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Amys Here amys_here

Wife, Mom, Traveller & music lover. 🇨🇦

@SuzanneWinland @BelievnTheDream @geekgirlden @Kim585 @karolcummins @pleasesaveour @mikes_booh @McSercy…

2019-07-16 23:37

Dave DaveTheMMAGuy

Comedian, Doc filmmaker, fighter sponsor, 3rd grade Science fair winner.... and I dig MMA!

@NASA @NASAKennedy #Apollo50th

2019-07-16 23:37

ann spychala ann_spychala

RT @MotivatedLiving: I am who I am. I like what I like. I love who I love. I do what I want. Get off my back and deal with it. It's my life…

2019-07-16 23:37

Maria Dobrinskaya mdobrinskaya

BC Director @broadbent | Former co-chair @VisionVancouver | Half of @calltheQPodcast | In the contradiction lies the hope. Tweets my own.

RT @broadbent: Broadbent Institute Director @MaxFineDay wrote an op-ed about the hope that youth hold for progress on truth, #reconciliatio…

2019-07-16 23:37

Pax WorldPeacegood

Jill of all trades, Tom Clancy novels, many gifts but spelling isn’t one of them 🤗

@911CORLEBRA777 @JP7916 @thespybrief @LouiseMensch @ericgarland Thanks Pete, this needs more exposure.
Here we hav…

2019-07-16 23:37

Edward Pollich 7_2_SHEA

RT @ThisInspiresUs: Life is too short to start your day with broken pieces of yesterday. It will definitely destroy your good today and rui…

2019-07-16 23:37

Peace, Tolerance, Love DiggyWigs

@JodiKoberinski @jgeady @IAmCloutier @acoyne @dstaples There are so many that are vile beyond the pale who are not…

2019-07-16 23:37

Don Julio DonJuli49810164

Stopped watching CBC mid 80's cancelled Toronto Star in late 70's


2019-07-16 23:37

Adrian Chacon AdrianChcon

La confianza en la bondad ajena es testimonio no pequeño de la propia bondad.

A días de iniciar el rodaje de Rubí, José Ron sufre un problema de salud

2019-07-16 23:37

Resinder🇨🇦 RescinderCDN

4th gen Army (Ret), Father, Husband, Entreprenuer and general rabble-rouser. Views are my own

2019-07-16 23:37

Neeraj Varma neerajvarms

Writer @raptorscage, #ThankYouKawhi

@ShamsCharania @TheAthleticNBA @Stadium Reggie first

2019-07-16 23:37

Alberto Cruz AlbrtCrz

No se puede tapar el cielo con una mano y a la larga tampoco una mentira.

A días de iniciar el rodaje de Rubí, José Ron sufre un problema de salud

2019-07-16 23:37

S🌟 SardiKaTheEnd

Data crunching, BB n Tennis addict. Strictly no DMs or personal questions. Always looking to get away from winter. Photography, Foodie/wannabe chef

@WTA @WTA_Lausanne Not really an upset. She’s been a walking bye lately. Looks like she’s determined to fall out of top 100

2019-07-16 23:37

jiji traductricemtl


@taka_mit @megumegu00727 @konme222 そもそも、性自認ってなんですか?それはどのように客観的に判断できるのですか?

2019-07-16 23:37

Nalya @ 🦊💗 potato_death

she/her | Fire Emblem | Warframe | Politics | Smash | random other stuff | sometimes NSFW | pfp by @RaustenBlossoms

RT @Petite_Hammies: うちのミニチュアベア🐻

2019-07-16 23:37

JP Webber jimmydubyyc

In me I trust.
Non carborundum illegitimi

RT @MaximeBernier: Buying votes, $1 billion at a time.

Acheter des votes, 1 milliard $ à la fois.

2019-07-16 23:37

𝓁𝒶𝓊 LauMaxine_

all in all you’re just another brick in the wall

@KyriesIntellect Picks THE WORST picture of Zendaya ever

2019-07-16 23:37

Dil Hareez HareezDil

👑👑👑I don't need to see the God in my life☝️because his self confidence is more than value of the God for hardworkers🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️HBD MSD💕💕💕Legend

RT @ThisInspiresUs: Life is too short to start your day with broken pieces of yesterday. It will definitely destroy your good today and rui…

2019-07-16 23:37

Eylül Fırtınası atanamayanzombi

Gücümü, içimdeki güçsüzlükle boğuşurken tükettim.

