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KAIZEN🇸🇴 Abascoleworld

🇸🇴 All praise to the most high, Allah! #MUFC

@SafaaMarwaa The bottles meant to be brothers

2019-10-17 22:58

dolun lisadanimer

@gregorbey kaç para, kaç basıyor?

2019-10-17 22:58

Rachel Liverbird_11

When Nothing goes Right...Go Left...

RT @theousherwood: Listening back repeatedly to Juncker clip, I'm not convinced he's saying what people think he is saying.

Q: Extension?…

2019-10-17 22:58

'Not' Michael Lockey MRL8899

'Sometimes life gives you a second chance, or even two! Not always, but sometimes. It's what you do with those second chances that counts'..


RT @SkyNews: EU commission president @JunckerEU has ruled out an extension to Brexit.

He's told @BethRigby "if we have a deal, we have a…

2019-10-17 22:58

Paul A. Murphy PAloysiusM

Composer, nearlyman musician. I have a real job too…but first, a drink. All my views are awesome. Isn't there a limit on how long you can make this profile des

@Patrick_Sean Hand-held, or free-standing?

2019-10-17 22:58

James H fitgeek_uk

Introverted extrovert, retro scifi junkie, gymhead with a physics BSc. Flirtatious on here, shy in reality. Find the real me in DMs. Homosexual with gay moments

@matthaig1 If you don't mind.... I'll wait till the very successful play of it comes out ;)

2019-10-17 22:58

Suneater Papa___Midnight


@bonieluv It turns out, I’m weak as shit

2019-10-17 22:58

Ana gayyxvodka

Fan account . We're all a little bit gay, aren't we?

Can’t believe my mutuals get s*spended for no reason on here and this account is still up

2019-10-17 22:58

Bill Hulley (scourgologist) billhulley

servers storage network internet ipv6 ipsec mpls virtualisation cloud engineering development operations scaling availability cycling trains!

@samuriinbred I believe the point was to cause a small disruption, gain media coverage, get arrested. Job done.

2019-10-17 22:58

Talha Talha_Guetta

@TimesNow Even we pay fees to saudia when we go so how can pakistan waive off!!? Childish statement!

2019-10-17 22:58


Hello~ We are ARMY!

RT @officialcharts: .@BTS_twt to release a new version of Map of the Soul: Persona album track Make It Right with a featured artist @bts_bi…

2019-10-17 22:58

spanglydancinglegs spanglydancing1

🌹Red till I’m dead both politically & football. I nominate Klopp for “King of the World”. I bloody love my dog. I miss Terry Pratchett.

RT @ProfileBooks: *WIN* Want to dig deeper into why British voters chose Brexit?

We're giving away a copy of @chrisinsilico's #Mindfck: In…

2019-10-17 22:58

Mexican Bonnie 🇲🇽 Taniax23


RT @jojoansett: I feel like this whole year has just been like ‘if I can just get through this week, I’ll be okay’ but like, every fucking…

2019-10-17 22:58

Elisabeth Swart 🧷 elisabethswart

Atheist. No racists, PVVee, FvD or other riffraff in my tl. Wife, mother, grandm., greatgrandm. Worried about Dutch healthcare and many other issues.

RT @Isa_Yusibov: Nu Baudet zegt dat wij vluchtelingen het stikstofprobleem veroorzaken, heb ik jullie advies nodig omdat ik morgen een twit…

2019-10-17 22:58

Alasdair Pinkerton AlPinkerton

Academic and @LibDems Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for #SurreyHeath. #GetGoveOut #StopBrexit. Opinions my own and retweet does not equal endorsement.

RT @ThatTimWalker: It's like old times, when Johnson was a 'journalist' on the same paper that I was. He copies something out - this time…

2019-10-17 22:58

أبو كنان KarishAyman

RT @Ahmad_Alshaibah: حُكم على #أحمد_منصور بالسجن 10 سنوات بتهمة الإساءةإلى "هيبة ومكانةالدولة ورموزها"على خلفية دعواته السلمية للإصلاح،فهل…

2019-10-17 22:58

$ieeeee smm_xo


RT @_jxycille: Yell “fuck them kids” then hit them w the facts

2019-10-17 22:58

Beth Sawyer eb_sawyer

(she/her) scientist, amateur musician, goodgym enthusiast, feminist, emerging #exvangelical

@ChristinaJuan @MereOfTheOlsons @goodgym @GGCamden Congrats Meredith and Hayley - great to celebrate with you last night!

