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Valerie🕷 valeriee102_


Do I want to walk down my street for a Pokestop 🤔

2019-08-18 08:12

Christian R. Pitts ChrisRPittsFilm

Professional Video Editor | Twitch Affiliate | Editor and mod for Jack Pattillo. From PSAs to commercials to Let's Plays contact me if you need it cut right.

@RickAHumphreys A pokestop or gym. The game's very clear

2019-08-17 13:36

Juan Amaya Jamaya2013

Keep walking to the unknown future!!

@eddracon @engel_go Caminar no es problema en new Zealand o en Honolulu porque no maraca tu locasion el problema es…

2019-08-17 12:32

OutlawShawn aka The Grin Reaper of Summer Bodies OutLaw_Shawn

im here to bring you the sweets of your dreams and the body of your nightmares

@Kyle_Fox17 U jump in that water and get that pokestop like a man

2019-08-15 02:29

tumble IS twitchcon tumbledorez

twitch streamer | cozy tea rager | constant state of night tweeting. email:

honestly the logic, if you can call it that, of this thread is basically the same as going to the pokestop to magically cure your pokemon.

2019-08-14 14:42

mav mavthicc

F/A | Competitive Fortnite Player | Use Code MAVERICK | Business:

Whoever named this pokestop must have been on another level

2019-08-13 03:12

Nick “All Nigga All Leather” Adams nickadamsweb

TV writer Now: black•ish Then: BoJack Horseman, Tuca & Bertie, People of Earth, New Girl. Have worked with both Franklin & Bash.

Also, shout out to the other comrades who were blessing that Pokestop with lure modules during the meeting.

2019-08-13 02:16

August Alondra Davies podagraph

Gender Fluid father, artist/animator

Loads of parking. Loads of space. No Pokémon Pokéstop. No electrical outlets, unless you rent the conference room.…

2019-08-12 08:39

Clyde sem Bonnie bielrbss

why so serious?

@yannmoura_ Detalhe que são 2 pokestop um do lado do outro, nego vai felizão achando que vai pegar altas coisas e o…

2019-08-11 02:17

Clyde sem Bonnie bielrbss

why so serious?

Aí você baixa Pokémon Go e tava tudo certo até perceber que a bocada é pokestop KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK VSF

2019-08-11 02:11

Jeffrey ︽✵︽ ItsJeffwii

Rubber suits, cardboard buildings, sparks everywhere. He/him

@academictapatio Oh man, I remember when Yelp had a filter for businesses that had a nearby Pokéstop. Lol

2019-08-10 12:57

Oliver Young olivercyoung

Grabbing anything my little gay hands can carry 🏳️‍🌈

I wonder if first reformed church from the movie first reformed was a pokestop

2019-08-10 12:30