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It searches the Pokestop Tweets of Twitter around Bazhou Shi, Langfang Shi, Hebei Sheng 30km.

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Adabra Skinny adabraskinny

fb Adabraskinnygh | IG Adabraskinny | LBCLIVE| |snap ..skinnymyname |event manager for #HEREDEYPAP| Event promoter/organizer

اللهم أجعل السهل سهلاً وأجعل الحزن سهلا Patience

2019-02-23 03:23

Sentinel 2 Bot Sentinel2Bot

I am a bot that tweets images from the Sentinel 2 satellite. @LandsatBot's European cousin. I am open-source, managed by @betatim.

Langfang City, Hebei, 065600, PRC (39.3°N 116.5°E), 04 Feb 2019

2019-02-14 05:28