2019-10-17 22:58

Narkosoid KingstonNews3

Doctor 🚑👩‍⚕️ European 🇪🇺Science is fun🔬Thoughts my own.

@lehrbuda Das gehört wohl zur Kategorie "Jeder blamiert sich, so gut er kann." 😉

2019-10-17 22:58

UK4Europe #FBPE 🇬🇧🇪🇺 UK4Europe

If it ain’t Broke - don’t Brexit! Just a hard working mum, one of the millions of Remaingels protecting our children’s futures. #Revoker

RT @IanDunt: Is it too much to ask journalists to exercise just a trace element of critical thought.

2019-10-17 22:58

Give Us Time giveustime

We help service families readjust to life after combat with generously donated holidays. Learn more or register on our website.

#ThrowbackThursday to over the summer when our runner ran the ASICS London 10k, raising money for our military fami…

2019-10-17 22:58

Carmel Georghiou #StandUp4Brexit Mossfieldlady

Support Brexit and love life

RT @ShaunBaileyUK: Disappointing.

Yet more name-calling, blame-shifting and rudeness from Sadiq Khan.

Discussing increasing incidents of…

2019-10-17 22:58

Zay3000 _2aynab

RT @BASE2X: @_2aynab just get the whole name actually

2019-10-17 22:58

Jason Ingham jinglyjivejnr

RT @citycyclists: No people in wheelchairs. No people using mobility aids. No parents with buggies. No people on cargo bikes. No hand cycli…

2019-10-17 22:58

Tommy Wiilam TWiilam

I'm a man with good heart i love everyone and understanding people i love making new friends i like those who have plan in future

RT @ClickOffOrg: Not sure I’d want an award from a dodgy magazine that promotes incest & ‘age gap love’ (just as well really). Concerning t…

2019-10-17 22:58

Investors Chronicle IChronicle

Tips, companies coverage and features on big investment themes. Register at
Contact customer services on 01858 438 808

Greggs chief trims his holding

2019-10-17 22:58

Syd the squid #donkey Sydthes69943723

me is a hyper doggie American staff X love cuddles and kisses with mum I’ve got hooman brother and 2 scaly fings me is gonna be 4 in October

@renaeb16 Fank you it’s 🌧 do me glads me had gud longs walk 🐶

2019-10-17 22:58

Technique Recordings TechniqueRec

Record label to Drumsound & Bassline Smith/Tantrum Desire/Youngman/Document One/L Plus/Spectrem/Gradual/No Concept/Crissy Criss/MaxNRG/Erb N Dub

RT @SoupedUpRecords: 👀😛🏏

2019-10-17 22:58

when a Govt Cons the Gullible davidowens0107

Current Affairs, Politics/Economics

@WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump A relationship between US & Italy dating back THOUSANDS of years?
Trump has lost yet m…

2019-10-17 22:58

Beth Melhuish bethmelhuish_

🐝🐝 Uni of Sheffield MSc Genetics Alumni. NHS GMTS 2018. On placement at @CareCityUK. All views my own

RT @CareCityUK: We are working with @echo_pharmacy to test technology that can help carers in East London manage the #medication of their l…

2019-10-17 22:58

LynPadley LynPadley

Gran, mum, sister, daughter, aunt. Love my family, my dog, my van, my job, not necessarily in that order. Want a less divided country for all. No DMs pls

RT @mikeynevitt: @CClimateAction @ExtinctionR @XRLondon @XRebellionUK @XR_RandR @Greenanglicans Today was a massive own goal. I’m a support…

2019-10-17 22:58

Bodourrr bodour96

RT @n4vika: yo getting over someone you never even dated is a wholeee different healing process

2019-10-17 22:58

Ajaz Ahmed king_ajaz786

Amitabh Bachchan fan my favourite actor also al pacino love photography and messi and maradona are my favourite footballers ever ⚽️

@CynthiaDRitchie Lovely pic where in Pakistan 🇵🇰

2019-10-17 22:58

Carolyn Guse#FBPE#RevokeArt50🇪🇺🇬🇧🔸 guse_guse

A Europhile for 50 years but now a passionate grandma fighting for the rights of her grandchildren to live in a tolerant, liberal country. #StopBrexit#WATON

RT @GlobalCap_Sam: For everyone panicking that Juncker has ruled out extension here is the clip. Firstly he's not the one who gets to decid…

2019-10-17 22:58

Kevin TencetB

@unclehxlmes havent opened snap in forever

2019-10-17 22:58

Ell x EllCoopsxx

@Arsenal ❤️ Maltese Gooner 🇲🇹 FBFT

What do we think of Tottenham?

