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せんしえ Lüis luis_sensie


It's not the same anymore

just kidding

2019-02-19 11:22

Marieeeee _sengggg

17 / finoooo since 2017'

ansakit lang ng ginawa mo😞

2019-02-19 11:22

yow cthrnhlgn

maarte 🔺

Nakakaantok oy

2019-02-19 11:22

vmin//serendipitea.spill// ge0rge0usness

Im not interested in normal humans.If there are Espers and Geniuses out there,Come and Join me.Interior Designer.Detective.Art Enthusiast.Philosopher.Alchemist.


2019-02-19 11:22

kreng🌹 idoLorraine

fvck u from the bottom of my heart💕


2019-02-19 11:22

bram Abraham_james25


RT @mikaaa01: "Pag panalo, nasa players yung puri pero pag talo nasa coach ang sisi."

Coach mentioned this a few times back in college. N…

2019-02-19 11:22

Jolie ✨ jolieannbsilan

let's watch alone together pls

2019-02-19 11:22

Edna Aldave ednamatopoeia

never not unhappy

Shouted “kuya, tama na” sa jeep kasi ang layo na nya sa bababaan ko HAHA

2019-02-19 11:22

🧩 jmmhlpzbsny

BS Applied Mathematics with Information Technology || FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY 🔰 🥂🚭 🌈

@deinsarceee Sno bibi?? Ikaw imissyou 🤗😘😘

2019-02-19 11:22

Phil News Agency pnagovph

The official Twitter account of Philippine News Agency, the newswire service of the Philippine government.

The Court of Appeals has upheld its earlier decision for a lower court to proceed with the indictment of a party-li…

2019-02-19 11:22

MISIS KIM saranghanbinda


@bobbyranika 's in love will always make you feel loved 🤧

2019-02-19 11:22

gwapoko 💙 mencho013

luke 10:27

Ewan koba

2019-02-19 11:22

l a r a zurclars

🔰 // ✈

Buti nalang may mga kaibigan ako na nandiyan.❤

2019-02-19 11:22

zachary _nphcgyn

Trust the process 🤙

RT @richardstvnfcnd: .@_nphcgyn Happy Birthday! God bless you pre.

2019-02-19 11:22

VAManalo ManaloViring

RT @paella_cuenca: @MaichardArmy So much happy ate Ami, and miss na miss nila ang isat isa. ❤

2019-02-19 11:22

LoongPH LoongAppPH

Loong is an online food delivery that caters Makati, Binondo, Pasay, and BGC. It also has other services such as Grocery, Pay Bills, Errands, etc.

Torn between fried, grilled, and roasted chicken? Why not try it all? Use your mobile phones and download Loong App…

2019-02-19 11:22

K wheresavie

Life is good, Always!

RT @haymalaya: "It won't be easy. But it will be worth it."

2019-02-19 11:22

val valerieannebf

1/7 asnbm


2019-02-19 11:22

no way NoeleneMedinaa

Civil E N G I N E E R

RT @kylesevillaa: “ You need a man who fights the battle with you in prayers “ ❤️

- Letters of Solana, @joenasandiego

2019-02-19 11:22

Dephna rovinmae

Sinabihan lang ng wag mag sscreenshot, hate agad?!!!

Now we really are lost in translation. And I am inclined to b…

2019-02-19 11:22

Rd roedanielleee

@uwaysantos @mong HAHAHHAHAHAHA ENEBE😂

2019-02-19 11:22

— Shann shaneeenx



2019-02-19 11:22

Pablo LamadridJohn

There is someone keeping me alive.

may kumakalat na news about infected deer hahaha ewan ko kung totoo o hindi. pero kung totoo man yun.... weeeeeeeee…

2019-02-19 11:22

Saorisakoda316 saorisakoda316

RT @KENT_Jermaine: @ShotgunVolley @JannieGavile Heto talaga ang pinaka bonggang resibo 🤭 Pls RT 😂

2019-02-19 11:22

JM jmsntillan

Honne Tatemae, तपस् ॥ #Dreamville

Attack on Titan!!

2019-02-19 11:22

x a n alextoliongco

você está no meu coração, rc. ❤


2019-02-19 11:22

girl_from_old_drews.psd _zeamaize

party girls don't get hurt

obviously, kapag nag reaff kayo, responsibility nyo na may iambag sa committee heads nyo.

