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sunny✨ thekhandaniel

an artist doing his damn best.

me: so emotional over today and what it means for me
also me: thrilled to discover i am at a pokestop

2019-09-17 13:48

(((Allison Ivy))) Allison_Ivy79

she / her.

attempting to square myself with a lot of things, and follow my moral compass.

Opinions are my own. RT =/= endorcement

@DiscoxBloodbath It was the sign to the Beth Am Messiah "building". Temple? Church? The local Jews for Jesus place.…

2019-09-17 10:42

Filthy Dr. Trash 🚯💀♻️ ALabMonster

A life lived out of context and into absurdity. Patron Saint of Freaks and Weirdos

Cooincidence that there’s a government meeting at my office today and all of the sudden our pokestop is a Rocket Go…

2019-09-14 01:19

Christine Caccipuoti mynameispurpose

Podcaster (@historyfootnote). Writer. Historian. Actor. Elephant Foster Parent. Lover of Bonapartes, Plantagenets, Lannisters, and the Mets.

@JoshHevert I only have 2 of them, also from Disney. I made my mother chase after me in my mad dash to get one from…

2019-09-12 04:40

Cally Ate a Cake!!! callykarishokka

Painter, dollmaker | Avid but terrible WoW and FFXIV player :D | LALAFELL FOREVER | I'm apparently a cat or three | ART:

.... Well that’s a new and incredibly inappropriate pokestop.

2019-09-11 13:40

ari @ golden deer! ariseroses

leone abbachio pussy indulgence [Ari] [they/them/theirs]

@Comixace you can always get rid of a research task that doesn't work for you! just trash it and go spin another pokestop for a new one!

2019-09-11 01:36

nika runchranda

sombra irl / @tryhardchannel / 아포방포

omg i live on a pokestop

2019-09-10 08:28