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Muhammad Owais ovvaiz

introvert believer ✨

Baber the talented Azam 😍
Well played @babarazam258 👏👏

2019-06-27 03:21

AQ caliph_maq

RT @MADANIinfo: فرمان مصطفی ﷺ :نے ارشاد فرمایا: ’’قرآن پاک کی تلاوت کیا کرو کیونکہ وہ قیامت کے دن اپنی تلاوت کرنے والوں کی شفاعت کرے گا…

2019-06-27 03:21

Forever17 Forever17online

Age is just a number| opinion maker| fashion| lifestyle |skincare| travel |relationship

@babarazam258 well done!! First pakistani middle order batsmen to score a 100 in a world cup after 32 years...Champ…

2019-06-27 03:21

Sannan Ali sannan11

An Average Pakistani! MBA From CBM !! Believing that Beauty fades but Sarcasm, that Shit is Forever . IG/Sc: IamSanAli

Haris six to santner was a turning point for today #PAKvsNZL #CWCUP2019 #NZLvPAK

2019-06-27 03:21

Shehzad Ghias Shaikh Shehzad89

Stand-up comedian
Columnist for the Herald/Teaching at NAPA/Creative Director at TVP/ Fulbright alum
Notifications are off,DMs are open.


2 run hain yaar kya zaroorat thi run out karnay kee

Chalo Saifi bhai will come and win it - that'll be a good image for the haters too

2019-06-27 03:21

محمد صفی فاروقی ~ FarooqI_JR

ٹیم گھبرانا نہیں ہے😎

Why the fuckkkk....????

2019-06-27 03:21

filzaaa museftz

yahan sab chalta hai also surviving dentistry with caffeine Instagram: filzazuberi


2019-06-27 03:21

Muhammad Azhar MuhammadAzhrr

Dill Hy Pakistani.. 🇵🇰🇵🇰

@kashEhehe Alhamdulellah

2019-06-27 03:21

Talha Advani talha_advani

Gooner @arsenal

@Sehriishhh More like Baigum*

2019-06-27 03:21

Natasha Khan iNatashaKhan

Imperfectly Perfect !

Brooo... We are going to win #WorldCup2019 #PAKvNZ

2019-06-27 03:21

💫💫🌸🌌 sadnibbi

depressed soul.👅


Beshaq Allah jisy chahy izzat bakhsy🙌😍😍🌈🙌🌟 congratulations team #Pakistan 😍🇵🇰


2019-06-27 03:21

Äŕham Ńáwaź🔥 ArhamNawaz13

Treat Him Like a King Before You
Want To Be His Queen...🔥🔥👑👑

@_Zara_Says Yes🙊🙈🔥😁

2019-06-27 03:21

Javed Ahmed ☻ iamthejaved

''Just a normal guy trying hard to fit in this doubles standard society.''“Judge me only when you’re perfect” 🙏

RT @chaichaiye: 100 in a worldcup must win game ... against an unbeaten team with quality bowlers... BABAR AZAM REMEMBER THE NAME❤ https://…

2019-06-27 03:21

★Ali Hassan ツ XD xdhassan1

Age:22' Libra♥future ACCA,Internet addict ;) graphic designer,Naughty, Hangout,Cats♥,Enrique♥Cricket,Football,MQM,♥2 make new friends^_^

@Aaatiiii Out 😜

2019-06-27 03:21

محتشم عبّاس Mohtashim02


2019-06-27 03:21

JhAllii 🖤❤️ Pakistan 🇵🇰 💚 JhAllii_Si_Hun

A simple person with complicated mind

Reserve for the person who actually Deserve 😇,
Proud Pakistani 💚🇵🇰💚, Engaged 💍,

No DM Plz 🚫

Yar kia harkat ki haaii ye🙄🤦🏻‍♀️


2019-06-27 03:21

Rehana Yasmeen Rehanayasmeen7

#Pakistan #PatrioticPakistani #muslim
#religious #NCC Trained as Platoon commander #NaatReciter

@siasatpk /> کیا حکم ہے میری سرکار
@BBhuttoZardari #BilawalBhuttoZardari #BilawalZardari

2019-06-27 03:21

طوبیٰ Toobakhann_

Dream but always with your eyes wide open...❣

Or bolo sab 1992 mn bhi 7 wickets se jeetay thy dekha na out hogaya😭

2019-06-27 03:21

I STAN AMIR, THE BEST🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️ areebazainab23

Don't judge my choices without understanding the reasons behind them! ✨✋
wattpad: areeba_zainab


2019-06-27 03:21

Hafsa Naeem Hafsa_Naeem11

no more to public ..

