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Without. WithoutStudio

A creative agency, transforming businesses by designing brands that challenge the status quo.

The new brand we created for Sushi Daily in the heart of London that emphasises craft, care and a connection to Jap…

2019-01-22 21:28

pavbassi pavbassi_

positivity & good vibes | arsenal

So true. Loads of people been through that stages but they’re scared to say it.

2019-01-22 21:28

Tina Tanu . Ladkiwale TinaTanu1

Hindi Music Books & Authors Books & Authors Entertainment Music TV Entertainment Channels

RT @xXBijalPatelXx: Also just cos a couple is popular that doesnt make them “overrated” 🤷🏽‍♀️

2019-01-22 21:28

MSF Access Campaign MSF_access

We push for access to & the development of life-saving and life prolonging medicines, diagnostics & vaccines for patients in MSF programmes & beyond.#access2med

RT @jayde_bradley: Great piece from @nickcasewell and @stuains exploring the public health impact of #snakebite #NT…

2019-01-22 21:28

ابو حسن kald1245780

احب ديني وبلدي

RT @MJumeh: الأخ الدكتور معين عبدالملك،رئيس مجلس الوزراء.
رسالة الأخ حافظ معياد واضحة بطلب تشكيل لجنة تحقيق في عمليات فساد ومضاربة بالريال،…

2019-01-22 21:28

tasha x natashafantini

18 |🇬🇧/🇮🇹

RT @benoobrown: girls during the week vs girls at the weekend after they’ve faked tanned

2019-01-22 21:28

ratu sickneptunes

be strong and hopeful in everything you do

RT @willdarbyshire: Good. Lock up this piece of shit.

2019-01-22 21:28

NOLAY OfficialNolay

Enquiries :

RT @TheGrimeReport: "G.O.A.T thats my department,
F*** the mainstream,
F*** the market,
F*** these A&R's they're all retarded..." 🔥

2019-01-22 21:28

david hamilton #FBPE davehamilton76

Tweeting about football, politics, higher education, hospice care and charities. Newcastle Uni Alum. All views mine.

@AndreaC01749285 @BatesMoira @ToryFibs Ok point taken, although still, formidable is good in a leader!

2019-01-22 21:28

Crumb's Country Grill crumbsgrill

American grill serving breakfast and lunch seven days 7am-2pm

RT @aveirjapan:

2019-01-22 21:28

WeAreHIVE WeAreHive

#WeAreHIVE Community for all Geeks and Gamers alike! | Join us today! | E-mail: contactwearehive@gmail | Est: June 2018 | Discord : 🐝 💛 |

RT @ementalo: In this harsh world, its eat or be eaten.

Join me and the wonk gang tonight from 9pm as we try to stay alive and protect ou…

2019-01-22 21:28

definition_sound definition54

Sound system and production house,artist signing marketing and distribution


2019-01-22 21:28

Jane Fordham Fordiham

Talent & marketing professional with a passion for equality, family, friends & a good belly laugh. Views are my own!

I’m gonna need to rethink my wardrobe to match this gif! One of my most rewarding courses #personaldevepment

2019-01-22 21:28

The Right Stuff💯👍 TheRightStuff13

A Right Clive🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ❌🦍👊

RT @2010LeeHurst: No one with a brain believes a word the MSM says about Brexit.
The Remoaners will probably end up in a compound waiting f…

2019-01-22 21:28

❝ʙɪsᴄᴏɪᴛᴏ♡¡! Bixcoitinhux

ᴏs ᴄᴏʀᴀçᴏᴇs sᴀᴏ ғʀᴀɢᴇɪs! ᴇ ǫᴜᴀɴᴅᴏ sᴇ ʀᴇᴄᴜᴘᴇʀᴀᴍ, ɴᴜɴᴄᴀ ᴍᴀɪs sãᴏ ᴏ ǫᴜᴇ ᴇʀᴀᴍ ᴀɴᴛᴇs.🍪

