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hyacinth✨ hyacinth_nhlums

impilo ifana nama-dice🎲 // @SASCO_Wits Secretary


2018-12-14 03:46

l.ikhona💕 maki_likhona


RT @Rato_K: if there’s someone i’m going to teach my children to be the most kind to, it’s the black woman.

2018-12-14 03:46

kaveesha x kavee_x

19. 🇮🇳 sc/insta - kaveejethwa

RT @neo_sukude: How he look 34 and 12 and the same damn time?

2018-12-14 03:46

Keabetswe kbmog

👨🏿‍⚕️ | 🏳️‍🌈 | 🐶 | 🐶

@iMoshele @taxify_za Wuuu don’t remind me of that night. After such a wonderful holiday 😭😩

2018-12-14 03:46

Devil's Advocate 😈 linc_smash

Interested in artificial intelligence & how people view the world(people's perceptions to reality).

RT @hadebe_merci: #DecemberSelfieWithMerci


2018-12-14 03:46

N'wa Tibane __Tintswalo

Liker of things. Feminist. Constantly learning and unlearning

RT @Chef_Lelo: NEVER buy marinated meat.

2018-12-14 03:46

Bugg🐞 uchehone

07/06/2018, I saw Kim Walker Smith ❤

@sadikirendani10 I love kids so much 😭❤

2018-12-14 03:46

Vadol Cliff Vadoliciuse

Tempy phusha

@shortbasee @GallardoIzMe Why stress

2018-12-14 03:46

K g o š i g a d i. Lethabo_KM

God said let there be light and there I was.

@DizzyAfrica You used to deliver mos! Or it was your sole thing?

2018-12-14 03:46

Phunyuka Bamphethe ItsAnele

Prayerful | Spiritual | Unconquerable | LL-Baddie | Is’gelekeqe es’focus

RT @thaboBOOM: Please don't be afraid to call me a 2×wits graduate.


2018-12-14 03:46

Sihle Bolani MsSihleBolani

Author of ‘We Are The Ones We Need: The War on Black Professionals in Corporate SA’. Purchase via link below - delivered globally.

@SifisoBhengu_ Yaaaaay!!! Thank you so much 🙏🏾😊

2018-12-14 03:46

Mtimande Omncane MalusiMadonsela

Mtimande Omncane • A Mamas Boy • Recovering Oros Addict • Foodie • A Bearded Brother • Your Local MCM

@Nolo_yiso I thank you

2018-12-14 03:46

Obakeng Jordan operator_Jorda

jay dee

Indeed it was disappointing for the former champions and the young lady was humbled by the young boys....Cam…

2018-12-14 03:46

Fowziyah. FowziyahAbdul

IG: fowziyahabdul snapchat:fowziyah_abdul

RT @Slindo_M: I’m not even trying to be funny but I’m really good at minding my own business. Socially & Professionally

2018-12-14 03:46

Richardson Mzaidume hlubizer

Brought up on old Transkei values of respecting everyone until they disrespect themselves.

South Africans of different races were there as well. There were buses & mini buses ferrying people. Seeing so many…

2018-12-14 03:46

yessssiirrrrrr. 🦋 Nolsss__

Listen to God & Live forever. (Isaiah 55:3) 🙏🏽 “You are the sky everything else is just the weather.”- Pema Chödrön🍃 📍Jhb, South Africa.

If you haven’t heard weh mameh by moonchild we can’t be friends.

2018-12-14 03:46

A femme who straps miz_thabz

Thundering thighs


That's a self drag because , lolz .

2018-12-14 03:46

_Teekay teekay_cele

●Z U L U

RT @sahiphopstories: 🌋🌋 New Diss Song 🌋🌋

@FlexRabanyan - FWR (For Whatever Reason) *Reason Diss*

Flex decided to say fuck twitter finger…

2018-12-14 03:46

Roman Cabanac RomanCabanac

Co-Host of @Renegade_Report. Email:

#NewDawn Lol

2018-12-14 03:46

#SETBACKS 🎶🎶 #Ballup3on3 🏀 MicahDaMusic

Road 2 Reality on iTunes
/> @AvbobPoetry Published Poet
@Clickmediaprod Brand Influencer

RT @Kvngbaruch: #OneNightWithRichHomieQuan is happening @sumonightclub you all 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

2018-12-14 03:46

Gap Tooth Tshiki Tatiboi__

Whoever I choose to be...

