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Christina Tan sassychris1

Digital Influencer, Nikon Indonesia Official Photographer, Oberwerth & f-stop Gear Ambassador, Travel+Leisure Social Ambassador

On board pranabyatzaro - one of the most beautiful and luxurious phinisi yachts in Indonesia, it feels surreal crui…

2019-01-21 20:14

Pranidana Ramata pranidanaramata

Everytime entering the water is like a therapy for me, seeing this blue planet from a different perspective, respec…

2019-01-19 00:33

mpooks nonagia

You, yes you! my future ♥

Sayang kan klo gk post, meskipun udh seminggu 🤪🤪.
Masih dalam judul “kerja sambil jalan-jalan” ...


2019-01-17 19:40

Pranidana Ramata pranidanaramata

Repost from Mamasue suetjaja

~While Mamasue Away for Diving~

Papabo took me strolled to a village behind ou…

2019-01-17 16:01

Pranidana Ramata pranidanaramata

Dive Day 2 at Raja Ampat, Healthy coral reef and the ecosystem among it 🐟🐠🦈🏝🌏
#turtle #seaturtle #blacktip…

2019-01-16 10:15

Andrea Claire globalbeauteh

Andrea Claire is a Canadian hair & makeup Artist based in Singapore. Not a fan of pina coladas and rain wrecks my hair.

Are you for snorkel?
rascal_voyages @raja4islands @sarahslean @blairewalmsley @sagedakota #stuffzoiesays…

2019-01-14 19:32

SMARTrip Indonesia SMARTrip_Adv

Adventure improve your confident, experience and decision making CP/WA: 081294194162 BB pin 25F8BE73 Line: smartrip | @Trip_info

Happy Backpacking weekend SMARTripers 🏖
#happyweekend #rajaampat #holiday #opentriprajaampat #rajaampattour…

2019-01-13 07:46