Tweets at Central Butte, Division No. 7, Saskatchewan around 10km

It searches the Pokestop Tweets of Twitter around Central Butte, Division No. 7, Saskatchewan 10km.

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Eldon Sangster E_T_SANGSTER

@JustinTrudeau @ICICIBank @CKforCleanIndia @KirstyDuncanMP @BardishKW Canada already has many women in business. Ma…

2018-02-21 05:30

Kayla Marie Ireland-Palmer KaylaMarieIP

Therapeutic Recreation-Gerentology Student through Lethbridge College 📖
Pet Mom 🐭🐶🐺

@taylorndean Love it.. reminds me of a drunk person passed out

2018-02-14 16:34

Eldon Sangster E_T_SANGSTER

@CBCNews If you want changes to the justice system then maybe more natives should get better education and become l…

2018-02-14 12:51

Eldon Sangster E_T_SANGSTER

@globeandmail Why when a native is involved in a bad situation it is all of a sudden a racist problem and it never…

2018-02-14 12:50

Eldon Sangster E_T_SANGSTER

@CBCSask If someone trespassing on my property peeping in windows, driving around and could possibly hurt a member…

2018-02-14 12:26