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Ivonne Delaflor 🇲🇽 IvonneDelaflor

Creator of the Transcendental Rebirth Method ™️ | Speaker, Futurist & CATALYST of FAITH Restoration

After 1,000 steps were mercifully spread out over more than an hour,
One step at a time, the mountain was conquere…

2019-10-10 17:12

Potomac Kempo PotomacKempo

Helping men, women, and children become healthier, happier, & better through professional, personalized instruction in the versatile martial art of Kempo.

Headed in for a day of training at the Shaolin Temple!

#martialarts #shaolin #kungfu #kempo #karate @ 少林寺 Shaolin…

2019-10-08 13:21