RT @DomSherwood1: There not wrong... #seeingittwice

2019-01-22 21:28

Areugon Kcirtap patricknoguera


BOBO ahaha

2019-01-22 21:28

เป็นคนรว้ายรว้ายยยย sryidonthavemn

ทุกคนโพผัวหมด x กู ไฟฬ่านมันรว้อนนนน

RT @Q_cupid: ลิลลี่ Sex ed ตัวจริงแบบนอกบทบาทก็คือแซ่บแซ่บแซ่บไปเลยจ้า

2019-01-22 21:28

henry porter @The_Convention_ HenryCPorter

Novelist, sometimes painter. My new spy thriller Firefly is out now:

Important article "Ruling classes have always sought to blame bigotry on the working classes. Too often in recent t…

2019-01-22 21:28

marilag inahnvn

bituing walang ningning

@chrstn_prlt hi cute

2019-01-22 21:28

Politics Dept. PoliticsBA

Government and Politics at Ballymena Academy. Please note that retweets are not endorsements.

RT @SamCoatesTimes: However in response to @YvetteCooperMP May seems more open to following the will of the House if, say, it votes for a c…

2019-01-22 21:28

Dani DanielSanDIC

Ex-Taekwondoin, Amateur Pianist & road to be an Artist. I like computering and books. INFP-T, Colorblind, Bipolar disorder. ES/CAT/EN.
Sometimes I post thoughts

RT @enfadasion:

2019-01-22 21:28

Ben Aaronovitch Ben_Aaronovitch

Author of the Peter Grant Novels

@adaptivecoach Only the ones that follow me on twitter - the rest of the readers sail on in b lissful ignorance :)

2019-01-22 21:28

Andy Worley worley_andy

A small concerned voice on the perils of the deep state

RT @PaulBrandITV: “Roland Rudd joins us live from Davos”. Not massively helping the perception that @peoplesvote_uk is run by a bunch of el…

2019-01-22 21:28

Ays London (1) 👑 AysLondonPromo

@AysLondon is a rapper & song writer based within the UK, London; He is an international award winning artist @TrendCityRadio #ArtistOfTheYear 2017 & 2018🏆🏆🏆

2019-01-22 21:28

Jo Reilly JoReilly00

Rejoicing in life, passing things on. Head of Participation & Learning @heritagelottery Lead on skills, yp, intangible heritage. Trustee. #LoveBarrow. Own views

RT @LDN_Culture: Who is your unsung female hero?

The @MayorofLondon is celebrating the women who make London a better place. Nominate s…

2019-01-22 21:28

😊cas folkypunkcas

Love museums sailing MotoGP & the archers. I voted remain, it still matters #FBPE Trying to be kind &a bit braver from mixed race family No to racism

RT @davidschneider: Ever made a mistake in your life? One that caused damage, one that you regret? Something you said or didn’t say? Or did…

2019-01-22 21:28

Dio Brando mudamuda021

Bolshack The Great One's Subordinate (more than one) 👹We do what we must to be great

@Majinken1987 @NintendoAmerica I agree to this, the fact they you are playing the way you should be and they are no…

2019-01-22 21:28

عبدالله آل ظافر 1s3UX1sUvMqAhjB

RT @khalidajman: من أهم التقارير الأخبارية لهذا العام ٢٠١٩ .. #العربية رجاءاً الإطلاع عليه و يريكم حجم التوغل و الخطط و الأهداف لمشروع خطير…

2019-01-22 21:28

Isla Gibb isla_elz

18 💛

RT @KirstieBrittain: this is what happens when we cut down and destroy animals homes. Deforestation for whatever reason will increasingly s…

2019-01-22 21:28

James Moriarty 🦋[พักSV] ProfessorMry

◤ The Ultimate Crime ◢ Find someone to fill the empty | You will stay within my memory forever CEO | My family Daughter @JMJasmine_Jy | #ProducerM

@SessyoinE " งั้นข้าก็ขอให้เจ้าใจเย็นๆไว้เสียก็แล้วกัน ... "

2019-01-22 21:28

It's_Mansoor Mansoor126

@ManUtd @Alexis_Sanchez Biggest disappointment ever to wear number 7 shirt. Don’t deserve it

2019-01-22 21:28

Stuart Hazleton fullerstrev

groundsman at Harrow school

RT @SaracensSportFo: Join Fullers Warriors mixed ability team for their #projectrugby open session tonight at 6.30pm.