Sizce kulağa en seksi gelen dil hangisi? Merak ediyorum hadi mention atın bakalım

2019-07-16 23:37


NBAが大好き! 車もゲームも好き。 グランツーリスモSPORT。 ローソン。 ブレイブサンダース。 I like natto.

RT @YahooCASports: Pt. 2 😂

2019-07-16 23:37

althea ecarma AltheaEcarma

RT @MotivatedLiving: Always smile more than you cry, always give more than you take, and always love more than you hate.

2019-07-16 23:37

Carlos Salazar SlazarCarls

Los libros pueden generar dos reacciones: querer terminarlo ya, o no querer terminarlo nunca.

A días de iniciar el rodaje de Rubí, José Ron sufre un problema de salud

2019-07-16 23:37

Fakanlu Olalekan FakanluOlalekan

RT @TPostMillennial: BREAKING: Twitter silences Canadian free speech activist Lindsay Shepherd

#cdnpoli #freespee…

2019-07-16 23:37

bun magicalgirlsite

23 / Worst cursed rabbit girl 🎀

i am getting married (not clickbait)

2019-07-16 23:37

leanne fairydustswift

Danica met Taylor Swift and I’m still not over it

Omfg to all the boys I’ve loved before 3 is filming here again

2019-07-16 23:37

kipkirui rotich kipkiruirotic19

Born from poor family,now struggling to change and help the poor at large

RT @ThisInspiresUs: You are GOOD enough, SMART enough, BEAUTIFUL enough, and STRONG enough. Believe it and never let insecurity run your li…

2019-07-16 23:37

𝕓𝕓 snek 🐍 andreyaskye

GSU 👼🏻🥭✨🍑

RT @astrolibran: Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, and 12H placements

2019-07-16 23:37

Nick Kemp nrkemper

RT @CanadianPolling: Overall Leader Favourabilities:

Favourable / Unfavourable / Unsure

May: 46% / 38% / 16%
Scheer: 39% / 51% / 11%

2019-07-16 23:37

Wendy Anderson WendyAn622

Family, pets, friends, animal lover, preserving our planet, and enjoying life.

@Bobbybigboyuk Great song, thanks Bob! 👏👏❤️❤️❤️👍🙏

2019-07-16 23:37

Armando Limón ArmandoLimon

Turista en mi ciudad. ☕️🍽🍷

Quiero esto de desayuno. 🙌🏻🔥

2019-07-16 23:37

realitybased1 realitybased111

Canadian Family Physician, science enthusiast, opposer of “alternative” medicine/pseudoscience, guitarist, lover of small dogs. Not necessarily in that order.

Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding

2019-07-16 23:37

beenish fatima beenishfatima3

RT @ThisInspiresUs: Life is too short to start your day with broken pieces of yesterday. It will definitely destroy your good today and rui…

2019-07-16 23:37

卡丽熙🇨🇦 pinkduli

木兰访谈🗽YouTube频道 灭掉共产党,面对社会的不公发出正义之声实现民天下,让所有中国人享受自由民主法治


2019-07-16 23:37

Amayrani Montoya AmayraniMntoya

La confianza en la bondad ajena es testimonio no pequeño de la propia bondad.

A días de iniciar el rodaje de Rubí, José Ron sufre un problema de salud

2019-07-16 23:37

Sharon C charbone1

Retired labour & employment law investigator, negotiator & mediator. Passionate advocate for fairness & justice. Criminology major. Proud Canadian, eh🇨🇦

@SaysHummingbird WOW, she is soooo brainwashed☹️

2019-07-16 23:37

♡Mariah stands with Taylor♡ tayaswizzles

I have beautiful friends, be one🌹✨FAN ACCOUNT✨ Proud member of #karynskrew 🐍🦋Be the person @taylorswift13 believes you are 🌹TNx12🙀


2019-07-16 23:37

Patti LaBoucane-Benson PALB2011

Senator. Researcher | author | film producer. Wife | mom | geek | gardener. Metis-Ukrainian from Treaty 6 territory. 1st novel:The Outside Circle

RT @EricGrenierCBC: Subscribe to the Canada Votes newsletter: /> And bookmark the Canada Poll Tracker:

2019-07-16 23:37

Action Backers ActionBackers

#actionbackers #sportsbetting #handicapper #sportshandicapper #gamblingtwitter #gambling #sportsbetting #nbaplayoffs #nhlplayoffs #nfl #nba #mlb #nhl