Lil Wayne

2018-12-14 03:46

Mo Momo27134

Mama Bear

RT @KunjaloD: A man who took off a condom during intercourse without telling his partner has been convicted of rape. The conviction came wi…

2018-12-14 03:46


@Everton- I'd rather walk alone


2018-12-14 03:46

#MCM Emithisayo👌🏽 XclusvB

Team over 100 likes on the gram •| Chef•| Dad•| A liker of things 🤭 I got jokes too |• 🔥🔥Strokes

I read Clit 😱

2018-12-14 03:46

Tinashe tiinasshe

Biker Boi

@CheapSlaves 4-3-3 saka and nketiah on the wings?

2018-12-14 03:46

Sandiswa Sandi_Mbatha

Instagram: Sandiswa_Mbatha

RT @Faye_Faye_m: Wow 😍😍😍 umuhle yazi

2018-12-14 03:46

💘💖BABY GIRL💘💖 gugu_mtumane


RT @NandiShitiba: Convinced this small act is why some relationships stay strong 😪

2018-12-14 03:46


Photo | Film | Design


Vusi Nova for #mzansifelafestival @ The South African State Theatre

2018-12-14 03:46

Meruschka (IG: @Mzansigirl) MzansiGirl

African travel activist | experience seeker | tourism thinker | feminist | arts, culture, music | 40 countries | Joburg my ❤️ | IG : @mzansigirl

RT @JohannesburgIYP: Two of our all time favourite Joburg people - @2summers and @mzansigirl at the launch of Heather Mason AKA 2Summers #g…

2018-12-14 03:46

#Under#construction# xolane_ndlovu96

Social Policy analyst @US Embassy.
Currently under construction building something bigger than myself.

@Mandisa_Zeeh That's my favourite...compared to kfc

2018-12-14 03:46

21 Sandwich 🥂🎉 khandityise

IG: girlmeetsnassi / 💰

@_DiegoZA Thank you 😂

2018-12-14 03:46

🌹💝Maphanga Nokwanda💝🌹 ntokazee_enhle

|| Egalitarian || Melancholiac || (Biomedical Sciences Stud🎓) || Personal Behavioural Activist || Market Events Business Inquiries

2018-12-14 03:46

Mavuso🐊 vou_si

You don't work that hard to stay the same 🇿🇼 🇿🇦. 90s baybae

@Zwie_ @miZZbEa_bElla As I screenshot this! Thanks

2018-12-14 03:46

Phumi Makazi_Phumi

@_Nolwazi_ I was gone girl at 4cm, had to be rushed to theatre becos it was lit 😭😭😭 I kept thanking my doctor for t…

2018-12-14 03:46

Masee _maseeha

not your typical 17 year old 🌚

Gosh I wish I could be one of those people who hid their emotions and stuff so easily instead of blurting everything out

2018-12-14 03:46

Nelly NellyMasala

Dancing // Music//double graduate👩‍🎓 👩‍🎓 //Med student 💉💉

@SimonBROOKLYN Lol hai tjin that’s risky ngeke🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️there’s this thing called video screenshot,ngeke ngeke

2018-12-14 03:46

Mr 31 Saturdays ThatoAllDay

You can find me in track 6 on Drake's Take Care album

I didn’t even get buff 💔

2018-12-14 03:46

nn ☁️ wnxxnn

@jennniebunn ไปนอนนน

2018-12-14 03:46

zikara mashaba MashabaZikara


@Aubs_EX_NAME @orlandopirates Minus 1 after I need Baroka

2018-12-14 03:46

boss lady. nothando_ntuli6

IG: Nothando_Ntuli // Here for laughs & retweets ✨

RT @WayneH_: I was raised on teachers and nurses salaries.Pretty much the only option career wise for young black professionals in the apar…

2018-12-14 03:46

SASCO Gauteng SASCO_Gauteng

The official twitter account of the South Students Congress in Gauteng province.

Happy Birthday to the Provincial Chairperson ~ Cde Luvuyo Barnes. May the revolutionary spirits guide him throughou…

2018-12-14 03:46

couldn’t give less of a fuck _avivaerasmus

fuck you

Not wasting my time on no fucking body no more!!!!

2018-12-14 03:46

Coco 💞 ColleenTeffo

Little Miss sunshine🌻

Physiotherapist 🎓

Eish I’m a bit psycho😂 so it’s a bit tense.

