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YMCA Short Breaks YMCAShortBreaks

YMCA East Surrey's Short Break disability play and youth schemes run across East Surrey and West Sussex.

Yippee had a great time practicing their first aid skills for 999 day! Then Yip4Youth went on a scavenger hunt to c…

2019-09-22 02:32

Allen_Mental Health News EpsomMental

Father, son, brother, uncle, friend, mental health champion, sober 12.10.05 Mental Health First Aider, bipolar2, depression, Eupd. all views are my own.

@Delirious_Dater What a fab photo x have a great weekend

2019-09-22 02:32

Richard djtrickster77

Mad Scotsman. Massive petrolhead. #F1 & #btcc fan. Love Film. Trying to rediscover myself..

@peters1974_lisa Oh yeah I know that but I've never supported a Ferrari driver before so that's a first for me....

2019-09-22 02:32

Maynard-Abnett michaelabnett

Buzzing to be in the next round of the @EmiratesFACup The lads dug deep to secure the win with a massive help from…

2019-09-22 02:32

S SammOwenn

R1/1Xtra • Send me tunes:

Depzman was on different levels back in day

2019-09-22 02:32

Steve Watt originalswatt

grumpy croydonian Muzik, radio ,post Christian agnostic kulture,#ontheleftnotoftheleft ultimate , qpr cacti Haring , Lego, Batman lager & burger ponce.

@SimonDunmore I'd be fascinated to know what aids smells like

2019-09-22 02:32

Phil Gibson philgibson57

Harlequins , Chipstead RFC , Real Ale ,Pointer Rescue , Melbourne Quins, The Wire , Man City ,2 dogs 3 kids & wife Jane my Quins ST buddy

RT @ChipsXV: FULL TIME: Purley John Fisher 2 34 - 10 Chipstead Rugby Club
#PURCHI #Pitchero

2019-09-22 02:32

Jackie Collis JacksC93

Country lover, Mad Cat Woman, Mum of 3, Sun & Sea Worshipper, Cider drinker... solitary trail runner

And of course his brother isnt going to be left out 😸

2019-09-22 02:32

Dot to Dot dgtwatter

A jump to the left but anti Corbyn. Avid reader. Non-militant veggie.
Celtic fan, LCFC by marriage & Clachnacuddin rocks. Retired media babe & Medical PA.

@mand_brun Have him stripped, washed, lightly oiled and sent to my tent.

Seriously gorgeous though.

2019-09-22 02:32

Emma Gallagher EG_Talent

Early Talent & Employer Brand Champion at @SchneiderUK | Travel Enthusiast | Dog Lover | Gym procrastinator

@Hacklad @ChelseaFC I know right!!! 🙌🏾 go cuz!

2019-09-22 02:31

trin trinitytrelfa


i just rolled the perfect joint and jules goes “you’re the perfect little joint” and i’ve never felt so complimented in ma life 😚

2019-09-22 02:31

Luis Pais lm1067


2019-09-22 02:31

Angie Cottee acottee

I am a full time Hockey Coach. I love coaching and playing!! Aim in life is to inspire children to play hockey and love it as much as I do!!

When you get to play in the same team as 2 players that you have known and coached since they were 7! #proud…

2019-09-22 02:31

King MANIC 🤴🏽 ManicTheOnly

Husband .. Proud Papa ... Badboy. 🙂

The first one. >

2019-09-22 02:30

Samir Akram samirakram


Allah ka shukr hai bachpan se..................

Nahi Kia

2019-09-22 02:30

Lyndon-Jon Martin 👨🏻‍💻 lyndonjonmartin

Husband/Father/✟; #Evangelism - #SDWAN #IaaS ☁️ #FlexibleWorking #CitrixWorkspace; #HDX Expert; #CitrixCTA; #Starwars #Coffee #Biltong :) Tweets my own views!

@guyrleech @ControlUp

2019-09-22 02:30

Stocksigns Stocksigns

Your Personal Signage Experts. With thousands of standard signs in stock & a custom-made sign service, design & installation.

Bodies of water can be misleadingly deep, make sure you have the proper signage to keep people informed of the dang…

2019-09-22 02:30

Messagemaker Displays MessagemakerLED

Messagemaker, a leading UK LED display manufacturer. With years of experience in developing, manufacturing, installing and supporting digital LED displays

LED displays can be integrated to your existing sign, systems and even the walls of your building. Our years of exp…

2019-09-22 02:30

First Call Signs FirstCallSigns

First Call Signs offers top quality temporary signs with unrivalled service. Specialists in construction site safety and the events industry.

144 UK workers were killed between 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016. This article highlights the importance of signage…

2019-09-22 02:30

No16 Sutton no16sutton

Thoughtfully designed open plan lifestyle apartments that effortlessly combine modern style, sumptuous comfort and stunning views.

