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My Naturewatch mynaturewatch

We are designing digital devices to collect visual and audio content about UK wildlife around the UK to promote positive engagements with nature 🐸🦆🦉🐿️🦔🌳

what online nature / wildlife magazines and blogs do you read❓

2019-01-22 21:18

Myown Sims myown_sims

17 🖤Baby Bat🖤 Art 🌙 always up to no good😈👅 ig -Myown.Sims

RT @KerrangMagazine: Take a look inside the new issue of Kerrang! – including an exclusive @bmthofficial interview!

2019-01-22 21:18

Freda Ou 2 ou_freda

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.



2019-01-22 21:18

Arghya Mukherjee, MD DUSA100

Cardiologist ☤

RT @JournoJennifer: "#GPs should have messes, too," says 1 @bmj_latest reader in response to @Abi_Rimmer's article on the importance of the…

2019-01-22 21:18

shadows fi dead couple times still CaptainTurts

I hunt monsters... Peta can suck it

@michaelafortee @MF_DiZZ 👀

2019-01-22 21:18

mary lukitafc

madridista. cro nt and european football enthusiast

@mollivers98 bo do polski wtedy przylatuje

2019-01-22 21:18

Emily Scoggins emilyrocks

At the intersection of music and tech. We probably met at a gig once.

This looks bloody fascinating

2019-01-22 21:18

الغازى جده jedksa1122

لا اجيد الانحناء الا لربي ... ولدت برأس عالي وسأظل لطالما انتمي لهذا الوطن ..💚

RT @aawsat_News: #مجلس_الوزراء يتناول #إعلان_بيروت الصادر عن #القمة_العربية_التنموية_الاقتصادية_والاجتماعية في دورتها الرابعة وشاركت به #ا…

2019-01-22 21:18


football fan @Arsenal

wannabe @Nike athlete

RT @Arsenal: Arsenal through and through 🔴

We’re gutted for you, Hec - and we’re sending you all of our love and support ❤️

We know you’l…

2019-01-22 21:18

min jksseoul


@ODEONHelp I’m just asking because I saw that Vue is allowing it, but are we allowed to bring Army Bombs to the cin…

2019-01-22 21:18

Julian Bruton mrjulianbruton

Theatre Director 🎭 | Based in London | Recently directed ZOMBIEGATE by @Mr_Gabrielli @Masterclasstrh | Also a Photographer 📸

Be good & vital to have more shadowing opportunities like these in order for early-career/emerging practitioners to…

2019-01-22 21:18

Katherine Rake KatherineRake

Founder and Chief Executive providing the thinking space and practical tools to help boost your #charity #impact and effectiveness.

Great piece and sector in desperate need of more collaboration for impact. Best of luck with it!

2019-01-22 21:18

Ash. aphxx_

Divine ♂| IG: _vphx_ | Reader.

@PhbzLaughsALot The money will flow IJN.

2019-01-22 21:18

Dani Rodrik rodrikdani

Economist at Harvard Kennedy School

RT @CarterPaddy: .@rodrikdani discusses two of the stand-out papers from last years's @CDCgroup @IHEID blended finance and industrial polic…

2019-01-22 21:18

Pocahontas hilaryprice777

Retired nurse, 40 years continuous service. Member of ' Keep our NHS Public', 'People's Assembly against Austerity' and 'Stop the War Coalition'. #JC4PM.

RT @evolvepolitics: Despite insisting that he would "not let this matter drop", Gary did not bother to follow up his ridiculous complaint w…

2019-01-22 21:18

ams imnotamran

@champagnema_ @E_milaaa I hate you guys 😂😂😂😂

2019-01-22 21:18

Richard K Herring Herring1967

Self-playing snookerist. Asker of Emergency Questions. Profile photos by Steve Brown. Oh Frig I'm 50 design by Stephen Newman

RT @lsqtheatre: Here come the boys! As well as Emily Atack on 4 Feb, don't miss Rob Brydon and David Morrissey joining Richard Herring on 1…

2019-01-22 21:18

Angela Akehurst AngelaEAkehurst

Interested in the world around me. Love art & design & ballet & travel. Work as tourist driver-guide. European & English. A militant moderate. LibDem supporter.

