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MR_∆M∆N_ Amansoni8770

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Are you know who is God??
god say tha #वेद_मेरा_भेद , that's means god's true gyan is in holly book {vedas}.…

2019-08-17 13:24

MR_∆M∆N_ Amansoni8770

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Must know
Who's that Almighty God about whom our holy books also tells #वेद_मेरा_भेद l

2019-08-17 13:18

Mukesh Mukesh91548377


2019-08-17 02:03

Dushyant Thakur Dushyant04S

Engineer🎓 by Education,Banker🕴️ by profession..

Me after watching mission mangal & scared Games...

2019-08-17 00:47

Rajendra Yadav Rajendr28472346


@fskulaste Jay hind

2019-08-16 09:14

Gourav Jain smartboy_gourav

Journalism/Lokmat Samachar/
I've learned sooo much from my mistakes.. I'm thinking of making some more ;)/retweet pr bura na mane.

Happy Rakshabandhan To ALlllll....
#Luv #Ashwati #Khush #Cutee_Arhat 😍😘😍😘
#rakshabandhan_special @ Dhanora, Madhya…

2019-08-16 05:17