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Mountainview Turf MVTurf

CLEAN UP! You’ll see us passing by early this morning to clean up the small amount of light snow we had overnight,…

2019-02-14 18:26

Randy Frobel RandyFrobel

Trying to stay excellent

@SamBatCorp Merlot with the silver logo🔥

2019-02-14 11:59

Mountainview Turf MVTurf

THANKS TO THE CREWS!! To the teams that started at 7 pm last night to the ones still working at this very moment, t…

2019-02-14 07:02

Mountainview Turf MVTurf

12PM - SNOW UPDATE. All roads are now passable. Crews and trucks have been going non-stop, clearing roads multiple…

2019-02-14 02:19

Mountainview Turf MVTurf

QUYON SIDEWALKS UPDATE. With the blowing wind there is 4 feet of snow in places on the sidewalks. This amount is to…

2019-02-13 18:59

Mountainview Turf MVTurf

2019-02-13 17:17

Mountainview Turf MVTurf

SNOW STORM UPDATE! As of 3:00am things really are as bad as they’ve predicted. The quantity and heavy winds have ma…

2019-02-13 17:16

Mountainview Turf MVTurf

HEADS UP EVERYONE!! The on-coming snowstorm will bring down snow amounts of 3cm+ per hour and 40-80 km/hr winds. W…

2019-02-13 05:41

St Mikes Intermediate MadamedaSilva7

Welcome to the St Mike's Intermediate! We are a fun group of Intermediate students an teachers who love to laugh together, learn together and eat donuts.

Lots of enthusiasm for our garage band assignment! The assignment got some students up off their feet with exciteme…

2019-02-12 00:16

robert govereau miramichi84

Fine wine with friends.

2019-02-10 12:11

Randy Frobel RandyFrobel

Trying to stay excellent

@SamBatCorp Got to go with the merlot 🔥

2019-02-10 07:46

Gustavo A. Carias E. Gustalfred

I'm a Canadian-Venezuelan architect, living in Ottawa, Canada & working as a language consultant. I've got also an online store of anti-aging products.

A green retreat @ Camp Woolsey

2019-02-09 21:43

Mountainview Turf MVTurf


2019-02-09 02:39

Mountainview Turf MVTurf

Last couple of hours before the giveaway. Be sure to like the original post for entry!

2019-02-08 22:32 Pontiac2020ca

Compte officiel Twitter pour page web communautaire dans la municipalité de Pontiac, Québec, Canada.

Les re-tweets ne sont pas avenants.

RT @MVTurf: Morning! With snow at times heavy yesterday followed by freezing rain yesterday afternoon and overnight, our team is out cleari…

2019-02-08 00:09

Mountainview Turf MVTurf

Morning! With snow at times heavy yesterday followed by freezing rain yesterday afternoon and overnight, our team i…

2019-02-07 19:41