New players welcome…

2019-01-22 21:28

Rainer Schulze ruw_schulze

Prof (em) Mod Europ History @Uni_of_Essex. Holocaust in History&Memory. Trustee @WiseThoughts. Tales from the Margins @latestlgbtplus. Acad Advis Panel @LGBTHM

@Brexit editorial on @SPIEGELONLINE: first #Brexit, then, perhaps, #Breturn
The current #BrexitShambles leaves…

2019-01-22 21:28

Peter #JC4PM2019 petergloss

I'm just another pleb. Blocked by some neoliberals.

@truencon @jeremycorbyn Another troll blocked.

2019-01-22 21:28

♥ 𝘽𝙚𝙥𝙖𝙣𝙣𝙖𝙖𝙝 𝙇𝙞𝙫𝙚𝙨 𝙤𝙣 ♥ zaraah3

Bepannaah pyaar hai tumsee 🌹

RT @xXBijalPatelXx: Also just cos a couple is popular that doesnt make them “overrated” 🤷🏽‍♀️

2019-01-22 21:28

Vic 🇰🇪 vicwabwaya

Network Engineer | Chelsea FC

RT @MirrorFootball: BREAKING: Cardiff have "genuine concerns" for Emiliano Sala after plane goes missing

2019-01-22 21:28

Robert Bruce RobBruceK

Presenter | @CapitalXtra Wknds 4-7pm (HOMEGROWN Saturdays)| @SpiceUKonline | Bookings: |

RT @annamariedee_: Legend!

2019-01-22 21:28

Dame Jacqueline Getrid O'May ylem42

@LiberallyZion @terryfarrer @SidUnite @RAYHALL10

2019-01-22 21:28

Dave McMullan radiosdavemac

Proud Brummie working in London. Duty editor, producer, reporter @bbcr4today from 2010. Tweets mine, RT’s for fun or interest. DMs open for stories and hellos

It’s a programme literally only @BBCRadio4 could, would or should make. Celebration and mourning at the same time i…

2019-01-22 21:28

FireSalamander TallDaveSE11

Tall gay atheist. Anti Brexit/Pro EU. Determined to reclaim Englishness from the Brexit morons. Left/Liberal centrist. Pro-free thought & free speech.

RT @Sillyshib: @OnnMel Looking after your own seat rather than doing what's best for your country! Disgraceful!

2019-01-22 21:28

Michael Newson_

RT @Arsenal: Arsenal through and through 🔴

We’re gutted for you, Hec - and we’re sending you all of our love and support ❤️

We know you’l…

2019-01-22 21:28

Paul Peart PaulPeart2014

Founder @paulpeart ...Designer...Independent Lyconet network marketer.

RT @BoF: The final looks from @Dior’s circus-themed show. What are your thoughts? #BoFW #hautecouture

2019-01-22 21:28

Lopezz7 Lopeez_7

Jugador de Banfield 9 ⚽

RT @LaMediaInglesa: Ayer por la noche desapareció un avión que cubría el trayecto entre Nantes y Cardiff cuando se encontraba a una veinten…

2019-01-22 21:28

ValorSeek031 seek031


RT @MattAndrewsTV: Oh this is brilliant, read this THREAD

2019-01-22 21:28

Lee Cimoneee

RT @LookAtKaysToes: Remember when them American coppers pulled over this black lady because her tints were too dark and started moving shoo…