2019-02-19 11:22

Ruby Tayag rubytayagDZMM

Radyo Patrol 16 | DZMM 630 | Journalist

RT @sherieanntorres: Senate President ⁦@sotto_tito⁩, Sen ⁦@sonnyangara⁩, senatorial aspirants ⁦@ManangImee⁩ & ⁦@bongrevillajr⁩ attending th…

2019-02-19 11:22

LipsAndKisses DonKissHannah

DonKiss lang Sapat na

RT @vaughnic: ang aga natin ah! #PlayHouseSurpriseVisit

2019-02-19 11:22

^_^ gurbeevalbarez


2019-02-19 11:22

number one 𝓳𝓾𝓵𝓲𝓮 enthusiast kesyanggorl

𝓫𝓲𝓰 𝓭𝓲𝓬𝓴 𝓮𝓷𝓮𝓻𝓰𝔂 ; @esp_ftw | armymoo

RT @rundevilran: Hi I know konti lang followers ko pero baka kahit papaano may mag magandang loob na mag-rt. My tita is in need of blood do…

2019-02-19 11:22

protectingnoah florita_cabug

RT @edhistoryph: #February19 | On this day in 1919, Filipina widow, storeowner and revolutionary Melchora Aquino, more popularly known as T…

2019-02-19 11:22


Loyal and Multifandom @NICKIMINAJ 👑 Instagram/@BryanCMinaj


2019-02-19 11:22

Ghe De Jesus gheghedejesus

I may not always be perfect, but I'm always me.
Instagram: @itsmegegedejesus

Yung nilalabanan q yung antok kasi gutom aq!! Hahaha!!🤣

2019-02-19 11:22

k r i s t i n e 🌙 krstngstn

november one two thousand one

RT @HugotDre: Why do we pretend that we're happy?

2019-02-19 11:22

Lara Ysabel lalalalarayxx

Te amaré desde lejos.

Solo // Jennie

2019-02-19 11:22

whendy thisiswhendy

lazy at all times

RT @AedryAbsalon: Friend: Nakapag-review ka na ba?


2019-02-19 11:22

KD teeceedollie

Wannable till the end and beyond...

@haseongwu Juskolord that forehead!!!! 😍😱😵

2019-02-19 11:22

👻 joshciagalsim

🌈 🏳️‍🌈

I ❤️ U

2019-02-19 11:22

K.🌸 _karenriquez

the protagonist in her own life story

Alam mong mali pero ginawa mo pa rin 👎

2019-02-19 11:22

kolo👹@ Summer Komikon kolokomiks

Engkantong Sagigilid👹 🍺 🍺 🍺 Art Acct: @artofkolo
🍻 Avatar by @HHFlashbacks

RT @TheBenildean: Gagui was known for his 2016 MMFF short film “Mitatang” that won Best Screenplay.

2019-02-19 11:22

reese patatachip

always angry

@magsocampo 🌱🌱🌱 I believe in you!

2019-02-19 11:22

DZRH NEWS dzrhnews

The official Twitter account of radio station DZRH, Manila Broadcasting Company, Ang Kaunaunahan sa Pilipinas.

Babaeng Iranian national na namaso ng sigarilyo sa isang pulis sa Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, kinasuhan na | v…

2019-02-19 11:22

Jhoanna May Ervera jmervera23

Trying to be a rainbow in someone's cloud.

@KweneOne Namooo ka. 😏🖕

2019-02-19 11:22

agustina. soagustinarojas


RT @jmdalpra: La siguiente imagen puede herir la sensibilidad de algunas personas

2019-02-19 11:22

Ayan Park devilayan

* Anime Fan
* Asian Pop Culture Fan
* Gamer
* Bookworm

OMG Ben is so cute. Too bad he has minimal exposure #TheUmbrellaAcademy

2019-02-19 11:22

vincenz snaroebot vserranobot

When a bot is folded, cities come closer | All words by Vincenz Serrano | Not affiliated

He shouted for me to come down, his voice above the swell of music, the late night news from the neighbor's house,…

2019-02-19 11:22

Calvin Ang ChubbyTalk168


For those who think that the 2019 election is not as important as the Presidential Race - think again. Senate, Cong…

2019-02-19 11:22

Jesse kritzbnc

Just ride the tide until the sun rises again.

@minyangggggg research is layp,research sa filipino is layp, speech choir is layp

2019-02-19 11:22

Micαelα. Dtlsmiks

Soíf de vívre •/ café ☕

Yung problema na momroblema sakin, hindi ako 😎

2019-02-19 11:22

remartjay rmrtjy

15 | MNL🇵🇭 | II•XXVIII•MMIII | Iglesia Ni Cristo | SSG Finance II Committee | YES-O Vice-President
🌍Facebook: /remartjay🌍
📷Instagram: remartjay📷

@hannahxxvhien Ayown

2019-02-19 11:22

Kal El | Little Monster mechasuperman

I'm an average guy who loves @LadyGaga, comics/manga, technology, and more.