@romfordial @Fabledsoul I was responding to ‘Mother of Parliaments’. And there is certainly an argument to be made…

2019-01-22 21:18

emily mcdonnell pickamixem

no I still can’t drive

@THE_becki I’m sick of heterosexuals and yet here I am watching yet another het romance I just don’t care about.

2019-01-22 21:18

Sport & Rec Alliance sportrectweets

We're the voice of the sector to Government, policy makers & the media. We provide advice, support & guidance to members.

RT @HowdenSportRec: What a lovely wintery morning here in Loughborough. Excited to sponsor and be present at the Fit for the Future Convent…

2019-01-22 21:18

C cmunyx

ig - chelseamuny

RT @Mklevels: Concert after concert, festival after festival.

2019-01-22 21:18

sam’er. jussamz


RT @Prince_Israell: I want to become addicted to saving money

2019-01-22 21:18

Reality Distortion Fields BayshoreRunner

#KatesWall #OfficerSinghsWall Democrats support 72K overdoses a year. End the Mueller Witch-Hunt. #SpyGate #MAGA #NRA

RT @PrisonPlanet: Ocasio-Cortez: "The world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change."

Yes, she actually said this.

2019-01-22 21:18

ПЕЛЬМЕШЕК rumanchik666

@TomHolland1996, marry me, plz | ВЫСОКОАТИВНЫЙ СПИРИТ | РУМЫНСКИЙ КОРЖИК | ♑Capricorn sun, leo moon♌ | уфу уфу уфу

@ve_ttyyy @DonerLil @8zzmKSDEdTvQ6Sc @rozovoybanan Я знала, прост зОбыла

2019-01-22 21:18

Vivid Ricky VividRicky

Designer/artist…@_MentallySound co-host…#MentalHealth awareness…#PAA…socialist green/#Labour…#EthicalFashion…nonconformist…community activist…#Acorn…#LMHR…#NUFC

RT @BBCRadio4: "We normally see an increase in donations in January, but this year it's been incredible."

2019-01-22 21:18

Patrick McDonnell DeForis66

🖐️Used to be only Conservatives called me a "leftie extremist"

I can see why people that are not "naturally Labour" are reticent to vote Labour especially at this time but a vote…

2019-01-22 21:18

Magapanthus magapanthus

Leaning as I age, leftwards. Angry too ! But where to go, actually going nowhere.

RT @evolvepolitics: 2/ This was our response:

2019-01-22 21:18

Victor Mace VictorMace3

Alway think what the wandering unmentionable tribe are at. It concerns everyone.

RT @PrisonPlanet: Ocasio-Cortez: "The world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change."

Yes, she actually said this.

2019-01-22 21:18

Zoldyck Uche_98


RT @MrExposed: Going to Bagel King with your Roley on

2019-01-22 21:18

Priyanthan cine_paithiyam

One day or day one, you decide. | #PriyanthanArt | #PriyanthanClicks

@RageMaxxx sorry da thalapathy thambis ku illa.

2019-01-22 21:18

seasaídh róis ní cathán jessalinecaine

i try to be funny, i fail

RT @joseph_gellman: Angela Merkel has said that her new treaty with France is a move towards an EU army.

Never forget how remainers accus…

2019-01-22 21:18

Jahran A-Thompson Jat_APT

RT @guildhallschool: Calling all actors & production artists - tomorrow's the application deadline for all acting programmes and some produ…

2019-01-22 21:18

Royal Free London RoyalFreeNHS

Delivering world class expertise at Barnet, Chase Farm and the Royal Free hospitals. We represent the NHS at its best. Tweets monitored Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

@rahulkohli82 Hi @rahulkohli82, we are currently experiencing some issues with our switchboard. We apologise for an…

2019-01-22 21:18

Artur D. Zysk 🇵🇱 adzgb

Nie chciejcie ojczyzny która was nic nie kosztuje.