2019-10-17 22:58

Ed G E_Grimston

@NeilDotObrien We have a line in the middle of our country which is governed by different custom laws. I can’t see…

2019-10-17 22:58

kazzie krishahuzay

bAsTa La

@harlquinnn that's a good start, Dani! Good job ksksks

2019-10-17 22:58

Mr. C. InOppositionto

None of your business.

RT @CamillaTominey: Remainer myths debunked today:
-The Withdrawal Agreement will not be reopened
-The pol declaration cannot be substantia…

2019-10-17 22:58

Relocate to Romania relocateromania

Romania is far from your preconceptions, escape the rat race

RT @BestForBritain: It only takes 15 seconds to tell your MP to VOTE DOWN this #BrexitDeal - it will break up the United Kingdom.


2019-10-17 22:58

LuLululu Luis73156422

「途切れた魂の音が闻こえる ? 」
a hongkonger / an adventurer /
a photographer

RT @BBCNews: Hong Kong protest leader Jimmy Sham 'attacked with hammers'

2019-10-17 22:58

SaltySats SaltySats

Shit-posting, magic internet money aficionado. Bitcoin bull. Dogecoin wave rider. First BTC bought late 2016

@IamCryptoWolf the correct answer is $DOGE. always has been, always will be.

2019-10-17 22:58

Kirsty Hall NavigatingBaby

Navigating the #parenting journey one day of chaos at a time and sharing my #toptips along the way. Find my full #mummyblog at

When you shop @AmazonSmile, Amazon will make a donation to St Anselm's Catholic Primary School PTA.

2019-10-17 22:58

ياسمين yvsmin__

|6:162| retired united fan | I really don’t like any of you.

@amalsznn OUR MINDS >>>>>

2019-10-17 22:58

Janet Godward janet_godward

RT @BBCBreaking: "We have a deal so why should we have a prolongation?"

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker says there is no need…

2019-10-17 22:58

Julie Ambrose AmbroseTwit

It's short... live it well!
Socialist. Labour Member. Bowie fan. Chelsea Supporter. Wine and Gin Drinker. Very happy 😊
Far right will be blocked!

RT @davidschneider: ▪️End of Union
▪️Workers’ rights trashed
▪️Environmental protections ending
▪️Huge hit to trade
▪️Huge slump in growth…

2019-10-17 22:58

m. Madesan__

drink water & mind ya business!

RT @whitneyesi_: an awkward stage. things are changing / shifting. I know God is working in my favour but there’s a slight feeling of sadne…

2019-10-17 22:58

Gotitfromtheocean__ audjy__

Loyalty that’s it

On dirait que les BG de Lille ne sortent que quand y’a du soleil 🥵

2019-10-17 22:58

รินจัง Rinjungg


RT @peachybabyx: กูรักเขา

2019-10-17 22:58

Sara Yasmin Talib Sara_Yasmin

Physiotherapist (HCPC Reg.) | Previously @isnmalaysia & @FAM_Malaysia | Alma mater @ManMetUni | Opinions are my own.

RT @ChelseaFC: 👑

2019-10-17 22:58

Kaiser rxsw_

Views are my own

@sheatwn 😂😂😂😂 real classic

2019-10-17 22:58

RegisterToVote Philo mrsphilo

Here to speak for justice for all. Retweets and likes are not endorsements

RT @davidschneider: ▪️End of Union
▪️Workers’ rights trashed
▪️Environmental protections ending
▪️Huge hit to trade
▪️Huge slump in growth…

2019-10-17 22:58

Abby-Mother of Cats 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 SiameseAbby

Mother to ever-increasing numbers of Siamese cats and one human boy. #HumbugToRemoaners #Brexiteer

@CoyleLeyla @Louise_katz @djleodantes @SeanGM400 @Iromg Get the fizzy on ice... 🍾🥂 #ByeByeEU

2019-10-17 22:58

simply freemind freemind00786

कट्टर सोच नहीं, युवा जोश।

RT @BBCHindi: CARTOON OF THE DAY | अरे हमको ना सिखाओ...

