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TonEchO Ton_Ech0

TonEchO:GTA CSGO Rainbow6 player. Live in China JiangXi NanChang.

Kasa Lake
Altitude 3800m
Weather here is really changeable
I got whole wet after I took these photos lol

2019-07-15 20:54

一颗Candy candylyt

小胖妞。大吃货。没人要。生活推。抠脚女汉纸。蠢萌天然呆。又宅又腐。前途未卜。智商不定。生活低能。技术白痴。努力减肥。三无产品。间歇话唠。多重分裂。The One and Only. Not a Girl. Not Yet a Woman. 快速回fo请@~

偶尔出现的蓝天和白云 @ Garzê, Sichuan, China

2019-07-12 12:35

Big Planet Earth BPEarth

A Google satellite view from a completely random land location on Earth every few hours.

By @supermoof. See also: @random_places

Garze, Sichuan, China

2019-07-11 07:32