

Work: @BBC Radio HQ. Contribute: @AltPress & @KerrangMagazine. Volunteer: @NSPCC Childline. Support: @ChelseaFC. Views are mine and not of the aforementioned


2019-03-26 02:56

MR MS MS_Londoner

Diagnosed with MS in 2011. ———————————————————————🤔 “There is no illness in the body apart from the mind” - SOCRATES.

For all who have:
- Tightness in their legs,
- Spasticity,
- Walking and Balance issues.

Has a leg ma…

2019-03-26 02:56

χιм мᴏʀιᴀʀту 👻 _XimMoriarty

22 • Ravenclaw • INTJ • Me conformo viviendo de lo que escribo o con una TARDIS • «Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold!» • ♀

RT @EthanLDN: Because they were exposed to too much inclusive education at school

2019-03-26 02:56

charlotte thompson #revokeA50now charlottethomp5

Voted Labour for many years. No longer, while Labour supports Brexit. Voting Green 💚

RT @IanDunt: Clarke intervenes. The govt accepts that it must do what House suggests. The House has said that no-deal must not happen twice…

2019-03-26 02:56

nestor guillermo gulllermo


RT @Telegraph: Theresa May admits there is 'not sufficient support' for third vote on her deal

2019-03-26 02:56

Maddie flinders MaddieFlinders

RT @RIMMM_X: Do you remember that one summer England had a heatwave? RELOAD ITTT

2019-03-26 02:56

Iain Black iainjblack

Rationalist, humanist, capitalist, liberal, European. Sometimes fly a bit, mostly do technical stuff. All views expressed are utterly mine alone.

A50 Petition Live Breakdown

2019-03-26 02:56

Lynn Bryce LDBLondon

is it my imagination or is there something worth dancing for

@daniellew1509 Be yourself Dan 😍

2019-03-26 02:56

Abdullah_bin_awwad aawwd403

اشياء كثيرة لا تعنيني مادامت بعيدة عن طريقي ..اللهم ارحم عبدك #عبدالله_بن_عبدالعزيز و اغفر له ..

RT @IndyArabia: وفيما انتهى تحقيق مولر، إلا أن تحقيقات أخرى يجريها ممثلو ادعاء على المستوى الاتحادي وعلى مستوى الولايات قد تؤدي إلى اتهامات…

2019-03-26 02:56

مفلح الواهبيMBS ابو ناصر 💙 XrkQHnLeBw2KrSm

هلالي وكفى

RT @MaanAlquiae: بعيد عن مهزلة الحكام و اختياراتهم و بعيد عن تصريح رئيس #النصر عن اقالته لرئيس لجنة الحكام كلاتنبيرغ، تصدقون لجنة الانضباط…

2019-03-26 02:56

Bo Bo Nomad BoBoNomad

Everything is pointless, and then we die.

RT @Doomned: @wilsonquiterio @IWILLS @MetalWales @markjamdan @woddkahh @WeArePinkCigar @Wax_Kent @coldantlerfarm @w…

2019-03-26 02:56

Cybzz. mayor_cyber

I must be all I can be!

RT @TeacherPrize: Dive into the world of @PeterTabichi, the winner of the 2019 Global #TeacherPrize:

2019-03-26 02:56

Neil Channing SenseiChanning

I'm a professional gambler. I may not be the best but I try hard to be the most professional.

RT @LadPolitics: Theresa May is still odds-on to be PM on 1st July.

2019-03-26 02:56

Julia Bostle JBostle

I love looking after animals

This is so me

2019-03-26 02:56

Bulb Dev Hints BulbDevHints

Dev tips from engineers at Bulb

Write less console.logs, thanks to logpoints in Chrome 73

2019-03-26 02:56

John Macedo johnmacedo_

Sound artist etc | Also puts on @solo_duo_trio - a monthly concert series at @Cafeoto Project Space |

RT @TNYSND: Sounds will be made tomorrow by these fine soundists 📣♥️

@Matkinssound @johnmacedo_ @rockscottage @OttoWillberg @Stephan_Barre…

2019-03-26 02:56

abcul abcunlimited1

RT @sufirushk: @HarbirSingh_ @cashmere1947 @mediacovfefe @Tej9192 @TarekFatah Thr was no Islam in Kashmir till 13nth century, It was Bharat…

2019-03-26 02:56

andreas nicolaou andygoon63

arsenal supporter since 1971 charlie george and all that .....20 years private hire driver mainly on the vip circuit

@IllLeaveMyMark @LeeBow74 😂😂

2019-03-26 02:56

Gordon Riches #FBPE gordon_riches

RT @Politics_co_uk: Tonight we find out if MPs are prepared to lead us out this mess

2019-03-26 02:56

Corey Lewis coreyjakelewis

Be happy. And be nice.