2019-01-22 21:28

Debbie Eade #FBPE EadeDebbie

European journalist, translator, living/working in Spain. Political. Wish I could pick the world up and shake some sense into it

RT @JMPSimor: @ThatAndreCamara @J_amesp @StillDelvingH @IanDunt @carolecadwalla @peterjukes @JolyonMaugham @seanjonesqc @GeorgePeretzQC A n…

2019-01-22 21:28

Lost My Way _Lost_My_Way_


@EmeryGunners @fraser_powell @darrengrimes_ @SileER 50s. What about you and what's your subject? I want to get an i…

2019-01-22 21:28

ʀᴀɪᴋᴀᴊ _peachb

RT @Q_cupid: เป็นบ้าไรอะ ลองดูจนจบยัง มันคือการนำเสนอสิ่งที่ดีที่สุดในวัยเรแล้วเว้ย 55555555

2019-01-22 21:28

อุ้มยก​ opeachums

🍑peach space sticker lover ♡
ㅡ @weareoneexo ❣EXO-JD❣,
JBJ #ทาสทาสแมว , luhan , superjunior ㅡ actor; yeonseok jhkim4760 heybiblee #LeoLucas

RT @Q_cupid: เป็นบ้าไรอะ ลองดูจนจบยัง มันคือการนำเสนอสิ่งที่ดีที่สุดในวัยเรแล้วเว้ย 55555555

2019-01-22 21:28

F ✨ fjacobxtch

tini stoessel #1 stan


2019-01-22 21:28

Nicole Virginia Nicole09729523

British, German, Scandinavian. Married Conservative. Behavioral Health/CMA. Daughter of a Veteran #MAGA🇬🇧🇩🇪🇺🇸 Do not flirt. Married. No DM's.

RT @PrisonPlanet: A verified leftist on Twitter responded to the media’s fake news demonization campaign against the Covington Catholic Hig…

2019-01-22 21:28

mon tomate🍅 adisa0121

RT @Q_cupid: เป็นบ้าไรอะ ลองดูจนจบยัง มันคือการนำเสนอสิ่งที่ดีที่สุดในวัยเรแล้วเว้ย 55555555

2019-01-22 21:28

Sir Pasteur Eyes #UTA broncoskolar

Rugby League, Neil Young, Country music, workers rights, Salford City, exiled Lancastrian proud to have seen the 2011 County Champions win the trophy

RT @thedsggroup: The notion that some old bigot down the pub ranting about “all them bloody foreigners” is somehow a bigger threat to immig…

2019-01-22 21:28

тιffαиу♡ Tiffany65520957

☝Im Me😘
No Time For Haters🚫
Smile Beauty Ya Just Dont Know Who Is Looking😜❤

@Shaylashanaee37 😫 yeah who mf wants that anyway 😒😒😣😂

2019-01-22 21:28

Carl Speck Music carlspeckmusic

Get your day off to a great start by singing in the Good Morning Choir. Coming to @ellerayhall #Teddington from Wed…

2019-01-22 21:28

บลูลาทริกซ์_เลสควอน 🐉⚡🔮🎃 kwonsongblue

YG STAN ที่ไม่เอาอิหยาง⚡BIGBANG 🐉2ne1🐸winner🐱ikon🔪BLACKPINK ot3 💉💉ปากหมาคิดดีๆก่อนฟอล

@donttalkwtbuf เปิดตัวละ

2019-01-22 21:28

Save the Rhino savetherhino

Save the Rhino International, a UK-registered charity, collaborates with partners to support populations of endangered rhinos in Africa and Asia.