I don't believe in zodiac shit but

still i read about my sign and act like *omg that's so me* 😞

2019-06-27 03:21

Saba Junaid 🇵🇰 Sab_Jndsiddiqui

Software Engineer. 😇 🅰 crazy fan of #WB❤ #IUH😊 #lala #fakhreAlam😊😍 My ideals..😇😍 Proud member of #TeamWbian and #TeamSareAam #Janbaaz😍😇❤

@iqrarulhassan Bhai apkoooo b bht Mubarak..🥳🥳

2019-06-27 03:21

Cricket Pakistan cricketpakcompk

Official Twitter page of

RT @CricHassan: We lose bilateral ODI series to teams like England, South Africa and New Zealand

Then beat them when it matters the most…

2019-06-27 03:21

عالمہ• _A_Zaidi


Khair Hogai Khair Hogai..


2019-06-27 03:21

Qazi Aqeel qaziaqeel89

@ChaudharyByS Allhamdulillah

2019-06-27 03:21

Uroosa. TheLocalStance

The Chai-Master ☕

What the hell just happened? 😂

2019-06-27 03:21

Diane SaaadBaigg

Life's a mess.

Kick names, Take ass. 🇴🇲 🇵🇰

Shabbash game phasao 😅

2019-06-27 03:21

ᕱภᕱᏕ 💕 its_anas09

Allhamdulillah ♥️ PAKISTAN🇵🇰 shadeed single🙄
🎂 20-jan

Mubarak hoo Pakistanion✌️🎉🎉

#PakvNZ #CWC19

2019-06-27 03:21

Heisenberg use_unique_name

Tie-loathing adventurer, philanthropist & troublemaker || Instagram: @fshairani

Bohat erse baad Khushi! #PAKvNZ

2019-06-27 03:21

Mahi MahiMujh

i am who i am..who are you???

What the hell???

2019-06-27 03:21

Adeel Jafri Iadeeljafri

Agar aap ko mujhse koi masla hai to ye aap ka masla hai, mera nahi. #MUFC || Software Engineer || SC: a.jafri ||


2019-06-27 03:21

bushra BushraLakhani

Biryani lover| Mast Malang

#babarazam #NZVPAK
larkay tune kamal kardia

2019-06-27 03:21

Prince PrinceU60013477

Your sorry is useless,when my trust is broken.💔

@bbdjade Good habit

2019-06-27 03:21

Iqra Chaudhry IqraChaudhry__

Actor-اداکار 🎥✨& I have poor impulse control

@babarazam258 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

2019-06-27 03:21

Yumna Zafar Usmani YumnaZafar

Psychologist - CFC


So so sad!! Ugh :( but beautiful and much respect!!!

2019-06-27 03:21

you know who Ossu20


Man Utd ⚽❤ ||
Nixor '17 ||
LUMS '21

Need @Bluemagicboxes to do the commentary

2019-06-27 03:21

Mr.EGO 😎(Aladdin 💕) kaCha_LeeMu

I am not lucky ' I am Blessed !

RT @Itx_kashi: Jisko Koi Nhi Haara Skta Usse Sirf Pakistan Haarata Hai Alhamdulillah💓


2019-06-27 03:21

iFtiii FlyingDistroyer

Soldier To Be

Well played HARIS BHAE 💚 you play like warrior 💚

2019-06-27 03:21

Seemayy seemaykhan

dreamer , proud to be a nutritionist..❤


2019-06-27 03:21

etchzy JiMurshad

Engineer by day, comedian by night. Pretty much the same thing.
It be like that sometimes. Rawr🦁🦁

FB page:
Insta: hasanziaaa

@kalashankauf101 Abay pehle mera roya tha

2019-06-27 03:21

Nawaz Ali NawazAl49013755

RT @MazharAbbasGEO: Well played Babar. What a knock. Proud Pakistani.

