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Dhonski26_TeamAngel dhonski26

I am much better with my mouth shut...;)

RT @sweet17claire: Intense ang episode tonight. Stress sobra si Mama Corazon. #TGDHuli

2019-06-18 22:16

Justin justin_aloba

No need

Badtrip kainis

2019-06-18 22:16

𝓐𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓪 x_zjdlc

𝙎𝙘𝙧𝙖𝙩𝙘𝙝 𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙚 ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ 𝙩𝙤 𝙪𝙣𝙫𝙚𝙞𝙡 𝙢𝙮 𝙨𝙚𝙘𝙧𝙚𝙩 𝙗𝙞𝙤.

@jlbigayan @jajagoco yooowwwwnnn HAHAHAHAHA puro demonyo kasi laman kaya apaka init e

2019-06-18 22:16

daph granadadaph

His will. 👩🏻‍⚕️

RT @_angeldei: We all have that one chair for our clothes that we’re too lazy to fold hahahaha

2019-06-18 22:16

Anjel Dave, 17 AnjelDave

ig | anjelsandig

RT @cartideyb: Curious*

2019-06-18 22:16

Ronald C Espanto, QTS, PhD thisisQuiche

Teacher, British School Manila

Briton's High Street is not that glamorous anymore. Lol

2019-06-18 22:16

Ladi Yuchongco IamLadzzz

Aviation enthusiast

RT @PhilstarNews: BREAKING NEWS from Paris Airshow: Philippine Airlines @flyPAL bags “World’s Most Improved Airline Award” from Skytrax. |…

2019-06-18 22:16



RT @ynahmodine: Don’t let them downplay Nadine Lustre’s URIAN win! Share lang ng share everywhere! Haha


2019-06-18 22:16

Camille Dela Cruz camiileDC

Good Vibes✌ Be Fair ❤️

Your patience with a project or coworker has likely worn thin ... More for Libra

2019-06-18 22:16

monica monicuuu

@piyellll @letglm libre tayo ng nurse diyan

2019-06-18 22:16

𝕞𝕚𝕒𝕞𝕠𝕟 ishneak

OBSESSED WITH YANG CHOW FRIED RICE ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ #Federer #PWNThypeman #woso #womenssports #sunchaser #OBF @TiebreakerTimes 📸 @PinayFutbol 📝 +Views are my own!

@MakeNoteOfIt lol thanks to VAR and retaking that penalty

2019-06-18 22:16

Ld EdSimbillo


@galerldn Di ka niya miss. Charot

2019-06-18 22:16

nadinekou81 nadinekou81

RT @MholicsCvte: @kittywhiteeee @MiguelDefenders @MDefendersCvte Ang sagwa pag inimagine mo na bf mo sya hahaha
AllTheBest AhmadMiguel

2019-06-18 22:16

Gab ガブ gabbgavemeyou

Multimedia Arts • Animo Benilde

Sana yung inspirations and motivations ko permanent nalang noh tangina naman eh hahaha

2019-06-18 22:16

thei theiugh


i’ll be feelin’ pain, i’ll be feelin’ pain just to hold on #LongLiveJahseh

2019-06-18 22:16

kloweji chl_gwynth


Kala mo tatakbuhan siya ng unan ih ang higpit ng yakap 😂 @raymart47721632 tulog pa 😂

2019-06-18 22:16

美 𝙆𝙃𝙄𝙀𝙈 khiemmaneja_


@_dnrksnchz same kalokaaa

2019-06-18 22:16

C✨ kowlinz

"We will search the whole universe until we find you."

@onlyjereme jusko eto na

2019-06-18 22:16

B E E F Iamarvin_five

San Antonio #10
Hebrews 13:8

Pag nagaaway kami ng kambal ko HAHAHAHA 😂

2019-06-18 22:16

andrei andreiablian

RT @heyyyitsmatt: @andreiablian birthday mo ba?

