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Janine Geldart JanineGeldart

Thinker. Freelance chocoholic. Lifelong TV fanatic. Friend of animals everywhere. Passionate reader. I draw on fogged-up windows

Riverbend cabin @ Thomasburg

2019-07-16 08:12

Daryl Kramp darylkramp

MPP for Hastings-Lennox and Addington, elected 2018, PC Caucus Chair, former MP for PE-H 2004-2015, former local Councillor and longtime business operator

Attended the Algonquin Powow today in Bancroft. What a wonderful celebration of culture, heritage and spiritual caring

2019-07-14 10:13

payton ToySoldiersMT

Official Gerbil Face. Photographer📷. Occasional explorer. instagram: paytonslost

lil nas x is going to release the same song over and over for the rest of our lives and I think it’s just what needs to be done

2019-07-14 05:43

Steve Quinton 🍁 stevequinton

Go Jr. Mustangs, Irish, Packers, Leafs & Jays. Fan of beer. Here's to life! 🍻

Yeah buddy!

2019-07-13 02:30

The Sass Master Richie_Rich6500

Loyalist College (TVNM/FTVP)📹🎥🎬(Class of 2019). League Bowler 2008-2016 🎳. Cast Member at Walt Disney World until December 19th!!🏰✈️🎉

@_ZomBriii_ @WDWToday

2019-07-13 01:03

KaLiCon KaLiConInfo

KaliCon is a unique Canadian event that gathers lovers of fiction, authors & readers bring books to life in an action-packed venue!


KaLiCon proudly presents:

"It Happened At KaLiCon" Readers' Writing Contest!!!

Readers’ Writ…

2019-07-07 11:22

Matthew Harris MedicMatt17512

Advanced Care Paramedic, Dad, Outdoorsman, Lifelong student, Geek.

@MacLeodLisa @MelnykEugene Oh man, you are so going to the back benches.

2019-07-06 11:47