Your No.16 bedroom is the perfect place to wind down and relax with a good book. #No16Sutton #Sutton

2019-09-22 02:30

CairneyHelpYou William06311842

COYW, FB 🎶 Ain’t Nobody 🎶 Had a bio but then Tom Cairney put it top bins 🗑

Watford keeper trying to escape

2019-09-22 02:30

SurreyUltra SurreyUltra

Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo

So on November 1st do the Brexshit Party cease to exist? #AskingForAFriend 🤷🏾‍♂️

2019-09-22 02:29

DA🐝🐝🇬🇧 DIAnderson66

How many jobs do I have to of had before I stop saying I'm an ex professional footballer? Ex Charlton A. Crewe A. and Aldershot F.C #COY🐝

@TSianyyy @Rossmac212 Really what?

2019-09-22 02:29

Chipstead Seniors XV ChipsXV

Friendly little leafy village with a competitive edge #FortressMeads Seniors in Surrey 1 Mini & junior section. #ClubHalf Newly Formed Girls Section

FULL TIME: Purley John Fisher 2 34 - 10 Chipstead Rugby Club
#PURCHI #Pitchero

2019-09-22 02:29

Kirsty Marie KMW_PINK

Just Me being Me....although I make more sense after a glass of bubbles than I do sober

@snapeyforever17 @SwimSerpentine @Wedwishingwell Well done WW, so proud 🧜🏻‍♀️

2019-09-22 02:29

Aled Roberts capaled

I am a Christian and saved through God's grace. I was once blind but now I see. Wrexham fan 🔴, Dwi’n caru fy’n wlad, Hen wlad fy’n hadau. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

United complain about their performances, Arsenal complain that they deserve better yet both have won titles, fa cu…

2019-09-22 02:29

Owain Llwyd Jones OwainLlwydJones

Gastropub manager @peachpubs , Cymro, Swansea city fan, ospreylian, general lover of all sports all food & all booze! loving life and living the dream!


2019-09-22 02:29

gr8MusicVenues gr8musicvenues

#Promo #Venues #Events, #Bands & Fans - RTs are NOT endorsements - Confirm with Venues/Artist Status of events.
#FB #Bandstanduk + #Soundcloud #Myspace

RT @RichardDunning: There's some incredible memories waiting to be made on Tuesday nights in Coulsdon!
@gr8musicvenues @whatsoninsurrey @…

2019-09-22 02:29

Daniel Smith teach_smith

Second in English in Redhill


2019-09-22 02:28

J o s h S m i t h Joshsmithysmith

On a 6 year gap year


2019-09-22 02:28

Joseph Wai MobiusKnight22

Hi, I love cats. | He/Him/His | DMs open if you need to talk. | National Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255 | Suicide Text Line: 741-741

Are there any updates to this? Haven't checked in a while.

2019-09-22 02:28

S SammOwenn

R1/1Xtra • Send me tunes:

So toxic

2019-09-22 02:28

Paul Marsh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧 marshp1970

Love and respect from the UK 🇬🇧

@NiceGuyKenny All seater
Cost of entry
Tv kick off times

2019-09-22 02:27

Terry Carter SDP #MakeBritainGreatAgain KingTerry1985

@1maggiewinter If the next leader of the Labour Party is ANY of the women pictured its fucking finished tbh...

2019-09-22 02:27

م.عائشة الذياب 7lmy__ana

#م. كمبيوتر🔧 أم لثلاث أطفال..طائر حر خطتُ أجنحتي بنفسي . #أكتب دائمًا #أرسم أحيانا🎨 . ❤ . إصداري✒: 🌸#هي_تتحدث_وهو_ينصت🌸

يُكتَب التاريخ ناصع للقوي لو هو مغولي.


2019-09-22 02:27

Ambrotious Hoopington78

West Ham fan, good egg, great with kids, non-violent with a cracking sense of humour. Reports of my ability to fly have been somewhat exaggerated.

Aged well....

2019-09-22 02:27

Dot to Dot dgtwatter

A jump to the left but anti Corbyn. Avid reader. Non-militant veggie.
Celtic fan, LCFC by marriage & Clachnacuddin rocks. Retired media babe & Medical PA.

@sparklingmeghan I'm too ashamed to even send a snapshot of mine. It's abominable.

2019-09-22 02:26

Ayelle ayellemusic

@mrnajiboy Happy birthdaaaay ❣️✨✨

2019-09-22 02:25

Rosie Dodds RosieEHDodds

Love cinema, reading, travelling. I have an Oxford United season ticket. I go to pilates and like to have fun.

@CameronCairns87 You just love to see it. 💛💛💛💛

2019-09-22 02:25

robert askew chel4sea

life long chelsea fan married to west ham nut
do not take life seriously

@TiceRichard The Remoaners have given up their Morals for the sake of getting there own way,we have become a nation…

2019-09-22 02:25

David Sayers DavidSayers83

Redhill West & Wray Common candidate for Lib Dems; 2019. I am a pluralist & wish peace to all. Inspired by W Gladstone & M Luther King Jnr amongst others.

RT @europe_vincent: Thank you for your support! We are seeing a #LibDemSurge here in #Reigate. We are a 50:50 constituency. Help me #Replac…

2019-09-22 02:25

a lazy leo 🖤🗡🦋 t1redandan7ry

she/her. i’m t1redandan7ry but somebody should be. 🦋🔪🖤

@heddja she said “most of my friends and family call me Ash”

2019-09-22 02:25

Exposure Sport Exposure_Sport

Director of Exposure Sport. Big Federer fan and LFC.