2019-06-18 22:16


r a k i s t a • I am not afraid to keep on living • Clarian♡

hindi malakas self confidence ko when it comes to public speaking but why am i excited sa subject namen na oral communicationnnn

2019-06-18 22:16

crys`TELLE` lovemetelle20

🔜DMD 🎓

@jowakeem Aww 😔 nakikita ko pa si kuya dun minsan haha

2019-06-18 22:16

🚶‍♂️🏃‍♂️⛹️‍♀️⛹️‍♀️🏊‍♂️🏄‍♀️🏃‍♀️🚴‍♂️🤾‍♂️🤾‍♂️ Waldoooooooooox

@hanniisabido Aga ah haha

2019-06-18 22:16

Aljered_gwapo riveraaljered

Gamer, Singer, Guitarist, pianist. TIP-Manila Student, BS Electrical Engineering

@iamcfi 😮

2019-06-18 22:16

[CaratStay] || Hannah 17nimenthusiast

[FAN ACC] Multi~ I don’t bite hehe. dm me anytime, let’s be friends! || It will always be Our Silver Boys

@Multi_Aniie Si mingyu 😔

2019-06-18 22:16

Gab Omar GabDammit

Libreum Arbitrium

Time to get shredded again

2019-06-18 22:16

jen jnmnvdd

being evil isn't bad

@Mariamonikacute @jangkamey_ @lycieljumawid Naman!

2019-06-18 22:16

Dhonski26_TeamAngel dhonski26

I am much better with my mouth shut...;)

RT @sweet17claire: 3rd spot trending. #TGDHuli

2019-06-18 22:16

May La❣️ CawalingMayla

Angel Locsin | Team Angel PH | Richard Gutierrez | ChardGel Babies | Karina Bautista | Seth Fedelin | Lalisa Manoban | JenLisa | Blink | Blackpink | LISA STAN |

RT @jremly15: This is an unexplainable pain of being afraid to lose her daughter the second time around. Mama Corazon, let me give a hug to…

2019-06-18 22:16

byahengtipidproject byahengtipidpro

travel - share - inspire

Ang daming kontrabida 😡 please nman oh tulong nman sa mga bida


2019-06-18 22:16

k a r l Kxrlxcx


2019-06-18 22:16

Mariya Tinay 마리야 msstinay

Work in progress | Melody2017 (saranghaeyo @BTOB_6SJ) 💛


RT @the_NSD_Nation: Thank you @Kevferrer and @JervyCruz_20! #AlwaysAKing ❤

2019-06-18 22:16

Roxy ❤️ Teamangel_Roxy

This is My Official Twitter Account

RT @jremly15: Angel Locsin here consolidates her position as the country’s most dangerous action female star! @143redangel #TGDHuli https:/…

2019-06-18 22:16

ross axeleration___

ᜋᜃᜒᜆ ᜃᜅ᜔ ᜐᜃ᜔ᜇᜎ᜔ ᜎᜌ

n six months you already...

1- yuhh
2- yuhh
3- yuhh
4- yuhh
5- nahh
6- f*ck yuhh
7- yuhh
8- sadly nahh
9- yuhh

2019-06-18 22:16

Chimber Hernandez EdawardC

HRM Graduate🎓
King in the North 👑
Stephen Curry30🏆
follow me on IG

@KempSaraaaaaaah Party na yan, tapos invite mo ako para makapunta naman ng pangasinan.

2019-06-18 22:16

nvm moralesgs_


@dedededet2 hahahaha ako din pala andrei din😂

2019-06-18 22:16

Judy jarlegojudy


@lesliedelgadoj HAHAHAHAHAHAHA EHH TAPOS NAMAN NA!! Wrong move pagsesend ko talaga sayo ng convo kingina

2019-06-18 22:16

third-world traditionalist tw_trad

chemist | wants to be a priest | old old rite gang

death metal is just black metal played 2 octaves lower

2019-06-18 22:16

Apoleon's Oracle onad03

PUPian ▫️Balibolista ▫️ABELS ▫️Reserved

@dianep_ Vakla! Hindi ko alam! I love eating na! Legit! Hahahaha

2019-06-18 22:16

Katinis EVERBeen Katinis7

🥁 back with Nemesis 🥁 Kisses Delavin my Kween

RT @ariesjan3: May gigil kissables #FearlessKISSES

2019-06-18 22:16

cd anne vhleeez

@ChescaMerilos @christiankern21 bahay sa gb

2019-06-18 22:16

Gab. gaaabrielluna

I need someone who js excited to talk to me everyday🙂

2019-06-18 22:16

C. _yachichyariv

Focus on the good •••

Haba ng tulog ko wew, ano nangyare sa 6 at 7 o'clock?

