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Ready Freddie rdyfrde

My name is Heather and I love music. That's pretty much it ;)

There's a PokeStop in my hotel's chandelier. Yes, you read that right. Must be so good I failed to notice it 😛

2019-02-17 09:01

Greg Smith ThatAmazingTwit

Writer|Co-Creator Junior Braves of the Apocalypse Series at Oni Press|Consultant on Blood & Gourd 3|Podcast team #nerdsftc |#abraveisbrave

It's #pokemongocommunityday and we have all your #pokemon needs!

Come in get warm, access the pokestop, catch Po…

2019-02-17 00:58

Muhammad Hassan Hasan_Tariq

SDE @Microsoft, Alumnus & ex-Faculty @FASTNUCES, MS candidate @LifeAtLUMS, blogger, open source contributor, Web, Tech, Cricket enthusiastic, Opinions are mine.

Niantic is tweaking Pokémon Go to settle a l#awsuit with angry homeowners

2019-02-16 06:00

Giant Robot Katie says Ban Nazis duckish

She/her. I'm tired and I love dogs.

It is two thirty in the morning. The Pokéstop with the lure is a Starbucks in a 24hr grocery. Someone is having a N…

2019-02-14 19:33

Gabby @ #PlayPokemon 🇦🇺 GabbySnyder

#PlayPokemon Commentator + WCS Qualifier ’15. She/her. Software Engineer (iOS is my favorite). Business:

The pokestop outside of the venue has a quest for a Chansey!

2019-02-14 06:46