2019-10-17 22:58

Tora-o💥💫 Kyogln

Only you survived? How pathetic.

RT @She_Anime: Mob psycho season 2 is underrated

2019-10-17 22:58

C A L TheCal1287

NDEBELE KING 🇿🇼🇿🇼personal account but please do follow my photography page @ccmphotography and instagram | cal_1287

@hashtagcali_ LOOL it’s not that deep at all.

2019-10-17 22:58

maisy loves ashton hesvelvety

— 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐧𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐟𝐞𝐥𝐭 𝐬𝐨 𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐛𝐲 𝐦𝐲 𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞

@outerspacexkate why not BOTH

2019-10-17 22:58

Tom Holland holland_tom

New history of Christianity - ‘Dominion’ - out now! Dinosaur lover. Stonehenge Tunnel hater. A 'leading English cricketer' - The Times


2019-10-17 22:58

Haider 🔶 7aiderB

Full-time procrastinator || Mediator || Atheist || rationalist || anti-PC || #HalaMadrid || #GGMU ||#FuckCancer || #شسمة || #Ta6wa

@al_rukabi ولله شغل حجي ماكو مجال

2019-10-17 22:58

Damian Adamczyk wysekelite

Jungler for @piratesportsgg 🏴‍☠️ | #WeArePirates Business Enquiries: "Once you belive you're the best... you'll be unstoppable"

Gdzie zabrac dzisiaj @Kikis1205? 🤩👿

2019-10-17 22:58

Josie jbe112995

RT @DailyMailUK: Couple who spent £60k renovating their £280k home slam ‘cowardly busybody’ who sent them poison pen letter

2019-10-17 22:58

Penny Stuart lostindisco

Too old, too soon. Re tweets do not signify an endorsement, likes are, unsurprisingly ...comments I like, find funny, or think important.

RT @Otto_English: Senior Ulster Unionist Steve Aiken MLA: "you know what? We'd be better off remaining."

2019-10-17 22:58

Residue Mirpuri RohanMirpuri

@Clarknt67 That makes a lot of sense actually. I wonder how many of his nerdy defenders know this.

2019-10-17 22:58

Ian Blackford IanBlackfordMP

MP for Ross, Skye & Lochaber & @theSNP Parliamentary Leader at Westminster.

Constituents wishing to contact me, please email

RT @SkyNews: SNP's @IanBlackfordMP says he thinks Boris Johnson will "struggle to sell" his #Brexit deal to the DUP and his party.

He says…

2019-10-17 22:58

Sir Septimus Pyecroft SirPyecroft

Mostly tweet Film/TV/Animal stuff into History,Fantasy novels,Rugby and Cider...and Rum... Victorian Adventurer by trade!! 🏉 🇬🇧

@MysteriosoX This is Suffolk..not the more refined Norfolk..

2019-10-17 22:58

Sian Kelly siankelly4

Head Coach Argentine Women’s Cricket Team. Women’s Business Development Manager @SMCricketUk

RT @StopFundingHate: The Daily Mail has admitted that it lost 265 advertisers before finally beginning moves to "detoxify" last year. #Stop…

2019-10-17 22:58

Beto Ochoa Beto_In_Austin

Mix of Six Races, Descended From Slaves, Psychic, Wishing People Into The Cornfield Since Rod Serling Gave Me The Idea In 1961

RT @PrisonPlanet: No deal!

2019-10-17 22:58

Jas Austin IamXERO

Legendary (apparently) video game developer. Making them 35+ years. If I'm lucky you may have played some of them. Working on a new Rex.

@richardmatthias I've been using Sourcetree for the last couple of years, and it's mostly been pretty good.

2019-10-17 22:58

ChristinaD fitalass

A Highland lassie settled in Aberdeenshire Mum to 3 lads & v long time Conservative supporter RTs not necessarily endorsement But hopefully always informative

RT @reporterboy: Any MP who hasn’t explicitly stated they are committed to Revoking Art 50 and votes against this deal will risk seriously…

2019-10-17 22:58

Louise 36 🇪🇺 Louiseh76

passionate remainer. better in not out.