@malpawzielonym @atomowalodz Wszystko może być piękne. Ale równowaga musi być :)

2019-01-22 21:18

ฮานเบนของเก๋า BeamAL_1997


RT @RibEye16979388: สังคมไทยกับการbully น่ากลัวจริงๆ มีแต่คนแบบนี้มั้ง ประเทศไทยเลยยังอยู่ในประเทศโลกที่3 #จรพ เห็นวงจรอุบาทว์แบบนี้เยอะมาก…

2019-01-22 21:18

Lisa Bond positivelady80

A happy, life loving Actress and singer

@NewImage_UK @NutriBulletUK @MichelleLuther we love a yoga with Adrienne

2019-01-22 21:18

Rob Garris robgarris

Director of Global Admissions & Strategic Initiatives, Schwarzman Scholars

RT @OneYoungWorld: The moment everyone has been waiting for... Our 2018 highlights film is here. Watch the full film on YT & catch up with…

2019-01-22 21:18

Michael O'Brien mikeyobr

waterford man in watford

RT @SamCoatesTimes: 👇👇👇

2019-01-22 21:18

Harry Kind harrykind

Communications Officer for Liam Byrne MP, Shadow Digital Minister. Previously from the world of television. RTs are usually derisory; not endorsements.

@moguloilman So do we think no deal, as the plurality choice, is what we should do?

2019-01-22 21:18

Caliente Anne CallienteAnne

IG: caliente_anne Cuisses si épaisses, lèvres si douces

RT @greymarco: When the media got the photo of the 14 year old who was stabbed in Leyton wearing a balaclava they was desperate to label hi…

2019-01-22 21:18

WoW Blog wondersowanders

Travel, food & culture blog by @davalynx. Dedicated to the people, places & palates we allow ourselves to discover. Follow on IG: @wondersowanders

@miz_kore 😁😉

2019-01-22 21:18

LYKAN JayLykhan

Winners Like Me Live Forever #SoulRich

RT @laralens_: 21 savage. My king. >>>

2019-01-22 21:18

Joaquim joaquim_feit

FSU 20

RT @gbg_bucks: So a bird flew into my grill this morning and got stuck. Mom tried helping free the poor little guy but I don’t think today…

2019-01-22 21:18

Pervaiz Rashid PervaizRashid1

A retired person interest are politics poetry religion and history. Sports like cricket,Tennis,squash, American football . listening to old and classical music.

RT @WaqarBibi: ٹھیک ایک سال قبل آرمی چیف سےانصاف کے لئے لوگ فریاد کرتے تھےزینب کاکیس تو یاد ہی ہوگا، ٹھیک ایک سال بعد آج ساہیوال سانحہ کےلو…

2019-01-22 21:18

mom adun idun ulitrisnani

an ordinary mom who wants her kids grows in better Indonesia 🇮🇩

RT @coffeehollic1: Allah's Messenger (SAW) said:
"All the sons of Adam are sinners but the best of sinners are those who repent often."

2019-01-22 21:18

David #FBPE David_ooo_

Aspiring saboteur. Not a Schrodinger migrant. European, French, Auvergnat, Londoner (until March 2019).

@tcabarrus Certes très bien de dénoncer l'infox.

Mais il marque son deuxième point parce qu'il place son droit a…

2019-01-22 21:18

Kalyeena Makortoff kalyeena

Canadian transplant & Kids in the Hall obsessive. Banking correspondent for the @guardian. Previously @PA, @CNBC. Views my own.

Just got through the cordon for the talk with Prince William & Attenborough. Media queued up an hour beforehand. An…

2019-01-22 21:18

jenni JPantojaa


RT @williamhanson: Either there’s a @netflix glitch or @MarieKondo’s methods have escalated.