2018-12-14 03:46

Tabz☆ Tabz_Ash

Black Label.
Pot Head till I drop Dead.

the strength of your relationship will be determined by how deep you are willing to go for one another.

2018-12-14 03:46

Mangaliso MangalisoMadi

IG: MangalisoMadi | BlackisBeautiful |

RT @NtombelaSm: This me trying to explain to toxic people why I can’t be around them.

2018-12-14 03:46

Mivuyo Mnyaiza miyo7890

Tory 😂

2018-12-14 03:46

efuru child🌻 eman_moolla

pretty bird || God's creation || another tree hugging b 🐳 in hibernation ☕️

RT @Yvette_Aloe: I have a personal rule, any word I can't use to describe God, I cannot use to describe myself.

Learn to speak life into w…

2018-12-14 03:46

Swati Queen⭕🇿🇦 Mbali_Porsh

Bubbly , Loving 💕💕
Deep house❤
Cartoons❤Video games❤Please do not DM me😘😊@Pitoritrends_ZA

Insta: @Porsh_fab

Happiness is a choice 😊

@gaps_k @Bonzz04 😂😂😂

2018-12-14 03:46

#SETBACKS 🎶🎶 #Ballup3on3 🏀 MicahDaMusic

Road 2 Reality on iTunes
/> @AvbobPoetry Published Poet
@Clickmediaprod Brand Influencer

RT @DI3GO_DJ: Friday it is #OneNightWithRichHomieQuan

2018-12-14 03:46

Faieka Lagardien Sarangheyo

PR girl&Manager (JHB) at @BCWCOLLAR I'm just a girl with a big heart and even bigger dreams, oh and java junkie

These incredible women are working on the frontlines of research to #makeHIVhistory with @JNJCares and their partne…

2018-12-14 03:46

Beleisie MmasechabaT

Ngwana wa daai anne Grootman....Ngwetsi ya Basarwa

RT @Yfm: ON AIR - We went on #OnTheGround:

Lulo Café apparently owes Nothende money for the hit single “I wanna love you” We spoke to Not…

2018-12-14 03:46

Tony Lawz tony_lawz

Singer/Song writer/ Music entertainer. email:

Ah we still a win💯

2018-12-14 03:46

Mandla Crown😋🙌 MjeezMandla

I’m an open book, turn me one page at a time to unravel my story.😀👌

Proud to be a GUNNER🔥⚽🔫

RT @Ray_Harvest: Dear God;remember all those who have responsibilities that exceeds their income🙏❤

2018-12-14 03:46

S I Z O DideoAntidote

Co-Founder @AntidoteMusicSZ | Art | Digital Nomard | Design | Social Entrepreneur | Africa | Swaziland

@Peace__Makinita Lovebirds Feat. Stee Downes - Want In My Soul

2018-12-14 03:46

💘💖BABY GIRL💘💖 gugu_mtumane


RT @gomzickles: Rob are you the one who wouldn’t give the gardener sugar for his tea???

2018-12-14 03:46

Melody Mukwasi MelodyMukwasi

Lover of God and of life. Cake boss. Mother. Daughter . Sister. Future Developmentalist. Prophetess and all things Awesome😊😊😊

@marita_culita @teeWemalooks Lol😂

2018-12-14 03:46

Bernard Sithole BernardMSithole

A Gentleman, South African, Working for a Government Dept. in an HRM Environment and caring much about others. 😎👔👓👑😎

@Rirhand38548994 @GeeKeylow @IamCatchvibe Okay Riri...😁

2018-12-14 03:46

Sonto Fridah FridahSonto

•NPO founder
•Mother of all needy kids

@_abbeyg_ @VarsCoIlen Ifb

2018-12-14 03:46

#MusicIsKing MandlaShezi

@yourdaddysboss If you dare like my comment I will follow you😂

2018-12-14 03:46

Margo Wendy MargoWendy

A kind and loving soul with an overactive imagination and a weird sense of humor.