Ramat Gan Safari Park announces the arrival of female white rhino calf, yet to be named, born on 30 Dec to 2nd-time…

2019-01-22 21:28

You Make It _YouMakeIt

YMI empowers young women with the confidence, ideas, experiences and networks to make it in life. @PRECIOUS_Awards winner for The Social Enterprise of the Year

Thank you @EastEnd_CF for awarding us a grant and helping us empowering more young women in 2019! #tampontax #charitytuesday #fundraising

2019-01-22 21:28

Stephen🌈Booth BrightonBoothy

Follower of the pedants' revolt.

RT @hijakejohnstone: Someone added Wuthering Heights to a video of a sheet dancing in the wind and it’s amazing

2019-01-22 21:28

Fitness at The Farm fitnessthefarm

We focus on being active for the fun of it and eating for the joy of it. Our fitness classes all take place outside on the beautiful Collins Farm.

RT @Womeninsport_uk: The public interest in women's sport is growing but it still needs more coverage. Last year, our joint report showed t…

2019-01-22 21:28

Marta Zukowska MartuskaZuk

By day programme manager of multi-million programme @SchSocEnt #socent geek. By night self proclaimed #foodie #sugarfree since 2014 #Yoga #student

@andy67_mac ditto

2019-01-22 21:28

sandrina carosso sansmobileapp

Music, animals, people.. Against unnecessary cruelty towards any living being.

RT @GuardianLabs: As more households in Africa switch to solar power, providers have started seeking investors from the UK @energiseafrica…

2019-01-22 21:28

John McDonald trimble2k

Apolitical. Technologist - Interested in Tomorrow's Technology Today supporting social equality, mobility and fairness ... Per Aspera Ad Astra

RT @TheEconomist: Why are people in Hong Kong concerned about a new bridge linking them to mainland China?

2019-01-22 21:28

Trojan Manifesto TrojanManifesto

Artist formerly known as Tony Bacardi, writer of The Popcorn Incident, record producer,photographer and journalist specialising in CSA

RT @TrojanManifesto: Police dealing with huge spike in Facebook-related crimes in Hull

2019-01-22 21:28

Mem 🇸🇱 MemandMs

this is a jazzy fizzle.. producshizzle

@saljourno Michelle is the only tolerable character

2019-01-22 21:28

• Mikeey • MikeeyVox

• Music artist • Ordained • Producer • Actor • Poet • Songwriter •

e-thot — Yes 😎

2019-01-22 21:28

Moses Kamanda Kamandamt

RT @BBCNewsnight: “He could hardly speak he was in such pain….he said he had been savagely beaten by police and military.”

- BBC’s Andrew…

2019-01-22 21:28

Vaughan Lovegrove vonkarama

Professional procrastinator. Amateur at lots of things. Day job too boring to mention.

RT @sarahobolt: New blog on how Leavers and Remainers look very differently at the consequences of Brexit, and why that makes compromise di…

2019-01-22 21:28

Greta ✨ gretastarlight

running community at @yldio + @DSLconf + @reactjsgirls + @reactfest + london #nodejs meetup + london #tensorflow meetup + #digitalproductlondon

RT @monkchips: @Smutchings I know of at least one major employer making a lot of design hires at the moment. Also the @YLDio network is a g…

2019-01-22 21:28

Hairil hyrylpynk

@hairmyhair_ got suspended 😶 causing mayhem in London 😘

@syafigxmmie @AfandiSamat @Md_Zulfadhli

2019-01-22 21:28

Caesar CaesarMS7

We can all chat shit, trust me.

@HectorBellerin @colgcra Mans doing model even when he’s injured

2019-01-22 21:28

London at MIPIM LondonatMIPIM

Showcasing London’s development and investment opportunities at MIPIM since 1993, and more recently, at MIPIM UK.

#LondonatMIPIM #LondonisOpen

RT @nlalondon: Tues Jan 29: As part of the #NLAWomen programme, @Tibbalds host a 'Pre-season Adventure Inspiration Charity Talk' with talks…

2019-01-22 21:28

Gareth Evans glevns

Journalist @BBCWorld. Writing news and features for the site. Email:

Terrible, tragic, news.