@FaZeJev You’re not alone

2019-03-26 02:56

Stephanie Betts SBetts126

Living in East London, heart is in NYC. Runner, Reader and Events Professional

RT @BorealisLondon: It's not too late to book a table to treat Mum this Sunday! We have Sunday Brunch and our delicious Nordic Roasts to ch…

2019-03-26 02:56

Ross Grant rossagrant

#Actor & #presenter. Voice of @CBeebiesHQ #Tinpo. Creator of @ActOnThisTV & @BulletproofAct. #PartiallySighted Watch my #vlog👇🏻🎬👇🏻

RT @LewisLowri: AMAZING lady!!!!!! Just listened to the podcast with @EmmaSCasting and @rossagrant @ActOnThisTV
Very inspirational and fant…

2019-03-26 02:56

Samuel Arun Kumar SamuelArunKuma

Child of Christ, Refuting Islam, Study History and research on Islamic History, Apologiest

RT @angerspreadthin: Why I Left Islam:
Please like and share everywhere 💕💖 And feel free to leave whatever comment…

2019-03-26 02:56

Kerri McNally ⚡️ kamcnally

Film publicist with keen love of cats, fajitas, cocktails and sarcasm.
"everyone needs a cool friend. we're nearly there with kerri" - no longer a friend

WHAT THE ACTUAL.... well now i feel old via @noradominick

2019-03-26 02:56

AnnaLovesBenAndQueen♥️ girlofhardy

Me, myself and Ben 🇬🇧|Queen|Bohemian Rhapsody|Ben Hardy|Since 2019|@benhardy0291| I Want To Break Free ♥️|Girl of Ben and Queen lover| British guys are HOT ♥️

Verdades existem para serem ditas. Doa a quem doer.

2019-03-26 02:56

TiredOfToryLies #FBPE #WATON #Revoke A50 🇬🇧🇪🇺 tory_lies

RT @alexwickham: Govt source anger at No10 🤡

"She said at cabinet she would not do no deal. She said the same in the House. Now they have…

2019-03-26 02:56

Lee Newell leonardnewell

Righting wrongs by writing songs.

@beoloski @Willpetrie4 @Channel4News You’re a Trump supporter aren’t you?

2019-03-26 02:56

M. kaylaboolovesuu

back on my bullshit. get with it or get outta my way. 🤙🏼

RT @racheyade: “I’m doing ..... rn so my replies might take time” A MAN

2019-03-26 02:56

Girib1684 girib1684

#followHelpVIP ! Follow me back I'll follow everyone

RT @secretsofzurich: Bring crypto to your everyday life! 😎 Shop anywhere with the lowest fees and fastest payments!

✅ Make payments with S…

2019-03-26 02:56

Emad EMostaque

Disrupting poverty with intelligent phones @Symmitweet.
Navigating change with intelligent peeps @3bodycapital.
Restructuring 🍍.

@DoveyWan Makes you wonder what the west's strategy is now that we've moved to 100% backing on all those digital RM…

2019-03-26 02:56

Maizy Daizy 🌼🇬🇧 MaizyDaizyZzzz

RT @alexwickham: Another source says cabinet ministers think it is "extraordinary" they do not know May's position on no deal, and that the…

2019-03-26 02:56

Tom Bennett AdMan72

I'm just this guy, you know?

RT @davidschneider: 2016:
“Leaving the EU means no longer being told what to do by unelected foreigners”


2019-03-26 02:56

🥀🇳🇬 Ehformah

Don't stress me.

RT @JohnAshbourne: Can a French-founded, Dubai-based, German-incorporated, NY-listed firm really call itself "African", even if it serves N…

2019-03-26 02:56

🌹 _jonesy_B

RT @georgegalloway: / In a sea of #Corbyn-hating rabid right wing media I am the ONE left-wing presenter left on MSM. The case could not be…

2019-03-26 02:56

Richard Millie plain fidss_b

ldn - lei

Put a disclaimer in a text message looooooool

2019-03-26 02:56

Phil Starrett philstarrett

HPE UK&I CTO Transformation, Cloud, Infrastructure, Data & DevOps/AppDev IoT, Innovation, Efficiency & Productivity. All views are my own personal ones

Quite a funny (if it wasn’t so serious) gives good insights ⁦⁦@Jacob_Rees_Mogg⁩ @DavidDavisMP⁩ ⁦⁦⁦@BorisJohnson⁩…

2019-03-26 02:56

Diana Evans DianaEvansOP

Author of Ordinary People, The Wonder, 26a @ChattoBooks @PenguinRHUK, US @LiverightPub @wwnorton, agent @AitkenAlexander.

Now is a really good time for a book about #race and #sport and you don't even need to be into sport to dig it.…

2019-03-26 02:56