2019-06-18 22:16

Kb.mulawin.louisse3 Saltik2016

RT @itsmaymay18: kaya natin to guys hindi tau susuko aaraw arawin natin to

#SahayaAhmad | SolidBiancaMiguel

2019-06-18 22:16

Mariel mariel311997

JaDine fan since Otwol

RT @matabangutak: Dahil on fire si Nadine. Ito na lang pang congrats ko. Congratulations Nadine Lustre!! Best actress!! #NadineUrianBestAct…

2019-06-18 22:16

Van Barry Par parvanbarry

Almost carefree.
Environmental Science 🌿

@JannjannV Awts

2019-06-18 22:16

Dani Dannannna

🔰. Lord's.
Stop talking, start working.

@nikkomonty 🙄

2019-06-18 22:16

𝓖𝓮𝓸𝓻𝓳𝓲𝓮𝓮 grjfrncsrdyn_

Only you.

)) :

2019-06-18 22:16

Yan-yan🌼 MarYan_Palmes

Purple Owls 💜🦉/BSN 1-3 👩‍⚕️

tenk youuu naman

2019-06-18 22:16

Rachel Villlamor rachelvillamor4


Napanuod ko to e 😭😭

2019-06-18 22:16

au _franceesss

keep ur fire burning🔥

@j_louisseee Imissutoo!! Ingat din!! Loveuutoo!!😚

2019-06-18 22:16

jenashimphine 😍jd💜 Jsimplemama

a simple mother and a jadine fan😘

RT @pepperp1per: Pinakamahusay na Aktres...

Ang sarap pakinggan 🏆


2019-06-18 22:16

ENNALYN ♕ ItsEnnalyn

xx A queen ♔ without her king xx

2019-06-18 22:16

Ganda Ka Teh💙💙💙 taralets17

ALDENatics Main 2012

Mga epal hahaha

2019-06-18 22:16

ℳΔR∇IΠ βΔRΠΔRD JR marvsbarnardjr

SCQC | AdU Soaring Falcons | SSC-R ⚖ | Navigator 🛰 | Canon EOS 📸 | 📱 iOS-Windows 🖥

🍩🥤 @TimHortons #WeTheNorth (@ Tim Hortons in Quezon City)

2019-06-18 22:16

shawlenereyez shawshawsr

ig: shawlenee

RT @vernievllnva: dami ng ekis sakin this 2019 , ano may dadagdag paba

2019-06-18 22:16

Black Zack Morris GojonGo2005

Self proclaimed man of the year in 93' ❗️PA✈️AL❗ loading...

RT @iDude14: Who would you choose to start your franchise? No bias.

Like for Anthony Davis
RT for Joel Embiid

2019-06-18 22:16

Mich mich143K4D

RT @cuteeMeeee: Most Promising Female Star and Most Promising male star.. different expectation.. please continue to grow individually and…

2019-06-18 22:16

Dhonski26_TeamAngel dhonski26

I am much better with my mouth shut...;)

RT @sweet17claire: Dapat yun mga hostages ang tanunging nila kung sino nanghostages at nagligtas sa kanila. Syempre todo deny si Tiago na w…

2019-06-18 22:16

Charlie - TeamAngel d0_gooder

My life goal is to do good, fangirling on the side. I love everything about @143redangel 💙 Team Angel

RT @jremly15: Killer visuals and stunning performances by Angel Locsin and Tirso Cruz III tonight! @143redangel @tirsocruziii #TGDHuli http…

2019-06-18 22:16

JADE PJAFlores14

You will be a crown of splendor in the Lord's hand, a royal diadem in the hand of your God.
ISAIAH 62:3💚👑

RT @giasison: In order to move on you must understand why you felt what you did and why you no longer need to feel it. This was the line th…

2019-06-18 22:16

Ria Carla riacarla

friend b

@DemeDemeeee huwag mong ikatakot
ang bulong ng damdamin mo

2019-06-18 22:16

サンシャイン ArdenMateo

talentless | weeb |

Pero char, 'di na pwede bumalik ng grade 10 😅

2019-06-18 22:16

Eunice👩🏻 IamemGuevarra

Gawad parangal 2k19🤦🏻‍♀️👌🏻

2019-06-18 22:16

αplil alcarazapril_

BAGO? — basta ho anon mwa

2019-06-18 22:16

제이 마르 jymrmnlng

S E V E N T E E N 🏀

Kakabisaduhin ko nga yung dance steps ng breakthrough HAHAHAHAHHAHA

2019-06-18 22:16

leamicah leaala1

RT @for__keeps: NADINE LUSTRE rightfully clinched her 3rd Best Actress trophy from the 42nd GAWAD URIAN Awards for the @VIVA_Films movie, #…

2019-06-18 22:16

Dhonski26_TeamAngel dhonski26

I am much better with my mouth shut...;)

RT @sweet17claire: Last gap na pala. Sobrang bitin talaga ang episode. #TGDHuli

2019-06-18 22:16

Beverly Covita 💓 bhevvs

Anything is possible if a person believes ❤️

Please don't let the enemy destroy you.

