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Cole Huskins cole_huskins

@BrockOtten In 2020 tho

2019-03-19 20:24

Cole Huskins cole_huskins

@TPEHOCKEY Will most likely be the best nhl draft prospect in NCAA since Jack Eichel in 2014/15

2019-03-19 12:12

Cole Huskins cole_huskins

@TPEHOCKEY Would rather see him destroying NCAA in his draft year then the dub anyways.

2019-03-19 12:00

Cole Huskins cole_huskins

@ryanharris700 @reporterchris If he does make the team probably be offered an AHL contract for the rest of the year.

2019-03-14 07:12

Cole Huskins cole_huskins

@TPEHOCKEY On the bright side it will help him with his development for his draft year while they are gone!

2019-03-13 20:46

Jenny Hagan LostInSk LostInSk

Healthcare professional, storm spotter, adventurer and photographer,Member of Shear WX chase team and blogger at @LostInSk on FB and Instagram Canon 70D

@lostgirlsguide @LouthAdventures @TourismIreland @GhanHouse @toyotaireland @Media_IrelandCA Oh my you lucky duck! T…

2019-03-12 22:05