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James A Vivian JamesAVivian

I have no Pokémon, pokestop, gyms or raids on my map #Pokémongo

2018-11-10 12:30

Gemi ♊️ Gemi0613

Aboriginal + Chinese mixed Taiwanese | LGBT ・Traveling ・Cultures ・Arts ・Foods ・Drinks ・Love ・Sex ❤️

@PokemonGoApp No Pokémon, PokéStop & Gym on the map at all!!!!!!!!!

2018-11-10 12:21

TomL TomL2138

Avid Pokémon Go trainer from Sydney, Australia. Oh and I reached level 40 on 30/6/2018 (Mystic represent 💙)

@ProPlanty Ouch! Hopefully when we get pokestop submission, it’ll aid you

2018-11-06 10:11

Drew graysonsyd

Like a lactose intolerant cheesemaker, unaware of his gifts. 👬

Pokémon Go in Japan: Four Raid Battles are happening nearby! Spin five PokéStops from where you’re standing! All th…

2018-11-04 08:08