RT @JMPSimor: A reminder that Juncker is head of the Commission, which takes its mandate from the Council. He does not have the power to r…

2019-10-17 22:58

แกว่าเราจะได้ญี่ปุ่นเกรดไร Samita8547

04s kid - น้องแทยงน่ารักที่สุดในกาแล็คซี่ทางช้างเผือก - อยากให้รวมตัวกันครบ21คนแล้วค่ะ รักนะคะ เจอกันเร็วๆซี่ -

RT @peachybabyx: กุภูมิใจในตัวหลานกูได้ปะ อยู่อยุบาล 2 ปั้นได้ขนาดนี้แล้วอะ กูยังปั้นเป็นแค่งูเอง ฮือ555555555555555555555555

2019-10-17 22:58

MissKnight #FBPE patiturvincit

#FBPE 🇬🇧 🇪🇺🕷️🖤#PeoplesVote #ABTV #WATON Sick of #austerity Brexit=Poverty4most /Bilingual #MRX member seeking to join org.

Let’s not forget how this started #BorisJohnsonLies #VoteLeaveLies and they kept lying. #StopBrexit for the #NHS fo…

2019-10-17 22:58

Paul James adams PaulAdams72

Wisdom, courage and love.

RT @Cochis3: Members of the PLP are going to keep resigning in order to continue the AS in the LP narrative for as long as JC is leader of…

2019-10-17 22:58

Louise7 LouiseL777

Advanced nurse practitioner, worried about the survival of our NHS

RT @mikeysmith: If Labour don’t spend the next 48 hours shouting “BORIS JOHNSON’S SURRENDER DEAL” into every available camera and microphon…

2019-10-17 22:58

🎩みょるたん🎭 myorumyoru666

岡工⚙の演劇部員 「秋田教授の研究」のお掃除カンパニーの動くゴミ箱!一郎!! 「羊のお水さようなら」 ゼナルギッシュの羊&猫 ●FGO民 ●コンパス民 ●下級デュエルリスト 歌う事が大好きです。カラオケいつでも誘ってネ。 ながらスマホ❌(戒め)



2019-10-17 22:58

jenn ScottishJenn_

{intersectional} feminist, libsoc, bi, fiery scot.
politics & sociology. she/her.

@londoniww / @ldnrentersunion

@reecewhayes @miketomillar Doesn't matter how terrible she is, she still doesn't deserve and shouldn't be on the en…

2019-10-17 22:58

𖤐 𝔅𝔩𝔬𝔬𝔡𝔶 𝔑𝔞𝔯𝔞 🐇🕯 Llinnara

1995 〰️ ENFP | Mendes Army🥀 | sneeze glitter, cough confetti 🥨✨

RT @timorodriguez: Some recent painting studies

2019-10-17 22:58

Danilo Toledo DanToledao

Game Designer 🎮

RT @DoggoDating: Be sure to label the important things!!

2019-10-17 22:58

Theo Usherwood theousherwood

Political Editor of @LBC

This is really important, and as per my earlier tweet from listening to Juncker clip four times.

He gets flustere…

2019-10-17 22:58

Biama 💀 vraissasm

19 💫 Forensic and Criminal Sciences 🎓

RT @inesrebelop: 8 da manhã. Só ouço do andar de cima a Alexa a tocar “Querer Voltar - DZR’T” porque está ligada ao meu Spotify.

Pai: Alex…

2019-10-17 22:58

Q Magazine QMagazine

The world's greatest music magazine.

"I didn't enjoy it as much as I should because I was afraid it would stop" @QueensChristine on her sudden UK succes…

2019-10-17 22:58

Complex UK complex_uk

Making Culture Pop. IG: complex_uk

RT @complex_uk: Get to know @BENNYMAILS, the dancer-turned-rapper whose goal is to "just make art."

2019-10-17 22:58

HC _haechanssss

NCTzen & ELF & EXO-L 💕💕💕

RT @daaaeeng_: Tbh, aku sedih everytime aku dengar pasal sisa sisa last hidup dia. Dia membawa muzik dan irama melayu ke dalam wayang, meng…

2019-10-17 22:58

Louise 36 🇪🇺 Louiseh76

passionate remainer. better in not out.

