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Maria 🍁 paperwithpages

Lover of earnestness. Will talk to you about reading/writing/movies/questions of the universe if prompted.
She/her #amdrafting

When you play Pokemon Go in a rural place, every single Pokestop is some type of Christian church (evidence: my lit…

2019-10-14 07:02

Mobile HighGeekly MobileGeekly

Mobile HighGeekly #mobile #smartphone #tablet

Mobile>Game: Niantic Wayfarer Is A Player-Controlled PokéStop Crea => #tech

2019-10-12 11:47

Liddle’ Michael Behr mabehr

@selectedwisdom Some people were playing Pokémon Go in the SCIF instead of paying attention? I wonder if it’s a Pokestop...

2019-10-12 02:36

Ralph KnightRalph316

Pokemon Go Player [Valor Club] (Level40×5)
Samsung Galaxy Enthusiast
Galaxy Note 10+ 📷
Good Lyfe Promotions
IG: KnightRiderRalph

@DX1Tweets @NianticLabs Watch it not come to the US. We don't even have Pokestop submission

2019-10-11 10:59

Mariah Zitle González Kaotik_Nonsense

Aspiring Artist • Gamer • Twitch Streamer Playstation/Nintendo/XBOX

This is the only Pokémon I caught at a Team Rocket Pokéstop.. sigh. I want more! #pokemon #pokestop #pokemongo…

2019-10-09 00:04

kirb of darkness world duderuiner

Kirby ✨nonbinary transmasc, he/they ✨ 36 ✨ part of @wrestlesplania crew ✨other stuff:

love a waiting room in range of a pokestop

2019-10-07 23:03

Carney☠️Vorous [GGN] carneyvorous

Sideshow act | Variety/indie & VR |#TwitchAffiliate | GGN |#Tarot reader | Craft beer drinker 🎟 📩

@FigNewto There are always so many misdreavus hanging out around the pokestop outside my apartment 😂

2019-10-07 11:31