I finally remember what Michelangelo's work is the Sistine is called! FRESCO!!!

2019-02-19 11:22

jmnatics nation 🇵🇭 jmtorrecampo22

Instagram: />
Real Name: John Michael Torrecampo

Spoken Word Poetry during 46th Foundation Week.

March 09, 2018


2019-02-19 11:22

Albitok albitok_tootoot

Hopeless Romantic. An ARMY since July 30, 2018. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Just like Paradise and Never mind this got me like - 😭😭😭

2019-02-19 11:22

faye imfymrnt

✨Psalm 139:14 ✨Future Civil Engineer in God's Will✨

Thread by @frostfambam: "— Along España — a kn social serye where Red desperately needs to interview famous vlogger…

2019-02-19 11:22

just D.O it 👍🏼 blooomers_C

Don’t stress too much, just chill and relax have fun..

RT @iamjonginsbear: @EXOVotingSquad @weareoneEXO @layzhang @B_hundred_Hyun #CHANYEOL #SEHUN #SUHO #EXO @weareoneEXO

2019-02-19 11:22

Chinny armaafan


Yes it is

2019-02-19 11:22

siopao paoloxxpepao

@CadigalRyan lagot ka parin sa mga taga APEC HAHAHAHAHHA

2019-02-19 11:22

Anton B. Lorenzo antonlorenzo

Food, Photography and Fatherhood, not necessarily in that order

I am truly grateful that I am able to get some work done even before getting out of bed in the morning. Truly a gift that I am thankful for.

2019-02-19 11:22

Lyndon❄️✨ leydonnn

🇵🇭 He got his own thing

Lomi is Power and power is Responsibility

2019-02-19 11:22

E U L ' S 💛 eulycess


Masaya ka na talaga sa skk hahaha good luck sayo mafriend

2019-02-19 11:22

Twinces ♣️ mng_twncs

I can do All Things through Him who Gives Me Strength ♥ Philippians 4:13

Busy ang phone 😊

2019-02-19 11:22

チーズ🧀 khezsabal


@AleeyaUko Malakas naman lahat e. Sa player lang hindi hahaha

2019-02-19 11:22

Helianthus Annuus🌻 JhenaliinArropo


Sana okay lang yung nanay ko, kahit nasa trabaho ako. 😌

2019-02-19 11:22

arsehole Jeyyrico

gin’s lister

craving for the safest place

2019-02-19 11:22

zap ✈ vszpnt_

wife of @shinsilo ♥️

Feeling ko madami akong magagawa ngayong araw ah

2019-02-19 11:22

Maribeth A Barroga BarrogaMaribeth

Simple, ayaw ko magsalita kc may mga taong mapanghusga s katauhan ng iba!!

RT @MinutePHL: 🔵 You’re welcome 😍


2019-02-19 11:22

🔴Maymay💖dk 💙 DonnyPkissesD

•Only @donnypangilinan and @KissesDelavin
•FOLLOWED BY DONNY 11/03/18 ☝💖
• ♥💙💖

RT @vaughnic: don’t miss the happiness this Tuesday sa #PlayHouseSurpriseVisit #PlayHouse #DonKiss #ZekShie

2019-02-19 11:22

CECE sisselsalucop

@CJBLuis Haha tanga lng

2019-02-19 11:22

Imee Rayo _RayoMotie

2 Corinthians 5:7 ☝️💞

Psalm 9:1 🙏 @ Church of the Gesù

2019-02-19 11:22

ms.interpreted ge_overthinks

broken, rescue me

RT @rundevilran: Hi I know konti lang followers ko pero baka kahit papaano may mag magandang loob na mag-rt. My tita is in need of blood do…

2019-02-19 11:22

Laura csln_yami

RT @Ongiel: Late night thought:

Insecurity and self-esteem issues can really fuck people up, ano?

It’s all caused by that small inner voi…

2019-02-19 11:22

Heira heiralast

BTS gives me hope and inspiration to continue my life journey even if my life is a fucking mess.