2019-01-22 21:28

Madders Tiff 🇬🇧 MaddersTiff

Artist 👑Enquiries/Bookings Listen to the new Song #INSTANT

Being put on hold to listen to awful music.... why????

2019-01-22 21:28

sandra 🤧 issashawtys

ღ ᴍᴀʀᴛɪᴀʟ ᴀʀᴛs ʟᴏᴠᴇʀ || ᴋᴀʀᴀᴛᴇ Sʜᴏᴛᴏᴋᴀɴ 1°кчυ

⠀ I try not to be scared, you know. But I still ruin everything, I still fuck up.

RT @1Hakz_: Bro I hate catching feelings . Thats why ion like getting close to people fr. I hate being vulnerable , hate not being able to…

2019-01-22 21:28

sandra rouse NONONOEU

Business owner supporter of UKIP

RT @Ironwand: @Stop_The_EU Monty...

2019-01-22 21:28

Martin Attrill mjattrill

Professor of Marine Ecology, University of Plymouth. All things marine @PlymUni, marine conservation & ecology, fisheries, climate change. Will share own views

RT @Bluemarinef: As world and business leaders meet in #Davos for #WEF19, Sir David Attenborough calls for action on #climatechange, saying…

2019-01-22 21:28

subbs drs94

Cynical try hard. This account is unfiltered and only 20% bs. I chat politics, pop culture and shit.

RT @FT: The rise of the populist authoritarians

2019-01-22 21:28

Madi paigemadddison

switch hitter

RT @1Hakz_: The worst pain is gettin hurt by a person you explained your pain to...

2019-01-22 21:28

Average Dad #BLOCKFBPE Average_Dad_

Average Dad. Geeky DCFC fan. Slight anarchist

RT @davidschneider: Theresa May since Sept 18:
My deal
My deal
My deal
My deal
My deal
Can I lose the backstop?
EU: No
My deal
My deal
My d…

2019-01-22 21:28

Lauren smith Laurens73841923

I'm artist I printing pictures , I drawing some cartoons and crafts . ❤ 🎨 👩‍🎨

@ContactSH Hello handsome

2019-01-22 21:28

The Tweets Needles_Toosay

A Quinn Martin Production. Clothes by Botany 500. Asked @bristoluni on more than one occasion 'Did Esther Crawley lie?' to be answered with silence.

RT @PaulBrandITV: NEW: Understand Tory MPs unlikely to back Labour front bench amendment. One rebel campaigning for a People's Vote says th…

2019-01-22 21:28

Limited opinions InfraSolveLtd

Opponent of the 'irrefutable' cult of anthropogenic global warming which masquerades as science.

RT @JewishNewsUK: Breaking news: Britain condemns Malaysia’s ban on Israeli athletes, after @tom_watson writes to @Jeremy_Hunt:
“We do not…

2019-01-22 21:28

Mel MelandryaArt

Amateur Artist | Spamalarm! | In love with Tidus + Squall | Cosplay | still waiting for KH III | livestream | GER I ENG

RT @hellomuller: Hi, I'm a graphic designer. You may know me from my greatest hits including, "72dpi won't print properly", "I think the lo…

2019-01-22 21:28

BBC News Mundo bbcmundo

Twitter oficial de BBC News Mundo. Aquí encuentran una selección de lo mejor de nuestro contenido y los invitamos a una conversación global. ¿Se animan?

En noviembre, el científico chino He Jiankui dejó atónita a la comunidad científica internacional al anunciar que h…

2019-01-22 21:28

London Tryanuary TryLDN

All the good London beer events in #Tryanuary 2019! Coordinated by @agladman and @rahulricky. Get in touch if you'd like to hold an event!

Do you like to laugh?