2019-01-22 21:18

nazirah nazry Nazirah_Nazry

i’ll be 01 till i die // Est.5S1N9X : always on my grind - a chronic overthinker

RT @gbg_bucks: So a bird flew into my grill this morning and got stuck. Mom tried helping free the poor little guy but I don’t think today…

2019-01-22 21:18

Kostya Tsolákis kostyanaut

Poet. Translator. Poems in @StrixLeeds, @TheFenlandReed, @brittlestarmag, Envoi, translations in MPT. Editor @haranapoetry. Shortlisted for Primers 3. 🇪🇺🏳️‍🌈

RT @PoetryTranslate: NEW TRANSLATION

Read 'The Mountain Of Your Body Is A Strange Poem' by the young Iranian Feminist Poet Shooka Hosseini…

2019-01-22 21:18

Anders Tingsgård Bone. AndersTingsBone

RT @wfcouncil: As the weather is cold, the @MayorofLondon has activated the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) across London. If you’…

2019-01-22 21:18

draveninol draveninol


RT @doddleoddle: HERE IT IS


2019-01-22 21:18

Scott Clitherow scottmfzb

a London,UK based fan of @Arsenal,@RaysBaseball,@TBBuccaneers @TBLightning,@Zebrahead,@PTPGOfficial

@caseyreporting 👋👋

2019-01-22 21:18

La tragique histoire d’Hamlet FiramaryEowl

Pas humaniste ni mixiste. Naturellement misandre.


2019-01-22 21:18

Mary marylou1se

'you read me like one of your books;
except I'm not the hero.
I'll never be the hero.' - Christian Grey

RT @E_L_James: It's a wee bit nippy here in London...

2019-01-22 21:18

فايز الشنفي faeez6000

‏‏دكتوراه جامعة القرويين

RT @MJumeh: قائد القوات الجوية الإيرانية عزيز نصير زاده: ننتظر بفارغ الصبر قتال إسرائيل لمحوها من الوجود!
لماذا تؤجل معركتك مع إسرائيل، ولا…

2019-01-22 21:18

Ukweli Roach UkweliRoach

Actor, Choreographer, Bird

@morganwatkinstw Nuts 🧐

2019-01-22 21:18

Regina C. Ortiz regcoral

Se pronuncia ruh-JEE-nuh | Public Health Analyst | Program Evaluator | Disney | PatsNation🏈 | Aging millenial | Weather ⛈ | Yelp w/piernas | Salubrista | 🇵🇷

RT @byEmilyAndrews: #Kate is wearing @Beulahlondon in this lovely pic by James Whatling

2019-01-22 21:18

The Opera Awards TheOperaAwards

Promoting excellence in international opera and supporting aspiring talent through The Opera Awards Foundation. #OperaAwards2018 sponsored by @Mazars_UK

A few places remain...don't miss your chance to book for our once-in-a-lifetime event with the great…

2019-01-22 21:18

Kevin De Bruyne AmirPiszczek

22. #MCFC

RT @MirrorFootball: BREAKING: Cardiff have "genuine concerns" for Emiliano Sala after plane goes missing

2019-01-22 21:18

Punletariat LalasRen

A fictional character

RT @AlbertCamusSoc: "Naturalness is not a virtue that one has: it is acquired".
Albert Camus, Notebooks 1951
#TuesdayThoughts …

2019-01-22 21:18

Rea Bow 1reabow1

Doing Live Shows. Keeping it Real, Challenging the MSM Narrative. AND! Having a Good Laugh Doing it :-)

"Sunday Long Live!



YT Comments read out

YT ->

2019-01-22 21:18

R01 #reality01 RealityZeroOne

Reality Zero One's mission is to design and create a world class end-to-end reality capture and digital delivery platform that focuses on VR, AR & MR

Scan 13 from R01
Check the links for more info:
/> /> #vr #ar #mr…

2019-01-22 21:18

Max Mavis max_mavis

RT @IanDunt: Hard to overstate this. Whenever you're outside the UK, it's clear the world universally thinks we're off our tits. …

2019-01-22 21:18

Dan thequalitydan

🇹🇷🇮🇪 🎧 🔴⚪️ ☕️🍻📡💻

@HectorBellerin You’ll come back stronger 🔥 we’re all behind you

2019-01-22 21:18

The Guardian guardian

The need for independent journalism has never been greater. Become a Guardian supporter:

Violet review – Fun Home duo's road trip gets lost in music

2019-01-22 21:18

Wild Life Wildlife_Stuff

Tweet tweet! 🐦 I like to follow wildlife stories on the internet but enjoy the great outdoors in my spare time ... It's sometimes nice to hear a real Tweet!! 🤠

Greenland's ice melting faster than scientists previously thought – study

2019-01-22 21:18

Chaudhry Tabraiz Aurah TabraizAurah

UK Correspondent Abb Takk News.Tweets are personal views, RTs not endorsements 00447792648653

Mohammad Nafees Zakaria @PakistanHiComKL assumes responsibilities as the new High Commissioner for Pakistan to the…

2019-01-22 21:18

Paul Holdaway PaulHoldaway

'Has it occurred to you that I'm a professional and I might have my reasons?'

RT @davidallengreen: Difficult to think of a more irresponsible attitude to our constitution.

May has been a bad prime minister, but Camer…

2019-01-22 21:18

Fei 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧 fatfei_

Here, there and everywhere

rtw & 💓 doesn't necessarily mean I'm in agreement.
English, British ☺
British is about the people & values not land & resources​

RT @toryboypierce: Labour MP @kateosamor wrote on Parliament headed paper to judge to be lenient to her son on drug charges. An abuse of pr…

2019-01-22 21:18

Kumar visilblower

RT @cheframu: #மக்கள்_தலைவர் பாதையில் அனைவரும்..


2019-01-22 21:18

helen no1helen

RT @LindaRiley8: Extremely sad to hear this news. #SophieWalker is simply one of the nicest, kindest, most genuine women I have ever had th…

2019-01-22 21:18

Duhec SOVA_0007

If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything - Mark Twain

RT @PrisonPlanet: They vowed never to build a European Army.

"Just a free trade zone."

They lied. Again and again and again.

2019-01-22 21:18

Andy Daniell andydaniell

Digging through shit so you don't have to. A&R Manager for Defected Records & DJ. Demos -

My favourite bit of release hype for a long time...

"It's either massive or the worst thing we've released. I can't tell."

2019-01-22 21:18

Tripple Bella Donna🦁 KeetaKenz

SC:keetakenz_94 $keetakenz94 IG: keetakenz_94 love working with my spirit guides and doing #hoodoo #positiveenergy #higherpower

RT @6O945: This final scene of Teanna Trump on blacked >>>>>>> Any other one

2019-01-22 21:18

kula koyasangel

namjoon heard me call him peng

@jjminhope it’s by force to buy a pair!!

2019-01-22 21:18

JFT96 News Justice96News

I'm Lynne Fox, sister of Steve Fox who died at Hillsborough. Please avoid commenting on the current trial, keep all opinions to yourself.

RT @guardian_sport: Police vowed to close Hillsborough tunnel to stop crushes, court told. Story: @david_conn

2019-01-22 21:18

matt h matth86158205

RT @HMRC_Casualty: Oh dear… one rule for them, one for the rest?
@MelJStride @PhilipHammondUK @Conservatives

2019-01-22 21:18

março mnartlof

o piolho da cabeça de algum et por aí

RT @DoggoDating:

2019-01-22 21:18

irene priyankac_fan0

“I’m too ambitious and I’m Priyanka Chopra.”

Queen things!! 😌🎉

2019-01-22 21:18

#WorkingClassLivesMatter #LoveNHS wezlangdon

Capitalism is a disease, U know the treatment Socialism Sosialaeth Socialisme اشتراكية समाजवाद 'ਸਮਾਜਵਾਦ' Ujamaa социализм

RT @RTUKnews: 'only a matter of time before something like this happened 🤷🏻‍♂️😂'

2019-01-22 21:18

Nikki _Nicksy

trainee lawyer. you'll love me 🥰

@CMartinsNYC Loooooool my account yeah 🥴🥴🥴

2019-01-22 21:18

marilag inahnvn

bituing walang ningning


2019-01-22 21:18

Richard C Hendry RichardCHendry2

Army Vet#2A#LEO/MILITARY.Married . Glad to be everything Liberals hate. The 2 best things ever to happen to me; My Wife and The Army. Trump supporter#MAGA!

