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Ashok Trivedi AshokTr31868133

Jay Shree Krishna

Thanks bhae

2019-04-25 23:40

Devendra Majordevendra

A proud Indian, Armyman to the core. Would love to be in Olive Green again.

Yes and you will always be blessed by India and her people.

2019-04-25 23:39

ravi patel raviptel127

interested in journalism,crickets,history,entertainment

@rsts97 @JioCare @DoT_India @venkat_bijoy Hahahahah ....!!! Well said brother ..!! That’s why ambani is on top 🆙🔝

2019-04-25 23:39

Neha Neha12992243


@Halima01685303 @_HellyStann Where participated?

2019-04-25 23:39

Robin Joseph robinjoseph13


RT @Amul_Coop: #Amul Topical: Our support to Sri Lanka...

2019-04-25 23:38

Dharmesh Dave Dharmes58948811

@KKRiders Firse Gill aur Nitish...! Test match ka mazaa lene ke liye taiyar ho jao dosto

2019-04-25 23:38

Neha Neha12992243


@Halima01685303 @Mishti3090 @Rajveer__Singh Yaa

2019-04-25 23:36

aman soni amanson05715002

Snapchat: amansoni7


2019-04-25 23:36

Paresh Thakor mobihunterz

#swift, #objective-c, #cocos2d developer loves to code for #iOS games and apps. Working as an independent #freelancer and developer.

Join me and @MahindraRise this #EarthDay to #ProtectOurSpecies. All you need to do is tweet to them and they will p…

2019-04-25 23:33

Jeet Shah jeet_2109

Instagram- @jeet_2109

Dale Steyn's reunion with @RCBTweets was indeed a reunion. Short and Sweet!

PS.- That was a peach of delivery to R…

2019-04-25 23:32

vishal Tanna vishalTanna4

option seller

My week on Twitter 🎉: 3 Mentions, 1 Like, 1 New Follower, 1 Reply. See yours with

2019-04-25 23:31

༺ Being भारतीय ༻ OnlyIndianHeart

The voice of the PEOPLE.🐥🐥Sorry People...😬 #India #Patriot #Mahi #Virat #Politics #Cricket. I never #EXIST except as a part of #EVERYTHING.

RT @Amul_Coop: #Amul Topical: Celebrity cine stars & cricketers stand for Lok Sabha 2019 elections!

2019-04-25 23:30

Kalpesh ChhotiGoldFlake

Transdalit, genderfluid, non binary feminist.

Beta orbitor

2019-04-25 23:29

Aarti yadav aartiyadav09

Communications Professional with Television News History. Ex-Journalist with Times Now & NewsX

RT @Amul_Coop: #Amul Topical: Celebrity cine stars & cricketers stand for Lok Sabha 2019 elections!

2019-04-25 23:28

Devendra valmik s🥀🥀✨💰 ValmikDevendra

मुश्किल से मिलता है हिन्दू धर्म में जन्म।।
फिर जय श्री राम बोलने में कैसी शर्म।।
🙏 जय श्री राम 🙏

Chamchee Sherni kahnee walle @priyankagandhi ki Fatt gyi Kya...#Varanasi
@narendramodi @AmitShah @RahulGandhi

2019-04-25 23:26