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Keeping up with Karen its_karenM

God in all! Award winning journalist | @forbesafrica 30 Under 30 curator | African storyteller and anchor 📝📸🎥 | WITS golden key alumnus 🇲🇼🇿🇦🇰🇪🇸🇿

@KhumoPulumoSA This is so sweeet

2019-08-23 01:50

Mjae Janga #IkeGang MjaeCr7

Cristiano FC babe , love all things sport,tv and entertainment Juventus×Chelsea😍

@1Subdelivery Welcome to #IkeGang 💃💃

2019-08-23 01:50

Brown Skin Girl✨💛✨ maba_two

All My People Love Me And It’s Deep| Prime Minister Of The Republic Of S’hluthu| Are You Lost?

RT @karynmaughan: Judge Mojapelo gave a detailed ruling where he explained why this flag is not only hurtful, but dehumanizing, to black pe…

2019-08-23 01:50

OFENTSE ToloPercyval

Winners don't lose | Photographer | Entrepreneur | Apply yourself to supply your wealth | King 👑

RT @tumisole: The land debate covered by CNN.

Listen & ponder 🤔

2019-08-23 01:50

Mpho Tshabangu mphot01

pianist, songwriter, poetic

@Lean3JvV Thank u

2019-08-23 01:50

Elvira van Oudtshoorn EvRvO123


Gratuitous display of apartheid flag amounts to hate speech even inside homes and schools, the equality court said…

2019-08-23 01:50


MaftownRider{M.R} CEO/Artist developer/ @judedadon betterlookin Big Bro/ Gunner4Lyf/ Wack weed gets ashed out/A mix between Sankara & Pac/ #KING #ROAR

RT @ThlogoMyHead: Let’s celebrate next weekend at El Niño lounge Mafikeng with mr ragga ragga himself @GeminiMajor @BABYFACEDEAN_ @Judedadon

2019-08-23 01:50

Ofilwe. FieghFeigh

tryna grow my brand which is me.
ig: o.filwe

@methcartel thank you😭💕

2019-08-23 01:50


songwriter , performing artist and musician , #Binneplaas

@_NombuleloM A real combo.....

2019-08-23 01:50

Thwani Stark thwani_sithole

still breathing

RT @Monde_Sean: When you can't say anything 'cause he paid for you 😂😂

2019-08-23 01:50

Joyce Snow snazh

Jack of all trades

RT @SharonSeloana: It's my husbands birthday, and me, well I'm so cheesy. 😊♥️🎈

2019-08-23 01:50

DisRiotHond RiotHond


#FarmGirl 🌽
One day we must go tease the monkey's on the farm by the dam to see if you really committed to your job…

2019-08-23 01:50

Sabelo Ndlovu Sabs_Ndlovu

Jotting life events. IG: @sabs_ndlovu

Representing East Rand @UJArtsCentre #UJJazzFestival2019

2019-08-23 01:50

Anda🎶 Ann_duh

...eyes above the waves...

@mlota_azola It's a sin...🤣

2019-08-23 01:50

nkululeko_s nbshongwe

Aeronautical Engineer ¦ Entrepreneur ¦ Founder of CLN Operations ¦


2019-08-23 01:50

Realcounsel Stangola

Best lessons in life are unscripted

@Ke_TumiSelepe Never seen this or maybe im green

2019-08-23 01:50


Ngingumfana ohloniphayo kakhulu kodwa ungangisukeli ngiyabukeka uma uzongibuka ungajahile,Ngiyaluthanda uKhozi FM.Ngibuya eMsinga eSampofu eMaphephetheni

@TuMhlaba1 Awatshalwe yonke indawo amaphoyisa ngoba ubugebengu sekuyinsakavukela manje

2019-08-23 01:50

Nillow neelo_stone


RT @_Strange_muffin: Guys

Ase "di Dimas" ke "dim eyes"
Ase "twin plug" ke "two pin plug"
Ase "Anytime is tea time" ke "Anytime is still…

2019-08-23 01:50

gaven duba gavenduba0323

When you pray for rain,be prepared to deal with the mud too

@Our_DA @MmusiMaimane please reveal your sources of funds and stop this nonsense of trying to stay relevant #RamaphosaQandA

2019-08-23 01:50

blackdot Mapalane_

•Orlando Pirates FC | •ChelseaFC


2019-08-23 01:50

Theodorah Manjo †♡ MissManjo

Jesus • Future Someone • Worshipper • Black Mermaid • DigiGeek • Writer • Content Analyst • Brand Whisperer • Socialite • Founder of 'I Need Someone Who'♥️

@BlaqSabali @drew_blaqpages 😂😂😂 He's coming, I believe!