🚨Today's #MLB⚾️ plays! Let's bounce back and #GetIt #GamblingTwitter #ActionBackers #Sportsbetting #makemoney…

2019-07-16 23:37

Playback PlaybackOnline

Canada’s production, broadcasting and interactive media destination, offering an intimate view of industry events, trends, and innovations

Barry Avrich dishes on his latest doc, David Foster: Off The Record with Bell Media Studios (sub)

2019-07-16 23:37

Just me JamieBabsLife

HumanRights AnimalRights BLM
ProtectTheVote PrisonReform
Immigration Reform

RT @KrugerJoette: @KellyO @KathyNature Good job being so persistent! Especially after he said “be quiet” all those times. You really stood…

2019-07-16 23:37

MH 4MyPeers

Volunteer | Past Board Advisor / Board Director / Program Director | RTs not Endorsement.

RT @SocDevSoc: Minister Tassi and Minister Petitpas Taylor announce the appointment of two new National Seniors Council members …

2019-07-16 23:37

Jennifer Hardy Jen_A_Hardy

Music is the answer.

RT @CBCMusic: .@Neilyoung and @bobdylan sang together last night for the first time in 25 years. Watch them duet on "Will the Circle be Unb…

2019-07-16 23:37

🐰 Lan Er GeGe 🐰 hanguang_bae

ღ✧ *Tea 💙 23 ღ XiYao ღ WangXian ღ XueXiao ღ 💙*✧ ღ ♡ @weiwei_ying came back to Gusu with me in 2013 ♡
Wen Ning's Mum ღ Jiang Cheng's Wife ღ

RT @leen_go: finally, the content we deserve. no gay panic responses when it comes to cats, just adorableness hhhhhhhh

2019-07-16 23:37

👩🏻‍💻 juliemaebbello

some people will bring out the worst in you. i hate that

2019-07-16 23:37

Angela Snyder AuthorAngelaS

New York Times & USAT bestselling #author of #romance novels 📚 • #TWD and #GOT fan • You can find my books on Amazon & read them for free with #KindleUnlimited

RT @remi_wild: All it takes is a little kindling
#Romance #Contemporary #RomanceNovel
#KindleUnlimited #KU #Kindle

2019-07-16 23:37

DJ.Bubba BubbaGallis

DJ - Engineer - Producer - Studio Life 24/7 / INSTAGRAM: DJ.BUBBA

Learn to be a good listener. Some people vent just to get things off their chest not for your opinion.

2019-07-16 23:37

C:彡 Lozzy C:彡 Lozchic3

Self taught artist. She/Her

RT @Crispy6usiness: I started watching the anime and somehow. I knew tae would be my favourite popipa lmao #BanGDream #bandori …

2019-07-16 23:37

💕RowdyGurl💕 BrownEyesBliss

#Nascar|#KyleBusch|#PatsNation|Photography|Fitness freak|#Horror| Don't like me? Fuck off problem solved.

RT @CruisinSoozan: I’m not sure how many cookies it takes to be happy, but so far it’s not twenty seven.

2019-07-16 23:37

ADN Informativo Qro ADNQro

Portal de noticias en tiempo real en Querétaro

#Cultura Reconoce @PanchDominguez a artistas durante inauguración del Festival Ibérica Contemporánea

El festival t…

2019-07-16 23:37

Crime Stoppers 🇨🇦 CanStopCrime

#1800222TIPS Canadian Crime Stoppers Association / Association canadienne d'echec au crime DO NOT LEAVE TIPS ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

No tips on social media. 1-800-222-tips ensures your info is confidential & you are #Anonymous #sayithere #Canada

2019-07-16 23:37

Tess Watson tesswats

worried about our planet

Interesting article. Seems denial is alive & well in Unis. P&P says "while students ... go on strike to build a glo…

2019-07-16 23:37

Ben Rough bennyrough

‘Hold Me Closer Cabin Fever', out now:

For posterity :

2019-07-16 23:37

ZuzurBot ZuzurBot

Ran by @Zuzur_ himself

*pounds fist on table* IT'S TRUE

2019-07-16 23:37

Mark Rogers Buck_Rogers23

Ideas (philosophy, economics, culture). Humour. Views my own.