@BTSSBEDS Get that sis! Hahaha

2019-02-19 11:22

IG: @justin.cakes| taetaetaee1

np fan account, green haired Chengcheng enthusiast


2019-02-19 11:22

カリート krlbnll_


Goodmorning, jwu

2019-02-19 11:22

géla. gelawayne

self love

Russ vibe

2019-02-19 11:22

💛 iamyannyyanny

"Continue to shine like a Star. And always remember that the darker the night, the brighter the Star shines."
- Donato Antonio Pangilinan

RT @vaughnic: ang aga natin ah! #PlayHouseSurpriseVisit

2019-02-19 11:22

lyanness ✨ flyhighsuzyyy

KathNiel 🔸Heaven P. 🔸KarJon 🔸KaoRhys🔸KaoRina🔸Babaitas🔸KPOP

RT @hperalejo: Natapos din ang taping! Grabe kaba ko kanina pero super understanding ni Tito Boy ❤️ I’m so thankful na I was surrounded by…

2019-02-19 11:22

Lovie iamLaviniaBorol

ego omnia


2019-02-19 11:22

KaPitAn CA CaptainCA28

Don't judge my choices when you don't understand my reasons.
IG: @ca.letrom

I'm fragile, please handle me with care.


2019-02-19 11:22


Hubert's 🙊💕👅


2019-02-19 11:22

Krissa Malubay krissamalubayy

| 24 | Doctor of Dental Medicine | IG: krissamalubayyy

@zaireenoca Hahaha ganyan talaga yan masasanay ka rin 😂

2019-02-19 11:22

Prinsesa👑 PrncssMclnd8

Aspire to inspire before we expire 🤗🤗

Lahat may kapaguran tandaan mo yan

2019-02-19 11:22

erika calimartinezxx

I keep all receipts. Lie if you wanna.

RT @biyankish: Kelangan ko nang mas mahabang panahon para i-debrief ang sarili ko sa Alone / Together. Hindi enough yung buong closing cred…

2019-02-19 11:22

Peach🍑 anglcorqn

•I love u, I hope u know that•

@Joannagasque01 Wala lang hahaha

2019-02-19 11:22

Cess mayo cecilezaballa


2019-02-19 11:22

kashimi kowtjeywon

1 Month and 2 Days Gap💕

@jmrvr21 Libre mouh

2019-02-19 11:22

Ruby Tayag rubytayagDZMM

Radyo Patrol 16 | DZMM 630 | Journalist

RT @sherieanntorres: (Ret) General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa on how he looks at politics, campaign period ⁦@ANCALERTS⁩ ⁦@ABSCBNNews⁩ ⁦@DZMMTe…

2019-02-19 11:22

👼🏻 elsoussixx

𝑖 𝑎𝑚 𝑎 𝑚𝑢𝑠𝑒𝑢𝑚 𝑓𝑢𝑙𝑙 𝑜𝑓 𝑎𝑟𝑡

RT @cultdepress: Just because you don't understand something, doesn't mean it's wrong!—

2019-02-19 11:22

CHIE polengco

Explore. Dream. Discover.

@ladyacaba Charoooowt!!! Hahahaha! Sa friend lang paps bday. Pero di ko alam yung lugar na yun 😂😂😂

2019-02-19 11:22

nhonhomalay❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 nhonhomalay

RT @ABSCBNNews: Para sa araw na ito, Pebrero 19, 2019: Patnubay sa iyong kapalaran

2019-02-19 11:22

No One _noxxone

Always nagmamahal but never minamahal. 💔

I'm sad right now. Cheer me up, please!

2019-02-19 11:22

Dr. Winlove Mojica theskinsensei

Dermatologist. Clinical Associate Professor. Beauty. STI. HIV. LGBT. RH. Human Rights. Isko. HIV Counselor. Miss Universe fan. Ff #alter accounts - pls ff back.

Extra sleepy and tired. Extra hungry too. Grabe ang Body Pump.

2019-02-19 11:22

połł. MesinaGenesis

@JngncPtn17 omsim hahahah

2019-02-19 11:22

ⓒⓗⓘⓝ chiiinnamonroll

walang kwenta

One of my faves huhu andami kong gusto na mga shots sa kanya talaga.. candid or not sobrang gaganda huhu

2019-02-19 11:22

fevie 🐘 fevieeemorna

let go & live

Pinaglololoko na ako nitong panaginip ko na 'to eh.

2019-02-19 11:22

row truvyu


RT @Diego5Dario: Everyone is going through something. Go on with less judgement and live more with love and positivity. 🙏🏼

2019-02-19 11:22

Charmaine Mae Ponce iamcharmponce

While you're busy trying to fit in, imma standout.

Mas masarap pa ung mga nakaw na sandali kesa sa mga planado 😅💙

2019-02-19 11:22

Alvin alvinmostoles


MU is a relationshit pre

2019-02-19 11:22

Lanmar Sabar jaburdo

Everything big starts little | FMA | SSCR | READS

Dapat lang.

2019-02-19 11:22