2019-08-23 01:50

Mark Rose MarkRoseSA

I'm not sure but I've been told, if you never slow down, you never grow old..(Tom Petty)

RT @JSE_Group: Markets @ 17:05

2019-08-23 01:50

Kayode Ijebukan_

Whatever you see here don't sweat it, It's just an opinion. I didn't include it in the ten commandments.

RT @lenhle9: Why does this look epic compared to two guys kissing?

2019-08-23 01:50

Yolanda_M landierams

Love ❤💜💙

RT @king_voora: Added chicken mayo sandwich to my nton ntons headed to braam now and tomorrow I'm in bree to build a new customer base 💪 MT…

2019-08-23 01:50

nwokeAPC nwaEleberi

DieHard member & Beliver of APC! DEMOCRACY is the order of the day!

Congratulations nwoke oma👍

2019-08-23 01:50

Edzisani® edwin_aka_edzy

| muvenda 😂 | kaizer chiefs ✌Love answer peace |
Man united😈Red Devils | Real madrid 😍 |

@Erickhume @SuccessorSunny So meaning there is a chance..

2019-08-23 01:50

A'ishaa Aishcoffee

Believe and Do Good 🌸

@ItsNotZuhayr I'm so confused... who would think this 😂😂😂

2019-08-23 01:50

Tshilidzi Marwala tmarwala

Vice-Chancellor and Principal at University of Johannesburg

RT @JIAS_UJ: #jiasseminars

2019-08-23 01:50

OFENTSE ToloPercyval

Winners don't lose | Photographer | Entrepreneur | Apply yourself to supply your wealth | King 👑

RT @tumisole: ‘Properly & sensibly executed, land reform is good economics & good politics.’

2019-08-23 01:50

Name Still Blank Paul_1da

BMW and Deep House.
MoPedi Thwiii

You're late!

2019-08-23 01:50

Steph Ramalepe letjekaramalepe

family comes first

.@Makro_SA I enjoy my Tanqueray Flor De Sevilla with #BluberryLime, what would you choose?

2019-08-23 01:50

Zafar Ullah Wazir pro_insafian

IK is my Leader

Main account @INSAFIan19

#IPian 😍

RT @DiyaSalim: یہ سب جو پانے کی آرزو ہے
سبھی گنوانے کی آرزو ہے
دل کی بستی کے ہر گھروندا
یہ کیا بنانے کی آرزو ہے
خدا کے بندوں کا دل دکھا…

2019-08-23 01:50

Mzwandile Mzwandi61967208

Very simple and ambitious person

@shirlessBabe @PonagatsoN Real Madrid

2019-08-23 01:50

daddywise Sonaleeey

idek what’s going on

Horror movies really ruined the laughter of children

2019-08-23 01:50

mC_hles chle09920850


@Ke_TumiSelepe @Mthiya_SA Hade bro 😅

2019-08-23 01:50

🥀 awodwa_m

RT @Neo_url: Mental Compartmentalization Level: Kanye West Calling Amber Rose A Hoe While Being Married To Kim Kardashian.

2019-08-23 01:50

mkansi_akani MkansiAkani


@Lany_SKA That jiki jiki does things😂

2019-08-23 01:50

danny dannymothobi

just an ordinary chap

RT @HermanMashaba: It seems @MYANC in Joburg had no confidence in their own motion of no confidence...

2019-08-23 01:50

♡ 𝓀𝑒𝓃𝓁𝓎𝓃 𝓅𝒶𝒾𝑔𝑒 ♡ cancerian_angel

she/her 🏳️‍🌈

RT @Nkocain: I hate how you guys think wasting someones time is a personality trait. Jesus.

2019-08-23 01:50

Sbu Sbu27

01010011 01100010 01110101 11011

@kthato Yep, modified futhi.

2019-08-23 01:50

Kwazi Vee 👑 TalizmanSA

I was a black sheep, but now I'm just a G.O.A.T|| also not my tweets|| Slepton|

@TandCs_APPLY @KekanaSmah @akreana_ I don't get it too...