@JohnRentoul I love this way of thinking it through: have the intellectual imagination to challenge your own assump…

2019-07-16 23:37

ashley | csd📌 wayvmrk

anyways, i love mark lee

@limitlessvt thank you😭😭😭

2019-07-16 23:37

Joann stevjo9

🇨🇦 must remain united despite Trudeau. Shared values, unity and the rule of law is a must. I❤️my Canada. Trudeau is a fool. No UN. Vote wisely🇨🇦Trump🇺🇸

@OvarTaxed Jew hatred is already normalized for people on the left. It is overlooked for fear of offending Muslims

2019-07-16 23:37

getu Christian getulla

እግዚአብሔር እረኛዬ ነው ፤የሚያሳጣኝ የለም ።
የዳዊት መዝሙር ፳፫ ፤፩
The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
psalms 23፡1


2019-07-16 23:37

👑V HailDemiGoddess

#KingDjokovic 🇷🇸 #KingFelix 🇨🇦

@zikikiw 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

2019-07-16 23:37

tori loves top sm tabihwasoo

july 6th, 2019// seunghyun and i shook hands

im bitter again that two of my favourite groups could be ruined

2019-07-16 23:37

Stressed as Usual Idontcare_Dylan

I cry when I'm happy and laugh when I'm sad. Weeb. Always Cold. Physics. Video Games and coffee make up my DNA.

Had to pick up this bad boy this morning @TheZoneCast

2019-07-16 23:37

bbsoto👌 borgesbsoto

I escaped from the Castro dictatorship
follow the truth, fight for the justice,
hate isis & pedophiles.
I do no trust the Media
#IStandWithTrump 👌

RT @themadsloth: With 96 days to go until the Oct. 21 federal election, Canadians would be wise to disbelieve anything Prime Minister Justi…

2019-07-16 23:37

Petra Schulz momsstoptheharm

Moms Stop the Harm is a network of Canadian mothers and families whose loved ones have died due to substance use or hope for recovery.

RT @angwelz: Sudbury health unit wants your thoughts on safe injection site | CBC News
/> @SheilaKJennings @momsstopth…

2019-07-16 23:37

Darth Shwa Blaiserboy

Currency Trader

Spanish judge blocks Madrid council bid to lift car ban

2019-07-16 23:37

Gavino De Falco GavinoDe_Falco

Producteur/réalisateur IMFCRADIO

@ImfcSupporter Média seulement

2019-07-16 23:37

Arctic Law Arctic_Law_YT

Canadian Call Of Duty content creator #SoaRRC

@SoaRDepv Bruh I only have to sniper quads on that game this guy hits like 12 a day

2019-07-16 23:37

Julia🕷🕸 jootisms

a girl with kaleidoscope eyes

RT @astro_babe97: #TrudeauMustGo and what, let Scheer win? I don't fuckin think so. If you want the kind of country Scheer would run, just…

2019-07-16 23:37

Kim Seifert - Mortgage Broker Regina MortgageRegina

Mortgage Broker in Regina, Owner of @TheBlindMenca, and foster for @ccrezqsregina

RT @CMHC_ca: In 2018, unregulated mortgage lenders, such as MICs and private lenders, help approximately 1% of mortage loans in Canada. Her…

2019-07-16 23:37

José Manuel Borbolla jmborbo

Enamorado de mi esposo, mi familia, mis amigos, la buena vida, mi chamba, mi país, los musicales, el cine y la comida.

Feria de adopción con la fundación mediasnaranjasqro + pláticas de expertos rescatistas y entrenadores en el día in…

2019-07-16 23:37

Saved acc mitchelcv

When a girl does everything just to make you happy, show her all your attention and affection

2019-07-16 23:37

Harry Perratestes HarryPerraTees

Log off Twitter and talk to your neighbors. All Tweets are 100% serious or sarcastic. RTs are in fact endorsements or mockeries. Likes are 100% by accident.

@HumbleHungarian @Sobiewon @Rich_Cooper It's a Canadian thing where women have been tricked to believe they have to…

2019-07-16 23:37

Outdoor Canada OutdoorCanada

Canada's only national magazine for anglers and hunters. The exclusive source for all things fishing, hunting and conservation since 1972.

Summer is a great time to train your #huntingdog to dive deep to retrieve crippled #ducks. Some tips from…

2019-07-16 23:37

HMBattista HMBattista

Hyphenated Canadian living vicariously through social media; tweeting #FutureofWork #HR #Artificial_Intelligence and anything in between ❤️🇨🇦🇵🇹

@KellyO For once, I would like to hear a retort from a journalist such as “I won’t be quiet, sir, until you respond to my question.”