RT @JustinL74850953: Had anyone else heard of the DUP Before their first bribe? No me neither

2019-10-17 22:58

Richard Calhoun richardcalhoun

#NeoLiberalism #FreeMarkets #FlatTaxes
#SmallGovt #IndividualFreedom


Thanks for the RT/Like ... Following u now ... F/Back?

2019-10-17 22:58

Bonus Eruptus BonusEruptus

Living about 5 minutes into Pixar's Up as of 9/29/2019. RIP, my love. It should've been Kissinger.


RT @punished_stu: Age verification: policies invented by parents who don't know their 10yr old has already hacked the wifi router and chang…

2019-10-17 22:58

Pontus Skoglund pontus_skoglund

Group leader in ancient genomics at the Francis Crick Institute.

The Brexit deal would end the smooth mobility and EU funding that has been so important for UK science, but more fu…

2019-10-17 22:58

🎃 🍂 TWIRLYWHIRLY 👻🎃 twirlywhirly3

Mum 💕young at heart Grandma #Horrors #Baking keeping fit & healthy #reading #cocktails #gaming #Technology! #plasticfree #Gin #theatre #football #rugby #sports

RT @BookMinxSJV: This week, 200 @WHSmith stores around the country go live with our FAB new @TeamBATC promo - a whole bay, full to the brim…

2019-10-17 22:58

euphemos EricHybner

This is my personal twitter, upon which there is approximately nothing of professional or nerdy interest. Grandfather. New deacon in the Diocese of Lubbock.

RT @JamesBejon: THREAD: Innocence, Tyranny, and Intertextuality.

A REQUEST: Bear with me a while here; it will hopefully worth it in th…

2019-10-17 22:58

Dr Sanjiv Verma sanjivkumarverm

RTs are not the endorsements. Sanatan dharma.🇮🇳

RT @relationshipsdw: Get better and learn more about yourself and relationships at: /> #inspiration #wisdom …

2019-10-17 22:58

Gabi GabiGracik

Tudo fudido but tamo ai né?!

RT @DoggoDating:

2019-10-17 22:58

spoopy boy dan catboydan

that’s boochie babe!

RT @illucifer: Read this. Read this article and tell me we don’t need Pride anymore, that hate crimes aren’t on the rise, that inclusive LG…

2019-10-17 22:58

johnnyburge77 john74518975

RT @DailyMailUK: British teenager accused of lying that she was gang raped in Ayia Napa faces being stranded in Cyprus

2019-10-17 22:58

NottingHill&Ealing nhehs

An outstandingly successful independent school for girls aged 4-18 with excellent academic results and where pastoral care is at the heart of everything we do.

Senior & Junior school artists unleashing their inner creativity @the_Big_Draw at lunchtime today with our mindfuln…

2019-10-17 22:58

Marco Nunn BouncyMJ

Cub Lad, Manager @ Blagrave Reading, Surreal most of the time.

RT @ARMilani_: Boris Johnson trying to keep together the Tory party, ERG, DUP, The Union and the Brexit fanatics.

2019-10-17 22:58

ERICSON possible_eric

Eric Possible....guy of good integrity

RT @SkyNews: Liverpool striker @MoSalah dresses up as Maui from @Disney film Moana for daughter's fifth birthday 🥳🎁🎈

2019-10-17 22:58

Kai kjaranasvii

Stay in yo lane // Joshua 10:25 // SPC

@loizemarie Hahahahahaha saba loi

2019-10-17 22:58

👑Lou ✨ Lou_Santino

👻: TheLouPrint 🧜🏽‍♀️ 🇨🇷🇭🇳 Media Professional 👩🏽‍💻👩🏽‍🎓 Entrepreneur| 🌍Traveler ✈️

RT @ThegirlJT: I don’t expect some ppl to get me, but you gone feel me!

2019-10-17 22:58

Nj nj_sah_

smart and psychic.

RT @oyevivekk: "Will you fight for me,
O Rambhakts?!"

"Har Har Mahadev! Har Har Mahadev! Har Har Mahadev!"

The answer was clear. The res…

2019-10-17 22:58

Arya Bloodclart Stark Shortest_Stuff

Shorter in person, you’ll see when we meet 🎶🇩🇲@theblockpartyuk Ambassador

@PerkySets @Nizer01 Ohh Yh there’s another one after

2019-10-17 22:58