2019-08-23 01:50

Jamela® CMasiza

I'm Not a Foreigner in Africa I'm an African child , entrepreneur, Business Management,Bakery specialist, Land Owner,Good influencer ,I don't do Forex Trading

@freedomfakudze Yeah it's pay day tomorrow do it 😀🤣😀

2019-08-23 01:50

Kween👑 ___kweenin


RT @Tu_Tumii: Bo mogurl mara 😂😂✋

2019-08-23 01:50

Babes Womhlaba _ZIONGrace

Life Philosophy : God, Family, Country and Love. || #IDreamAboutLand|| Views expressed here are not my employers|| Mail and Guardian 200 -2006

This is the cutest thing ever

2019-08-23 01:50


sports person, humble, shy but once I get to know you am Goofy Goober rock, @MeekMill fan.. #NetflixWatchClub

RT @_uBhungane: True

2019-08-23 01:50

Makoanyane Makoanyane_

I'm a simple and practical man who strive for perfection almost always - Elusive as it is.

RT @allonraiz: Forget #energy drinks, forget B12 injections, forget fizzy tablet drinks. What you really need to give you energy through th…

2019-08-23 01:50

PRE$H lilbalmainboy

creator & creative director of @slimestudiosza

I’ll never forget when some people used to laugh at my kicks because i had on a pair of raf simons on my feet. Look at ya’ll now...

2019-08-23 01:50

Lia lixiu99

Mi Universe

RT @_tasiams: looks like I’m a youtuber fanartist now

2019-08-23 01:50

No Pot Of Gold NoPotOfGold

No pot of gold left at the end of the Rainbow Nation. It was all squandered as a result of ANC corruption, incompetence and greed.

RT @RomanCabanac: Guilty of cultural appropriation - straight to prison @NickolausBauer.

2019-08-23 01:50


Sound Cloud:


2019-08-23 01:50

SG❄️🏳️‍🌈🇿🇦 Seago_SG

The one Christ loves.Orlando Pirates. LGBTIQ 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🌈🌈 I love people 💕 music is life🎶 Positive vibes all day everyday ❤️❤️

@Christos_Fanuel 🤣🤣🤣

2019-08-23 01:50

LIRA-African Barbie 🌺 Miss_LIRA

Buy now:

I like 🌺

2019-08-23 01:50

Son of Matu. ErycKaranja

Immer besser

RT @AlphLukau: It is the LORD who goes before you. He will be with you; He will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed. (…

2019-08-23 01:50

Mistress of The West! Butsang_Nare

Book and Tea addict!

@thaHumanConcept @zaGaraba Iwe Dumba Ka!

2019-08-23 01:50

I'm about to explode. brian_royalza

Full Stack Developer. Node.js. C++. Typescript. Pascal.


2019-08-23 01:50

Prince Mxolisi Rulashe prince_rulashe

Chairman Puma Rangers Fc| Director of Mngulashe Holdings|Environmental Practitioner |Father to Prince Jr.|Activist|God Fearing Man|ANC/YL Member|Pan Africanist|

@TwiggleBurg @ringothebaptist @Ndilekker @Miranda_8766 @ErnstRoets The Only Owners of the Land are the people of Az…

2019-08-23 01:50

IG: manii_simple amanijessica1

Call me Betty cuz' I'm Petty👅

My gwababa is so selective it’s annoying 😒

2019-08-23 01:49

Keabetswe🌬 akreana_

Ambassador of @AyanaMagazine_🌸, @KoenaClothing💙,@noni_exotichair♥️, @Brutalfruitsa🌻 📧: Founder of @_OJKFoundation Process Underway💉

RT @AbutiTsharo: People lost their lives one's this morning on the Golden high way, by Robertsham....terrible accident!!! What saddens me i…

2019-08-23 01:49

Mzobe,Mafuleka_🌻 Phiwe_2K

Sound engineer graduate📚🎚| Loyal Stoner🍁🚬| Believer of the Almighty🙏🏾| Black people should make opportunities for themselves💸🤝🏾| I also love Heineken🍺

@paul_phumlani 😣🤞🏽

2019-08-23 01:49

ᴶᵁᴺᴵᴼᴿ ▫️◽◻️⬜ OfficialJnr_za

Official Twitter account of Lehlohonolo Mokoena | Man City 💙| STANCE| The Yanos 🎹