RT @OskidoIBelieve: Stop running away from your problems because that only increases the distance from the solution. Make it right today, t…

2018-12-14 03:46

Musa Mudau MusaMudau

Child of God, Husband, Entrepreneur, budding writer & composer, Church Consultant, Avid Reader and book reviewer, Founder & Snr Pastor of The Sanctuary

The ability to see a solution in the midst of chaos bring peace in a man's heart and keeps him resolute while other…

2018-12-14 03:46

Ismail Ismail_dollars

|👻 sc: isma.dollars |

RT @matafu_187: No Joke, among the people enjoying everything about their life in this world this niqqa is in the top 10 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 …

2018-12-14 03:46

Ink Star Designz InkStarDesignz

The company is established to offer quality service to our customers, by giving designs of a high standard and commercial printing at lower prices.

2018-12-14 03:46

Judas Iscariot Twwotiimes

syncmodels | commercial model | stills model | promoter | light skin, 5.2

ke nna marshmallow

2018-12-14 03:46

♥©eliwe🌼 Celieyx

live thy life

RT @Zenande_Mcfen: Some people don’t want to do this life thing with you, they really don’t picture themselves on a prolonged journey with…

2018-12-14 03:46

Fake charger 🇨🇲 charger_fake

Former account @sidjr9 suspended
Follow for follow

RT @Mingative: Pirates fans when they saw the Nedbank cup draw against another Limpopo team. #NedbankCup2019

2018-12-14 03:46

Syd... Sydwell_Mabuti

@Ranks_Atm @Sims_atm @JustG_ATM @Ruff_atm @BigSwisher Waiting on the mixtape like:

2018-12-14 03:46


Born a hustler, a bit lazy but if I want it badly I will get it no matter what. I live for today for tomorrow is not promised. Live, Love and be happy.

@NicholusCHIRWA @RosinahMroso I'm a Downs fan... Good luck lol

2018-12-14 03:46

Mkhabazela 😅 ThisIsXolani

I was born on Mars | Easy Going & Fun | Aspiring Entrepreneur | Secretly Comedian | Imma Polyglot. Passionate about life. IG same as TW. Virgo

@Esihle65404241 @MinnieDlamini @SizweDhlomo I'm sorry but stop looking for handouts. Smh 🙅🏾‍♀️. Nothing comes easy

2018-12-14 03:46

A home owner 🇿🇦 P_buddy

An unbothered Ambivert

Kupe boys will be left in 2018. THIS IS NOT OPEN FOR DISCUSSION.

2018-12-14 03:46

Paul Antohnie pantohn1

Karookind, Father, Husband, Lawyer.
Be a great friend to all, always transfer knowledge and be willing to learn. Doctoral student @UP.

RT @LindiweDube: Kermit Erasmus signing announcement is a movie !!! 🔥🤭🚀 👏🏽 @CapeTownCityFC izinja ze Digital Media.

2018-12-14 03:46

K.S KaylaaSteenkamp

Don't take it personally, it's just banter luv.💓|| always wildin’

@caitlintiffanyy I'm kidding, my pajama outfit is planned😂

2018-12-14 03:46

Hlayi Cutipz

Mama LT since Friday 24-06-16.. 14:31 💞

RT @_missdube_: Baby mommy 💋

2018-12-14 03:46

🙂 KamoRamz_

I eat,I pray ,(I study ) & I love.

And he’d obviously have to help me nurse my wounds and stuff before we sleep ,help me bathe for the first few days…

2018-12-14 03:46

NDLELEHLE xolisilemtswen1

God is the answer to everything...

All year nje kuhlala kuyenzeka loku, one of the reasons i never carry a bag

2018-12-14 03:46

Dhorat the Explorer radhxxya_

costs R0.00 to stay in your own lane and mind your own business.

| IG: radheeya_dhorat |

@hela_kay Facts.

2018-12-14 03:46

Natasha Natz_online

●Life Coach. NLP Practitoner.
●Zero tolerance for social injustice, irrespective of White/Black;Left/Right.
●I don't respond to stupidity & ignorant comments.

