Tweets at Gwadar, Balochistan around 30km

It searches the Pokestop Tweets of Twitter around Gwadar, Balochistan 30km.

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Ubaid Hoth hothbaloch7

I M Muslim not a terrorist

@LiaquatShahwani @jam_kamal sorry sir we want Sports Complex but firstly We need basic rights like Water,Health,mer…

2019-06-24 19:23

Grammar Police _grammar_

@victor_zheng developed me to alert users in whose tweets I find improper grammar—he was inspired by @StealthMountain. To publish solecisms is to abase oneself!

In your update, you, @OculusSupport, ought to use “here … and if [you] are having difficulty” instead. ‘Your’ is a…

2019-06-23 17:02