Students : This semester I'm attending all my lectures, submitting assignments on time and studying early for tests…

2019-08-23 01:49

🌹 _____Precious

RT @ItsTirelo_M: So sad i feel fikani😭💔

2019-08-23 01:49

🐾JodyBerg 🐾 Bergsevrou

Love V8's, big dogs, pienk Nesquick, goeie musiek and great books. Happily married to @Coenebach

2019-08-23 01:49

HipBlaze hipblazeZA

HipBlaze, Latest South Africa Music & Videos, Download SA Hiphop, Afro House, Deep House, Gqom, Kwaito, Tribal & Maskandi...

Baseline vs Mshimane – uDoti (Vox Mix)

2019-08-23 01:49

mokopane Mahapa mphomm12

mpho mokopane mahapa bakenburg Ditlotswane ke Gae limpopo/ Relationship with Amakhosi.marato le Liverpool&Madrid follower#cr7 mentor


2019-08-23 01:49

aboyisagun ketiso_

come find me

@Sham_belina Not even your man?

2019-08-23 01:49

MizaNoMadzala🇿🇦🇳🇬🇬🇭🇿🇼 MizaDaDawn

BRAND'S, 🕶MUSIC,🎧 EVENTS 🏄⛳🔥 🎽 Founder Of 🕴@GainOnLockHouse 🏡 Currently Pushing🎙 @yase_vrandini 🎙 DM FOR PROMO #GainOnLock🗿


2019-08-23 01:49

Jay Jay19228390

RT @sihle_0407: Attempted armed robbery cnr Klein and Wolmarans street Joubert Park on 2019-08-22 at 07:11. The guy in the cap was armed cc…

2019-08-23 01:49

🥀 awodwa_m

RT @Neo_url: When rappers speak lowly of women wearing revealing clothes you have to wonder how they view their culture of using hypersexua…

2019-08-23 01:49

QueenYellow🌻 Krissytomes

Zeng🕊🌈// Ken.M🕊🌻//Just a human trying to live her best life 💎

RT @khanyi_sambo: @Krissytomes This is just funny😂😂

2019-08-23 01:49

A Yano King thabomaz

Former glorified Bookkeeper turned Chartered Bookkeeper

This song was never appreciated enough

2019-08-23 01:49

nancy_is_done🤷🏽‍♀️ verby_kla

Kom reg of bly weg.

RT @SharonSeloana: It's my husbands birthday, and me, well I'm so cheesy. 😊♥️🎈

2019-08-23 01:49

Dibbz __Madiba

Hip Hop DJ.
For bookings:


2019-08-23 01:49

🏁 God Put Me On BrodieXLXL

•Ghostwriter• @Chelseafc

RT @liam_mulenga: Pun intended 👏😂😂😂

2019-08-23 01:49

Ndlovukazi👑 ayandamwale

God first ♡ || Ndlovukazi yesizwe💫 || Aspiring Entrepreneur🤑💪|| Perfect imperfections 💦

@Thabo_tnice @akreana_ Thank you. That's very true, all business fail at some point but eventually become a success.

2019-08-23 01:49

The Gorgeous One kikisometimes

Art. photography. football. Rainbows .🌈
header : 📸 @gorgeousonpurp

@iamElikem It's a junior league 😂

2019-08-23 01:49

golden kidd YourBoy_Shimmy

Peace & Prosperity✨

Xavi, Iniesta & Bus. 😂My fav trio of all time!!!!!

2019-08-23 01:49

Advo Hlulani H 🇿🇦 Advo_hlulani_h

|Any provocation will be met with an appropriate response|Tsonga|Minimalist|IG: advohhlulani|


2019-08-23 01:49

Hochisa Moren Nkuna-wa Mavutani XibaloN

@FloydShivambu @HermanMashaba Switsandzile

2019-08-23 01:49

candice flynn💅 nonofomoilwa19

the world’s meanest sweetheart🥰 IG:@noni_justnoni

@suneesha_ @__kammoo is busy fumbling that bag 🤦🏽‍♀️

2019-08-23 01:49

Khensani Bhayi Sichilongo KhensySich

Do your best and let God do the rest.. He’s working things out for you!🙏😍

RT @tumisole: It only took one close range question from Mmusi to start morusu!


