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Peerzada waseem waseemjourno

Citizen journalist of J&K @TheINSNews (Staffer @RisingKashmir @BBC Urdu i'm a journalist.I am passionate about social work, travelling and photography.

Oh my Kashmir when I hear the voice of my mom , 17 days have gone . #Kashmir #caged #restrictions #curfews #indian #democracy

2019-08-23 04:21

もやし@ヒマラヤツーリング🇮🇳 5uki_1

免停留年一生大学生/セロー250→レグナム VR4/質問箱(@5uki_9)


2019-08-23 03:43

もやし@ヒマラヤツーリング🇮🇳 5uki_1

免停留年一生大学生/セロー250→レグナム VR4/質問箱(@5uki_9)


2019-08-23 02:37

Hashim Maqbool HashimMaqbool4

Digital Journalist

Lal chowk wears a deserted look as srinagar remains shut.Restrictions,blockade fail central governments normalcy cl…

2019-08-23 01:46

Shinnosuke sasashin5



2019-08-23 01:07

Annie Bassan 🇮🇳 sherni01

•Sher Putt 🦁👑❤
• पापा ❤ In My SoUl ❤
• 25|9|1999 🐣🎂
• Shayrana Andaz ❤
DM is Haram 💯
👻 :- xoxo_annie786


2019-08-23 01:00

Asif Ali (Official ) IamAsifAli1

| YouTuber ☮️ | Photography 📸 | Social Worker |🔸Vlogger🔸 | Lifestyle, Fitness, Fashion, Travel |

कश्मीरियों का कहना है कि
"कश्मीर भारत का कभी अंग नही रहा,
हम शर्तों पर भारत के साथ आये थे.....
वह शर्त 370 धारा में…

2019-08-22 22:30

Kashyap Kadagattur 🇮🇳 iamkash_kr

DySP/AC CRPF, GOI Indian|Kannadiga Cricketer turned techie turned cop. Three DG CRPF Commendation Discs. RTs aren't necessarily endorsements. Views are personal

Srinagar today. Relaxed evenings at Dal Lake.

2019-08-22 22:25

Jehlam Times Jehlamtimes

fearless voice of people

PM Narendra Modi departs for France: Full Day 1 schedule

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi left on a three-n…

2019-08-22 20:55