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Allison (Lvl 36) pokemon_goals

NY🗽Pokémon Go, level 36,🌀Team Mystic🌀, playing since July 2016! Pokedex: 151-99-126-51 Total: 428🤘🏻Generations 1&2 complete! (minus Smeargle 😅)

I got my first Corsola!!! We were driving and I saw it on the radar at a pokestop but we weren’t going in that dire…

2019-01-18 02:35

✌Jynxx😼Redd✌ JynxxRedd

Catching Pokemon & Playing Quidditch....
#TeamValor #RavenClaw
Business inquiry:

📸IG: __Jynxx__

I love this stop, the artwork is amazing.

Drop a pic of your favorite Pokéstop

Shout out/Art Credit:…

2019-01-18 00:21

Luca 🏳️‍🌈 KonekoKohaku

I'm Luca or Kohaku. Nonbinary. They/Them. Gay.
I talk about and play video games on Twitch.

Being on top of a pokestop has its advantages as I have a ton of balls

2019-01-17 23:51

Chelsea✨ pkmnprincessx

TL32 ; TeamValor🔥 372/495 mons🥰

Update: I never got it. said it fled from the pokestop, then showed back up in nearby, fled again but never actuall…

2019-01-17 02:39

Lovely Cally callykarishokka

Avid but terrible WoW player :D | I AM A POTATO and sometimes also a cat | Amazon wishlist: | Ko-Fi:

Huh. The bicycle stand next to the Trader Joes is a pokestop now...

2019-01-16 12:11

TOCG The_OtherCoast

#TheOtherCoast. Gaming news and opinions from NY. Our goal?..To inform you so you never waste your money on a trash game. We'd also like to change our PS name.

Dear @NianticLabs @NianticHelp and @NianticEng. It has been over a month since sinnoh stones have become available…

2019-01-12 00:52

BeckyIsTheManClubMemberMG gonzalezmike21

Becky Lynch is the #1 Superstar on the Women’s Roster In History.

#PokemonGO why do release the sinnoh stones if you never get one since they were released I only got 1 and that was…

2019-01-11 11:08

Mrmime-L40 mrmine52

@PokemonGoApp Yea I might get one with the 6 stops I have when will pokestop submissions come@to the USA they have been everywhere else

2019-01-11 07:05

GoldPro-Z MK8WVR2

Hi, I’m a pro MK battler and I enjoy playing games, talking with friends/family and etc. Please do not follow to unfollow..

@RuiMiguelPOGO @RuanAntunes7 How do you get a gym to be close to you like that? I need to replace my pokestop for a…

2019-01-10 12:27

Rob Tyrannotaur

Pokémon Go- SubjectXer0
5473 6467 2092
Please PM if you add so I know who you are.
New Yorker. Gamer. Pokémon Master. Cinephile. Marvel Fanboy.

I long for the day when I spin a Pokestop and EVEN IF MY BAG IS FULL I still get stuff that doesn’t rely on the sto…

2019-01-10 05:08