2019-06-27 03:21

حسن علی MHasanAlii

Hala Madrid y nada mas 🎮

@Sillly_Point ??? Abay clear out hai

2019-06-27 03:21

Shehsawar Ali shehsawarali

Look what I did to this city with a few drums of gas and a couple of bullets

Fuck off

2019-06-27 03:21

Ahmed Farhaj ahmedfarhaj

. Strong supporter of Democracy
. Postgraduate Graduate of Law from University of Manchester

#KaneWilliamson #cwc19 #NZvPAK Match summary: Worst Bowling, worst field placement, worst fielding.

2019-06-27 03:21

Umme Kulsoom rj_kulsoom

Radio wali , #Blogger, Co-founder @Taarkashi #mentalhealth advocate @itssouloflife


2019-06-27 03:21

Ahson aka Aegon TheBashSpeaker

Motorsports Enthusiast, Digital Marketing, Apps and Software Developer.
IG: ahsnsyed
SC: iahson

Kya chutiapa karae hou yaar

2019-06-27 03:21

Karachi wali kinda_chinese

Ali as Wird e Zaban e Mann 🖤


2019-06-27 03:21

contemporary desi wannabe liberal🌈 Zee_e_

Copywriter, Microblogger, Sometimes Blogs.
CricketFreak | my heart is a ghost town | No Ragrets!!
Strictly feminist but IN LOVE WITH SETH MCFARLANE

Guys ye toh 7 wickets say jeetna thaa shit
Streak is broken

2019-06-27 03:21

Muzzammil Ahmed Bhatti Muzzammil_SKMCH

#Lahorian.#Hafiz e quran..proudly working wid SKMCH..#insafian_Pti_VF-student OTT @ Al-Aleem Medical clg..previous experience wid CMH..striving 4 excellence....

RT @iMuhammadBaloch: This picture made me cry😭
Lobe you Babar❤

2019-06-27 03:21

Nihan Staaa_Mor

2nd akont

Yar ab kia dusray player ko bulaogey tayar krwa k rhne do na

2019-06-27 03:21

M.A.I. Bhuut_

IBA Graduate. Market Researcher. Muhajir. Leftist. Feminist.

What was the point of this run 🙄

2019-06-27 03:21

azaad AhmadAlom2

Dil se Yaqeen Krne Wale Aksr Maat Khate He

@R1Da__ @Sobiabashir12 Allaah hafij

2019-06-27 03:21

Bilal Ahmed hazardnitrate

Football is fucking unbelievable!

nazar lga di mene

2019-06-27 03:21

🇵🇰 Areeeshhh

good for nothing!.


2019-06-27 03:21

Palvasha Shahrukh yaarPalvasha

Went from thinking igaf a little too much to realizing someone needs to gaf a little too much to make this world a better place.

I think I shouldn't have watched it. Nazr lag gayi meri babar ko

2019-06-27 03:21

Muhammad Owais 🇵🇰 xmowais

Naam to suna hoga ;) Student + Employee, #TeamTafreeh #TeamFederer, Zealot Supporter of #PTI & #IK

1992 brigade tabah de..😂

2019-06-27 03:21

Hammad Sohail hammadsohaiI

Give me food and football and i'll love you forever!! #HalaMadrid

I can proudly and confidently say that I have not seen a better innings than this of Babar Azam’s from a Pakistani player.

2019-06-27 03:21

Sohail Ahmed Engr_Sohail_A

#Mobilink @jazzpk 😃
Passionate Cricket Lover 😋
#PakCricket 🇵🇰
Football fanatic 😎
#RealMadrid #CristianoRonaldo 😍
#MusictoHeal ❤

lanat ho guptail


2019-06-27 03:21

Ghalib hussain GhalibHussai

@Mis_Bayy how?

2019-06-27 03:21

Muzzammil jaali_shaikh

Na Engineering lena , Na NED me admission 🙏
Instagram : shaikh.muzz

I was about to tweet 92 me bhi 7 wkt se jeetay the lekin guptill suar ka bacha agya

2019-06-27 03:21

meher gull gullmeher

(محمد صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم) ♥ A Patriotic PAKISTANi :) and craze to help humanity and country.born on 8.feb. 1993

@SanamBalochfans tolerance Ki kami

2019-06-27 03:21

Zeeshan ♡ zeeshanraees5

Y O U N G B 🔥 S I C G O D ♡

@sadnibbi don't worry me pay kardunga bill

2019-06-27 03:21

ÚmŔæ being_umra

Still not anyone's first priority..