RT @BDliveSA: ANC Limpopo treasurer Danny Msiza resigns after VBS saga

2018-12-14 03:46

ApheleleJody🌈_Mankanku aphelelejody

A local boy with global dreams

@ggdlams @4_2n8 @PhathuMakwarela Yhuuuuuu hayi guys

2018-12-14 03:46

21 Sandwich 🥂🎉 khandityise

IG: girlmeetsnassi / 💰

@SabeloMasiza Enkosi dyani ♥️

2018-12-14 03:46

philisiwe phili_maretela

@bmathaila @Powerfm987 @mabena_bob @iamthabomdluli Th
Please please lookl look ml

L old

2018-12-14 03:46

Mbalenhle🌸 Mbalenhle___

Focused. Intelligent. Motivated. Oh, and cute.💕

@phume22 ❤️

2018-12-14 03:46

Thokozani DumaTT1

ABBA's son

RT @tumisole:

2018-12-14 03:46

tinfoilstar tinfoilstar

Big picture thinker living in the NOW! Eduction, Collaborative learning; Open Innovation; Social networking

@businessinsider Full circle. Wait until they make walking a thing again, or start sharing horses and pony rides. R…

2018-12-14 03:46

Aunty Cuz 💕 Miss_Hlumee

@PhiweNdumo Lol I need to pay off mine & close it. It’s a trap

2018-12-14 03:46

Dr A Leonard AnneLeonardPta

In awe of God's grace through Jesus Christ.

@simaxis EWC their assests... Then those of the leaders...

2018-12-14 03:46

Madosh Tambwe Madoshtambwe14_

Instagram @madoshtambwe14 | @pumasouthafrica Athlete| Family ❤️

@stizzle101 @Selom_Gavor11 @stizzle101 I agree pops 🙏🏾 sorry @Selom_Gavor11

2018-12-14 03:46

Aremu B. Oluniyi I AremuBNiyi1

Media Practitioner. Political Pundit. Entertainment Enthusiast.

RT @ayosogunro: The demystifcation of Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN is now complete.

2018-12-14 03:46

f is for faka yonke ItsMbasa

Bisexual as fuck.
Xhosa woman who loves money too.
Nelson Mandela University.

Don't follow me, I'm truly boring.

RT @C_Mbadu: Drinking my first beer as a graduate. Ihla nge graduate-oesophagus

2018-12-14 03:46

Riz Riz_F1

🇬🇧🇿🇦: Property Developer & Director @t_r_design_ : Personal collection - Aston Martin ‘15 Vantage, ‘08 DBS, ‘06 RS4, ‘ 90 325iS & ‘66 Honda S600 & S800

@SeasideChris Ok...I checked up once.

*a day

2018-12-14 03:46

Sarah Tonin thespringbreeze

Short, sweet & urban chic fae


@akshartbh I'm wondering if I have some things that I can also make more affordable.

2018-12-14 03:46

lu✨ LuluSokhulu

IG&SNAP: lulu_soki

@unclevuzi Ya well he is facing 15 years now so 🤷🏾‍♀️

2018-12-14 03:46

Lisakhanya Nwalee2_0

live and let live. 🌈

@_regolebogile @Reetahh_ @Bas @Dreamville I know someone selling them for R400, should I hook you up?

2018-12-14 03:46

_Teekay teekay_cele

●Z U L U

RT @Deemorebz007: When @FlexRabanyan said "we know you're living at Northcliff but it aint because of the music Lootlove paying all the the…

2018-12-14 03:46

WC WC25828091

Live and let live. #MAGA #TrumpTrain #Bluehand #Bluehandfamily #ProjectConnectSA #SouthAfrica #NeverAgain #AbortionIsMurder #ProLife #YESHUA #MakeSAGreatAgain

RT @Andre_Ronin: This video by @willempet is a wake up call for all of us in South Africa. Andile Mngxitama's threats was not an isolated i…

2018-12-14 03:46

BecauseTeekayIsPretty Tumikay_

For to me, to live is Christ

RT @LeratoMannya: Yeah. Same person.

Anyways, where is Jabu and how is he doing?

2018-12-14 03:46

Vincent VincentJurist

Candidate attorney (Corporate Law and Insolvency Law). Jazz consumer. You can play a shoestring if you’re sincere.

What are fun places to go to on NYE in Joburg, besides the club?

2018-12-14 03:46

Matodzi Bendami BendamiMatodzi

Child of God. It's All About You Jesus. Ndi Muvenda.

RT @YougottaLoveKaz: How do you live with yourself knowing you are unreliable and you screw people around?

2018-12-14 03:46

Sihle Bolani MsSihleBolani

Author of ‘We Are The Ones We Need: The War on Black Professionals in Corporate SA’. Purchase via link below - delivered globally.

RT @SifisoBhengu_: @MsSihleBolani As promised. Better late than never.

Can't wait to get stuck in 😁

2018-12-14 03:46