2019-06-18 22:16

🚫 EngrMaybel

ig: aybisexy || 21

@airamadelene_ Wala di na ko sasahod

2019-06-18 22:16

Femille femillemellena

S O U R I R E 😊

Tangina self ang rupok mo na naman hahahaha

2019-06-18 22:16

Mae_Team Angel MaeTeamAngel1

Proud Mom💪Solid Fan of Angel Locsin 💕 Team Angel Charm💚

RT @sweet17claire: Intense ang episode tonight. Stress sobra si Mama Corazon. #TGDHuli

2019-06-18 22:16

Ms. Stark faithlouiseeee

i'm back!!!! and transformed ❣️🌻

Let's say may dala sila, pero punyemas iisipin pa ba nila yon bago lumubog?!!!!!??? sana nagagamit yung utak

2019-06-18 22:16

ねこ AdrianoJem

self love🌹


2019-06-18 22:16

namsayo cymontojo

generally stoked

@_RyndelNazario_ HAHAHAHA. potek ka

2019-06-18 22:16

Lally_02 02_lally

Nadine&James forever

RT @for__keeps: NADINE LUSTRE rightfully clinched her 3rd Best Actress trophy from the 42nd GAWAD URIAN Awards for the @VIVA_Films movie, #…

2019-06-18 22:16

Dayana Bacardi nnaidaidcarab


@alyzmslng Drawing ka hahahaha kelan ba

2019-06-18 22:16

KAWS😵 JecoRamosss

The less people you chill with, the less bullshit you deal with!⚠️🚫

@SebbiPotato Bitter ang koya mo sebi nanaman

2019-06-18 22:16

Euge♡ eugee_67

01/01/2019 💑

RT @anahaberkorn14: Cuando será el día que me sienta bien con mi cuerpo?? Mmm creo q nunca

2019-06-18 22:16

Angie Furigay_Team Angel angie_furigay

Forever fan of @143redangel ❤

RT @emem_minay: Hoy Tiago! Wala lang kay Rhian yung balang tumama sakanya. Rhian is as strong as you can ever imagine. So beware, baka mama…

2019-06-18 22:16

Nheaaa 🦋 janeajennn

a curious girl, a wanderer 💖

need a long tight hug rn 😩

2019-06-18 22:16

DONIE jhonieeeeeeeeee

FEUture Architect 📏📐🖍🖌🖊

@sunxgam Thanks Magnus, ikaw naman next year!!

2019-06-18 22:16

jason canasa imjason24

Thomasian Chemical Engineer. Insurance Agent.

@garcia_chiles @ceskae @dnnvillaber Tignan mo, ganda. Tas natalo?!?!

2019-06-18 22:16

angelique alconera maGIQUEal

When did we start feeling bad for wearing a different color?

@ralstnn ang saya! :)

2019-06-18 22:16

bratzie dabratzie

sucker for happy things

RT @ABSCBNNews: A tearful but irate Lanie Insigne says if President Duterte wants to help the fishermen, he should go to Mindoro himself; t…

2019-06-18 22:16


Ig: KARIIIIEEEE // Your future M.D👩‍⚕️//

nakakainip mga chonGs

2019-06-18 22:16

Colleeeeeet🙈 _quisha16


RT @JayeLazarte: *Blush on pala yang nasa pisngi mo, Akala ko floorwax .

2019-06-18 22:16

📍 jenjenesss

made by love and saved by grace

pauwi pa lang ako :((

2019-06-18 22:16

John mrjohnpotato

Hari ng Sablay 👑

@kathbys HAHAHAHAHA dami kong pinapaaral eh

2019-06-18 22:16

Jason jasonmariano09

Aira Mae Descalso💖

2019-06-18 22:16