RT @zuhaib_sheikh: Babar meri jaan k totay nazar utar lena ghar jake abhi poore world cup chalna hai 💓💓💓

2019-06-27 03:21

Munazza Batool MunazzaTheHO

Doctor 👩‍⚕️💉💊 In love with cricket, novels and chai 🍵 😍

Yaar hmari resemblance kharab ho gae 😭😂😂😂😂😂

2019-06-27 03:21

Kulsum kulsumaw

Surviving the tantrums of life.
Struggling CA student.

is it out?

2019-06-27 03:21

Harris H. Qureshi dr_hhq

Assistant Professor Urology #SIUT - Half Professor Full Human - Robotics MIS Gadgets Endourology Stone uro-oncology. Amateur Photographer - Views my own. #hhq

Oh World cup People also jave this 92 stuff!!!! #CWC19 #cwc2019 #CWCUP2019 #PAKvNZ #NZvPAK #CricketWorldCup2019…

2019-06-27 03:21

Yusra Usi_sidd

Came here to think out loud through words! n prolly rant!

@_eqrah_hun planet *

2019-06-27 03:21

Muhammad Qasim Muhamma49175168


RT @Asad_Umar: دل خوش کر دیا بابر اعظم اور حارث سہیل نے.... پاکستان زندہ باد

2019-06-27 03:21

Anas Khalid anaskhalidal

@mrazaharoon @babarazam258 As Inzamam's inning is still supposed to be his career elevating inning, similarly, this…

2019-06-27 03:21

khadija deeja khadijadeeja1

Never think you can choose better for yourself than Allah can.

RT @Asad_Umar: دل خوش کر دیا بابر اعظم اور حارث سہیل نے.... پاکستان زندہ باد

2019-06-27 03:21

Newsonepk newsonepk

News updates Round the Clock. #Newsonepk is the leading news channel, keeping you informed of latest (Developments, Breaking, Happenings) across the Globe.

مولانا فضل الرحمان جانتے ان کے اردگرد بیٹھے لوگ کہاں تک ساتھ جائیں گے، عامرضیاء

#Newsonepk #PrimeTimeWithTM…

2019-06-27 03:21

Rehman Ullah iamRehmanullah

RT @ANti_Bi0_TiC: 10th Hundred for Babar Azam
The best of his career
What a time to bring up your first WC hundred
He proved he is world…

2019-06-27 03:21

Arsalan Khan akkhan81

Anthropologist focusing on the Islamic revival in Pakistan.

Well done, boyz! #PAKvNZ

2019-06-27 03:21

Mansoor Alam mmansooralam007

@cesthinakhan This is what cricket is all about although they have proved me wrong :( difficult wicket and they pla…

2019-06-27 03:21

SANA🙎‍♀️💕 IM_Meeru0

👊keep Distance...!😉 I’m the nicest Rude person you ll ever meet...!!!😏😜

RT @Officially_005: “You never have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write.”

2019-06-27 03:21

Waqar Junjunia waqarjunjunia

ميرى پهچان پاکستان 🇵🇰

2019-06-27 03:21

Shariq shariquemanzoor

1992 کی ایک اور نشانی پوری ہو گئی
1992 میں بھی پاکستان کے ساتویں میچ میں نیوزی لینڈ کو ہرا دیا تھا 😂😂😂😉😉😉😉

2019-06-27 03:21

Asma Asma46478774

RT @msarosh: BABAR AZAM: Averages 83 with Strike rate 87 in matches that Pakistan have won. 7 of the 10 Hundreds by Babar have been in matc…

2019-06-27 03:21

Ayan Shabbir Ayan47664904

‏Pakistan / پاکستان 💚

insta : kayaan033

Pkistan Wins 🇵🇰🇵🇰🏏💚

2019-06-27 03:21

Dinanath Chauhan ... whousmanghani

Only stories give a second chance ... not life

RT @Shehzad89: Babar Azam 😍

I am standing up infront of the TV and applauding like an idiot

2019-06-27 03:21

Waseem Abbas waseempg


Pakistani team ko samjana mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai #PAKvNZ #CWC19 @adeel_azhar @nousheen_irfan

2019-06-27 03:21

Aleezayyy🙈 Tekhi_Mirchi

~Never lose the spark That make you You!~💯

No Dm🚫

RT @ImFauji: So its a Brillant and most deserving 100* for Babar Azam !! ❤

Those who call him selfish have slap on their faces !!