Yes: /> No: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

cc: @TwoTribesBrew

2019-01-22 21:28

John Eades Saracen5

IT, Hosting,Telecoms & Management Consultant. Saracens⚫️🔴⭐️⭐️🏆🏆🏆🏆 THFC, LUFC, Rhinos, #FlyEaglesFly 🦅fan. Fell in love with a special Yorkshire girl & Yorkshire

@FreddieBailey96 Sounds like she is being operated by IDS!

2019-01-22 21:28

Ivan Turatti ivanturatti

Italian Creative Communicator. Creating OPENIDEAs to change the world through interactions that matter. Join the revolution: @openideabiz

RT @TheEconomist: Why are people in Hong Kong concerned about a new bridge linking them to mainland China?

2019-01-22 21:28

StGeorgesWoolwich StGeorgesSE18

History, news & events at St. George's Garrison Church, Woolwich.

St George's Church, with its modern canopy roof & stunning mosaics, survives as an evocative ruin & is an atmospher…

2019-01-22 21:28

Virgo the cat virgoknight2

This is my personal twitter for art i get and make as well as random tweets

RT @ChanDexy: you ever just have one of those days where you want nothing more than for someone to hold you and tell you everything is gunn…

2019-01-22 21:28

เป็นกัปปะติ่งคุมะมง Nongkappaeiei

ฟิค #หวงจองกุก-จีมิน ติ่งHarryเป็นชีวิต ชิป #GGAD หมดจัย
เป็น #Dek61 ที่รอดชีวิตจากTCAS

RT @Q_cupid: ไม้กายสิทธิ์ช่วงนี้เข้าไทยยากจังวะ โดนตรวจสอบว่าเป็นอาวุธตลอดเลย ลูกค้าก็รอนานละเนี่ย -_-

2019-01-22 21:28

Joanne Dove SoulintheCity

Speaking Truth toPower overcomer in HBOS Fraud Lloyd's cover up Glory to God for full restoration health social economic justice for all.Watchus fly like eagles

RT @paulmasonnews: /2 Labour's proposal is not a "unicorn". It is a proposal - to mirror single market, form a customs union and "shared in…

2019-01-22 21:28

𝒎𝒂𝒏𝒐𝒘🐯 _mnowx


RT @Q_cupid: ใครดูSex Education จบแล้วจะรู้ว่าซีรีส์นำเสนอเรื่องที่น่าเรียนรู้ทั้งนั้น ก็จริงอยู่ว่าบางซีนก็แบบเต็มตามาก แต่ถามจริงใครมีอาร…

2019-01-22 21:28

Nek Shipper NekShipper

RT @alaina_ok: думаю тупо не спать смотреть берсерка всю ночь и потом в офисе выживать чисто на праведной ярости и желании убивать как гатс

2019-01-22 21:28

ellie ellewltn

be kind. eat bread. sociology @ goldsmiths

an actual real life slide used in my 2nd year sociology lecture (also feeling bad cos no one laughed)

2019-01-22 21:28

Günther Janezic🇦🇹🇪🇺 dschi_dschei

Jedes Ding hat drei Seiten: Eine, die du siehst. Eine, die ich sehe und eine, die wir beide nicht sehen.

RT @ftdata: It’s difficult to imagine a world of business communication without charts — but just how effective are we at reading them? Tes…

2019-01-22 21:28

Qxx Queen QxxQueen

I play Msp and do youtube my youtube is QxxQueen


2019-01-22 21:28

Linda SE25A

Interested in human rights, EU, NHS, Bahrain

RT @AlbertoNardelli: Greenland’s Melting Ice Nears a ‘Tipping Point,’ Scientists Say

2019-01-22 21:28

Jennifer billington Jennifer196060

🖐🏻 #JC4PM2019

@BrandonLewis 👏👏👏 that’s a slow handclap by the way

2019-01-22 21:28

🍟🍟Dough Boy🇫🇷🇷🇴 DoughBoyHazard

Repping Hazard's Buns // CFC // Laziest account on FT

@CarefreeEdition Higuain or Sala? Makes a massive difference

2019-01-22 21:28