2019-08-23 01:49

M.I.S.O Misokuhle_Ezile

•Alkebulan-Queen•Azanian•Brand Ambassador•Modeller•❤🇿🇦

@IamUchyBaba Yanga chief>>stogie T>>Anatii>>Zakwe>>Reason to the list

2019-08-23 01:49

Potso Kgwale PotsoKgwale

IG: potso.kgwale

RT @Foloti_T: The best car I have ever owned BMW 325is slahla mathende.

2019-08-23 01:49

IG: gabby.mahlangu GabaDacious

@nhlanhla_denzil Hell no!

2019-08-23 01:49

Rea Vaya Bus Transit ReaVayaBus

Rea Vaya for a World Class African City...we are moving the people!

@LeballoGlenda @BigDes50 Thank you for the prompt response Leballo 👍🏽

2019-08-23 01:49

full cream sibajackpama

a spiritual being, a creator, a lover and friend. 🌱 IG: sibajackpama

Smh I never listen when my rizla tells me it's almost done.

2019-08-23 01:49

Zeb mogale_zbee

Fitness fanatic●CR7●#ManUnited ●#KaizerChiefs® ||
Inspired by greatness●Student ||Bcom Public Procurement👨‍🎓 || #FreshOn947
|#KrunchWithKhutso |#RadioIsLife

RT @_TapLethabane: #FreshOn947

2019-08-23 01:49

Mmule Matjila MmuleMatjila

✨-Being the best version of myself🌹/Striving to truly live freely🦋

RT @IamLondon_KM: I don't get full when I eat using fork and knife🤦‍♂️

2019-08-23 01:49

alba rodriguez albamrod

RT @nothembakula1: @iambrillyant Putting your life on hold on account of an anticipated opportunity is detrimental.The wise know that life…

2019-08-23 01:49

Yobs Yobs97466468

let it be me

RT @LordSizwe: Probably hacked the ANC email address. He can't say that of course.

2019-08-23 01:49

CrownOfLight3👑 CrownOfLight3

Hi👋🏼 - High☝🏽. You follow - I follow.
Secretary of Defence.👨‍✈️#TwarCover ✍🏽#PitoriRewindz @PitoriTrends_ZA 🐅🔥💯

RT @LucyM_More: Happiness Is Truly A Choice... Choose to be Happy

2019-08-23 01:49

💦 TumiMotsatse


RT @SharonSeloana: It's my husbands birthday, and me, well I'm so cheesy. 😊♥️🎈

2019-08-23 01:49

Ngwana Daddy 🎈 bxby_laii

Art .@artlaii

|| @Onkentse ♡ @babylonwxlf ♡ ||

RT @SharonSeloana: It's my husbands birthday, and me, well I'm so cheesy. 😊♥️🎈

2019-08-23 01:49

lynn lyndaphoenix_

dumbest bitch alive

@_kindofcute That too.

2019-08-23 01:49

A Babe ❤ uNonnie_

A Bomb Ass Flame 🔥🔥

@AshBoogiie Iphi isummer body?

2019-08-23 01:49

2019 M678456379

RT @HermanMashaba: It seems @MYANC in Joburg had no confidence in their own motion of no confidence...

2019-08-23 01:49

A BADDIE. 👑 nkwentshachuma


RT @_Nadimadisha: I can hear this picture.

2019-08-23 01:49

#JusticeForDumiMasilela🇿🇦 Bonzz04

I love life and meeting new people,A Mother to my bundles of Respect Bernice and Angelo.❤❤❤😍.I LOVE PEOPLE😘


RT @Monde_Sean: @Bonzz04 @DrTumisang Soul uplifting 🔥🔥👌🏾

2019-08-23 01:49

😊👑😌HLUBI😋💦💯 romanbuso21

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.

Bernard M. Baruch💯

⚠️DM for promotion⚠️

RT @thabiso_m14: Be careful who you break up with tomorrow they might be rich...just saying 🤷🏽‍♂️

2019-08-23 01:49

tebmore tebmore



2019-08-23 01:49

Ubothi🇿🇦Gumbi🇿🇦Khathithi🤠 zingisalanguza

A Father/ A Business Man/ A Billionaire Under Construction/ Server of a Living God/ Chelseafc supporter

@Monde_Sean OMG 😂😂😂😂😂

2019-08-23 01:49