2019-06-27 03:21

RiMShayyyyy 💓🌹 RimshaJafri5

|Muslim 💝|
|Blow my candle on 1 June |
|Gemini |
|Love to sleep|, foodie 🍟🍔🍫🍮🍖🍕🍝|

@_TahaKhan_ 😍

2019-06-27 03:21

🇵🇰 HarôôN ÂhmêD 🇵🇰 Haroon_Romeo

"Stupid & Cute"

Waooo what a great Match #PakvsNew #CWC19

2019-06-27 03:21

AmBreeN 🇵🇰 AmBieMZ

The woods are lovely dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep
And miles to go before I sleep :)

Man of the Match: Shaheen, Babar and Haris

Give it to all three #CWC19

2019-06-27 03:21

Raheel Edhi (Rahi) raheel_edhi

Proud To Be A Muslim ❤ Jannah Is My Dream 😍❤ Senior Accountant...Cricketer (Playing For Bantva Jamat)...Member Of #عشق_شاعری..Insta :

@suno_janna Seniors or retired cktrs ke cmnts hain k 238 338 ke barabar hai is pitch pr or pak ne jistarah chase ki…

2019-06-27 03:20

Abuzar علی AbuZarAli64

چل میلے نوں چلیۓ۔۔۔

@IffiViews Hun feer?

2019-06-27 03:20

عائشہ chaichaiye

thousand million billion trillion times better than you..sorry :)


2019-06-27 03:20

DemonQueen PeepingTommm

RT @Bluemagicboxes: Ek tou boys chase ker rahey hain. Uper se santner lattoo ki tarhan ball ghuma raha hai. Aur phir Rameez ko comm box mei…

2019-06-27 03:20

Adeel Jafri Iadeeljafri

Agar aap ko mujhse koi masla hai to ye aap ka masla hai, mera nahi. #MUFC || Software Engineer || SC: a.jafri ||

Aray 92 ki ek similarity kam hugai.

2019-06-27 03:20

DJ Kamal Mustafa KamalMustafaPak

DJ, Music Producer , Pakistani Film Maker & Journalist / Author @Nai_Baat @HamariWeb Etc Music on @spotify @mtvitalia

Khair mubarak dear u too mubarak
2 runs 10 balls


2019-06-27 03:20

Maira mairaatahir

ٱلْـحَـمْـدُ للهِ | 💉Dentist


2019-06-27 03:20

baryani!! _khanJaweria90

It's okay, I stalk ppl too


2019-06-27 03:20

Mukesh Sagar MukeshSindhi8

‏‏ ‏اگر جینا چاہتے تو ہر طرح کی خطرات سے سمجھوتا کرنا پڑیگا ۔
اور حقیقت تو یہ ہے کہ جو ڈر گیا وہ مرگیا

@junaidsalim_ وه کيسے

2019-06-27 03:20

暗い月 Love6poison

Fairytales live in me~ ♏

RT @sohkhan15: Cuddles krne k age me
Struggles krrha hun :(

2019-06-27 03:20

arika babar arikababar258

Follow by @rummanraees15

2019-06-27 03:20

etchzy JiMurshad

Engineer by day, comedian by night. Pretty much the same thing.
It be like that sometimes. Rawr🦁🦁

FB page:
Insta: hasanziaaa

Haan but not today

2019-06-27 03:20

Farooq Farooq51710392

I hate liars, never comfort me with lie you will lose me forever.

RT @Asad_Umar: دل خوش کر دیا بابر اعظم اور حارث سہیل نے.... پاکستان زندہ باد

2019-06-27 03:20

Marium Khan Marium612

Ticketing Manager of Burj ul Ameen International Travels & Tours....

Haris Sohail departed

2019-06-27 03:20

Amna Hayat AmnaHayat

Pakistani. Studied Politics, Procrastination & Social Anthropology at Uni of Edinburgh. Now -

RT @sameenhayat: Your inflight entertainment may be 10/10 but jokes on you because I will 11/10 be asleep before we take off.

2019-06-27 03:20

Shiekhinho shiekhinho


2019-06-27 03:20