2019-07-16 23:37

Bullish Trend trend_bullish

Technical Analyst. Stock operator


2019-07-16 23:37

Sims Creators Community SimsCreatorsCom

To have your #Sims content retweeted, tag @SimsCreatorsCom with #ShowUsYourBuilds, #ShowUsYourSims, #TheSims 2/3/4/Mobile/FreePlay or message us with a link!

RT @luthsthings: Happy Patch Day! Patch is coming a couple hours earlier than usual today, so back up your saves NOW. And head over here fo…

2019-07-16 23:37

Riley RiLo_10

WLU '21 ⬇Link to all my music platforms⬇

The inaccuracy of this is pretty appalling🙄

2019-07-16 23:37

Hits 93 Toronto Hits93Toronto

Canada's Most Followed Radio Station & Toronto's Hit Music Station. ^Owned by @OnAirWithViktor.

Now Playing: Gone & Over by Gelila (@__gahleelah__).

2019-07-16 23:37

Acapella :3 acapelagitarist

expect nonsense

Self love is taking a half day to calm the demons in your head

2019-07-16 23:37

Kamaki Ach KamakiH

About yourself in fewer than 160 characters.


@dexbonus Commercial was played in reverse about a person who eats when they're sad, and I think they were overweig…

2019-07-16 23:37

Louisa🦋 kkhawes

𝒾 𝓁𝑜𝓋𝑒 𝒦𝑒𝑒𝓁𝑒𝓎 𝐻𝒶𝓌𝑒𝓈 🌊🌊

@scribbled_hand @team_macfadyen Would like to see your drawing of that one!

2019-07-16 23:37

The SportScreen thesportscreen

As seen on Dragons' Den! Power roll up screens, with a remote control. Protect your garage, vehicles, basement walls etc from hockey pucks, baseballs and more!

RT @CNIB: Laura Bain from @AMIThisWeek reports on the @CDNParalympics Search event held recently at the Canada Games Centre in Halifax. The…

2019-07-16 23:37

Denise Uptown Girl Gallant DeniseUptownGal

True #Uptown girl, promoting and loving #SaintJohn #NB, #SaintAwesome Ambassador, Huge SJ Seadog fan, 2017 winner Love The Service award fr Hospitality SJ

#ICantSurviveWithout all that makes me sparkly 💖💖💖💖💖💖

2019-07-16 23:37

Beautiful Trauma 🇨🇦 HoneeBee123

Shhhh don't tell anyone I'm here, I'm in witness protection from the cult I used to lead #momlife

@ASlightShimmy my pleasure sweets

2019-07-16 23:37

trapdinawrpool trapdinawrpool

From the equality of rights springs identity of our highest interests; you cannot subvert your neighbor's rights w/o striking a dangerous blow at your own

RT @ccpa: "Almost every major trade agreement Canada signs has increased corporate profit in #pharmacare at the expense of consumers."


2019-07-16 23:37

2ndKeeper 2ndKeeper

all the good girls go to hell @RoadaRollerDa 💚

RT @Strike4A: Yeah, cool, yes I agree that #TrudeauMustGo, but not to be replaced by @AndrewScheer, a candidate that will tank the little #…

2019-07-16 23:37

Daryl Devore DarylDevore

#Author #WritingCommunity #hotromance #space #yoga #cats #whatmorecanIsay☄️🐱🧘‍♀️#Writing

Having come so close to Parliament falling into a foreign country’s hands, Amy wishes to help keep her country safe…

2019-07-16 23:37

coop coop55957679


@sheliadianehug1 take your medication now😂🤣😎

2019-07-16 23:37

Christopher Scott chrisakadanafan

Teacher, Christian, WAG Brevet Judge. Opinions are my own. Huge Blue Jays and Roger Federer fan. #becauseofRHE #rememberingRHE

RT @chrisakadanafan: @JenHatmaker I miss her so much. I can't even imagine how it is for those like you who were actually friends. When Rac…

2019-07-16 23:36

Syahirataufik_ syhirataufik

Hakuna matata👀

RT @fitnursebee: The last time I saw dad alive. He gave me that heart & said “now you have my whole heart with you for the rest of your lif…

2019-07-16 23:36

ashley | csd📌 wayvmrk

anyways, i love mark lee

@limitlessvt @pledis_17 this is so CUTE ❤️❤️💓

2019-07-16 23:36

Steve McCabe shadowless73

RT @Colettod: Millions of Canadians aren’t as well off as Andrew Coyne thinks – National Post

2019-07-16 23:36