Can you do a wall squat Roger 😂@rogerfederer

2019-09-22 02:25

Simon Leeson SimonLeeson1

Pianist and teacher. Lots of opera, not necessarily Wagner.

The day after attending a wonderful performance I often don't know what to do as I don't want to listen to somethin…

2019-09-22 02:25

abi cobley abisaidno


been sat in the pub with my uncle aunty cousin mum n james pissed out me head and so full of love ah 🥰

2019-09-22 02:25

Essexman essexie

Knowledge, Risk Change.
Family, Friends Tango.
Dyslexic, caring, comic.

@__Breda @MrHarryCole I think you'll find about 40% do and 60% don't.

2019-09-22 02:24

Kieran Reynolds KJR90

A fish who has spent most of his life trying to climb. Now learning how to swim instead. I write for @NUFCthemag. Ambassador @lpftweets. Opinions are my own.

#nufc performance is like that Simpsons episode when Homer takes up boxing. I really dont know how Brighton are not ahead.

2019-09-22 02:24

Leo Lopez Leo75lopez

@100TAlpaca His T-shirt is glitching

2019-09-22 02:24

laughinggravy condimentset

Hate virtue signalling disorder, love fighting hatred and prejudice against older people, love the arts, no patience with #FBPE

RT @gabriel160519: @monkey__mark @condimentset @andywigmore We sicken you because we won a vote?!Who the hell do you think you are??

2019-09-22 02:24

jizzy jizzybezzy

écoute ma musique à minuit

j’ai eu quelques mélodies dans la tête ici 🍒

2019-09-22 02:23

BradBeresford BradBeresford

Tax Assistant 💻

@JamesCox93 James, people only show the good side of life on social media, that is what it is for

2019-09-22 02:23

KA10⚽️ KAlfred_10


RT @ManicTheOnly: I knew somebody was due to ask a question like this lol

2019-09-22 02:23

Reflect Productions ReflectProd

Reflect Productions is a Children’s Theatre Company, running clubs, holiday programmes and theatre in education projects across the Capital

Looks like the students had lots of fun at our Performing Arts’ Programme today! #performing #merton #mertonpark…

2019-09-22 02:23

Gluten Free Al GlutenFree_AL

Broken, grumpy coeliac, mostly harmless (saving up that 'I told you so'), INFJ, radio ham, trekkie. Find Al somewhere to live!

@freefromgem @glutenfreeadele Don't forget to tag @DavidJ_GF because I know he wouldn't want to miss out #miserylovescompany

2019-09-22 02:22

Tim Thomas 🍺🇪🇺🇬🇧🇮🇪🔶Stop Brexit🔶 timofnewbury

EU citizen: celebrating travel, art, design, architecture, film, books, politics, photography, humour, beer & pubs +@UllageBeer, music +@zestival. I RT a lot.

@CoventryCanon @DrMegThomas Here’s Meg’s headgear for Defend our Democracy march and speeches #Newbury

2019-09-22 02:22

Robert Faulkner roberthfaulkne1

@iainjwatson @UKLabour Just a pause in the gouging out of the original Labour which anyway has outlived its purpose…

2019-09-22 02:22

Jason Rose roseyjason

Husband, father, Watford Fan and just all round damn good egg!

@JasBailey it may make a great podcast but for the love of God man some sort of friends intervention is required fo…

2019-09-22 02:22

Andy Kettlewell 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Ketters1982

Oxford born, Bucks bred, Berks resident. Chairboy for life! @wwfcofficial ST holder @wwtrust member (70/92) league grounds @england Block 111 #FollowEnglandAway

@mayor_n @Matt1Clarke @wwfcofficial Amazing to have 5500 home fans, that’s quite rare and we are lucky to have this…

2019-09-22 02:21

Steve Boxall pophamgyros

Learn to fly gyrocopters / gyroplanes / autogyros with The Gyrocopter Experience at Popham Airfield near Basingstoke

M16 meets Hurricane at White Waltham

2019-09-22 02:21

Fabio Rosado ✈️👨🏻‍💻 FabioRosado_

Working above the clouds. Traveler. Passionate about books. Dreamer extraordinaire.

Just finished my 13th book read this year. Which puts me way out of my yearly goal of reading 24 in 2019 😫

2019-09-22 02:21

Michael Scannella mike_scanella

Gigs goer (🤘🏻) Coffee snob, Travel, Cockney Red, like looking smart & WWE enthusiast

@PremierSportsTV Worldie

2019-09-22 02:21

Paul Jeffrey realfootiedad

Ex pro/semi-pro,Clubs include Camb Utd,Camb City,Royston ,Harlow. Non-League follower,Ground Hopping ,Travel,Cinema,Press/Media Officer Ely City F.C

@kfpm @ElyCityFC Thanks

2019-09-22 02:21

robert askew chel4sea

life long chelsea fan married to west ham nut
do not take life seriously

@Madders10 Only if you were to use it to wipe your BUM with the crap paper!

2019-09-22 02:20