RT @PrisonPlanet: Chris McGovern, former adviser to the Department of Education told The Telegraph, it has become an industry: “People are…

2019-01-22 21:18

R.C rashconte

RT @IbrahimMustapha: This is an interesting read. Thing is, there are people who think they are being complimentary but reducing certain pl…

2019-01-22 21:18

Joe Foley JoeDiego24

Poker, Politics, Wrestling, MUFC. #difficultfollow #centristdad

RT @WomaninHavana: 2.5 years May had to consult, to be flexible & open.

2.5 years to lead for the whole country, not a crazed minority.


2019-01-22 21:18

oh boyyy😅 J_Sterling7

DJ Sterling | Whats Poppin' Man!? 🇬🇭 | Brunel✈️ LDN - LDN... | Brunel ACS VP🕺🏾

RT @Unkle_K: I really don’t like sharing lifts with stranger, I dunno why. I think I’ve watched too many horror films

2019-01-22 21:18

RiceNPeaRoy SurvivorEvolved

Gamer, SQSTE @SeaOfThieves @Minecraft @HorizonForza4 +more. Social Handle:RiceNPeaRoy.
Tweets are someones, maybe my own.
See pinned Tweet!

@Captain_Falcore @SeaOfThieves @RareLtd I feel that he may not be skilled enough with a locpick, the slippers however... :)

2019-01-22 21:18

꼼꼼형 whdkEkdy


RT @sonn__0708: 말랑말랑⠀말⠀⠀ ⠀말랑말랑⠀말
말⠀ ⠀랑⠀말랑⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀말⠀랑
말랑말랑⠀랑⠀⠀⠀ 말랑말랑⠀말랑
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ 랑⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 랑
말랑말랑⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 말랑말랑
⠀ ⠀ ⠀말
말랑말랑 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 말…

2019-01-22 21:18

Graham Palfery-Smith grahampa

Recruitment *guru/legend/veteran, M&A specialist, dedicated NXD *delete as applicable

RT @6catsint: Cristiano Ronaldo will appear in court today to accept a two-year suspended prison sentence and a fine totalling €19m after p…

2019-01-22 21:18

Pocahontas hilaryprice777

Retired nurse, 40 years continuous service. Member of ' Keep our NHS Public', 'People's Assembly against Austerity' and 'Stop the War Coalition'. #JC4PM.

RT @evolvepolitics: So we basically told Gary where to stick it:

2019-01-22 21:18

Matt🍞 ttaMahplA

Proud vegan

@MarkWHU_ I don't want to die RIGHT NOW but Im not bothered that everyone does die. Living forever would be so shit lol

2019-01-22 21:18

Data Connect DataConnectUK

Securing your business and its employees against data loss, malicious attacks and security breaches. Call 01937 591143 #CyberSecurity #CyberAware

RT @ComputerWeekly: Security is about reducing risk,while assessing risk is all about understanding the cyber threats facing the enterprise…

2019-01-22 21:18

Naima 💕 _supernovaG

🇰🇪|9teen | FL

RT @boyfromtheSE: Niggas always wearing turtle neck when they in love😂

2019-01-22 21:18

tiffany vagavooch

it charli baybee


2019-01-22 21:18

Rilwan RealOne_10

Football Coach || Football is my passion || 🔴⚽️


2019-01-22 21:18

Jennifer billington Jennifer196060

🖐🏻 #JC4PM2019

RT @MirrorPolitics: EU quote the Spice Girls in brutal slapdown to Theresa May's Brexit Plan B

2019-01-22 21:18

Waroon Pwaroooon

RT @Alexa_520: spy a loki !

2019-01-22 21:18

c charlxtte_

i ruin my own life just for nothing


2019-01-22 21:18

A Boogie _Adizahh

new account. got locked out of my old one . 🤷🏿‍♀️

RT @Oloni: I’d whisper in his ear ‘you’re a big man uno’

2019-01-22 21:18